Horizon Zero Dawn - Story Trailer | PS4 смотреть видео бесплатно


To learn about a new threat to her tribe, Aloy will embark on a dangerous journey that will reveal a dark plot that stands to change her world forever.

Available February 28, 2017. Pre-order your copy today!

Horizon Zero Dawn is an exhilarating new open-world action role playing game exclusively for the PlayStation 4 System, developed by the award winning Guerrilla Games, creators of PlayStation’s venerated Killzone franchise.

Take on the role of skilled hunter Aloy as you explore a vibrant and lush world inhabited by mysterious mechanized creatures.

Embark on a compelling, emotional journey and unravel mysteries of tribal societies, ancient artifacts and advanced technologies that will determine the fate of this planet, and of life itself.

Discover more about the mysteries of this beautiful world:
Facebook: facebook.com/GuerrillaGames
Twitter: twitter.com/guerrilla_games

©2017 Sony Interactive Entertainment Europe.
Horizon Zero Dawn is a trademark of Sony Interactive Entertainment America LLC.
Developed by Guerrilla.

©2017 Sony Interactive Entertainment Europe.
Horizon Zero Dawn is a trademark of Sony Interactive Entertainment America LLC.
Developed by Guerrilla.
Дата: 2017-01-17 18:05:45

  • Gamer X

    this is WHY PLAYSTATION WILL ALWAYS HAVE THE UPPER HAND when it comes to exclusives xbox can39t come even close

  • Too much Water -Ign •_•

    I Bought a PS4 this Christmas i cant wait to play Horizon zero Dawn

  • RobinGaming

    Horizon looks better and better every trailer 1 Month left can39t wait

  • Playstation STALLION Nation

    who here is a PlayStation fan and can39t wait for this game

  • megaprimatron1

    I39ll be playing Scalebound

  • mrinde7

    Is it me or did the graphics become AMAZING

  • Hugo Azevedo

    No AK 47s Cancel this project ASAP Microsoft

  • dudeiscray03

    This could be the exclusive IP that the PS4 could be remembered for As I always sayPS1 Crash BandicootPS2 God of WarPS3 Uncharted and TLOUPS4 Hopefully Horizon Zero Dawn

  • Shako Adel

    sony is gonna destroy xbox this year RIP XBOX PLAYERS AND PC


    I guess I will be buying this game Mass Effect Andromeda Red Dead Redemption 2 For Honor Days Gone and hopefully Final Fantasy 7 remake if it comes out this year

  • supersbbrawl4ever

    Who needs Scorpio when the PS4 has a vastly superior exclusives library

  • Swedish GamerDad

    11 dislikes Is that the entire Xbox market in Japan

  • Daxter

    why do I feel the story is gonna suck I am feeling killzone shadowfall level of blandness

  • Wispy String

    is it just me or has the facial animations been REALLY improved

  • Jacob Shabazz

    We finally know about the story now I was worried not even gonna lie

  • TheGamer2323

    Best looking game to date on PS4 until either God Of War 4 or Last Of Us 2

  • Scott Socash

    PlayStation is king Horizon Zero Dawn Last of Us 2 Days Gone Crash Bandicoot Death Stranding SpiderMan God of War all prove that Sony has the best exclusives Long live PS4 Master Race

  • GuadianWolfJilly2

    I wanna cosplay as her so badly She39s so cool OO

  • KonaSquid

    207 is that the MAWLR from Killzone X3

  • rene saucedo

    I smell an overhyped game again don39t preorder until you see a review don39t say I didn39t warn ya

  • landimark999

    And this is yet another exclusive to PS4 that shows how Sony defines and dominates the industry The SIE Worldwide Studios are unbelievable MS quotHere take this Scalebound cancel because its better for Xbox gamersquotSony Here take this new trailer of Horizon Zero Dawn that shows our passion and love for the gaming industry and its fansquot

  • Najim19

    Sony 3939Let39s starts 2017 with a new trailer of ourthe most promising new IP in years3939Microsoft 3939Well why don39t we start 2017 by cancelling one of our very few new IP39s in YEARS Scalebound3939

  • Danny Boy

    Isn39t that the voice from the actress that made the voice over for Chloe in Life is Strange

  • jk12324

    Sony Hey guys Scalebound just got cancelled let39s add salt to the wounds and release a new Horizon Zero Dawn trailer

  • PsGamer92

    Rip xbots and PC beggars lol

  • Latoya samuels

    Tried not to get too hyped for thisThen I went out yesterday and dropped 100 on the collectors edition

  • joe salcce

    The only way this game will not be a best seller is if there is a 5 hour story if the story plus side missions are 20hours at least it39ll be great

  • Dapperskull 20

    Although it looks fantastic I refuse to get my hopes up until I39m 100 sure it39s good Seriously I hate it when people just blindly pre order something though pre ordering is stupid overall just because a trailer or pre release gameplay looks good that39s the same attitude that made games like Destiny and No Man39s sky popular So I39ll remain sceptical until proven otherwise

