The Scariest EXTREME PARKOUR Moments Caught On Camera смотреть видео бесплатно

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Intro Song

- Hermitude x Flume - Hyperparadise (GANZ Flip

The Scariest EXTREME PARKOUR Moments Caught On Camera
The Scariest EXTREME PARKOUR Moments Caught On Camera
The Scariest EXTREME PARKOUR Moments Caught On Camera
Дата: 2017-05-27 16:40:15

  • lit likes

    cool intro music keep it up your 1 better than pewdiepie

  • Dashie Dahomie

    Im not scared of any of the heights im scared of falling annd dieing anyone else

  • xViralz

    at 410 why did they cut it

  • Rachelle best list Harris

    wut drugs have they been doing

  • UED

    Thats not parkour Thats roofing

  • Cinthia Jacobo

    you have the best viedo

  • The Leviathan

    i have no doubt that these people are suicidal

  • Alessandro Salzano

    I bet 1 out of 2 of these guys wont see age 40 These are the dumbest guys I have ever seen in my life not kidding

  • Natalie Allegra

    Clips that make your palms sweat

  • Dina Torres

    guys maybe their childhood was uncharted

  • PaddimeAndMilonia

    Hi my brother is a fan and really likes this parkour stuff you must be pretty daring to do this stuffHe Loves the music allot

  • Zach Freestyle

    this is why women live longer than men

  • Jaede Agudera

    cool and pretty songafter watching this I sang the choruswhat its titleAnd the video is so cool nice editing and filming


    white people whitepeopling again

  • WilliWadelma

    idk why but these videos make me unconfortable

  • WWE Geek

    For me this was a how long can you not look away challenge

  • Yuliana 23

    I39m going to have a heart attack if I watch this videos anymore

  • loilo eldelinternet

    Nathan Drake would be proud

  • joana Fran

    Its killing me everybody ask why everybody What happen to youme Im dying everybodyeverybody slaps mY FACEMEDEAD

  • YungJae

    that music saying quota little bit highquot x39d

  • Md Azwandi

    These guys are truly epic

  • A R

    My screen didn39t notice my touch because of how sweaty my hands got and I39m only a minute sixteen seconds in

  • RkZ Rhdk

    What39s up with everyone wearing stupid pants

  • Phillip Barkac

    This was the most stressful thing I have ever watched

  • Jordan Minter

    I had anxiety trying to watch this video

  • ClumsygirrAfe 8 3

    My dog liked this legit he watched all of it xD

  • Tom Lynch

    Fuck I can39t watch this video I39m like Shit he is gonna die

  • Proix11 11

    I think those peoples are a little crazy

  • Oskar Qvick

    413 quotBtw I fucked your girlfriendquot

  • iLoveSmartMovies

    None of these morons were injured during the making of this film

  • Nathan Williams

    My asshole sucked in my underwear while watching this

  • Jan Bien

    this is the real parkour

  • zaitarh

    Pretty sweet and convincing CGI i hope

  • Wolf Dragon 12

    jemand schon Mal runtergefallen

  • Savage_ Miner


  • Theo X

    copy car cause angelmerkle ps4 have that intro

  • Dipesh rai

    this is called the parkor

  • One of them

    How tf do they get down

  • gerard akoun

    This last years I developed a phobia I mean I can39t get event to a second floor of a building if there is an opening like a Windows or a balcony

  • Lae Steiner

    Die sind so geil digga

  • Areyouna Brooks

    suicide suicide STOP Stop

  • Noel Watkins

    Hey man you are Savage

  • josh yocum

    My hands are sweating like a mf watching this jesus NO STOP i had to stop after 217 i just couldn39t anymore The guy on the hoverboard hell no dude that is dum af


    je pourrais jamais faire a meme si il me paye

  • SebovaArmy

    How is that song called in the video

  • Simlouise Salabe

    so scary if first person

  • Matt Berry

    If you want to put so little value on your life as to risk it for the entertainment of strangers and 15 minutes of fame be my guest Ifwhen you slip trip fall and die though you only have yourself to blame

  • Endermen Scary endermen

    these guys are a idiot

  • Anna Ferraro

    I hate heights This is like watching a horror movie for me

  • Tropical Topham

    what is the video music called

  • RapidAttacker789

    what song is this I really like it

  • njegos gole

    wtf i can39t watch this it39s so scary