Horizon Zero Dawn - Story Trailer | PS4 смотреть видео бесплатно


To learn about a new threat to her tribe, Aloy will embark on a dangerous journey that will reveal a dark plot that stands to change her world forever.

Available February 28, 2017. Pre-order your copy today!

Horizon Zero Dawn is an exhilarating new open-world action role playing game exclusively for the PlayStation 4 System, developed by the award winning Guerrilla Games, creators of PlayStation’s venerated Killzone franchise.

Take on the role of skilled hunter Aloy as you explore a vibrant and lush world inhabited by mysterious mechanized creatures.

Embark on a compelling, emotional journey and unravel mysteries of tribal societies, ancient artifacts and advanced technologies that will determine the fate of this planet, and of life itself.

Discover more about the mysteries of this beautiful world:
Facebook: facebook.com/GuerrillaGames
Twitter: twitter.com/guerrilla_games

©2017 Sony Interactive Entertainment Europe.
Horizon Zero Dawn is a trademark of Sony Interactive Entertainment America LLC.
Developed by Guerrilla.

©2017 Sony Interactive Entertainment Europe.
Horizon Zero Dawn is a trademark of Sony Interactive Entertainment America LLC.
Developed by Guerrilla.
Дата: 2017-05-23 17:54:07

  • Augusto Pinochet

    2017Sony Horizon Zero Dawn Uncharted The Lost LegacyNintendo Super Mario Odyssey The Legend Of Zelda Breath Of The Wild Microsoft We39re canceling Scalebound lmfao

  • Wispy String

    is it just me or has the facial animations been REALLY improved

  • Scott Socash

    PlayStation is king Horizon Zero Dawn Last of Us 2 Days Gone Crash Bandicoot Death Stranding SpiderMan God of War all prove that Sony has the best exclusives Long live PS4 Master Race

  • Ɗ α η η ɣ - ᗸ σ ɣ

    Isn39t that the voice from the actress that made the voice over for Chloe in Life is Strange

  • Christoper Bacani

    NintendoZelda breath of the wildSonyHorizon zero dawnMicrosoft

  • Prince Marth

    Zelda Breath of the Wild Horizon Zero Dawn Mass Effect Andromeda Boi my wallet is almost dead

  • Tracey Raymundo

    I39m guessing this is why Scalebound got cancelled Smart move on their part They wouldn39t have stood a chance against this glorious masterpiece

  • DaisyRidley

    Who else is also getting the collectors edition

  • Jeremy Seal

    I have loved Zelda my entire life but the gameplay in this looks better to me I know we have to have to play the to see but I have heard rumblings that BOTW has akward controls

  • Psgamer97

    Ugh I hope this game doesnt get a graphic downgrade Looks too good to be true

  • Supr3m3 Mika

    I39ll pass I just can39t shake the feeling that this game isn39t going to be what everyone is expecting it to be


    Zelda Breath Of The Wild is still going to be the gane of the year

  • PsGamer92

    Rip xbots and PC beggars lol

  • Nadeem Mohiuddin

    I39m a Nintendo fan but trading my Xbox for a PS4 X3

  • Felipe

    I will buy the PS4 just because of this game What a work of art Congratulations to Sony and the developers the game will be a success for sure

  • richard21solava

    Ok let me start off by saying I39m an Xbox one player but don39t start hating on my comment just yet Allow me to say a few things before you begin to rant about me being a fanboyWhen it comes to multiplayer games I will always go with the Xbox one and that39s simply because all of my friends own an Xbox The XB1 is my go to consoleNow when it comes to exclusives Xbox does not have a great selection of games The only one I like and own that is exclusive is quantum breakNow this is where I prefer PlayStation I absolutely love the exclusives on the PlayStation I love all of the naughty dog games and killzone games They are the reason I bought a playstation 4Xbox exclusive titles can not and never will beat PlayStation exclusives Sony you guys are great when it comes to exclusive games I also look forward for this game I guess you can say I like both consoles equally 1 is for the multiplayer and the other is for the exclusive games so yes I am a fanboy but a fan boy for both consoles I do also own a Wii but that39s just for super smash bros And again I39m not commenting on this video to hate on Sony or to upset all the PSN players I am just stating the fact that I appreciate the PS for its exclusive games

  • Abdullah Al-Saqaf

    This is the time that xbox fanboys are going to change to the almighty PS4

  • Vibez 123

    ps4 pro can run 4k games if yes i am going to buy it

  • yass ine

    this is basicaly Tomb raider with futuristic ark evolve creatures

  • Violet Pea

    My games lineup this yearResident Evil 7Horizon Zero DawnMass Effect AdromedaRed Dead Redemption 2Injustice 2Tekken 7God Of WarDays Gone

  • Dave T

    Jesus The graphics enemy and world design look amazing but would it kill them to hire some actual writers

  • Mehak Chaudhary


  • WithGreatPower 616

    Just bought my 49 inch 4K HDR television Next stepPS4 Pro All just in time for Horizon Zero Dawn Thank You Guerilla Games

