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A cartoon parody by Matthew Shezmen
Дата: 2017-01-23 13:28:10

  • Matthew Shezmen

    Snake39s nibbling nipple at 652 just in case you need it I actually called it quotPeckyquot

  • Matthew Shezmen

    Hey guys I39m planning to start working on a Fallout 4 parody If you want to help me making it you can make a donation at wwwpaypalmebitterstrikecartoons for those who don39t use Patreon every little help is appreciated since it will be many hours of hard work it39s already an 8 pages script Thank you guys lt3 The donators names will be credited at the end of the video

  • Jake Jones

    I watched this for the first time in my 7th hour laughed my ass off and was crying my teacher asked if I was ok I was I have been a sub since and this is still my fav of your vids second is the max Payne one

  • Matthew Shezmen

    Hey Guys i just released a parody for Metal Gear Solid 139s ending you can watch it here it39s on my channel httpsyoutubebNsbjO77Rlc

  • shesmine19

    lol 251 I can totally relate DWalker is my favorite

  • Vanguard Productions

    Hmm im guessing snakes pec was feeling a bit 39peckish39

  • Kengu2003

    Who voiced Ocelot His voice is hilarious xD

  • core gamer

    why is snake not in smash for wii u and ds

  • Alex Silver

    this is the best joke i ever heardsolid snake wasn39t bornHe escaped from the womb

  • David Tigas

    354 Is that the crystal ship

  • Henroux Gaming

    I like how you ignored the hospital escape thingy you could of make it funnier than the camp infaltration

  • Jerome Kiryuu

    You are the best person in the world

  • parker maisterra

    1021 and thus Quiet killed big boss and all of mother base

  • Chris Pappas

    That was good thank you

  • Repodudeify

    You should39ve mentioned that he was smoking the cigar for 9 years XD

  • Michał SlenderMan

    LoL ocelot39s nose isn39t even above average in the game

  • RomanGamer

    Pense que Estaba en La Caja en El Minuto 348

  • Luka Hays

    I lost it at miniaturized Ecuadorian lady

  • 0SIPR

    Waaahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa cough cough aaaa

  • Will Fa

    I expected better a lot better animations is on point tho

  • FıstıkLokum

    i thought quiet cant talk but she says bitch at 1021 is it a easter egg

  • Collins Ongaya

    who the hell sang the phantom cigar song Lol XD

  • Billy-Bob Joe

    I found 31 easter eggs I think

  • rub ber

    lol hiding in that cactus was funny

  • eternal animator

    124 xbox ones in a nutshell

  • Mangalex28

    2965 People are retarded I guess Oh and I39m currently doing the game and you spoiled me that Quiet is the girl but meh still a funny and well made cartoon

  • Jomb Jong Liribop

    This is really Newgrounds

  • mister love

    at 115 there is an umbrella sign

  • TheBoomerPride

    Watching this video again made me remember that I REALLY need to put on the gold arm I have

  • Lonely Shpee

    Didn39t you get the fulton recovery system after rescuing Miller Well Now I see why

  • Chris G

    they all have Russian accents

  • ぼいぼい

    wnice I like tobacco place

  • Matthew Vasta

    there39s halflife icon on the fence at 132

  • Renata Zugic

    i like how supply drop says std

  • Yuno “The Yuki Hunter” Gasai

    Is this basically MGS TPP in a nutshellright

  • dhvsheabdh

    This humour is really weak Just bad slapstick and an insult Not a lot of sophistication I39d expect for an attack for MGS

  • Juan Mayer

    jejejeje she get closer Bitch xDDD

  • HDProPlay 2.0

    now easter egg look 643 look the cactus slender man ow ywh waDAWEFRSEDFASfADss

  • Farid Gomez

    quotThe cake is a liequot 847 v

  • poisendapples9

    quotso we sent you a partnerquot quothuh JESUSquot

  • gillomilk

    HOLY CRAP there was a lot of referenceseaster eggs

  • JC Cast

    Is it just me or when I play the game its so satisfying to see the SV sneaking suit

  • Maina Fists


  • Blaizer DoNo

    Это божественно почему это не показывают по TV

  • elijah prec

    this is more of metal gear ground zeros

  • TFSG

    615 was the funniest shit I39ve seen in a long time

  • Drenindok

    722 nice full metal jacket reference XD

  • neil peterson

    hey funny cartoon but could u make an mgs1 parody about snake and meryl in sneaking suits if u could that would be awesomeP

  • AngelContreras


  • George grinestaff

    sooo Afghanistan is mexico

  • ayoub aslan

    hhh boss boss respond boooooooooooo that39s was hilarious

  • ça c'est du jeu

    you39re the real BIG BOSS p