DEUS EX MANKIND DIVIDED Gameplay Walkthrough Part 1 [1080p HD 60FPS PC ULTRA] - No Commentary смотреть видео бесплатно

Deus Ex Mankind Divided Walkthrough Part 1 and until the last part will include the full Deus Ex Mankind Divided Gameplay on PC. This Deus Ex Mankind Divided Gameplay will include my review of the game.

Deus Ex Mankind Divided is the next-generation evolution of the futuristic stealth action-RPG series. This is the first game in the Deus Ex: Universe multimedia project, an endeavor to create multiple productions (including games, minigames, books, graphic novels and more) set in this bleak cyberpunk world.

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Genre: Action
Publisher: Square Enix
Developer: Eidos Studios - Montreal
Release Date: August 23th, 2016
Дата: 2017-01-22 04:36:38

  • MKIceAndFire

    What do you guys think of the game so far

  • MKIceAndFire

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  • MKIceAndFire

    Part 2 httpswwwyoutubecomwatchvcE4HGus4XqM

  • boomslangfrostspider

    What I never liked about your videos is how fast you scroll through context menus There is information there that is important that you probably have already read but we have not Other than that I am glad I subscribed

  • Salt Detected

    skip to 1320 if you want to avoid the ridiculously long explanation of what happened in the previous game

  • stainedelite007

    No commentary You are my fucking HERO lt3 Gamer bless


    yo throw a partlist out so the people can see your build

  • Kage Kun

    i miss the old logo MK logo that new one is plain as fuk

  • R.A. Cayaban

    Wow how long can that intro be

  • BatBoyShark

    Is there are 3rd person option

  • Alucard Vigilate Dismas

    1228 spoilers for Kingsman the Secret Service


    Are all endings in HR noncanon

  • Yameng Zhang (Paul)

    20 mins till you can actually get to play the gamethat39s a really long intro

  • Hope Hurteau

    this game was just cracked by CPY nov 23rd 2016

  • EmerlandCube

    Are you actually getting only 60 fps on 1080 or is it more

  • Lorz Ronz

    5733 quotI can only fight enemies I seequot key character from the game trailers walks by I think that this game might be even deeper than the first impression it makes

  • Ghastly Grinner

    oh good i thought this was going to be another pacifist runthrough thank you for going hot

  • Arthur Yagami

    is this game a part two of another game I39m guessing because of the intro which I thought would have been better as a game

  • Star Dragon

    You know maybe he didn39t ask for a sequel

  • Art by Scout Dawson

    That was a loooooooong opening scene

  • TheFantasyFen

    this is eliza cassan reporting to you wink live from picus

  • AmericanPoliceState

    Is he doing all the side missions too

  • NakedAvanger

    From 1 to 10 how would you rate the game

  • Shad O

    Nice trolling from devs to Bioware chasing a John Sheppard an augmented ex special forces

  • Richard Hamilton

    This Game is sick love it

  • Matt T

    It is one of those games i want to like The concept and story are interesting but just doesnt deliver for me

  • EvilStreaks

    There are still a lot of things I wish games would grow out of LIke the logic that headshot is more lethal than a bodyshot should not apply to tranq darts Stick someone in the head either it won39t break the skull and they39ll scream which isn39t super for stealth or it will and they39re dead from trauma or having powerful shit injected in to their brain ffs And a thing that39s bugged me ages is how knocking people out and forgetting about them is acceptable in even grittyrealistic games and movies Jenson hits them so hard I don39t know how they survive but since they do he should drug them or something instead Even in gamesmovies known for realism well trained soldiers knock enemies out and walk away as if it39s dealt with Like when Hitman squeezes someone39s neck for 2 seconds and they fall unconscious guaranteed to not come around for the duration of the mission It39s like a cartoon to me from then on They look like they39re playacting just going along with it It39s just funny People suffocating to death after like 15 seconds of being choked necks breaking from being whipped around I know it39s only entertainment but it39s not necessary P Kinda lazy relying on silly cliches Getting it off my chest because I was hoping Deus Ex had evolved It39s devolved again if anything P

