Deus Ex: Human Revolution Bad Choices and Funny Moments смотреть видео бесплатно

  • Rocking Royalty

    Thought it was hilarious The captions you wrote in really cracked me up

  • Badass Sangheili

    Holy Shit Consoles are worse than I thought

  • ScattySafari

    I didn39t know you could shoot the lasers I39ve played this game like 6 games and always used the invisible aug to go thru39 them

  • Buzz Kill

    015 that reaction time though

  • ScattySafari

    I chortled like a fool at you dying jumping off that building I think I died so many times in my first playthrough trying to jump that gap without the icarus aug Funny video

  • stainedelite007

    now available in 10fps for our viewing pleasure

  • Spacehy

    How can people play on consoles

  • Ralphie Ralph

    Boy did it run this bad on console P

  • Azides

    818 quotSounds like Trumpquot Hahahahahahahaha hahahahahahahahahaha

  • 7th Angel

    I tried to hit free throws with the basketball D

  • pandagirl42087

    Didn39t need to do that with the vending machines just sprinting before you jumped would have worked even without the jump aug

  • yandereSyndrome

    quotmust be a rich hoboquot made me lol

  • D3TH Studios

    Sweet I really loved it o

  • 15vertigo

    quotJust give me an excusequothits in the face

  • pieniaurinko

    When you used the soda machines to jump to those stairs I was grinning By the time you just grabbed some guy dragging him into the police station saying Come with me Together we shall rule the world I was laughing so hard I had tears in my eyesThanks man Thanks

  • Tamara Kaminer

    Lol I did the same thing in this game

  • Equinox

    You39re playing exactly like me man It was so hard to play stealthy I never used saveload so often

  • puru

    quotStop breaking physicsquotI lol39dattempts to jump over electricity linesCan39t say I never thought about it lol

  • McNaggin'

    Dude I never asked for this

  • Ford Coplen

    I made that same mistake in 243

  • Crimson Glove

    this was hilarious loved every minute of it D

  • Grim Reaper

    What the fuck we39re you doing without the Icarus falling system that out in the game That was the first perk I got

  • Assassination_6

    I loved when he was trying to find a way to the other building and first jumped then tried to climb down then gave up and said quotSoda machines just found another usequot but they fact that he was silent made it funnier lol

  • Hoshikori

    That was pretty funny

  • NeoRocket001

    I loved this A sampling of all the ways DeusEx can go SOUTH I played it thinking If I were Jensen with all his augs and intelligence I would be dead about 1000 times over if this were real life and no quotresetquot or quotgobackquot I can play through pretty well on quotGive Me Deus Exquot but I have played through at least 15 times The game is worth replays because of all the choices you just make one single minor choice differently early or even half way into the game and the play is completely different manytimes This is easily my favorite game ever

  • TheGXDivider

    Gosh what are those ugly graphics