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Дата: 2017-03-26 08:25:30

  • StuntsAmazing

    Hey guys here is the 2016 Version gt httpswwwyoutubecomwatchvsVkvvQwKels

  • youngfool3000

    They all going to have joint problems i guarantee you

  • Remy Udeh

    this vid hypes me up and I realized I can only back flip

  • AydanBreak A.N

    Omg u almost gonna get 1000000000 views

  • digvijaykick3r

    242 love that flip respect that guy D

  • Trap Aero

    Who is watching this on 2017

  • killer120

    Id like that girl to do a double back flip onto this dick if ya naw wat I39m sayin lmao

  • AnetT YT

    Best 500 song please

  • Joshyman 7765

    I39m in 2017 right now

  • Da Bomb

    Can I get likes for no reasing

  • AricAttack5576

    just found out this was made on my birthday

  • SQUIDdab

    i39m italian I saw this video 3 years ago and now i can do parkour Thank you stant amazing

  • Aaif khan

    someone pls tell me what this stunt is called 114

  • Hampton Ninja

    how many years did it take for them to learn this stuff

  • MathisLMAO

    I39m now a parkour keemstar

  • Sameh Alsiyabi

    what is the song name in 004100


    Ya know this is really awesome stuff but it shouldn39t be allowed on the internet or at least age restricted I say that bc kids watch this and think it39s cool and looks fun then they try it that39s my opinion though Like i said it looks bad ass but not suitable for kids

  • Pankaj Naithani

    they have balls guysi dont have balls to do like thatwow awesome i will not do this thinks when i do omg my nuts will go crazy

  • Viviotic Gamer

    Dude I go on so higher building and do wall run and parkour

  • Todd Maek

    Parkour should be called quotJackie Channigquot

  • Prakhar Sharma

    where I can learn this whole stuffcan I learn it by myself

  • kingOFpranks

    who39s watching in 2017

  • KB21

    What39s the first song called

  • toby morris

    what was that 1st song please don39t leave me a link from the description

  • leandro cisneros

    What39s the name of the beginning song Can you tell me please

  • Ice Slik

    If someone jumped in front of me I39d just closeline em lmfao

  • CXimines

    I39m convinced the secret to parkour is just baggy as fuck clothing

  • Mira Kovačić

    kul super su ti tvoji vidoei

  • So Sagma

    PARKOUR is the BEST habit in the WORLD

  • Maple Strip


  • Sergio Talamantes

    lol thats awesome real life nightcrawlers

  • FreeRunners Gent

    So nice O Double kong is Cool


    if this guys have joined the miltary they will be unbeatable during battles their parkour is next level kind if shit

  • Anil Aher

    nice practice and stamina guys but pls do it with safety after all head play more important roll

  • Prashant Kumar

    if I will go out to do this Parkour stints people will think I am mad

  • Ali S

    WHO Else is watching this in 2017 Like if you do

  • Anthony Misquez

    These guys are Police foot chase professionals

  • xX_Shock Wolf_Xx

    if you look close that guy in the black shirt at 852 his pants fell off lol

  • miles long

    These guys do mad squats

  • Will is Life

    Whats the name of the first song

  • Abdelhadi Beldjilali


  • Alex Ketchum

    Pfft I could do better

  • Mikayla O'Bryant 4ToThe4

    this is so interesting to watch and the music perfect for it

  • Inspire United

    these people make me feel incompetent

  • Teseo Fabbri

    131135 SPIDERMAN

  • entity 303 MCPE

    Music song 110 mix original

  • Lucas Starpp

    What is the name of Musica someone please tell me

  • Zeus 101

    Too much playing Vector

  • Elliot Condic

    That is what I want to be

  • HeLLTruth GamingXML12GC

    the music name please

  • shivam singh

    you all should be a ninja like me

  • Đạt Tuấn

    what music in 107

  • Mubashir Sardar

    moonsaults are the best

  • Mrli Gh

    the guy who wears the light of closes me

  • Kenneth Joaquin

    what is the title of the song on 110

  • Cyrotechnium

    I bet these guys died from being too proud since they just did these tricks in the public

  • Gretel Hernandez

    Cool music al parkuor

  • Keiden Davio

    you guys fucking suck hay ill hook you up my grandma is single so go fuck her and stop trying to do parkour you stupid bitches

  • Zigiiam LoL

    yo guys go to my channel i did an awesome parkour vid