Roman Reigns explains the significance behind his tribal tattoo – Part 1: Superstar Ink смотреть видео бесплатно

  • Crybaby Gaming

    There39s no way I could go 17 hours with a needle poking my skin It39s impossible

  • rnaefaletui

    His tatau is really nice My Uncle has a sleeve but it isn39t as detailed as RR or other peoples but it still holds special significance in our culture

  • aishwarya aishu

    one of the most beautiful tatoo in wwe is roman i lve u roman

  • Henry The dog

    Personally I don39t think you should get such a big Tribe tattoo as you won39t like it in years to come unless you have a story like this man that knows the intricate cultural reasoning and positioning of the tattoo

  • awanderer

    I39ve seen tribal tattoos On White Guys but it looks funny especially the swirls Anyway Roman Reigns39 tribal tattoo looks so good

  • VOKE

    When did he get that tattoo

  • Lars 13

    Reigns The Rock and The Usos got really similar chest tattoos

  • Elizabeth Naka Teafu ulu

    Islander tattoo is good

  • Amy Anne

    I can39t stand Corey graves he39s such a very rude person to Saxton so glad they moved Saxton to SD Oh btw I got blocked by Charlotte on twitter can39t take the heat stay outta the ringThe Pe39a would have to hurt

  • Terminator T-X3

    Lol the butt crack is blurred but breast feeding on YouTube is ok

  • Jett draco lll

    people that hate Roman sure love to watch his videos for hating him

  • Nicholas Bridgemohan

    I really respect that it39s his cultural heritage and not just some cool design

  • Awesome Lynds

    I39m watching WWE while watching this I turned to my TV to see Roman

  • TikTokToxic

    He39s pretty

  • Mhleli Lunga

    I never get comments liked so please like it

  • Ք Ə Ձ Ի Ե ც Ր ε Δ κ ε Ւ

    why Now reigns have dark eyes and 1 month ago Roman had clear eyes

  • Mark Monaghann

    I39ve got a tattoo like dat it hurts at beginning but u get used to it

  • Marcus

    Tattoos were a right of passage in many cultures They were given for becoming a man by earning your status These men were alpha males all competing Now I look at the hordes of betas and omegas getting the tattoo because they think it will make them look hard followed by the shaven head ROTFLMFAOToday not having a tattoo shows you39re not common as muck Every knob on the planet now has a tattoo but you39ll know the real man who earned his tattoo not some tosspot living in a big city wanting to be like everyone elseRoman Reigns and the rest of the WWE tossers are just that tossers

  • Noyar Dier

    tribal tattoos are always amazing

  • Mystic Tiger

    Have you guys noticed the interviewer is wearing an illuminati shirt

  • Elpidia Aguirre

    roman reigns tatto looks like the rocks

  • Aryan Jain

    the rock has a better tattoo

  • Thunda1986

    i honestly get a sore hand after writing with a pen for 5 minutes

  • Tsuki Kitsune-chan

    don39t even watch wrestling but he seems like such a nice block and damn he39s hot

  • Cosmetic Health Video Services

    Cool tattoos on Roman

  • Wacky Waving Inflatable Arm

    I love this tattoo I didnt know the guy only had the picture of his arm but was one of the pictures I tool in as a sample when they drew up my original sleeve

  • Mali boy Kekoanui

    He39s Samoan Not Hawaiian I39m Hawaiian In Hawaii there is a lot of Samoans

  • Zainy Ansari

    I love you roman reigns

  • The One

    The tattooist is quick 17 hours wow some people take that to do half a sleeve

  • Aaron Ilawan

    Did some one notice that shirt with a illuminati sign

  • Under Taker

    The guys shirt had a alimunati picture

  • Neha Gautam

    He is the super hero I wish i could met him one day love u so much

  • big Dady rue

    roman Usos rock tats are fresh the coolest tats I ever seen

  • I'm Lit

    Roman could39ve beat Brock buhh no Seth Rollins had to come and ruin it

  • Jay Wells

    romans face pops up and the crowds BOOOOOOOOO

  • Philip Ferdy

    hell roman reigns has a lot of family members in the wwe to back him up

  • Carlos Gedangoni

    I loved how they censored the butt slot

  • sonia regalado

    it39s a Large cover up tattooooooo He had a Dumdass Tattoo

  • shilpa Patil

    he is so cooli love him and his tattoo who else love him and his tattoo

  • Jjdjjdj Kjdjjd

    I ain39t gay or anything but why that man is so pretty

  • RozenockDoll

    It39s really too bad they cover it up

  • Geometry shaker

    I really thought it would be about his relationship with the USOS if u know what I mean

  • Alex Seven

    imagine being part of the samoan family man that will be great

  • The Big Dog

    Brock Lesnar or Batista

  • Siva Kumar

    i am liking roman tattooslooking aslo very good amp nice tattoo the guy

  • berry winston

    jason momoa robert trujillo roman reigns

  • Giancarlo Aguirre

    Yo wtf his shirt symbol blue one moment then grey the next

  • ET the Flemington

    his pe39a is nice without da oil

  • dr. arvind kishor rai

    he is not a bad guy he is not a good guy he is the guy

  • Lima Ufuti

    having oil on your skin is our Samoan cultural way Only Polynesians knows what it means when they see it

  • J!nx

    Woowowowo sooo scary

  • Caleb Elliss

    My dad has those we are a Samoan family

  • Noctivagus Silecioso

    Sharp wicked tattoos that have a long history and deep meaning not trendy like othersthe style has been for a long time great job

  • UMA Fight club

    they need to do randy orton

  • CoraLee S

    My dad has the pe39a tatautattoo

  • Bleach

    tribal tattoos are so ugly i think of em of something u get when u dont know wtf to get so u just get a bunch of stupid lines

  • Astaroth Fate

    Dwayne Johnson39s tattoo is better

  • Jay Wells

    so corey is wearing an iluminati shirt with the numbers 999

  • David Kem

    And ppl boo this guy Smh

  • Amina Anwar

    can you come to my house 15 vernon street lancashire in england