Battle Los Angeles | trailer #1 US (2011) смотреть видео бесплатно


Genre: action / scifi

Regie / directed by: Jonathan Liebesman

Darsteller / cast: Aaron Eckhart , Michelle Rodriguez , Michael Pena , Bridget Moynahan

Kinostart Deutschland: 2011

Kinostart USA: March 11th, 2011

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Дата: 2017-05-23 17:53:55

  • kupis1408

    Wow It39s been 5 years already This movie was one of the best alien invasion film depicted in almost realistic situation involving human military kinda like mixture of Black Hawk Down Independence Day

  • Show Fox

    this is my favorite movie

  • Betito117

    In terms of invasion movies go this is honestly a pretty solid film

  • Astrio

    in entire film i didnt see alien or enemy wut they was like shooting to air halp edited ye 3 times xd

  • Antbeast23

    damn this came up when I was middle school crazy how time flies by

  • Time Turner

    The trailer is fucking great It39s probably better than the movie

  • Baron

    This is the best trailer ever made Sad cant say anything good about the movieI dont ever got as hype when I saw this trailer for the first time

  • anrram creditu

    TRASH OF WORST QUALITYUm dos PIORES filmes de aliengenas que eu j viSinceramente parece que foi feito por um moleque de 15 anosJoa ruim do co

  • -AngelGr-

    one of the most amazing trailers I have ever seen in my entire life

  • awesomeness 356

    Wat39s the song called that is being played

  • Dan P

    You can have LA Fem

  • Heily Reyes

    the song fits in with the trailer

  • Anthony Duan

    This reminds me of the AHS teasers The trailer is better than the media itself

  • TheBigHase

    How about the sequel I read about Any news on that

  • mantradox

    the trailer gives me goosebumps even 5 years after the releasing of the movie which was ok

  • vance neeson

    the literal best trailer i39ve ever seen the movie didn39t even come close to living up to it

  • TheBigHase

    Movie ain39t bad but they should say quotStaffSergeantquot more often OMG u wanna count be my guest And it could be a bit more Horror imo I39d give 3 stars of 5

  • osakar

    someone tell me what song this is

  • Ben Gonzales

    one of the best movies i39ve ever seen

  • Kairu Sky

    What39s up with the hate It39s one of my favourite invasion movies of all time and i think its just super awesome Why don39t y39all try to make your own movie like this and see what you can accomplish ya bastards

  • MangoBase Basee

    im the only one as think thet is the bestaction movie ever

  • Chris Whited

    it39s almost impossible to live up to something that people have no realization to seeing in actual happening

  • KalishnikovaHD

    Anyone notice that this movie follows Marine Infantry and was released on 031111 0311 is the USMC MOS for infantry

  • nina maggie

    I saw the movie its Amazing you will watch it over and over its fucking amazing

  • shihab bhai

    trailer was good but the movie sucks

  • Ezra Sky

    This is a great trailer and when I first saw it in theatres I got goosebumpsand I39m a sucker for alien invasion moviesbut Battle LA turned out pretty mediocre I forgot about it a week after I saw it and just overall was really disappointed

  • Michael Hardin

    The most awesome movie trailer ever in historybut I gave the film a 8510


    The music though did they tell Stephen Hawking to sing

  • miloesalazar

    Movie was good without all that military bullshit

  • Ben Kirkham

    This trailer makes the movie seen amazing

  • Besseralswiedu

    mehkill yourself Hollywood

  • Executnr

    Pretty good action packed I give it a B or a 75 out of 10 Its the run of the mill alien Invasion with no explanation just fighting the invaders I guess for survival but if this was in real life with all that technology of those Alien ships we wouldn39t stand a chance how are they beating technology better than theirs with subpar weapons its not realistic but pretty enjoyable movie Lots of typical usa military hoo ra propaganda and cliches too it obvious an funny especially at the end when they restock to go back in an when they all get off the helicopter to follow the lone wolf They could have expanded on the aliens need for water but I guess it would have taken away from the action

  • Darryl Mason

    Best trailer i39ve ever seen too bad the movie didn39t live up

  • UnderWreck

    quotthe interviewquot movie xD

  • Guileón

    Vi la pelcula en 2011 y me gust La he vuelto a ver Tenia ganas de ver una pelcula as y esta es la perfecta Tambin est la de Independence day una de mis favoritas Me encantan estos tipos de pelis

  • King Green

    that feel when your entire fucking film isn39t half as good as its 2 minute trailer

  • David Niquot

    Unimaginativethe story clearly lacks soul

  • Gabtor

    Science fiction war at it39s best

  • Lee Lanzini

    Love this fuckin trailer

  • Rick Kardol

    It39s a movie guysNot a documentary


    I have never seen this movie but the trailer looks better than the movie itself

  • Emdee Connect, Inc.

    This is a great video Thanks so much for this Been wanting more content like this on Youtube Keep it up

  • jck915

    the trailer is one of the best i39ve ever seen sadly the movie wasn39t

  • De Songmurder

    I39m just love itThis movie really teached me a lotGreat

  • Xsam As

    this is bs If aliens have the technology to come all the way to earth humans would not stand a fucking chance that39s why such movies are just ridiculous

  • eshswam

    This movie had potential I loved itbut I don39t think that they done some of the story wellI still loved it

  • miloesalazar

    too much marine shit in this movie

  • shindayuki

    1010 for me GREAT MOVIE I hope for the Sequel

  • Akfon

    Intiles esa pelcula se llama invacion a la tierra a que ojetes son

  • so★

    Thats almost every movie ever its still a good movie didn39t try to be more than it was

  • Jackie Villegas

    its my boyfriends favorite movie so i guess i like this movie too lt3

  • localoceans

    noel fisher he39s amazing

  • Furkan Dinç

    25 Sec and subliminal message