MGS V: The Fulton Pain (MGS 5: The Phantom Pain parody) смотреть видео бесплатно

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A cartoon parody by Matthew Shezmen
Дата: 2017-03-25 14:32:22

  • Matthew Shezmen

    Snake39s nibbling nipple at 652 just in case you need it I actually called it quotPeckyquot

  • Matthew Shezmen

    Hey guys I39m planning to start working on a Fallout 4 parody If you want to help me making it you can make a donation at wwwpaypalmebitterstrikecartoons for those who don39t use Patreon every little help is appreciated since it will be many hours of hard work it39s already an 8 pages script Thank you guys lt3 The donators names will be credited at the end of the video

  • TheDarkBladeZero

    620 is absolutely amazing scene props on this whole parody

  • Matthew Shezmen

    Hey Guys i just released a parody for Metal Gear Solid 139s ending you can watch it here it39s on my channel httpsyoutubebNsbjO77Rlc

  • Vanguard Productions

    Hmm im guessing snakes pec was feeling a bit 39peckish39

  • core gamer

    why is snake not in smash for wii u and ds

  • jolly 113

    Bruh wye whas there a drawn a dick on that map hahah

  • Dimitri Korsakov

    What software do you use for animation

  • LiAMÁN studios

    why snake has the rock in the head during ground zeroes

  • predator55504

    why is ocelot nose so big is he from argentina

  • Mux

    quotwe want pt quotsubbed

  • Login Warrick

    545 exactly how is felt

  • Daniel ThePeacock


  • AlexDeGhost


  • Justin Sterzer

    couldnt stop laughing

  • Will Fa

    I expected better a lot better animations is on point tho

  • TheFlyingTurtle

    Y O U R E G O N N A E X T R A C T H I M

  • FAKE

    257 for the moment i thought he said quotyou have a new tool in your assholequot

  • French Fries

    918 Indiana Jones39 skull with his hat amp whip in the left corner

  • The Outland master

    Stop playing catch Finally

  • Coley Durham

    I liked metal gear 5 except for all the stupid Japanese crap like the over sexualized quiet or the stupid box and the overly dramatic cutscenes

  • Flavien Rossignol

    very funny and accurate you rule keep going

  • West Maziarka

    quotShould we kill himquot other guy quotNahquot

  • Comenting guest 2. Jason BB8

    He could39ve just used the Fulton on the guy and carried the wolf in his hands

  • SilentxDiamond

    oh my god the cactar for final fantasy lol such a goofy enemy with all 739s for HP

  • Sarbjot Nagra

    mrwhite cookin crystal at 355

  • Phuong Tang

    Great vid had same feelings wen I first saw quiet as well specially during her splash scene Keep up d gd work

  • Tan Tai Huynh

    I love your videos thanks a bunch

  • JustBadLuck

    You sound like strongbad

  • AlduinGaming


  • NSFilms

    there39s halflife icon on the fence at 132

  • kylorenfan865

    this is a dumb nerdy thing to say but big boss and snake are different but the same people because snake is a clone of big boss

  • Kur Guardianz

    Really No one in the comment section is talking about the PT poster at 826

  • ali abu

    totally hilarious literally crying ryt now

  • soulvile

    the plan on that map do

  • Red Super Mutant

    why does boss have the horn shrapnel in his head Also why does miller talk about quotnational securityquot over the radio They39re a mercenary group

  • Neptune

    can you make this wiht mgs3 please

  • Marsupilami

    Damn even after so much time I still haven39t discovered every easter egg XD Just today I saw the predator

  • Cheshire Kitten

    the helmet on one of the soldiers is from full metal jacket 39born to kill39

  • Addictive Gaming

    i counted 15 easter eggs for sure

  • rafail karachatizs

    the womans voice xD hahahahahahahahahahahaha

  • Jul Starfall

    That Video ist funny as hell Realy very very good

  • The Solo Univision

    so boss is an idiot because he still could extract Ddog but then carry the prisoner to the chopper

  • DavehCZ

    Loved that trailer from breaking bad d

  • Hilda Buenrostro

    i found 10 easter eggs

  • Jack the Ripper

    Thank you ukasz Pua for polish subtitles

  • liedelfen

    omg jpp j39suis morte de rire DDDDD 1 ABO

  • Jack Remmington

    just straight up toyed with that guard emotions

  • ActivReitz

    Noob he could just fulton DD and carry Rambo to the chopper lol

  • Benjamin Guthrie

    it should have been metal gear solid the fulton painis

  • Nick Buchowisch

    just a plain comentary

  • Abdelwhab AIT LAMAALEM

    hhhhhhh very funny thanks for that guys abdou from morocco

  • Zinogg

    kojima should watch this haha

  • The Cotters

    Did u guys see the dildo at 1159

  • Mutant Soda

    652 LOLOL couldn39t stop laughing Well done

  • Evandro Junior

    I noticed these easter eggs maybe there39s a few that I didn39t seen129 half life logo258 TRIFORCE from Zelda345 BB8 from star wars349 BEN 10 VAN I guess401 METAL SLUG PRISIONER403 KONAMI CODE459 VAULT BOY Fallout600 REALY kkkk641 SLENDERMAN 849 quotTHE CAKE IS A LIEquot from portal857 RAMBO919 INDIANA JONES 1055 a face kkkkk

  • Jonathan Fernandez

    3939 WHOOPS my bad39393939Jesus Christ who fucking hired this idiot3939