MGS V: The Fulton Pain (MGS 5: The Phantom Pain parody) смотреть видео бесплатно

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A cartoon parody by Matthew Shezmen
Дата: 2017-02-24 13:33:58

  • Kengu2003

    Who voiced Ocelot His voice is hilarious xD

  • Matthew Shezmen

    Snake39s nibbling nipple at 652 just in case you need it I actually called it quotPeckyquot

  • Lacq

    I was choking on my food watching this

  • Matthew Shezmen

    Hey guys I39m planning to start working on a Fallout 4 parody If you want to help me making it you can make a donation at wwwpaypalmebitterstrikecartoons for those who don39t use Patreon every little help is appreciated since it will be many hours of hard work it39s already an 8 pages script Thank you guys lt3 The donators names will be credited at the end of the video

  • Jake Jones

    I watched this for the first time in my 7th hour laughed my ass off and was crying my teacher asked if I was ok I was I have been a sub since and this is still my fav of your vids second is the max Payne one

  • Matthew Shezmen

    Hey Guys i just released a parody for Metal Gear Solid 139s ending you can watch it here it39s on my channel httpsyoutubebNsbjO77Rlc

  • TheDarkBladeZero

    620 is absolutely amazing scene props on this whole parody

  • Vanguard Productions

    Hmm im guessing snakes pec was feeling a bit 39peckish39

  • Deadlyeagle77

    923 run like a joestar

  • core gamer

    why is snake not in smash for wii u and ds

  • LiAMÁN studios

    why snake has the rock in the head during ground zeroes

  • Login Warrick

    545 exactly how is felt

  • predator55504

    why is ocelot nose so big is he from argentina

  • Mr. Mevutrovich

    this is so damn great you39re pretty good

  • Daniel ThePeacock


  • AlexDeGhost


  • Alex Silver

    this is the best joke i ever heardsolid snake wasn39t bornHe escaped from the womb

  • Jerome Kiryuu

    You are the best person in the world

  • Evan hynes

    He shouldn39t have fallen asleep because his adrenaline levels would have been through the roof since he landed in the water twice and both times he had a peace of quotsea rockquot in his four head

  • Chris Pappas

    That was good thank you

  • Öey!-Gaming

    it seems that Snakes Operator is Kylo Ren XD

  • 0SIPR

    Waaahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa cough cough aaaa

  • Finn Underwood

    If only in the actual game you have the option of spamming the cigar so that over the course of those tenish weeks we see the slow deterioration of Snake That sounds fun Stupid but fun

  • Luka Hays

    I lost it at miniaturized Ecuadorian lady

  • David Tigas

    354 Is that the crystal ship

  • Collins Ongaya

    who the hell sang the phantom cigar song Lol XD

  • Justin Sterzer

    couldnt stop laughing

  • Billy-Bob Joe

    I found 31 easter eggs I think

  • SkiffDishy

    Where39s the bionic arm

  • Jomb Jong Liribop

    This is really Newgrounds

  • Flavien Rossignol

    very funny and accurate you rule keep going

  • Coley Durham

    I liked metal gear 5 except for all the stupid Japanese crap like the over sexualized quiet or the stupid box and the overly dramatic cutscenes

  • chop chop

    look the nose are ocelot

  • Will Fa

    I expected better a lot better animations is on point tho

  • MAJOR skullbr3ak3r360 Skulls

    I lost quiet fck she help get S RANK in Every mission I almost go detected by those juggernauts

  • Kur Guardianz

    Really No one in the comment section is talking about the PT poster at 826

  • soulvile

    the plan on that map do

  • NSFilms

    there39s halflife icon on the fence at 132

  • The Solo Univision

    so boss is an idiot because he still could extract Ddog but then carry the prisoner to the chopper

  • Jack the Ripper

    Thank you ukasz Pua for polish subtitles

  • Marsupilami

    Damn even after so much time I still haven39t discovered every easter egg XD Just today I saw the predator

  • Cheshire Kitten

    the helmet on one of the soldiers is from full metal jacket 39born to kill39

  • liedelfen

    omg jpp j39suis morte de rire DDDDD 1 ABO

  • Benjamin Guthrie

    it should have been metal gear solid the fulton painis

  • Maina Fists


  • Red

    Is this basically MGS TPP in a nutshellright

  • ActivReitz

    Noob he could just fulton DD and carry Rambo to the chopper lol

  • Zinogg

    kojima should watch this haha

  • Mutant Soda

    652 LOLOL couldn39t stop laughing Well done

  • Jonathan Fernandez

    3939 WHOOPS my bad39393939Jesus Christ who fucking hired this idiot3939

  • Abdelwhab AIT LAMAALEM

    hhhhhhh very funny thanks for that guys abdou from morocco

  • Storm 62

    More like the phantom parody

  • kasmot damaso

    fuck this is some funny shit lol

  • dhvsheabdh

    This humour is really weak Just bad slapstick and an insult Not a lot of sophistication I39d expect for an attack for MGS

  • Henroux Gaming

    I like how you ignored the hospital escape thingy you could of make it funnier than the camp infaltration

  • The Cotters

    Did u guys see the dildo at 1159

  • Farid Gomez

    quotThe cake is a liequot 847 v

  • Random Guy

    quotone more thing be quietquot MWAHAHAHAHA yes puns are the best