  • MC_Pablo

    jvle bra spill D

  • Strong Back

    gtNight before the meeting my security measures failedSome dude literally just walks up to him and punches him into face Pretty amazing security measures there

  • userbosco

    The voice over on cut scenes is as bad as any 196039s Japanese monster movie I39ve ever seen Graphics are pretty bad ass tho

  • Martin Fletcher

    game is soooo bad good i dident pay for it lol

  • Josh Wilson

    So much complaining in the comments the way I see it you39re only going to like this game if you39re a fan of Deus Ex andor appreciate story driven games with an immersive atmosphere

  • dravisaur

    What is your PC specs I39d love to know D

  • Thomas Williams

    I39m straight I swear but Jensen has some awesome fucking eyes

  • Ibram Cain

    There si no need to tell ALL the history of the previous game as intro All of us know it

  • HotaruZoku

    How do I have a pair of titan Zs in SLI 36 gigs of system ram a multi core cpu that could out think Deep Blue and on the same settings I get a 8fps slide show

  • Lazurkri

    Yay you actually bother to look around Yay

  • Amaar Asghar

    I really like the openingits deep and dramatic the techno and eerie music when the Illuminati are discussing

  • Shadowhammer22

    Best fucking gameplay channel on youtube lt3 no commentary instant sub

  • L Simply L

    Now this is what good graphic should look like

  • Kelby Velasquez

    I didn39t ask for this

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  • guitarwinds

    I think its pretty funny that someone would be like quotman I really need some sunglasses augmented right into my headquot

  • dmbfan07cb

    the earlier gameplay footage they showed much better graphics looks like the scaled the graphics down to junk

  • Chika Okechi

    Wow the sound design in these cutscenes is weird Everything is much too quiet for what39s going on on the screen 4850 is probably the worst offender though

  • Travis Farrell

    You play these games the same way I do by exploring and seeing every little thing there is to see With no commentary your videos are a true pleasure to watch And for that good sir you earn a Sub

  • Josh Wilson

    Ignore the comments the first 15 minutes are an optional extra in the menu to help people a lot of people in the comments by the looks of things who didn39t play Human Revolution

  • Rollin Shultz

    I just got the game for 20 and I am exploring Youtube before diving in I watched this video up to the first ad and I39m out My policy is to generally ignore over monetized videos as I fell it is abusive but that39s just me Maybe if you had sliced the video in parts and then had one ad per video I would have considered it The only reason I am taking time to speak my piece is Youtubers need to have standards just like anyone else

  • Michael Richmond

    The thing about the first game I saved everybody

  • X Grounded

    Next Time you should getting used with this game and using your augmentaion for your advantages

  • Hope Hurteau

    THIS GAME LOOKS BORING AS FUCK nothing but watching cutscenes or listening to people talk wheres the fucking gameplay booooring

  • MadVinylist

    David Sarif looks like a puppet without the strings

  • infinitecanadian

    Pussy You should have gone for the hard mode

  • Kiriya Mursona

    17 mins in and im already pissed at you you picked nonlethal

  • BLUE Shadow

    Adam Jensen has back

  • Marino vucko

    graphics suckscrysis from 2007 have better graphics

  • Darran Marshall

    Enjoying the start thus far

  • Alfred Iordache

    Dude just stay 2 seconds when reading an email i hate to go back and pause

  • Camillo Ex Sari

    hellohow many fps on your spec solid 60 or more

  • Method Man

    Literally the first fucking 15 minutes is just a recap of all of deus ex HR cut scenes

  • Mike carlson

    Jesus Fukn Commercials Got enof In there

  • WorldWar3gaming

    Does Eliza wink at the camera

  • TheTowerDark

    20ads to watch you twiddle your thumbs on something you had no part in creating fuck off

  • Alexander23

    graphics look a little bit shitty but nice game