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  • StuntsAmazing

    Hey guys here is the 2016 Version gt httpswwwyoutubecomwatchvsVkvvQwKels

  • AydanBreak A.N

    Omg u almost gonna get 1000000000 views

  • Kenneth Baoleki

    when you grow up watching too much Jackie Chan

  • youngfool3000

    They all going to have joint problems i guarantee you

  • Remy Udeh

    this vid hypes me up and I realized I can only back flip

  • Mizzy UK

    Is wearing baggy pants a necessity

  • era dos dragões

    what Second music please

  • digvijaykick3r

    242 love that flip respect that guy D

  • killer120

    Id like that girl to do a double back flip onto this dick if ya naw wat I39m sayin lmao

  • Barış Erdemir

    hey guys Fuck ing yeah bitch nigga

  • Rivlogs S

    You all should do long jumping

  • Martina xd chica

    full parkour son pro un saludo desde chile

  • The crazy Channel

    Why r their wearing baggy pants all de time doe

  • Generic White Bitch

    I just jumped off the kitchen table in tribute

  • ParkourAndRandomVids

    Like if video gets 1 billion views

  • ThatSock

    this is the video that inspired me to do parkour

  • AnetT YT

    Best 500 song please

  • SQUIDdab

    i39m italian I saw this video 3 years ago and now i can do parkour Thank you stant amazing

  • نوار مر من هنا

    what the name of the songplaese

  • KB21

    What39s the first song called

  • aqu dor

    sayang gabisa oflen bos

  • Aaif khan

    someone pls tell me what this stunt is called 114

  • Viviotic Gamer

    Dude I go on so higher building and do wall run and parkour

  • Mardigus Madmardigan

    Your knees are shot at a young age

  • Alijah Findley

    This makes me feel like I39ve done nothing with my life


    Who agrees that this is one of the best youtube videos like if you agree

  • toby morris

    what was that 1st song please don39t leave me a link from the description

  • AC Lewis

    I just want to know what the second song is called with the remix

  • Whynot

    How many sprains and broken bones before they reach this point

  • Melissa lynch

    the title is misleading is pretty good but I have seen better

  • sou mais parkour

    qual a msicas d 18

  • Dư Trần

    111 minute title song is what you

  • Mikael Pocker

    sloko os cara parece eu mano

  • Hasan Hersi

    in 020 it looked like a top hat

  • American Citizen

    Now show us the broken bones chipped teeth and internal bleeding You know that39s what happens most of the time Duh

  • Gman Kass

    i can do some of that stuff and im 14

  • Bashir rolo

    When u get motivated but ur a fat cunt

  • GᑌᗰᗰY GᗩᗰIᑎG18 Declan king

    is my computer going crazy or from 330 to 332 it went in weird colors and kinda pixelated

  • 小筆

    What39s the skill name at 242

  • Sam Alfakir

    Awesome skill to have when you39re running away from cops

  • Jason Miller

    epic awesome unbelievable unbeatable

  • Cyrotechnium

    I bet these guys died from being too proud since they just did these tricks in the public

  • Dayon Carter

    is that I39m glad you came remix

  • Jacq Qulen

    14k people got their balls sliced by their shattered prides

  • JP Evolution ParkFun

    Awesome amazing vid dude

  • Flicky Ding

    Parkour isnt about looking coolits about going where you wanna go the fastest way possiblea word for some people i know

  • Rachid Laassiba

    hello world Im of morocco

  • Đạt Tuấn

    what music in 107

  • Tony Guest

    how can people do this

  • Joshyman 7765

    I39m in 2017 right now

  • mohammed

    it39s all about talent not hard work

  • KXG Pranks 47

    that can help u escape from cops or security

  • Himanshu Rajput

    what is the name of this tune pls tell me

  • Jeff Iridocylitis

    Why does every freerunner have baggy sweat pants on