The Scariest EXTREME PARKOUR Moments Caught On Camera смотреть видео бесплатно

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Intro Song

- Hermitude x Flume - Hyperparadise (GANZ Flip

The Scariest EXTREME PARKOUR Moments Caught On Camera
The Scariest EXTREME PARKOUR Moments Caught On Camera
The Scariest EXTREME PARKOUR Moments Caught On Camera
Дата: 2017-07-26 11:42:06

  • lit likes

    cool intro music keep it up your 1 better than pewdiepie

  • Meisy Hwang

    cool intro music keep it up your 1 better than pewdiepie

  • Aggieswin10

    SUPRISED they haven39t died yet

  • Legendary Zach

    this is why women live longer than

  • Matteo Pepe

    My hands are fucking drenched in sweat

  • mr rambo

    just a stranger passing by saying hello to all you beautiful people

  • Mb6 Gaming

    I won39t do that even if I have unlimited lives

  • The trick shot Lovers

    Haw stupid are these people

  • Jamian Vann

    Two words White People

  • Fronda_Jeyo A

    I cant even handle the hight of the third floor

  • Jean Carlo Cordaño

    Even for 1000000 I still won39t do this if I do this my life is on the line Kinda cool though

  • XxepicdudeXx Auz

    Guys did you know this this video starts at 000

  • Sqeakasaurus Rex The Screaming

    Me Looks coolGoes to one of the places and about to start but off an edgeMe VomitsOld Man down on the streets What the hell Bird poo

  • Hardik Rawat

    after seening this video i jump from my balcony

  • Daria Tkatchenko Larsen

    it is such a flawed logic to say that they live their life to the fullest fullest shouldnt mean more dangerous In fact a lifetime of varied rich experiences cant compare to an hour a few days of a risky activity no matter how adventurous it is And they wont even know how many more things they will miss out on because they will die too young and too stupid to realize

  • joana Fran

    Its killing me everybody ask why everybody What happen to youme Im dying everybodyeverybody slaps mY FACEMEDEAD

  • jubel crhistoffel

    70 for parkour 100 for song

  • # YouOnlyLiveOnce

    Anyone else39s hands sweaty

  • Ella

    I almost vomited just from watching this

  • Avamm1288

    Notice that there is no women doing this because women are smart

  • Ravi Kumar

    osm and it is so scary I don39t believe on my eyes someone can do this it is osm and so cool and the baground music is so cool keep it on

  • emma duncan

    I39m surprised momentum hasn39t caught up with them yet

  • itznia

    okay if I done this the only thing I could do was climb not jump

  • roman bellic

    We where asked not to look down

  • Baby big

    These mens are will die soon

  • Unicorn Rainbowz

    it will be more fantastic if they jump into the building down and survive XD

  • Adelina Alvarez

    How do people get up there

  • Pyro Flame

    SickDiz If you replace the S and D from SickDiz it becomes DickSiz

  • Raptor piggy

    That was scary lol

  • Lewis

    Probably the most painful YT video I ever watched

  • Tevon Fields

    What39s wrong with the first I39m not trying to be racist but only white people do that that dude riding a hovorboard

  • Chrt 肥皂

    They should really wear a helmet any case if they fall

  • Annie G.

    Guys you39re nuts oO

  • FaithAndFriends Gaming

    This scared me to death

  • Adolfo Ruiz

    these people must be at a Psychiatry Hospital

  • Everything Compilation

    the character of assassins creed in the video game looks like a ppupet compared to these guys

  • Vanoss128

    The music was pretty kitty Get it kitty litty

  • NutellaBear

    Cool video I love the musicDo more pls

  • Kulada the Lone wolf

    This is why woman live longer

  • Trilokh Marandi

    guys you all are really awesome

  • Ashish Rana

    keep it up guysbut be careful

  • jerry Last

    Some people must be tire of livingI don39t enjoy watch this

  • King Arthur

    This makes me cringe Just think how illogical this crap this Just what exactly will you get from this shit

  • tous alberto

    If you don39t do parkour you must die

  • 63e Arcesius

    One of these fools gonna die

  • NinToby

    738 I39ve never actually see someone do that before that was kind of amazing

  • Rashmi Tomar

    it so sacry i also o pakour but not like this pakour not in tallest building

  • The Flipping Sniper

    This is my life literally

  • Julie Birthe

    Omg just fucking died inside

  • Gabby Walker

    I39m sorry but even if these people love doing this they will one day probably land wrong or loose their balance and drop to their death

  • sans

    738 he used double Jump buuuuuu cheater

  • Toby W.

    I think it would be an amazing feeling jumping of a high building or cranebut only until you kiss the ground

  • Josh Randall

    This ain39t parkour

  • oml ;-;

    Noooooo nooooo i cant do that i feel sooo sick

  • Superman Cz

    reper bodu 90000000

  • Dank Dabber

    question why are they all white

  • Guerra Studios

    Songs000 Hermitude x Flume Hyperparadise GANZ Flip010 Futuristik Little Bit feat Sethh NCS Release757Blackbear Idfc Tarro Remix807 Bound Ricky remedyLike