  • Aria Ghazavi

    I39m sorry I ever doubted this game Wow What a story What visual effects What animation What a strong character developmentEver since Konami shut down MGS I had lost interest in all VG amp become bitter about the whole entertainment styleMGS amp Solid Snake will always have a special place in my memory but I may have just found my new favorite gameI may even like Alloy like I did Snake

  • JOSHFLY100

    Please Make ps4 Online free again

  • Victim of Lag

    If this turns out to be really good Sony have themselves a killer app This could possibly be a reason to get a PS4

  • SayberV1

    Zelda BOTW gtgtgtgt This wannabe trash

  • DukeJoostt

    why can39t this be on PC and xbox

  • Mac

    120 Hey it39s the guy from the Wire

  • John Q

    I don39t care what I play as male female white black hispanic etc as long as the game is great

  • John Nemo

    PC master raceI REGRET NOTHING

  • Excel MiniMatt

    I think the trailer gives away too much

  • Andrew Left

    The fact that Hideo Kojima the legend himself is using this game39s engine and was working with this developer team and borrowing ideas from eachother makes me so hyped for this game

  • MultiBooster123

    God the voice actress is so bad smh

  • Justicewolf337

    the Antagonists Voice that39s Alucard39s voice

  • Kukighost

    Is it worth getting a PS4 just for this game Already bought a 3DS only to play the new Pokmon and it feels weird to be craving for yet another console especially as a pure PC gamer for 10 years

  • INVI

    This days gone and possibly the Last of Us 2 are the only reasons I39m gonna get a Ps4 Coming from an Xbox player You guys are lucky you have all the good exclusive makers

  • Metallica Fox

    So what can we do in this open world I39d imagine that a world this detailed would have interesting side activities to do rather than just having a massive open world that39s completely empty

  • unitor699

    lol this aint ps4 gameplay

  • João Rodrigues

    meanwhile scalebound got cancelled


    So this game comes out the same week as Zelda Who39s exclusive will rise up the most against the other Nintendo39s or sonys

  • Simon Dimes

    I see kojima productions improvements in the facial animations the collaboration is paying off dividends

  • Matthew Burnett

    I don39t see what so good about this game I try to get into it but all it looks like to me is a tribal girl fighting robot dinosaurs

  • ARL

    I just hope that the story is engaging enough so that it doesn39t get boring midway and I drop off the main story Interestingly it seems 80 of the comment is about the dumb console wars

  • GS195

    Medieval people VS robots Now you got my attention

  • Waterpanties

    Enjoy your 720p multiplats Xbox retards

  • Spacey 88

    quotWho are youquot quotLT Danielsquot


    Funny This trailer totally sucked for me compared to the others which had soul And is it me Or have they made her look more quotGirlyquot Sexier I guess less is more When they have these generic feral drums HAMMERING AWAY constantly it doesn39t invigorate me It just makes me eye roll The previous material swam UP STREAM against the tide of what other games are doing Like Red Dead did They39re putting emphasis on the story here which I really couldn39t care less about It39s the character that I fell in love with Same with Lara in TR Not Rise I was considering getting this on release But now I think I39m gonna wait I sense the studio39s interference amp that spells bad decisions where I39m concerned Looks great though Look 4ward to b proven wrong

  • Manan Sarkhedi

    I just made a pc and I already am feeling like I made a mistake this thing looks gorgeous I wish I bought a ps4

  • Rocket

    salty that this isn39t gonna come out on Xbox

  • Taylor Velazquez

    This game was amazing In fact I think it39s my new favorite Now just waiting on Tekken 7 Crash Bandicoot NSane Trilogy Uncharted The Lost Legacy and Horizon Zero Dawn DLC

  • Jack Flyer

    At last a game that comes close to Azel Panzer Dragoon rpg

  • soulure

    Now that it39s out what does everyone think I39m considering getting it as soon as it goes on sale

  • Dave F

    She sounds like Chloe from Life is Strange

  • Olivia esddms

    I39m getting really strange femGeralt vibesHZD is awesome though Really recommend

  • Redback61

    dammit xbox we have halo but this looks epic

  • RicardoR5

    So if all the animals are robots where do the meat they eat comes from

  • Robertinus Tumiwa

    extremely overrated game oh i miss psone era

  • Little Al

    I wish this game was on Xbox as well

  • Aubrey Huff

    is there character creation or one base character

  • Smoke Mid Everyday

    zelda botw story trailer was uploaded 2 days ago and has 5 million views compare it to this and respect the legend that is the switch

  • ll WHEELJACK ll

    ughh Idk man i preodered it but idk if ill like it somebody help me and tell me whats so special about this game that makes me want it

  • TheLegend27

    imagine like 10 years from now this game would be low quality 3d

  • Jorge Rojas Vargas

    is this game only for PS4

  • tokeitup420style

    This looks like Breath of the wild on Ps4

  • Renz

    Videogame logic Men with no armpit hair lmao

  • Mohammad Abdelhaq

    What should I buy titnfall2 gta5 fifa2017wait to horizon and buy it COD iw

  • Il'ya Shimanov

    I can39t believe this is ingame It39s almost indistinguishable from CGI