  • alexkid1

    This seems to be the most unique game I39ve seen this entire generation Can39t wait

  • Tomáš Kořínek

    the last big machine Killzone 3 D

  • CGCentral HD

    Sony take notes from microsoft cancelling your games is better for gamersRip ps4

  • stas7655610

    I hope that this game sort of Witcher will be

  • ashtonjackfanny

    hey Guerrilla Games stop making these trailers unless this game is truly endless and this is but a fraction of it i don39t want the game to be spoiled for me otherwise with that being said what has been shown already really spits on PC and every Hermit and boxpeasant who see these graphics should know who the masterrace truly is

  • Joel Miller

    125 is that the guy from Killzone Shadowfall O

  • Hamad Mana

    why i think this story will be like other stories Bad people vs Good people

  • Victim of Lag

    If this turns out to be really good Sony have themselves a killer app This could possibly be a reason to get a PS4

  • Tom Riddler

    Jeez Ingame graphics

  • Vibez 123 (Vibez123)

    ps4 pro can run 4k games if yes i am going to buy it

  • Woe, Is Me [&]

    Decima engine39s logo 025 Nice one Guerrilla

  • DaisyRidley

    Who else is also getting the collectors edition

  • João Rodrigues

    meanwhile scalebound got cancelled

  • Supre3m3 Futur3 Trunks

    I39ll pass I just can39t shake the feeling that this game isn39t going to be what everyone is expecting it to be

  • Ryan Jolly

    Is that Commander Zavala39s voice I hear at 124 and 211 It has to be surely

  • Simon Dimes

    I see kojima productions improvements in the facial animations the collaboration is paying off dividends

  • Chris

    This is the game that tries hard to be like Zelda right


    Funny This trailer totally sucked for me compared to the others which had soul And is it me Or have they made her look more quotGirlyquot Sexier I guess less is more When they have these generic feral drums HAMMERING AWAY constantly it doesn39t invigorate me It just makes me eye roll The previous material swam UP STREAM against the tide of what other games are doing Like Red Dead did They39re putting emphasis on the story here which I really couldn39t care less about It39s the character that I fell in love with Same with Lara in TR Not Rise I was considering getting this on release But now I think I39m gonna wait I sense the studio39s interference amp that spells bad decisions where I39m concerned Looks great though Look 4ward to b proven wrong

  • I ChEat iN exAm

    I39m getting a Final Fantasy X vibe from this trailer

  • Kukighost

    Is it worth getting a PS4 just for this game Already bought a 3DS only to play the new Pokmon and it feels weird to be craving for yet another console especially as a pure PC gamer for 10 years

  • White Canary

    pretty skeptical of this is this just cutscenes from pc renders

  • BlueDog 1

    Why did they give her such an 39out of character39 face She looks like she just got back from varsity soccer practice No one would believe she39s a resistance fighter who forages and survives in the wild

  • Aleksandr Bocharnikov

    downgrade graphics Tomb Rider looks better wtf

  • joyadeceren

    has coop or mp this game

  • spanky gamer

    i swear if this game get cancelled 2017 will be the worst year for gaming

  • Waterpanties

    Enjoy your 720p multiplats Xbox retards

  • Excel MiniMatt

    I think the trailer gives away too much

  • Violet Pea

    My games lineup this yearResident Evil 7Horizon Zero DawnMass Effect AdromedaRed Dead Redemption 2Injustice 2Tekken 7God Of WarDays Gone

  • yass ine (TheXgamer)

    this is basicaly Tomb raider with futuristic ark evolve creatures

  • Phantom Heaven

    This game is for xbox scorpio also

  • Sen Madrona

    Hoping it will have 75 hours of gameplay for main story

  • HandzUp10

    hopefully the texture pop ups won39t be in the final version of the gameor it39s a problem with the lightning sometimes

  • Le PotatOverlord

    looks a bit choppy hope they work on facial animations a but more as well cause ive been waiting for this

  • adolf hitler

    ok let me be honest i really don39t understand the hype of this game it is just far cry with futuristic environment

  • ll WHEELJACK ll (JBros)

    ughh Idk man i preodered it but idk if ill like it somebody help me and tell me whats so special about this game that makes me want it

  • OneMan Production

    I just hope the story isn39t 8 hours long

  • Jim jam

    is this releasing on DVD too I don39t go to movie theaters much

  • Vitalie Perciun

    Although the track record of good storytelling for Guerillas is poor I do hope they got better at this one I39m certainly hyped

  • Prexto Rex

    This games comes out on March 1 2 Days before the Switch and Zelda Now I dont know whether Nintendo is going to the be the one affected negatively or SONY

  • xHooterz

    211 Is that Henry39s voice from The Last of Us

  • Dave T

    Jesus The graphics enemy and world design look amazing but would it kill them to hire some actual writers