BUTT Controversy 2017!! смотреть видео бесплатно

There is a butt controversy brewing for Nier Automata, and the game's director is enjoying it. Especially the fan art, he's asking to be sent the art every week in an zip file. That's pretty smart.


Gallery: http://kanobu.ru/pub/438465/

Hosted and written by: Phil Jasicki

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Дата: 2017-02-22 20:25:00

  • ShadowsHeat

    Japan doesn39t give a fuck

  • Fwazangalang Entertainment

    You get offended by a videogame butt Maybe you should take the stick out of yours

  • MultiRv90

    Who cares It39s a fictional character It39s probably fake anyways lol

  • captloki13

    Can we uh can we also get that ZIP file

  • Force0fWi11

    Who cares as long as it39s a good fucking game which it is

  • Isaac

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  • Nikki Wright

    sigh why39d you set that as the thumbnail Now I have to shlick for the 3rd time today

  • ElfenS0uL

    They need to make her butt bigger so all these retards can shut the fuck up about it

  • Rafahil

    It39s a fricken video game characterso who the hell even cares Do people really enjoy having sticks up their asses

  • Rem Natsuki

    I bet he is loving this You can39t buy free publicity like this lol

  • Dfree1014

    asshole need some bleach

  • st fu

    Cry me a river people seem to have forgotten that the girl in the first game had a penis

  • Lawlianne

    Dont you love games with backstory

  • Gamer Joe

    i39d fuck that ass just sayin

  • The ZombieMan

    I kind of wish people who are offended by these things to fuck off and let people enjoy things

  • Hanzo Shimada

    Fuck me in the ass because i love jesus

  • xXGrimRiverXx

    It39s ironic how pervy Japan is but porn is censored lol

  • Lil Fetti

    why is this channel still a thing

  • Diana N Alaska

    Female gamer here My thoughts on it Who cares The easily offended need to keep out of my games So sick of the feministsjw shaming tactics They remind me of the religious right back in the day

  • Derelict Friend

    The Japanese have this wonderful tendency to not give a shit if people from other countries get offended at them doing their thing

  • Cancer named Depression

    feminist quotit39s offensive because she39s sexy there is clothing physics of her dress and that she39s wearing pantiesquot

  • mightymelee

    easy offended aka libtard sjw cucks

  • KingOfTheWorld163

    Thought we were over this sex negative crap

  • Isamu Lucas

    Fuck the butt Show me some tits

  • Naiji

    I like this yokotaro dude How much you wanna bet he also watched that keijo anime

  • Mister Inevitable

    So why is the other guy in the video

  • FlyingTurtle

    Nobody cares if you39re earlyI39m early

  • QuestGiver

    Those people who say that the butt is offensive should try living in europe Need i remind everybody of the bare chested soda commercial Looks like europe doesn39t give a damn about lewdness and as a result has grown pretty mature about it Meanwhile in america we have situations like this with people saying quotOMG That butt is so offensive WAaaa Waaaaaa I want my mommy My poor innocent child brain can39t deal with thisquotWow it39s been a really long time since i39ve written a comment like this I must say it feels good

  • Inquisitor Gregor Eisenhorn

    Yoko Taro don39t give a fuck He aint gonna roll over like others would or even do a tactical redeployment like Blizzard did with Tracer After playing Drakengard 3 I39m certain this guy is just giving us an Aizen smirk from within that Emil helmet

  • Red5Wormy

    Make them less attractive so that we men will want to bang feminazis

  • Caped Baldy

    Fanart More like quotFannyartquot

  • sharingan40

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  • Deadspace2iscool

    I like how people just move on like didn39t gta have guys full on balls and penis and far worse

  • shiddiqification

    the one who starting this issue isnt well known of japan dev usual 39fan service39

  • slaywee

    can someone zip me her butt pics too my email is my name thankyou

  • Doogeruoy Sihtdaer

    Probably get censored for the US release

  • Jaime Holguin

    My love for Japan is ever growing

  • Fingolfinator

    This video justifies my subscription 10x over

  • Enoshima Junko

    this is why Playstation will always be Superior Dem Fanservice Games

  • Roope Mäkelä

    It39s an M rated game Same thing like complaining how porn is not suitable for kids

  • John Appleseed

    jeez what masochstic fucks like to shoot virtual nuts off

  • Goy Ishah

    Guys GUYS Women have buttholes Who knew O

  • moist pancakes

    why are some people so concerned with butts or other human body parts it39s just a body for fucks sake

  • Grunthos the Flatulent

    Bathe the streets and shower the characters in ridiculous amounts of blood but show a little sexiness in the form of animated body parts and the west goes ballistic smfh Twice

  • kaczan3

    Women read 50 shades of grey and see nothing wrong with it then they come to gaming and complain about games they don39t even play

  • Alexander

    More butts for the people

  • MrWubbington

    Butt Controversy Where have I heard that before

  • JesterFace05

    Y39all eat the asshole

  • mental knight

    hmm can anyone tell me where can i get the photos

  • LivingCorpseX

    But seriously people need to stop sucking the fun out of everything If they need to be offended there39s plenty of real life injustice they can focus on Butt of course cartoon women39s bodies are easier to bitch about

  • Carl

    To be honest It39s fucking awesome how cool that game director is about this rather than demand its removal off the internet as game directors have done in the past

  • Steven Lopez Rios

    I swear if they censor this for the west im not buying it Its not about me wanting to see a video game characters butt hole its about the devs caving in to sjw39s who wont even buy the game regardless of the butt showing or not This shit has to stop

  • Sea Anemoanemiaeia

    i came for the butthole in the thumbnail

  • Dion Jones

    Can39t even say the Title name correctly

  • Derpface

    Hi people I just want to say happy new year and I know it39s late but happy new year

  • The Major

    Butt it was hardly a cuntroversy some people are so anal and uptight about everything can39t they just loosen up a littleSo you can just shove this controversy up where the sun don39t shine Jizz so many people try to stand erect above all others pissing on those they deem lower cunt we all just cum to an agreement that we need to stop shoving our opinions down everyone else throat expecting them to swallowing everything in one gulp Stop being dicks to everyone and calm down instead of fucking about like some nincompoop

  • WeaponOfMyDestructio

    butt wait don39t you have to really move that camera to get that shot anyway So unless your really want it its fine

  • Burgundy Black

    There39s nothing wrong with being anatomically correct

  • Mc Knight

    Please Yoko Taro don39t cave and censor it PLEASE don39t i love nier look at fucking Kaine OMG It39s called NieR automata Its rated M grow the fuck up people go into a supermarket and you see people in bikini hell even STRING fucking bikini how is this a problem stop playing video games social justice whores Oh DAMN that ass thou

  • idk, nature?

    Have mass effect and red dead in one sentence and says quotfairly decentquot

  • Nathan Explosion

    Why aren39t the subhuman SJW39s out protesting Gstring filled beaches

  • RD E

    I didn39t know this game existed until I heard of this butt

  • Taz Halluci

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  • Jelly

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  • Animu TOPKEK

    I wish SJWs would keep their greasy fat hands off of Japan

  • The Owl

    I39m just going to buy the game for dat ass lol

  • Requiem Of Solace

    httpwwwnewgroundscomportalview689084 The best Near Animation so far

  • MisaoM

    Why not show female AND male butts equally Nobody would need to be offended then The only problem I see here is that there39s only female behinds that are being exposed if we39re objectifying game characters just do it in an equal measure to both genders problem solved