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Дата: 2017-05-29 07:08:06

  • StuntsAmazing

    Hey guys here is the 2016 Version gt httpswwwyoutubecomwatchvsVkvvQwKels

  • Trap Aero

    Who is watching this on 2017

  • Remy Udeh

    this vid hypes me up and I realized I can only back flip

  • digvijaykick3r

    242 love that flip respect that guy D

  • Pankaj Naithani

    they have balls guysi dont have balls to do like thatwow awesome i will not do this thinks when i do omg my nuts will go crazy

  • Todd Maek

    Parkour should be called quotJackie Channigquot

  • CXimines

    I39m convinced the secret to parkour is just baggy as fuck clothing

  • warhammer 373


  • Captain D

    I remember watching this vid in the 7th grade

  • Motiwor Rahman

    the only thing I39m amazed of is that this has 69 mill veiws

  • Zarrox 1644

    My Body Hurts When It Rains

  • Aaif khan

    someone pls tell me what this stunt is called 114

  • Hampton Ninja

    how many years did it take for them to learn this stuff


    Ya know this is really awesome stuff but it shouldn39t be allowed on the internet or at least age restricted I say that bc kids watch this and think it39s cool and looks fun then they try it that39s my opinion though Like i said it looks bad ass but not suitable for kids

  • Ana Cordeiro

    At o meu filho de 7 anos faz bem melhor do que isso


    Pra fazer esse tipo de acrobacia s podem ser filhos de ginastas Por que pra uma pessoa normal isso muito dificil

  • Diggaj Upadhyay

    I wonder if they take a bus or any ride to college

  • Wayne B

    And y39all call black people monkeys

  • leandro cisneros

    What39s the name of the beginning song Can you tell me please

  • Reda Reda

    good parkour is perfect

  • Logan Young

    Any one still watching this in 2017

  • ßrendan Sbr

    They should have put in the mess ups and retakes too

  • zNear ZaneFTW_

    107 what is this music

  • قناة عبد الرحمان العلمية 2016

    does anyone knows the name of the first song please tell me

  • KrazyKoala5211

    350 looks like a Lara croft scene

  • Ashwin R.O.G.

    how can anyone hate this


    Awesome dudes I want to become one of them

  • JayAri

    I just realised guys who does sports doesn39t have to be cute to turn me on Coming from a girl39s POV

  • Gabriel Basilio

    qual a msica do 114

  • Georgio Costa

    our school whatched this

  • Apple Juice Gaming&Aything

    98M views r u hacker

  • Darina Nováková

    I Love parkour team InMotion

  • Wan TK

    Likeif see this in 2017

  • Curry Rice

    These guys are so lucky It just looks so free and they are letting loose Dayum

  • SamBread

    for all you wanting to start look into calisthenics if you haven39t already

  • Sy Jessica

    who watch in 2017 if you watch say hii

  • Alejandro Torreiro Iglesias

    who is de name of the second song

  • Lopamudra Liza Panda

    so good flips and good parkour

  • لاعب ڀٱږڪۅږ

    17 97

  • Ammar Akbar

    This sport should formally in an Olympic games and inspire young people all around the world is good and hope also joyful to watch Inspirational n love it

  • Biohazard 33

    heycheck my channel im not asking for likes or substell me what y thinksorry i makr randob things but i promise ill make a pov parkour vid

  • Mr Anex

    AWESOMEThis is totally AWWWWESOME

  • Aline Missionaria

    cocacola da Augusta 100J

  • Cyrotechnium

    I bet these guys died from being too proud since they just did these tricks in the public

  • Kelvynn Lee

    Wooooooooooooooooooooowwwwwwwwwwwwww This is the only way to get away after a high speed chance