Deus Ex: Human Revolution Director's Cut vs The Original Version (PC Graphics Comparison) [HD] смотреть видео бесплатно

Let's compare the graphics of the new Deus Ex: Human Revolution Director's Cut with the old (vanilla) Deus Ex: Human Revolution. What did they do and which version do you prefer in terms of visuals?

From the official website (
"... striking visual improvements which make this edition the best looking and most immersive Deus Ex experience available."

The graphics settings are of course maxed out (Using MLAA, not FXAA) and identic on both sides - incl. the brightness.

...And by the way, this is an absolutely fantastic game! :)

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Дата: 2017-07-20 17:45:36

  • Cihan Kenar

    So the directors cut is just a colour change

  • Ak47

    What graphical improvement i dont see nothin Plus the yellow color was sick At least they should add some quotcolors switchquot between blue grey green

  • aperturesciencegames

    Wish they kept that Gold Hue it was clearly hiding the visual shortcomings and honestly looked very classy it wasn39t like that green vomit filter in Fallout 3

  • LordYggdrasill

    I really hate that there39s no option to turn this back on Not only does it look more boring this way but the FMV cutscenes were not redone and now they contrast harshly for an ugly presentation This is super disappointing and I39m upset that Mankind Divided will have even less of it

  • Blazer Hell

    Original is better Beside Director39s cut was poorly optimized

  • Debiruman1666

    This video is not representative I39m playing the game Director39s Cut right now on PC all options maxed out 1080p 60fps on a 32quot Sony TV well calibrated and it doesn39t look dullgrey as it is on the video in fact I39m surprised how good the game still looks now it may be not detailed has hell but everything seems done with taste and still is pleasant for the eyes nothing is better to test the real game comparison videos are often quite irrevelant due to many factors what was the video made with what machine was used with what game settings video compression which kills details and depth etc then don39t forget to properly set the gamma in game

  • Daniel von Strangle

    Funny thing is when they created directors cut of this game they have commented that they knew that game was very rich with yellow color and because of that almost entire game you can see ton of buckets of you guessed it yellow color It was fun little joke but in directors cut pointless

  • Davorin Jurišić

    And Dir cut textures are not as good as in the original game and it had performance issues for people using NVidia cards Original had better graphics overall They shuld have kept the graphics untouched and only integrated the dlc39s into the main storyline

  • GreedyDragon

    quotif he orders one from Page Industriesquot Bob Fucking Page

  • Apple Jack

    I think this yellow color was it what makes this game so memorable

  • Flame Fist Channel

    seems like its the same thing

  • HDStreichholz

    dman the graphics got worse they removed some lights and blinding effects wtf

  • Chris Sinclair

    So what they added a grey filter Looks shittier

  • Gamer Personal

    I prefer the original one

  • Friedrich Steiner

    I dont see any improved graphics

  • greyfox129

    it amazes me that some think that the lighting change is the only thing that was changed and that39s what makes it the directors cut the Boss fights have been overhauled the original felt like the combat upgrade was the only advantage at stopping them now the stealth enhancement stand on equal footing when in a boss fight The Missing Link DLC is now integrated in the main campaign instead of accessing it separately in the main menu other DLC missions are included as well New Game is also a welcome addition in the DC that should have been in the original to begin with so is it worth it for newcomers this is the one to start off in to the fans this is a must if the lighting change has you butt hurt then that39s just being a whining baby and for 30 it39s a pretty good deal

  • Kevin Picton

    so they changed it from a yellow brightcontrast to a dull gray contrast

  • Gamer Personal

    I prefer the original one

  • Steven Bowser

    It39s pretty hard to see the difference when the screen is split this way I like the way IGN does it when they flash back and forth to show you the same image on both versions

  • Tarek Ghonem

    that looks golden filter vs low brightness

  • alejandropublicitari

    in my director cut game it stuck before enter to the elevator in the lab with the girl i can move the mouse but nothing more Where are the patch for this Im looking for that but I dont find

  • QTModz

    yellow filter vs dull black original all day

  • jk12324

    1 Take original game2 Uncheck box next to quotyellow filterquot3 Check box next to quotgrey filterquot4 Rerelease game5 6 Profit

