Deus EX the conspiracy part 1 who goes into a gun fight with 6 bullets смотреть видео бесплатно

  • Fabien le couls

    Clint eastwood and Jesus fucking christ denton

  • Sibylle Payne

    does this version support 480 p or widescreen

  • dom dome

    One of the best videogames of all timePlaying it now4th time since 2002Heavenly delight to explore huge complex environments finding items and upgrading your weapons or skills and then shooting enemies and hiding their bodiesLove the way your skill points used for upgrading increases just by exploring everywhere possibleIm at level 3 with assault rifle skillswill upgrade to level 3 for computer so I can turn off gun turretsMay want my lock picking or multi tool skills to 3Pt2 is also exc

  • Lamar Mays

    I have the all sequels to this game It39s a very good mixture rpgactionadventure 3 of which are my favs

  • 531chaz

    I still love both versions The PC because it rocked the PS2 because it felt so damn fun

  • Kenneth Walters

    u dont even have a crossbow and u took the darts

  • 012yArthur0

    I liked you vidbut the title should be changedquotwho goes into a gun fight with 6 bulletsquotI think you should put caps and quotquotThen will be likeDeus EXThe conspiracy Part 1 Who goes into a gun fight with 6 bullets

  • dethmaul

    LynnJynh9315 Mostly structural The way the levels are arrangedbuilt

  • LynnJynh9315

    Do you happen to know if there are any major difference between the PC and PS2 versions