Deus Ex: Mankind Divided | 101 Trailer | PS4 смотреть видео бесплатно

Discover everything you need to know about Deus Ex: Mankind Divided in the official 101 trailer!

In Deus Ex: Mankind Divided, you become Adam Jensen, a counterterrorism agent working for an Interpol unit known as Task Force 29. On the surface, Jensen’s goal is to hunt down terrorists in a world that’s spinning out of control, where mechanically augmented humans live a life of complete and total segregation from the rest of society. But what he’s really after are the Illuminati: the men and women who are always pulling the strings.

His investigation will take you around the world, with the decisions you make and the actions you take playing a crucial role in determining the game’s outcome. Choose between combat, stealth, social, and hacking approaches to achieve your objectives. Be mindful though, as there will be a meaningful consequence to every action and choice you make.

Deus Ex: Mankind Divided is coming August 23rd, 2016 on PS4. #CantKillProgress
Дата: 2017-07-20 17:44:34

  • UsurperKingZant

    Deus Ex Human Revolution is my favorite single player game ever I39m speechlessly hyped

  • House Shark

    Its not the end of my social life but you can see it from here

  • Sizifus

    An intriguing awe inspiring and beautiful rendition of futuristic human struggle for power progress and identity Another entry in Deus Ex universe that I believe wholeheartedly will not disappoint

  • Sergesh Dimitri

    Too bad everything he does will be for nothing If you think the world is bad you haven39t played the original Deus Ex this looks like Heaven compare to that

  • Joe A W

    Now THAT39S a trailer

  • Traior246

    Gamer quotYou39re telling me Deus Ex MD got more graphics than I thought quotEdios Montreal quotMore that your PC can handle quot

  • Barry Tran

    This guy still got less implant than a hot blonde

  • Tom Kraft

    I don39t know who Pegi is but I39m glad she39s 18

  • D Patrick Andrew A

    Is it me or Adam is becoming NanoMachineMecha hybrid

  • xilllllix

    Not bad graphics for a PS4

  • looker999997

    Favorite line 3939grumblegrumblegrumble3939

  • Anshuman Srivastava

    1 month to go ive been patiently waiting over the last 2 months but im starting to lose my patience xD

  • Joe Hammer Gaming

    deus ex needs to hurry up already lol P

  • Mustafa Özdemir

    Hollly S This wil be the best game ever

  • Janica Agpaoa

    I trailer that should be made into a movie

  • Daniel Roberts

    Looks freaking awesome

  • MadSnake123

    Actually the thing that surprised me the most washow the hell did they managed to make Adam even cooler

  • omar amin

    Music is too loud for the trailer Love the game though

  • jetstream014

    please someone who just got the game today tell me this in order to play on ps4 do you or don39t you need PS Plus

  • FrosTy theNoob


  • Alfred Chan

    Is it just me or Jensen is becoming closer to a superhero

  • normalguycap

    To me these games really only advocated stealth

  • Jack Walsh

    Can this be considered Cyberpunk porn

  • joaogrrr

    quotMore than your body can handlequot His body wasn39t ready

  • Purple Haze

    It39s a good thing it won39t have Online DRM lt3 Confirmed on their Facebook Page Fuck I love this company

  • chiffmonkey

    I hope Quinn39s in this

  • Sofiane tt

    Super hype mode ACTIVATED

  • jagheterjonteh

    I can39t wait to get my hands on this

  • John Moon

    Just finished Deus Ex Human Revolution yesterday Great game

  • Peter Parker

    all Look up the german Trailers from Deus Ex Adam Jensen has the most badass voice ever

  • Gatsu

    Oh my godthis looks so awesome ltOOgt I39m super excited

  • Jameson Koolio

    I cant wait for this game

  • Anon E. Mus

    httpssoundcloudcomsonicmayhemHere39s the trailer soundtrack

  • mAcroFaze

    Woah this game features futuristic Sons of the Harpies hoody dropouts

  • Anthony Tirado

    Finally pre ordered it i can39t wait

  • Hype M4N

    Who else compared French Jensen and English Jensen

  • Andy Kolb

    If you ask someone whats his Game of the Year so far everyone would answer Uncharted 4 but my Answer would be the new Deus Ex is a possible Candidate for Game of the Year Just look the first Gameplay Previews and you know why

  • Gary Meyers

    Now that is how a game trailer should be made Tons of games play virtually all in game footage and a comprehensive contextual representation of the game to come Best trailer in years for any game

  • Spartas Edge

    I hope they make Jensen39s goggles retract now outside of combat and missions Simply because it would just look cool if they came down when he needed them


    The Secret Goverment is real they are manipulating us from shadows controlling our wishes making us to do everything for money

  • Scuffy P

    My most anticipated game of 2016 Been a fan of the series since the 2000 original I even enjoyed Invisible War

  • Vnixz Shrestha Artist

    Its releasing on my birthday GET PSYCHEDby the way I hope there are still farida nd prichard on the game

  • Fahim Doula

    Lip syncing is bad That needs work The rest looks awsm but it seems like the game39s been downgraded from earlier gameplay footage

  • Nicotavo Nick

    I absolutely loved Deus ex human revolution I am waiting anxiously for this game

  • LockHowl

    Why doesn39t Hideo Kojima start directing this game It is a game with so much story potential but it39s always blown on just common terrorist mind control activity

  • paft

    It feels too colourful and almost looks celshaded

  • SS CygnusX

    ps4 downgrade detected

  • The Counter Resets.

    Well mark me as hyped aaaand horny

  • Vlad Fomenko

    030 man looks like jc denton

  • cr4yv3n

    Spoiler alert he will fail

  • armoredshiba

    I played through HR upgrading the pistol that I39ve never used anyway

  • Sh4d0wst3p

    130 137Is it just me or did it sound like he called Jensen 39Hanzo39 and Jensen called him 39McCree39 Overwatch reference

  • 1300l

    This don39t feel as a Deus Ex Game

  • Michael Nielsen

    hmm some of this voice over is basically him talking to the audience It kinda kills the character for me

  • Steven

    I hope this is better then the new Ghostbusters film

  • nicola ignatov

    how can one push the unlike button

  • Elite Skulls Gaming

    This game is super interesting can39t wait to play it

  • AScannerDarkly22

    Can39t wait for this Sounds like it39s got a great score again as well

  • Delicious Snake

    take a shot every time Jensen unsheathes his nanoblade

  • Bouabdellah Ghanem

    if you played Deus ex 1 you already know that he failed 3 and i you played Deus ex invisible war then you already know how all of this will end p