Roman Reigns explains the significance behind his tribal tattoo – Part 1: Superstar Ink смотреть видео бесплатно

  • awanderer

    I39ve seen tribal tattoos On White Guys but it looks funny especially the swirls Anyway Roman Reigns39 tribal tattoo looks so good


    0018 Illuminati confirmed on Corey shirt

  • Hamid Noorzai

    I like Roman reigns

  • VOKE

    When did he get that tattoo

  • Brenda Morris

    I can39t stand Corey graves he39s such a very rude person to Saxton so glad they moved Saxton to SD Oh btw I got blocked by Charlotte on twitter can39t take the heat stay outta the ringThe Pe39a would have to hurt


    most of the superstars and divas have tattoos

  • EIK3.

    I think tribal looks so much nicer on a musclier build person that a skinny person

  • Bishrut Thapa

    Batista has the best tattoo

  • Aiden Meas

    Anyone noticed Corey grave was wearing a illuminati

  • Armando Gomez

    romansthe rocksand the usos have dope tatoos

  • Natty Girl's World

    He39s just soo attractive oh yeah and the video was interesting too

  • Jesse Simmons

    Samoan ink has the same meanings as Scandinavian ink

  • The Undertaker

    I hate Roman Reigns

  • Akash Goyal

    Roman really best and very good fighter

  • tammy chinault

    Roman was whereing a matt and Jeff hardy shirt

  • Pyro Playz


  • Aaron seena

    Roman vs lesnar July 5 2017 WWE secret matches

  • Chase Frazer

    is he getting another tat

  • Yaboi Justin

    Why do people hate roman

  • ashlee daniel Velasco

    Why does reigns have Seth Rollins logo shirt

  • Randy Hendrix

    why does he have blue eye contact lenses that part or Polynesian culture too

  • 6661joshua

    Robert Trujillo on steroid

  • Grate Jose

    I just like Roman reigns tattoo more than the other tatoos

  • Naty Tulson

    copying the rocks tattoos

  • Silvia Mattews

    you39re wrong Roman Reign tattoo is cool and if you had one it would be even cooler than yours

  • M.R Rage_potato

    Ask next time how it feels when he punches someone

  • Tajae Robb

    Roman Reigns is undoubtedly one of the hottest men alive

  • Marcus

    Tattoos were a right of passage in many cultures They were given for becoming a man by earning your status These men were alpha males all competing Now I look at the hordes of betas and omegas getting the tattoo because they think it will make them look hard followed by the shaven head ROTFLMFAOToday not having a tattoo shows you39re not common as muck Every knob on the planet now has a tattoo but you39ll know the real man who earned his tattoo not some tosspot living in a big city wanting to be like everyone elseRoman Reigns and the rest of the WWE tossers are just that tossers

  • Marvin Ramilla

    Soooooooooooooooooo cooooooooool

  • Yaseen MohaD

    fast and have a Roman Reigns Universal title

  • Daukan ___


  • Jabari Cooper

    I39m so gonna get a tattoo until I39m 18

  • Jaydon Scholten

    how did his eye color go from brown to bleu tho

  • The Cameron Show 1

    Did You See Roman At 006

  • Decameron Smith

    he39s the illuminati look at his shirt

  • bobby cole

    i never knew to meaning of the samoan cultureglad i got to get a taste of it

  • King Mick

    he wearing an illuminati shirt with the pyramid on the front and 666 on the sleve 223

  • Kosmas Nghisheenapo

    Your tatoo is the best roman

  • Lightning volt Plays

    Can39t see a hate commentwhoops

  • Martin Phillips

    You are a great commentator Corey and I absolutely love roman reigns He is great

  • rahul kumar

    lv uh Roman u r the real hero

  • Thy_Revolution

    Badass tat covered weekly by his old Shield gear

  • Eddie I


  • Devon Poloa

    Sole Repersent Manu Samoa SOLE

  • Vimal Pal


  • Joselma Silva

    sou sua f lindo lindo lindo lindo

  • sam meade

    Love the tattoos roman

  • Mystic Tiger

    Have you guys noticed the interviewer is wearing an illuminati shirt


    DAT Tshirt 0illuminati confirmed

  • Noyar Dier

    tribal tattoos are always amazing

  • Wacky Waving Inflatable Arm

    I love this tattoo I didnt know the guy only had the picture of his arm but was one of the pictures I tool in as a sample when they drew up my original sleeve

  • Mark Monaghann

    I39ve got a tattoo like dat it hurts at beginning but u get used to it