The Scariest EXTREME PARKOUR Moments Caught On Camera смотреть видео бесплатно

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The Scariest EXTREME PARKOUR Moments Caught On Camera
The Scariest EXTREME PARKOUR Moments Caught On Camera
The Scariest EXTREME PARKOUR Moments Caught On Camera
Дата: 2017-02-22 20:22:03

  • SickDiz

    Im doing a giveaway once i hit 50k subscribers what would you like to get

  • Katelyn kys

    this reminds me of assassin creed like and comment if u aggree

  • AstroBala

    I could not see the whole video I get nervous

  • Zimzim

    I wonder how many people died without being filmed

  • nutterbuttergaming

    white people do this but wont eat a piece of bread because it has gluten in it

  • Christian Cevallos

    the hoverboard one was the only one that gave me mad anxiety


    This is what my mom sees when I standing on balcony

  • Lucas Soares

    739 excuse me what no way 39o39

  • Seth Rollins

    What in the freaking world did I just watch


    I got heart attack after watching it

  • Julian Edelman

    they39re all white what a surprise

  • Ronak Parekh

    What a bunch of idiots

  • grizzly bradd

    You need Big Balls for doing this

  • Oscar Sainz

    Anyone else wish these people would fall and have there go pros record it all the fear in their facegreat vid btw

  • enzo viglione

    After 40 yrs of quotgear addictquotquot still here and this guys Jhope too

  • Ben Travis

    Pretty sure the guy at 047 fell and died a couple years ago Looks like him

  • Potato

    are u actually trying to give me a siezure

  • Uzi Boy 0021

    So uhhhhhhHow much ppl died

  • Yves M.

    This is nothing I do this stuff every evening before going to sleep to calm down

  • Kai - Clash Royale

    love ur logo template lol xD nice vid bro

  • SunDiego SpongeBOZZ

    I39m swetting right now

  • Gaming Tips

    what39s this song i need to know

  • TornadoGamah11

    642 spiderman theme

  • Sm00th TV

    i mean i understand why people do this and i respect it but just dont brag about it it isnt either safe or legal its like veganism all over again yeah i get it you feel like you are a superior being i dont care just keep it to yourself and we won39t have a problem

  • Urban Kitsune

    video should be titled quotdoing handstands in all the wrong placesquot lol

  • Gage Groff

    If I had shoes with giant claws as traction I would probably join this trend but because of the uncertainty of rubber traction I wouldn39t risk my life over that All you need to no is clip the edge of a wet building and down you go

  • Jarry gangster

    100000000000 out of 10

  • Mo Khan

    total stupidity no brains

  • Golden Lighter

    Guys you can die easily doing those thingsWatch out

  • אורי בן דוד

    the name of the song Little Bit

  • Shukrithi kumaresan

    I get scared when I watch it

  • CM V

    This is all quotfun and gamesquot until someone falls to their deaths

  • Esther Dyachuk

    Surprisingly I find these videos relaxing does anyone else

  • Mineceep LP

    this Video makes me quite happy

  • Vallabh Rana

    Stand on a stool or a chair and then watch this

  • Julio Ruiz

    somebody tell me is this is true

  • JustPlaying Games

    whoever does this is crazy

  • Blackknight 394

    I wonder how many of these people died straight after recording all this

  • Damir Bajraktarevic

    How much of them are alive today

  • Chris iosua

    would be interesting to see a video of one of them slipping

  • Mystic Angel

    ughhYeah fuck this shit No thanks

  • gta man

    r u fucking out your mind u can die

  • Garry

    Jeez my stomach hurts while watching this

  • Ölav Hax

    most of this isn39t even Parkour just roofers that don39t realize the risks don39t call that Parkour pls

  • Sara Melegrito

    people are insane or cool they could die in this video or during these stuff but their still cool and amazing emereyt

  • The Internet Police

    What39s the music through out the video

  • Pov Punlork

    what the titile of the song

  • you wonder

    Nothing to admire just bunch of pure idiots

  • Hailey Tombaugh

    WOW They39re crazy

  • Farah Ahmed

    In 530 he slipped off

  • Luketube


  • The_Derp_Master_67

    People don39t try this at home No seriously don39t

  • Gabbie Playz Games!

    im a girl i do parkour umm its easy