The Scariest EXTREME PARKOUR Moments Caught On Camera смотреть видео бесплатно

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Intro Song

- Hermitude x Flume - Hyperparadise (GANZ Flip

The Scariest EXTREME PARKOUR Moments Caught On Camera
The Scariest EXTREME PARKOUR Moments Caught On Camera
The Scariest EXTREME PARKOUR Moments Caught On Camera
Дата: 2017-03-26 08:22:01

  • lit likes

    cool intro music keep it up your 1 better than pewdiepie

  • Power Craft

    736 omg this guy is insane

  • Zimzim

    I wonder how many people died without being filmed


    This is what my mom sees when I standing on balcony

  • aurora gani

    It would be scary watching this video with a vr headset

  • John Price Price

    I dont mean to offend anyone but this is one of the most foolish activities ever Even gangbanging looks safer than this Just please dont fall

  • TayTay

    246 omfg he is insane

  • Yves M.

    This is nothing I do this stuff every evening before going to sleep to calm down

  • Kanav Dhami

    Who else had sweaty hands after watching

  • Johan Hernandez

    Wtf there are not scared they could die

  • Kava Tea

    watch it twice just before you sleep

  • Gaming Tips

    what39s this song i need to know

  • Potato ISLIFE

    i did this and it was not fun for me cus i am afraid to heights

  • Claudio Canavaro

    nobody can stop suiciders nothing can change the destiny

  • Masky Proxy

    If I tried doing this I39d be dead

  • pete chavez

    stupidity at it39s finest

  • Elsa Jones

    The whole video I was saying to myself if you fall your dead

  • Chase null

    I get adrenaline watching this

  • Brent Hill

    I39m watching it and my whole body is clenching like a fist and breaking out in sweat Wow


    I cant wait for feminists to try this too

  • Anshul Ruhela

    they didn39t show us how many people died because of these madii parkours

  • Ben Travis

    Pretty sure the guy at 047 fell and died a couple years ago Looks like him

  • names mcree

    these people really aren39t worried about dying are they

  • Rhea Mims

    246258 that part gave me the anxiety so much

  • 真Kami

    Now where do you see a black guy doing this shit

  • Joseph Hanna

    PewDiePie is the best but The parkway I39m not good

  • Nelson Elias

    if youre feeling suicidal you39ve come to the right place

  • snoop dog weed

    why am i not on there

  • Adrian Martinez

    if you play with we death then you could die i not stupid

  • My Safehaven

    This gives me such anxiety and such an upset stomach Fuck I couldn39t do this shit I39m way too clumsy

  • sudheernorway

    Brave hearts cant do it But only crazy hearts

  • coach wilson


  • Nerida's Chronicles

    I find the jumps from one building to another the most scary

  • Saber234

    Who wonders how much these guys get lectured by th popo

  • Trivia

    Then there39s me sitting in my bed watching this video

  • Felix Rodriguez

    To make it more exciting I put oil on my feet and hands before doing it

  • SuperCellGamer-Clash of clans

    i cant even look down from my windowlike wth are these guys doing

  • Emman Villena

    Just 1 Mistake You Will Fall

  • Jeremiah Ahmad-Russell

    I like the song and good job

  • MrJaaaaake

    In all honesty I39d rather have to fight a bear to the death with a wooden stick I feel nervous just watching this haha


    i was holding my fucking breathe the entire video damn this is not fucking keul

  • Jhey Sison

    I almost drop my phone watching this

  • Garry

    Jeez my stomach hurts while watching this

  • splash and spixy gaming

    Did you know if you pause the video at exactly 745 it says gullible

  • Nuri Anindya

    craziii mannnnnn good beatiful

  • ignacio fritz

    crazy motherfuckers xd

  • Golden Lighter

    Guys you can die easily doing those thingsWatch out

  • phu trinh

    Hy g k gingha nhy vgdihhfobgjdiyd ngh chnh Ghj gi j ghj tuyn Ghj ch v Digipod hhjoxngghxnhhhhhd bhhg

  • King Last

    People who does those should wear parachute for safety maybeOr is it a hassle and decrease your porformace rate of the parkour

  • TDM Thefangamer


  • Win_WaY 96

    Wie heit das Lied What is the Name of the Song Not intro

  • Zeb Wolfric

    it is so cool but dagerous

  • Super Dux

    ljdu zivot je bitniji nego pare

  • Bonifacy Driver

    IDIOT natural selection

  • David is Bae vlog

    whats the name of the song pleas someone tell me

  • icawn

    Amazing they survived Must be that white privilege thing

  • Joseph Polaco

    damn this is mad scary

  • Slawomir Zurawski

    czy wy sie nie bojicie