Deus Ex: Human Revolution - English Trailer TGS 2010 смотреть видео бесплатно


    Well Lookie Here We Got Us A Boy Scout

  • Samuel Yeung

    This was the best trailer IMO The one at E3 2010 felt a little drawn out

  • Samuel Weinstein


  • M-Lan


  • Isaac Garro

    I hate how Square Enix game trailers always show like 100 awesome things that are not even in the game

  • Antdoggy25

    Loved the first one and love this game where39s a sequel

  • kassi420

    Still one of the greatest trailers in video game history

  • David Kirinić-Rodić

    Youre a complete FUCKING IDIOT Deus Ex was ALWAYS first fucking person you idiot

  • CodenameD

    You know what I think that fked up the gameplay the MGS style gameplay integrated into Deus ExMGS is an awesome cinematic game But Deus Ex is not MGS and certainly not meant to be overly cinematic

  • Thepnastyone

    different concept different series its not even supposed to be a shooter the third person veiw took from the challenge of real stealth imo the deus ex games were about choice consequence and fun its not supposed to live in its predecessors or its peers shadow

  • kassi420


  • Nozomi Suzuki

    Ditto Simply breathtaking

  • Parres

    I never asked for this

  • JazzakRavenshade

    Your wish has been granted it39s becoming a movie

  • Dennis Holland

    I agree TPS is missed alot these days

  • LifeofLucidity

    They39re making one No joke A movie

  • zxremixkingzx


  • The Joker

    And the end result is one of the worst endings on this planet

  • JCDentonCZ

    Looks like it39s at the docks area in China Seems they changed that during development logical as a lot of time went into making the game I suggest finding the Let39s Play with commentary from Adam Jensen39s voice actor very informative

  • Aitor

    Great trailer but when you fight against barret in this placewhen appear this movies in the game

  • jsh020

    smart move you really didnt miss out on anything

  • jsh020

    quot I39m hoping ME3 can bring some a engaging atmosphere to the seriesquotoh man in hind site that must of been painful to reread

  • Pedro

    Square enix loves CGs But square enix is only the publisher not the developer Makes sense that only trailers had cinematics

  • Hans Tang

    MrMetsakurat Thanks to consoles your ancient computer can still run games And the graphics are not 3x better Don39t get me wrong I wouldnt touch a console either P

  • Mad Estonian Gamer

    MrChowderClam By the time it looks this good on any console it looks 3 times better on PC Lol buying a decent PC once over 56 years is a better deal than buying a console really My current PC is almost 7 years old and i run nowadays games still on max graphicswhich is 23 times better than any graphics on any console P Buying a new PC soon though for only 800 euros and it is going to last another 7 years for sure PC is just as cheap as consoles only better

  • aerostorm77

    why are none of these cinematics in the game

  • mrcodypettit

    why can39t people just enjoy the trailer

  • Lannnyto

    ichigo2979 and it turned out to be the COMPLETE opposite later ongt

  • BooDamnHoo

    The dialog and limited relatively world feel a lot more linear than in ME which has a huge world to work in and lots of side story and even some PG sex Deus Ex the whole series has a waycool story love the way they end with you having to make a decision that SUCKS no matter what you decide just decide what sucks less Love the Adam Jensen character Also got so used to 3rd person in ME that it took a while 4 me to get into 1st again

  • gluesniff3r

    1x0randomdude0x1 I39m pretty sure the ones in the game were made using the game engine

  • marshman1212

    My prostate is augmented

  • Arvuti

    1x0randomdude0x1 the cgi cutscenes ingame were made by the devs the cgi in trailers were done by square enix

  • 1x0randomdude0x1

    Is it just me or did the trailer have better CG than the cutscenes in the game

  • Roberto Victor

    worId Mass Effect is marvelous for having a huge mythology and lots of explanations ME1 and deep characters story ME2 But maybe what you and me are missing on ME are epic moments like the boss fights on Deus Ex and Malik rescue for example

