Deus Ex Revision Playthrough смотреть видео бесплатно

00:03:05 Chapter I - The Coalition
00:51:40 Chapter II - Sunglasses on a Night Operation | 01:26:16 Smuggler | 01:30:51 Ford Schick Rescue | 01:49:00 Warehouse
01:55:45 Chapter III - Underground | 02:37:44 Airfield
02:49:50 Chapter IV - The Oath of Service | 03:00:32 Hell's Kitchen | 03:15:24 UNATCO Dead End Option
03:31:00 Chapter V - The Enemy Within
04:03:51 Chapter VI - Mind the Synaptic Gap
05:30:32 Chapter VIII - Return to New York
05:44:47 Chapter IX - Wall Cloud
06:08:17 Chapter X - Crumble to Dust
07:11:48 Chapter XI - Illuminati
07:45:09 Chapter XII - A Savage Dream
08:12:32 Chapter XIV - An Industrial Age Machine
08:41:18 Chapter XV - Another Kind of Question
09:11:44 Make your choice!
09:12:51 Helios Ending

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Custom launcher (Deus Exe v8.1) required:
Steam Version:
Дата: 2017-07-26 19:35:10

  • Nexus8

    Aw man you didn39t warn smuggler

  • TedwinKonckman66

    Revision Helios look like a XBox of 2052 year

  • Jonata Trani

    i have bilions of problems to work it

  • Gustavo R. Dreyer

    I would love to see Square Enix redo this game in Dawn Engine Same game modern graphics It would be fantastic

  • Abood Xodiac

    2017 and am surprise how the story is soo deep than other aaa games

  • Leszek Choroszy

    Seems like the first half of the video is recorded with the Revision soundtrack and the second part has the original OST

  • Salvatore Shiggerino

    I was expecting a show

  • The Forms

    You ruined the entire thing by changing the soundtrack The soundtrack is what made this game to us veterans Too bad all of the other hard work is useless when you ruined the soundtrack

  • Carlos Danger

    Seven skill points deducted over a silent takedown I thought the game encouraged the use of nonlethal takedowns

  • Starstruck Zodiac

    This is the first I39ve heard of this any ideas if the was done in the Unreal Engine Looks like it thus far

  • freethinker1

    Knife to the back of the head quotfriendly firequot lol

  • Morsurator

    I was like wow over 9 hours that must be a really big mod Nope its just you searching for every fucking thing out there Been half an hour now and i cant stand it anymore Not going to continue watching further FFS just play the game instead of checking every fucking corner of every room

  • LordWoodsie

    quotThanks for getting me inquot

  • Locutus von Borg

    I cant tell how much I love that game Played through it more than 13 times And I see its time for another session

  • Virtual Kek

    54547 that skype pop sound

  • Erich Beschorner

    exist some free revision

  • Thor Sten Sto

    Is it a different soundtrack

  • superdoctor14

    hi did you use another mod for the character models like agent Navarra

  • Alois Trancy

    The best video game of all time just got better

  • cloak211

    You can land on top of cardboard boxes to muffle your sound I never knew about that

  • FartyFiddler

    Damnit you skipped the bit I needed to see again 82006 what39s the point of a walkthrough if you don39t show everything

  • FartyFiddler

    why at 51100 does it skip I can39t find that computer and consulted this walkthrough for it