BUTT Controversy 2017!! смотреть видео бесплатно

There is a butt controversy brewing for Nier Automata, and the game's director is enjoying it. Especially the fan art, he's asking to be sent the art every week in an zip file. That's pretty smart.


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Hosted and written by: Phil Jasicki

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Дата: 2017-03-26 08:20:38

  • ShadowsHeat

    Japan doesn39t give a fuck

  • Fwazangalang Entertainment

    You get offended by a videogame butt Maybe you should take the stick out of yours

  • Force0fWi11

    Who cares as long as it39s a good fucking game which it is

  • MultiRv90

    Who cares It39s a fictional character It39s probably fake anyways lol

  • captloki13

    Can we uh can we also get that ZIP file

  • Rafahil

    It39s a fricken video game characterso who the hell even cares Do people really enjoy having sticks up their asses

  • Dfree1014

    asshole need some bleach

  • Isaac

    Time to get the tissues and cream lonely land here I cum

  • st fu

    Cry me a river people seem to have forgotten that the girl in the first game had a penis

  • Nikki Wright

    sigh why39d you set that as the thumbnail Now I have to shlick for the 3rd time today

  • ElfenS0uL

    They need to make her butt bigger so all these retards can shut the fuck up about it

  • Rem Natsuki

    I bet he is loving this You can39t buy free publicity like this lol

  • The ZombieMan

    I kind of wish people who are offended by these things to fuck off and let people enjoy things

  • Lawlianne

    Dont you love games with backstory

  • Lil Fetti

    why is this channel still a thing

  • Hanzo Shimada

    Fuck me in the ass because i love jesus

  • Diana N Alaska

    Female gamer here My thoughts on it Who cares The easily offended need to keep out of my games So sick of the feministsjw shaming tactics They remind me of the religious right back in the day

  • Naiji

    I like this yokotaro dude How much you wanna bet he also watched that keijo anime

  • Derelict Friend

    The Japanese have this wonderful tendency to not give a shit if people from other countries get offended at them doing their thing

  • KingOfTheWorld163

    Thought we were over this sex negative crap

  • Inquisitor Gregor Eisenhorn

    Yoko Taro don39t give a fuck He aint gonna roll over like others would or even do a tactical redeployment like Blizzard did with Tracer After playing Drakengard 3 I39m certain this guy is just giving us an Aizen smirk from within that Emil helmet

  • mightymelee

    easy offended aka libtard sjw cucks

  • Cancer named Depression

    feminist quotit39s offensive because she39s sexy there is clothing physics of her dress and that she39s wearing pantiesquot

  • Isamu Lucas

    Fuck the butt Show me some tits

  • Mister Inevitable

    So why is the other guy in the video

  • QuestGiver

    Those people who say that the butt is offensive should try living in europe Need i remind everybody of the bare chested soda commercial Looks like europe doesn39t give a damn about lewdness and as a result has grown pretty mature about it Meanwhile in america we have situations like this with people saying quotOMG That butt is so offensive WAaaa Waaaaaa I want my mommy My poor innocent child brain can39t deal with thisquotWow it39s been a really long time since i39ve written a comment like this I must say it feels good

  • FlyingTurtle

    Nobody cares if you39re earlyI39m early

  • loung tran

    how about you get his name right mother fucker

  • Red5Wormy

    Make them less attractive so that we men will want to bang feminazis

  • WhereTheyAre

    Who gives a fuck People have buttholes

  • Caped Baldy

    Fanart More like quotFannyartquot

  • Strider Hiryu

    Please can we have more developers like him

  • loung tran

    why sjw and feminist should die

  • GastNdorf

    God damn this guy got every possible names wrong

  • sharingan40

    I39d still eat that ass

  • Gumpkin

    Listen a butthole may be um integral to the plot

  • shitmandood

    Basically it39s just reaffirming Western Civilization39s obsession with whore bodies

  • That Anime Guy


  • shiddiqification

    the one who starting this issue isnt well known of japan dev usual 39fan service39

  • Sea Anemoanemiaeia

    i came for the butthole in the thumbnail

  • AlexLvivUA

    Platinum nows what we want

  • ZodiacK427

    That zip was awesome

  • mental knight

    hmm can anyone tell me where can i get the photos

  • Drashawn Clay

    I like that a producer basically said who cares it a freaking game I will put ass much buts and ass that I want in my gamePeople trying to censor video games are sad so so so sad

  • Burgundy Black

    There39s nothing wrong with being anatomically correct

  • moist pancakes

    why are some people so concerned with butts or other human body parts it39s just a body for fucks sake

  • DrownedInExile

    I39m glad the creator didn39t pull a Kojima and claim 2B has to wear skimpy skirts and underwear because her asshole doubles as a thermal exhaust port Or some such nonsense

  • WeaponOfMyDestructio

    butt wait don39t you have to really move that camera to get that shot anyway So unless your really want it its fine

  • mickie

    It39s just a game and I don39t think that anyone who actually plays the game would care about this the butt is just a plus Nier franchise is great and the games are a masterpiece



  • Mc Knight

    Please Yoko Taro don39t cave and censor it PLEASE don39t i love nier look at fucking Kaine OMG It39s called NieR automata Its rated M grow the fuck up people go into a supermarket and you see people in bikini hell even STRING fucking bikini how is this a problem stop playing video games social justice whores Oh DAMN that ass thou

  • Grunthos the Flatulent

    Bathe the streets and shower the characters in ridiculous amounts of blood but show a little sexiness in the form of animated body parts and the west goes ballistic smfh Twice

  • MrWubbington

    Butt Controversy Where have I heard that before

  • Dion Jones

    Can39t even say the Title name correctly

  • Ian Robertson

    Butts are like opinions everyones got one grow up

  • Derpface

    Hi people I just want to say happy new year and I know it39s late but happy new year

  • Juan David Mejia Mena

    must buy the butt kill the sarkesians

  • HanFei Zhang

    Great job Keep this sexual vibe alive in your culture Japan

  • ManintheArmor

    Yeah but why just chicks Male booty need lovin39 too 39is sad because no male booties

  • xenomorph 12322

    i forgot sean murry existed

  • Dom C

    Just finished the game got all 5 main endings the game is amazing the nice ass that comes with it is a It deserved all my money

  • shithoagie

    2B39s got a great ass which is tertiary to the whole fucking story and gameplayalso these dudes look just over fortyi guess we39re that old now huh

  • AVicious Hunter

    That director is a fucking hero

  • David Gallacher

    The company who made this must be over the moon This controversy has guaranteed blokes will buy the game in their droves

  • Shane Cominotto

    its a butt we all have one its not a sacred thing like my 2d wifus cmon guys

  • TrixPrix

    Since this game has very good gameplay sexy animations just makes it 100 times better and more enjoyable

  • Requiem Of Solace

    httpwwwnewgroundscomportalview689084 The best Near Animation so far