MGS V: The Fulton Pain (MGS 5: The Phantom Pain parody) смотреть видео бесплатно

  • Matthew Shezmen

    Snake39s nibbling nipple at 652 just in case you need it I actually called it quotPeckyquot

  • Callum Gill

    i saw the 65th frog in that tree

  • Supercereal47

    i love this vid dont get me wrong but the voice acting is terrible

  • CringFactor .Madeline

    what do you use to make these vids

  • Jack Osborne

    I couldn39t stop laughing at the WAHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOH when he smoked

  • ivin rio

    Make a video on dishonored pls

  • Mohsin Ahmad

    My ever favorite game from Pakistan Gotcha

  • nobody likes carl

    I laughed my ass off when I saw the side of ocelots face

  • AKtechZONE

    Keep up the good work buddy love the parodies Look forward to the next laughter packed vid

  • FluffleLion

    This does bring something to light WHY DOES BIG BOSS NEVER SLEEP


    851 the cake is a lie in the right corner

  • Wren Tamayo

    Snake sounds like a chill version of Jetstream Sam

  • Jaykin Mora

    loses best friend quiet by beating gamemebig boss ocelot one questionocelot yesmebig boss so we got a metal gear a kid stole it I found that Pam or whatever her name is my horse is a unicorn on fire my dog shanks butocelot but whatmebig boss WHY IS THERE STILL A BIG ASS ROCK IN MY FUCKING SKULL ASSHOLEocelot umm five minutes later big boss I have your gun and I will ricochet each bullet into your skull assholeocelot because metal gearme do itbig boss time to die fucker

  • Daniel Critchley

    Not funnywhat a load of shit

  • LoneWolf

    422 When you dont know or remember how to stop the phantom cig

  • Genji Shimada

    quotwe want ptquotSilent hills Easter Egg HMM

  • Lucius Faust

    Why are we steel virgin just tout suffer

  • Dylan Vadar

    Ok first of all learn ur logic in the mission u can carry the hostage to the chopperSecond of all forget about first of all cos I39d take the dog aswell

  • oliver35 9

    is there going to be a sequel

  • Zetrist

    053 kutje kutje kutzooi ahnahdusns

  • [O.M.A] Just Barney

    I love how ocelot face look like a taco

  • captinkrunk101

    that large nose of miller39s at 251

  • Mlg yoda Master

    I would take the dog over the human also XD

  • jason sweeney

    should have thrown in the ocelot meow

  • Pork Pie

    you really a fan from final fantasie D

  • Captain-Admiral

    The US Marines don39t use AKs

  • Julian Salgado

    I39m to old for playing games cmon now

  • vicky singh

    545 best scene

  • Jessica Amezcua


  • Matt Stender

    Were Walt and jesse cooking meth in Afghanistan XD

  • Nikolie Petrov

    Wait they made me an extra konami said I would be a main character but I39m just a simple side one how dare konami

  • Ruben Perdomo

    the beggining is Ground Zeroes

  • TheCringeyPotato

    At 444 snake looks like Jesus

  • Daniel Andre Jimenez

    At 501 there a reference to fallout nuka cola

  • the one 666

    funny relay fail

  • Caput Draconis

    quotWe want PTquot XD u kill me but it39s true

  • Dino_Bank

    Why couldn39t he just carry ddog and extract Rambo

  • Zachary Michaels

    i love this its so ironic I have a sea shell in my head and odicon XD Also im quiet pleased how the whole falling in the water thing allowed you To avoid the hospital and paranorma man on fire

  • Xavier Fernando Calle Peña

    I always confuse ocelot with otacon too

  • Hidden Mask

    721 frog on right tree

  • Darnell Edwards

    You can see the page of Slender Man while snake is looking at the no reflex sign

  • Aaron Bond

    Why and I getting Tim Fucking Farron dribbling at me in and add before this vid

  • Usuário Anônimo

    414 kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkklkkkkkkkl

  • Dekotop Gaming

    313 did he just say my name

  • core gamer

    why is snake not in smash for wii u and ds

  • Javin Howard

    334 final fantasy cactaur

  • CURTURAL De Newbie

    at 916 i saw Indiana Jones Skeleton

  • Rob Webb

    Metal Gear Solid V The Phantom Service

  • ZeOnE IrAq 10

    waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa 420

  • predator55504

    why is ocelot nose so big is he from argentina