The Scariest EXTREME PARKOUR Moments Caught On Camera смотреть видео бесплатно

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Intro Song

- Hermitude x Flume - Hyperparadise (GANZ Flip

The Scariest EXTREME PARKOUR Moments Caught On Camera
The Scariest EXTREME PARKOUR Moments Caught On Camera
The Scariest EXTREME PARKOUR Moments Caught On Camera
Дата: 2017-04-25 02:04:05

  • lit likes

    cool intro music keep it up your 1 better than pewdiepie

  • Cinthia Jacobo

    you have the best viedo

  • Consider The Coconut

    101 that guy is so stupid Oh wait all of these people are for risking their lives

  • DR_Crafter XD

    118 i tought he gonna Fall down OMG

  • Madara Uchiha

    really sad that no one died of stupidity

  • Karabin Knife YT


  • Nut koko

    Can someone say me whats the name of song

  • Dashie Dahomie

    Im not scared of any of the heights im scared of falling annd dieing anyone else

  • Natalie Allegra

    Clips that make your palms sweat

  • sudheernorway

    Brave hearts cant do it But only crazy hearts

  • Alessandro Baldi

    I39d like to see someone of these shitbags falling downit would be very funny

  • Emad Hamdache

    I love the song he can die but he is crazy crazy like if you agree

  • coach wilson



    I cant wait for feminists to try this too

  • Alessandro Salzano

    I bet 1 out of 2 of these guys wont see age 40 These are the dumbest guys I have ever seen in my life not kidding

  • Dina Torres

    guys maybe their childhood was uncharted

  • Queen Miya Gaming

    If we still want to live NEVER DO THIS THINGS

  • Ma N OJ

  • Jonas Friese

    How far can we getMore like how completely stupid can we get

  • Nomar Reyes

    suck my dick is very very good your canal

  • Ordinary Guitarist

    Clenched my butt the whole time

  • yodaddy yo daddy

    looks crazy but honestly its fucking stupid too

  • Król Meneli


  • Vitor Henrique Miotti

    what is the name of the song 037


    i always think if one of them dies what will they tell the parents

  • Walker 265

    Yo it is crazy they might broke their bone

  • Cheyann Marie

    This screws with my anxiety so much

  • DeathDealer Shade

    these people have a stupid amount of luck

  • ninja dude

    i wonder what these peples mothers are thinking

  • Aidan miller

    Is this real Or it39s just me fainting every clip

  • Deeke Singh

    wish if i could do even 10 percent of this

  • 笑う犬

    why just why would you wanna fucking so this lol too scary

  • HD Films

    did I just see a guy slide down a skyscraper with a sloped roof and live

  • Cătălin the dark gamer


  • Coke and Pepsi

    This video made me uncomfortable just because of the heights

  • marium begum

    They are the type of people to survive a zombie apocalypse

  • Kyra Isabel Maquilla

    my heart is freaking racing

  • Neal Syrkel

    Wish one of these fuckin idiots would fall and die

  • Dabmaster3000

    parkour is so stupid ya risk ur life idiots

  • ahmed mohmed

    What he has seen is such a madness

  • Tropical Topham

    what is the video music called

  • Rahul Meena

    Really crazy boys Coolgreat

  • PaddimeAndMilonia

    Hi my brother is a fan and really likes this parkour stuff you must be pretty daring to do this stuffHe Loves the music allot

  • nezar pramana

    aaaaaah merinding amazing

  • Cool Kd

    O my god I almost passed out

  • mkmason2002

    I few weeks ago a young man about 24 was doing this as he had done so many times but this time he was off an inch He39s dead now Hope it was worth it

  • Disen Muthu

    please answer my question can you tell me where are you search the song

  • Sebo Ledvak

    How is that song called in the video

  • DSR Sniper

    What is the background music called Not the intro music but the music playing behind the insanity

  • Novia Fathia


  • Jamarious Danner

    This stuff makes my head hurt but I still like it

  • Sofia Guarneri

    When the music was like We39re still a little bit dumbI was dying Cause they kinda are dumb doing those things

  • njegos gole

    wtf i can39t watch this it39s so scary

  • UED

    Thats not parkour anymore Thats roofing

  • Dealwithit4234

    When I saw that giant ocean pauses video Runs out of the room Inhales a bunch of dust and wasps finds water gets vacuum sucks all water out of the world sees how deep It is screams extremely loud goes back to room throws iPad into the deep ass waterless ocean sees shark on shore gets ak47shoots shark sees kraken gets nuke boom sees megalodon gets nuke x2 boom brings sharks back dinner time yum nom protein goes to Jews home finds hitler offers a shark tooth in ass agrees shoots himself goes home gets gun puts up my mouth bo THE END

  • Be Yourself

    when you really want to be famous real bad you can do anything i meant anything

  • Jan Bien

    this is the real parkour

  • Endermen Scary endermen

    these guys are a idiot