  • Roberto Victor

    worId Its strange for the whole game I thought quotThis game is awesome on every aspect just the story doesnt engage me like Mass Effect or Metal Gearquot MassEffect doesnt have some epic scenes as on Deus Ex but the exciting story made me read every piece of text through the game and even buy the books Dont know just lacks something for me on this game story

  • Alihan Yilmaz

    Deus Ex is the Best Video Game Ever not dx 2

  • TheMissingGuru

    worId I won39t be thinking that when I play Mass Effect 3 but I admit this game looks sick as hell

  • Lewis Clairemont

    I39m getting a strange Mass Effect feeling from this gameThat39s a good thing Can39t wait to get this game and supposedly it comes out very soon

  • 3beanersandotherfilm

    so this what robo cop on steroids looks like

  • BlackBug Defiance

    What the antiaugmented shithead disliked that awesome vid Huh

  • MrHerecomesjohnny

    anybody know epic scores like this one

  • Nathaniel Johnson

    TheMisterminHADomestic ViolenceRight on

  • Carel Meester

    They should jsut make Chris brown the protagonist then he will defeat the invisible enemy with his fists

  • exmo7

    Holy shit I saw the playstaion triangle

  • PiwoXT

    this game doesn39t look half bad

  • suppaman19

    She looks like Jada Pinkett Smith not Rihanna

  • sirlioce

    RuiGomes43 Orange rather

  • becool365

    Iluminatiflex Thinking about it this links with Daedalus again Or something along those lines since Daedalus can be seen as a machine transcending machines rather than a human Either way with JC we saw the end This is most like likely to be the story about the begging of Daedalus and Icarus

  • becool365

    Iluminatiflex Yeah this is gonna a be a Deus Ex alright Some proper deducing to be done in game if we can dredge that up form just a trailer Good call though I didn39t know h was used for anything else but labeling a proton

  • Iluminatiflex

    becool365 its not meaningless is not what you think h is a symbol meaning transhumanism and the 3 is because is Deus Ex 3 since all the games in the line deal with transhuhmanism that final quotequationquot is just a fancy way to say quotDeus Ex 3quot

  • Rui

    This game is so yellow

  • IAmTheGreatBenjie

    this needs to be a movie

  • TankGirl4Life

    I think this is to be the NEW reboot of Deus Ex Conspiracy Adam sounds like JC Denton

  • chadrageus

    It39s not the end of the worldbut you can see it from here

  • becool365

    DeathRevenant7 I am still curious about the h3 at 155 though as that indicates a chemical reaction that lies at 3rd order with respect to acidity I am pretty sure they won39t throw meaningless information at us

  • becool365

    DeathRevenant7 Wanna hear more The entire plot of the first game is riddled with Greek mythology I think the scene are 134 is linked to Daedalus who is an AI advisory developed by the Illuminati in the first game In Greek mythology he is the father of Icarus therefore the story of the wax wings that are molten by the sun More so that the Illuminati are actually recorded in real history as a secret organization first founded in Bavaria

  • becool365

    DeathRevenant7 quotDeus Exquot means the quotGod withinquot or quotGod out ofquot therefore the mythical and biblical references throughout

  • becool365

    Troo44 If you mean at 030 I think that is Anna Navarra in her younger days

  • FalconRS

    MrFloydc2 yes end of democracy in future elite group of rich people and superhumans will rule over us freedom is more illusion than is past times true humanity will fall

  • jaksterDC

    Wow this game looks really cool the graphics and the story looks fantastic

  • DeathRevenant7

    IN a world where some guy dreams he is Jesus where Rhianna can turn invisible where riot cops use the Famas as a crowd control method where there is a city on top of a city where the city is always yellow and dark where the same guy who dreams he is Jesus becomes a space man where the music is EPIC

  • Eric

    MrFloydc2 look up the ending for the second game it is a clear reference to mass worship of the beast which is a merging of JCJesus and HeliosThe antichrist and the image of the beast is the statue of liberty one of their monuments they put a lot of info in these games but its to condition people