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  • StuntsAmazing

    Hey guys here is the 2016 Version gt httpswwwyoutubecomwatchvsVkvvQwKels

  • Dressed Tight

    The cops are gonna have a hard time catchin these guys

  • AydanBreak A.N

    Omg u almost gonna get 1000000000 views

  • Mizzy UK

    Is wearing baggy pants a necessity

  • youngfool3000

    They all going to have joint problems i guarantee you

  • nebu-Clan YT

    I like this i am 14 years Old and i make too parkour this viedeo is amazing

  • toby morris

    those neon suit dudes remind me of inFAMOUS Second Son

  • Remy Udeh

    this vid hypes me up and I realized I can only back flip

  • Kenneth Baoleki

    when you grow up watching too much Jackie Chan

  • Coaster Lover

    Is it really called android porn the first song

  • killer120

    Id like that girl to do a double back flip onto this dick if ya naw wat I39m sayin lmao

  • metause

    I dieby the first tryMy Brain was split on the ground

  • era dos dragões

    what Second music please

  • KB21 Kyle

    What39s the first song called

  • Andri Ragettli

    check my latest Parkout video out

  • TMDie _

    Please indicate the name of the song in the video 0120 minutes

  • The crazy Channel

    Why r their wearing baggy pants all de time doe

  • enzo arhs

    what39s the name of the music

  • Alex'sstuff Stuf

    Dude I go on so higher building and do wall run and parkour

  • نوار مر من هنا

    what the name of the songplaese

  • AnetT YT

    Best 500 song please

  • digvijaykick3r

    242 love that flip respect that guy D

  • Extel Celulares

    eu sou de Araatuba sou f vocs so profisonaia

  • toby morris

    what was that 1st song please don39t leave me a link from the description

  • jeovanildo Araújo

    qual o nome das msicas

  • Manuel Abrahamer :v

    latinos rportais con un pacman v

  • MrWolf // MRW

    Freerunning is parcour right

  • PyroTomCZ VOTT

    In Czech republic Vlavsk 308

  • Dec bbm

    U suck and U are the worst YouTuber ever

  • Ronaldo Sousa

    Qual o nome da msica

  • Maison Shumack

    this is arsome it is my bd can i have a like

  • Jiří Kozlovský

    027 Brno amp 203 too

  • Jeff Iridocylitis

    Why does every freerunner have baggy sweat pants on

  • Djam M

    puton les gars vous est mes idoles

  • OfficialMcHyper Gamer

    he people subscribe to my channel plz i do parkour

  • Morhaf Jammal

    208 anybody knows the name of this jump

  • Remi Pink

    ces quoi la musique

  • Jonas Bozickovic


  • KXG Pranks 47

    that can help u escape from cops or security

  • Artur Simonyan

    man please say first musics name

  • Sophia Snow

    Why no girls girls can do anything boys can do right

  • Đạt Tuấn

    what music in 107

  • coisas muito loucas

    106 the name of the music please

  • Chris Bunn

    I do parkour and personally I feel better with baggy pants You can train in big cities Mizzy UK it is full of obstacles I train all the time and yes parkour can be hard Especially with cops nearby Be careful when spotted Incase your spotted use military tactics Evade survive and avoid capture Cop gear is heavy so they will be slower at clearing the obstacles Trust me I USED to be a Carmel police explorer Gear weighs them down I can easily escape cops for two reasons One I carry no gear and two I am quick I have had close calls with being seen by cops I carry a fire starter just in case I get cold while hiding Good luck to new free runners and best wishes to experienced free runners

  • Rafa Ortega

    como se llama la cancin

  • Yalitza and Iyan Ayala

    What39s the first song

  • GᑌᗰᗰY GᗩᗰIᑎG18 Declan king

    is my computer going crazy or from 330 to 332 it went in weird colors and kinda pixelated

  • Himanshu Rajput

    what is the name of this tune pls tell me

  • Zigiiam LoL

    yo guys go to my channel i did an awesome parkour vid

  • Harvey Riggs

    I am a prefetinol free runner and parkour

  • mohammed

    it39s all about talent not hard work

  • Zac Rap

    what is baneado tranceur minute 430

  • Evan Lara

    song on 000 and ends at 104