Roman Reigns explains the significance behind his tribal tattoo – Part 1: Superstar Ink смотреть видео бесплатно

  • ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ BMX ninja ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ

    Personally I don39t think you should get such a big Tribe tattoo as you won39t like it in years to come unless you have a story like this man that knows the intricate cultural reasoning and positioning of the tattoo

  • ImmortalFlamesX

    I think Roman39s tattoo looks so much better when he isn39t covered in oil

  • Crybaby Gaming

    There39s no way I could go 17 hours with a needle poking my skin It39s impossible

  • 3s10

    Why isn39t he a heel I mean he39s a natural

  • Alfred Lindsey

    He39s really handsome

  • Careem Smith

    Wow I never took the importance of these tattoos seriously until I watched this

  • rnaefaletui

    His tatau is really nice My Uncle has a sleeve but it isn39t as detailed as RR or other peoples but it still holds special significance in our culture

  • Alder Ladybius

    cool tattoo love roman

  • Goko Hofeon

    roman reigns is just that good

  • Deadliest Chic87

    Roman Reigns

  • FlackóLikeJoyde

    So wwe its bad to show blood yet it39s okay to show another mans raw asscrack

  • Spop 0402

    what the heck is that face 007

  • Eric Liew

    I want to go tattoo same with roman reigns

  • annong anting

    really handsome i admired u

  • Lars 13

    Reigns The Rock and The Usos got really similar chest tattoos

  • Nathan Mapu

    you know how roman said that his tatto arm was like amour or somthing like that is that also why he uses that hand to do superman punch

  • isi naulu

    Thats a Samoan tattoo

  • aishwarya aishu

    one of the most beautiful tatoo in wwe is roman i lve u roman

  • Mav!a Am!n

    I love you roman reigns

  • Mo Ali

    Wait is The Rock really Somoan

  • pratik pramanik

    Reigns ur fabulous and ur tattoo design is damn cool

  • iya chinatsu

    nice tattoo thats whysome got jealous or boooooooo u have the look n everythingjeejejejjee

  • Bleach

    tribal tattoos are so ugly i think of em of something u get when u dont know wtf to get so u just get a bunch of stupid lines

  • Cristiane Correa

    Niguen ai brasileiro p fala minha lingua

  • Montana Salaia

    Malo le tapua39i Uso Thats a mean Tattoo Uce

  • Pascal Linke

    make a Superstar Ink with Randy Orton and Bray Wyatt

  • Life Hacking

    433 what39s wrong with his knuckles

  • Victoria Scearce

    oh my I did not realize that he used that arm for the Superman punch

  • Eric Fierro

    The first words of the video gave me the meaning of his tattoo

  • Keeron Rodrigues

    why does he have an illuminati shirt on

  • Chandra Sekhar

    I want original spear of roman oooaa spear i n wwe 2k 17

  • Amina Anwar

    can you come to my house 15 vernon street lancashire in england

  • Camila Medellin

    can you do the usos

  • Ethan Solomon

    Roman is my favourite all time wrestler

  • Frantic Falcon


  • XxxCRISGAMIMG888904332678

    Roman39s tattoo kinda looks like the rock39s tattoo

  • lakpa dong

    I love Roman reigns tattoo

  • rsdinesh rajendran

    Roman Reigns is my favorite

  • Tinkii Bell

    the things I would do to him

  • gangatalishis

    I normally don39t like tribal but that tattoo looks great

  • Maricel Escovidal

    his really handsome and I love this guy name Roman reigns

  • XenoMeX

    You can tell he got his arm tattood when he was in the shield cause in the Twitter pic u see half of the tag team title

  • Punua Fesili

    I get bothered that non polynesians steal our tatoos and use for themselves and they don39t know anything about it

  • Super Video

    Wait roman drinks beer

  • Alex Jones

    Wow they still say the Rock is related to him

  • YellowCharizar d

    Isnt he Roberts son from Metallica