Steep - Adrenaline Pack DLC Trailer | PS4 смотреть видео бесплатно

Crank up the adrenaline with night-riding challenges and exclusive customizations in The Adrenaline Pack - now available in the Steep Season Pass!

- Moonlight Pack: 3 night challenges and 3 costumes, 2 wingsuits and equipment pack.
- 2 Boards
- 2 Additional Outfits
- 1 Wingsuit

Get the Steep Season Pass: 3 packs of exclusive challenges, unique costumes, and adrenaline-pumping add-on sports to customize your ride and take your mountain experience to the next level. The Season Pass also includes bonus Helicopter Tickets, an Exclusive Snowman Costume, and 10,000 Steep Credits.

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Дата: 2017-08-22 23:25:07

  • Tha Pume

    I had to check twice no is not EA

  • Dezmonsta

    I39d rather pop out my PS2 and play SSX Tricky

  • The Shadow That Kills

    Will never understand the draw to games like this If it was 20 I39d understand but no way is this worth 60DLC

  • Legendäres Item aus Pandora

    I feel very sorry for the guys and gals who had to develop this forgettable piece of software

  • littleredarmy


  • Joshua Mwatha

    they just made the game better and it was still awesome before I will rock those rocket wings

  • Wiru

    This is the contentless game that came out a couple months ago right I39m glad I didn39t get it lol

  • Bino Music

    I bough it but I swear it does not light up at all

  • laidbackTap

    people actually paid for this DLC woulda been great if they would of added more new activities like mountain climbing or even snow mobile developers don39t be thinking just taking are money for a coustme lol

  • mwahahahahaha-guy

    Oh look it still sucks

  • Trusty Patches


  • sjors91

    weard enough i payed for it but can39t even find 1 of the items verry dissepointing this happens to a lot of ubi games amp i played plenty

  • factor 277

    nadie me entiende verdad

  • The Trust

    People are getting more disappointed every year by DLC

  • Roblox for life

    remove online and maybe ill buy itmaybe

  • Gamram

    They allready added dlc wow

  • Kronos

    Ubisoft could give EA a few tips about milking money

  • Charlie Graff

    dont they take notes from siege the dlc is free if you are willing to grind up the money and buy the new ops why cant you buy the new sports

  • Struggle-For-Baseball

    I say quotWhatquot

  • Dark Crow I

    I have the Platinum Trophy for this game and it took 34 hours the game is fun but there isn39t enough content and the lack of grinding rails and the fact that going over any rocks will make you fall over is annoying Why can39t we just get a new SSX that is like Tricky and 3

  • kurniawan shaq


  • Sami Kallio

    Too easy challenges and there was only 3 of them RLY

  • MrDd2402

    Bonjour c39est peuttre bte comme question mais j39ai le season pass mais je ne sais pas comment jouer en speed ridding ou en rocket wing une personne sais me dire comment faire merci

  • Mazen Rajkhan

    More content that should have been in the base game yaay

  • Twelve K

    Go on sale in 2 weeks for 30

  • David Williams

    Is this actually supposed to compete with SSX

  • ThexCrazyxShadow

    Got the Platinum last weekI39m glad i have the season pass

  • Cole Curtis

    The BASE jumping guy was in a wing suit I really hope that39s not all it is

  • Jaimolas006 Gaming

    I want the rocket wings


    wtf all the real is in the season pass i wanted to buy this game because it was released on my bday month but i will pass

  • Jeremy Fitkin

    didn39t this game just come out

  • Forwardprism

    I don39t want this dlc I want the one with rocket wings

  • Dhika A

    now let make sesson pass that make the snow on mountain melting and there gonna be thunder stromwell it called sesson passs

  • Ged Mason

    if you39d put all this content in the actual 60 game maybe someone would have bought it The worst dlc shakedown I39ve seen in a while shame on Ubisoft

  • Kuwait wining T.J7

    Please Make a PLAYSTATION VR mod

  • LucaBros Yt

    I have the gold edition but i don39t recive the all content I receive just 10000 tokens snowman costume and 10 helicopter tickets I don39t receive the winter sled the rocket jump all adrenaline pack

  • Travels etc

    Trying to make money out of a below average game is the new trend They should have focused more on the actual game rather than childish and expensive dlc you won39t get my money

  • Dhika A

    now let make sesson pass that make the snow on mountain melting and there gonna be thunder stromwell it called sesson passs

  • stivi hudhri

    You can go for like 40 skiing rather than buy this

  • Jack Sparrow

    Allah akna yle bi oyuna dlc getirilirmi lan bari bele olsaydHa doru la bu oyun Ubisoft39unTamam tamam unutmuum kusura bakmayn

  • jessica quinn

    when there39s going to be free gold

  • Dale Enders

    is the dlc available now

  • Ashton Ferguson

    Yes I39m getting this dlc

  • Thomas Jefferson

    This game is gonna be 10 in a month Lol

  • kiyrow

    i got a platinum on this game already tho