MGS V: The Fulton Pain (MGS 5: The Phantom Pain parody) смотреть видео бесплатно

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A cartoon parody by Matthew Shezmen
Дата: 2017-05-27 07:27:42

  • Matthew Shezmen

    Snake39s nibbling nipple at 652 just in case you need it I actually called it quotPeckyquot

  • Matthew Shezmen

    Hey guys I39m planning to start working on a Fallout 4 parody If you want to help me making it you can make a donation at wwwpaypalmebitterstrikecartoons for those who don39t use Patreon every little help is appreciated since it will be many hours of hard work it39s already an 8 pages script Thank you guys lt3 The donators names will be credited at the end of the video

  • Raiyito

    Great Thanks for German subtitles

  • Matthew Shezmen

    Hey Guys i just released a parody for Metal Gear Solid 139s ending you can watch it here it39s on my channel httpsyoutubebNsbjO77Rlc

  • Vanguard Productions

    Hmm im guessing snakes pec was feeling a bit 39peckish39

  • Supercereal47

    i love this vid dont get me wrong but the voice acting is terrible

  • core gamer

    why is snake not in smash for wii u and ds

  • KazeRV

    B0ss can i fulton de pussi pls

  • predator55504

    why is ocelot nose so big is he from argentina

  • Seras Victoria

    Big Boss is so cute while he sleep

  • Captain-Admiral

    The US Marines don39t use AKs

  • Caput Draconis

    quotWe want PTquot XD u kill me but it39s true

  • Aaron Bond

    Why and I getting Tim Fucking Farron dribbling at me in and add before this vid

  • Darnell Edwards

    You can see the page of Slender Man while snake is looking at the no reflex sign

  • Dekotop Gaming

    313 did he just say my name

  • SaltyBacon

    did anybody notice that there was a penis on the map

  • Paolo Scaramuzzino

    I love this video a bit more everytime I see it

  • MeatyAoldre

    I found 9 Easter eggs

  • avante falgione

    after all the times I39ve washed it and never noticed the PT joke lol

  • CURTURAL De Newbie

    at 916 i saw Indiana Jones Skeleton

  • ZeOnE IrAq 10

    waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa 420

  • Rob Webb

    Metal Gear Solid V The Phantom Service

  • AssassinXMod

    This comment has been removed for being too awesome

  • Braun Cryman

    quotOne more thing Be QuietquotDied laughing

  • Elsa Anna

    i got BB8 scene over there

  • Woods4guns

    Still better than the plot of Phantom Pain

  • Luke Sokol

    641 slender the eight pages

  • Santana Sanchez

    lol I relly don39t know what too say

  • TWG_sniper10

    my gawd u got me dead please make more mgs5 parodyz of these they39re so funny keep up the good work

  • Austin Stephens

    and when he stopped smoking the cigar it wasnt even nighttime

  • Pengtao Wang

    407 metal slug hahaha

  • The Outland master

    When it said no flexing area if you look to the right you can see a picture of slender man

  • yoyogeek ONE

    they are nice reference that cool

  • Javier Beltran

    Hajajajajajjajajajaja Best video ever haha keep doing it hahaha a series will be great

  • neko Alexander smith

    God I love these so muchsnake is sooo cute

  • Coley Durham

    I liked metal gear 5 except for all the stupid Japanese crap like the over sexualized quiet or the stupid box and the overly dramatic cutscenes

  • TheFlyingTurtle

    Y O U R E G O N N A E X T R A C T H I M

  • Some Guy

    quotShould we kill himquotquotNahquotThrows snake into the oceanWhat did they expect to happen He would magically drift to safety

  • Adan Miguel

    lol all the way trough

  • HeyItsJake

    RIP everybody I fultoned in a sandstorm

  • Robn Jaynes

    he smoked the cigar for 40 days

  • Lucas Aravena


  • Buckshot

    Ocelot Damnit boss you only have one Fulton left Don39t waist it or you won39t be able to rescue the target Boss whoops my badOcelot Jesus Christ who hired this fucking idiotBoss

  • Anarchy Salty

    I Lost It When Venom Saw Quiet

  • AlexLvivUA


  • Carlos Rubens

    Spoiler alertWell this video is more consistent than the real story 39cause it would be impossible a common man after 9 years of coma being such a badass like in the game

  • Niko Bellic

    This is Pequod arriving shortly at LZ

  • Kamepa

    300 Fulton Recovery Demo E3 2015

  • Diederik Stenvers

    up up down down left right left right b a start

  • Mr. Soles

    LOL The fucking dog

  • West Maziarka

    quotShould we kill himquot other guy quotNahquot

  • andre jamena

    113 XOF News129 quotTresspasser may be shotquot and HalfLife Black Mesa logo259 Weird triangle shape on the rock formation345 BB8347 Forgot that one Somebody fill me in what it39s supposed to mean Thanks355 Cactus dancing400 Forgot that one too403 Secret game code512 Several MGS references556 Penis drawn cleverly on map558 Sex joke641 Slender Man page706 You know that particula costume826 quotWe want PTquot poster 829 symbol841 populat game enemy death reference849 quotThe cake is a liequot855 Rambo917 Indiana Jones death remainsPS We still want PT