Roman Reigns explains the significance behind his tribal tattoo – Part 1: Superstar Ink смотреть видео бесплатно

  • little big bro

    Dude cant speak samoan foh

  • robert skurlock

    I39m planning to get a tattoo of my late sister She died last year so my tattoo of her will honor her memory Love you Courtney RIP 628915316

  • Ruksana Hashmi

    Most view in superstar ink

  • Saifuj Jamal Mollick

    Roman My what app nuber 8918881574 Im your friend

  • Suman Gurung

    One of the handsome superstar

  • ram ido

    This tattoo is really nice I like this tattoo

  • nash madhu

    roman Best in th world i love roman

  • TheTael

    I think him and Joe kicked out at the same time

  • Michelle Becker

    Samoan mike did my dads tatoo no joke

  • Blazified Crusader

    Screw all you hater that hate on roman for no reason It his YARD and believe that

  • its paris kid

    007 when you kickout of a spear and you39ve been buried by roman

  • Legit Zone

    why is always Cory graves promotes illuminati see his t shirt at 447

  • byron bradford

    Household last tie drive sport common practically advice component king back

  • Durga Prasad

    Roman is my favorite player

  • Natty Girl's World

    He39s just soo attractive oh yeah and the video was interesting too

  • John Smith

    wait did he change the color of his eyes or is his just wearing contacts

  • josh's bullet club

    do a brock lesnar superstar ink maybe we will finally see why he put his mother on his back

  • StormCrow

    if his hair was more messy he would almost be jason mamoa lol

  • Jen Bae

    Roman39s dark hair and features with blue eyes

  • EIK3.

    I think tribal looks so much nicer on a musclier build person that a skinny person

  • Raphael Bibas

    woah i39m surprised he didnt get booed

  • Leslee Phillips

    Roman is the best looking man on the tv

  • wolf claw

    Who found the turtle at 149 like this coment if you did

  • Clorox Bleach

    Why do people hate roman

  • David Power

    all i heard was quotooooooooooooooo ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhquot

  • Jesse Geddes

    since I39ve been watching WWE I39ve become a huge fan of Romen Regins

  • Ahmed Almatruk

    Corey graves t shirt is illumenati

  • Casual Fanboi

    His tattoo is really great

  • Akiko Mai

    I am falling for him all over again that smile

  • The Undertaker phenom

    Belieeeeeveeeee thattttt

  • KíñG ĀñVíS MāLLāTM

    i think roman has better tatoo than his cousin the rock believethat

  • Albert Gasu Stone

    he39s representing samoan with his tattoo every pattern of his tattoo has meaning and I think it39s very important to him


    most of the superstars and divas have tattoos

  • Roman Reigns Fan

    I knew this alrighty

  • Bobi Borisov

    Roman had the best tattoo I have seen

  • Wint3rSoldi3rXX

    Wait the rock is his fam

  • Benita Rivera

    Roman reigns you are my favorite wrestler

  • KingBloX

    Too bad some people won39t respect the legacy of his familyI have much respect for you and your family

  • Vince McMahon

    Where39s my tattoo

  • Tammy Chinault

    Roman was whereing a matt and Jeff hardy shirt

  • Roman's Fan club

    He is one of my fav wrestlers and one of worlds best ones

  • Armando Gomez

    romansthe rocksand the usos have dope tatoos

  • Samoa Joe

    You people wonder why they put the company behind this man Everyone has something to say about reigns but he has 5m views on tattoo segment You all are fans get over it

  • Naty Tulson

    copying the rocks tattoos

  • King Uce77

    He said quotwas the pay uhquot Soleits pehah lol its aight uceI said my own Samoan name wrong until I was like 12 lmao

  • Mae Carneyo

    home from school and roman

  • Spider Hat!!

    I hate Roman Reigns

  • Bishrut Thapa

    Batista has the best tattoo

  • Silvia Mattews

    you39re wrong Roman Reign tattoo is cool and if you had one it would be even cooler than yours


    cant even speak samoan right

  • Sai

    I love the whole tattoo except for the one part at the top of his arm which has like all the squares and lines on it that one part ruins the whole piece but when it is covered up with the sleeve his tattoo looks sick His tattoo on his chest is really cool too