Deus Ex Mankind Divided Gameplay Demo 2016 - (PS4/Xbox One/PC) смотреть видео бесплатно

  • Gaz Jones

    Bitch I told you to open the window not read out my messages

  • Zork

    Since when do we Czechs have a russian accent We don39t

  • João Garcia

    The part outside in the city looks like Half Life 2


    Hey what the hell happened to Sarif39s voice

  • Randomocity 327

    I think its hilarious that in this game you canread emailswatch tvtake a shower

  • vimublue

    i never asked for this

  • aquaticpimp

    Can39t wait for this game

  • Detman101

    This game is a direct twin of racist 1900s america

  • Sahil Pethe

    This is my most anticipated game of this year now Especially after seeing the part after the demo ended Just wow I am preordering it now

  • Max Himbigger

    Wtf happened to Sarif39s voice Ugh I hate voice chanfes They confuse and annoy me

  • Dilwale cricket

    there needs to be cheats for unlimited ammo and energy

  • CardShark

    Dear god Adam orders tailor made stuff from Acronym how much does he get paid

  • ks22

    they should hire someone who does not sound like someone from East Europe when speaking english just terrible

  • Patcky

    1404 quotI love catsquot Me too bro me too

  • Lorrenzzo The magnificent

    Did they change david sarif39s voice actor

  • Teap Peap

    How am I going to keep up with all this gaming news

  • Dean Child

    I am so glad I have preordered this looks well good

  • sebastianwillows

    That awkward feeling where I killed Sarif in my HR run PLooks amazing though No complaints from this fan

  • Redem10

    Heh Adam sleeps apparently naked

  • SlappyHappy

    hate how theres a cutscene for simple actions

  • Ben Anderson

    Absolutely impressed with Michael McCann once again

  • Oshaoxin

    Please tell me this game is NOT locked at 30 FPS

  • The Jayhawker

    quotI love catsquot

  • ZeroSumGame

    I love how they39re running with the Acronym thing First in the reveal and now an email from the companyGood for them they could always use the extra business this39ll generate

  • peddi könig

    the frames are dropping like hell

  • Wolf

    Youre some kind of badassi never asked for this

  • hunter9306

    So Adam Jensen got a carbon fiber dick lol


    how do u get the demo its not on steam

  • Accavanero0

    Will it be okay if I start deus ex from this game without playing previous one

  • Luis Eduardo Valencia

    I39m loving the soundtrack already

  • TerryLovesYogurt

    Why the hell does everyone have Russian accent or something Sounds nothing like Czech

  • GBN Games

    Does adam still have a penis Or did they take it off

  • Draken

    Was that your voice at the start It was the game right

  • DaveK183

    Amazed by that it39s in my own town

  • Asskickingness2014

    So David Sarif survived in Human Revolution but FlyGirl didn39t

  • Ben Jackson

    tbh doesnt look like much of an improvement on the first one

  • Shibby

    I could have done a better David Sariff

  • thegamer hawx

    I39ve never heard of this game before but I have to admit I39m impressed by what I see I think I39m going to buy it

  • Bringthewinter

    I think that patrol woman was flirting with you discretely asking to see your bag of tricks She must have a thing for augments Maybe I should spend over a million to get myself fixed up like that for our first date

  • Daniel Damn

    1300 such a stealthy takedown

  • Josef Soušek

    im czech and this is very good game here

  • Zen Cropper

    1405 quotI love catsquot hahahaha

  • Kennedy 77

    Shut up amp take my money

  • Drast

    So if you do a game what is placed in Prague it would be nice if you know something about that place Do creators of Deus Ex ever been in Prague I dont think so In Czech people dont have a russian accent And the other thing is you have a wrong colors on flags Go make a game from places what you know or just visit the Czech Republic Thanks

  • Adam Wiśniewski

    I liked human revolution so much the main charakter had same name as me so imersion was like doubled to me and now its even more of it D

  • FrANubis

    Am I the only one bothered by how he managed to wipe the vapor off the bath screen I mean I highly doubt his hands emit heat

  • Quintikable

    I hope PC Virgin No Life Plebs never get this game

  • Shibby

    Dammit not sure if I should watch


    only one major complaint let us be in control of depth fo field Sharpness and blurs and please increase texture resolutions otherwise a damn fine game with fantastic parallax occlusion mapping and stable framerate for such a game

  • TheJakub345

    These city hubs get so boring cos there is no danger in them

  • Skuunt Reviews

    at 225 you can clearly see a glitch

  • Shibby

    Biggass vents are back lol

  • Kaizen Mckenzie

    Certain parts of the game graphics look ps 2

  • killerwolf176

    This nigga Adam fucking ugly

  • Carvanni Andrew

    this game is on my future game list

  • DennyWolfie Happy

    interesting experience for a czechespecially how a developer fucked up a pronunciation of Vaclav

  • ODEEN / Stealth & Survival

    It looks really great