  • Francisco Javier Lara

    Director39s Cut is darker so that implies a more Cyberpunk atmosphere I prefer that Director39s Cut graphics are better IMO

  • Bones98

    the original looks better in my opinion

  • E101ification

    I personally liked the goldyellow hue the original had gave it a unique noir style

  • cacaman15

    So can you turn off the yellow filter in director39s cut The yellowish color was so classy in HR

  • Calza

    piss filter vs gray filter oo

  • BluWarta92

    Is yellow filter really missing in this One Because that was the thing i loved in DEHR Created so unique atmosphere to the game

  • Jonny B

    This is fucking horrible Was so disappointed when I bought this last night Took out the color palette and no option to turn it back on the aliasing is horrible even with downsampling and what improvement They talk about texture improvements and what not but if anything I39ve seen far more bugs and anomalies and NOTHING looks better at all

  • TheSuperNESman

    Honestly most of the improvements come from when you play it on Wii U since they added a bunch of gamepad features

  • Ketan Verma

    so i im about to buy this game on pc which one sud i go for the normal version or the director39s cut

  • Dmitriy Dim

    Just downloaded Directors CutThe graphics was slightly improved comparing to Xbox360where i passed original DEHRThe controls are also a little better on PCHope I39ll feel the same emotionsas 2 years agoGreat game

  • Ice Kold Killa

    I only see them sweatier Is that the new enhanced particle system Hahaha

  • Kevin Striker

    Honestly I didn39t even notice the change in colour until I saw the two side by side in this video which is why I really wish people would stop throwing a giant bitch fit in the comments like a bunch of fiveyearold childrenIt39s a slight difference of colour Just fiddle with your TV39s settings or something

  • Goldenkitten1

    It39s true that there39s minimal difference here just a bit of evening out the jaggies But from what I39ve read the real point of the DC was to put all the addon content into one package on Steam they launched as separate games and to include stealthy options for the bosses one of the biggest complaints levied at the original was that you couldn39t avoid direct confrontation with the bosses Still haven39t checked it out spent too much time with the original HE just a few months back but it sounds to me like the slightly improved edges of the graphics were more an after thought than the other major reasons this quotremakequot was released

  • Astariol

    Ah Dr Reed This is General Charles Barkley

  • Aaron Goh

    Color correction damnit

  • Paul SZ

    Am i the only one who Think it39s better without the yellow filter

  • Gary

    i bought the director39s cut then realised how fucking collossal the files were

  • BluWarta92

    Is yellow filter really missing in this One Because that was the thing i loved in DEHR Created so unique atmosphere to the game

  • KrAzZiiHaMzZii

    Man i tried finding that background music EVERYWHERE For years And still haven39t found it

  • Goolog

    lol i have both games i bought director39s cut for the missing link dlc and the only difference in graphics is a postprocessing effect wow

  • Mastah Binc

    It39s clear that the director39s cut has less yellow tint

  • Tofiq Veliyev

    Do you shold a buy this game

  • Kevin Seemungal

    The only difference visually is that the dc has no yellow tint

  • UttR Concrete

    Just bought this on PC

  • MrRemorseless

    I fucking hate that colour pallet

  • southrodney

    Damn I got the Directors Cut as part of super cheap Square Enix Humble Bundle and I enjoyed the fuck out of it But one thing that really dissapointed me was the performance Didn39t matter if I ran in at 1080p or 720p High settings or low I still got annoying stutters If I knew the original ran better I would have just dropped 3 bucks for a g2a key on that instead The Missing Link DLC wasn39t bad but it wasn39t phenominal either and I would have gladly sacrificed that for increased performanceAs for the color pallet I don39t think you39d ever notice a difference unless you watched a video like this Yeah the tint is part of the theme of the game but use your eyes there39s a little too much saturation in the original You can especially see this on the character faces they look nasty in the original

  • ercipollahouse

    Director39s Cut is better

  • TheSuperQuail

    Does this game still have fps performance issues on good rigs

  • CptKittykun

    i heard thatDeus Ex Human Revolution Director39s Cut version has also all the dlc or some of it is it true

  • daveman247

    The new version looks a lot darker i39m not sure I like as much as the gold orange glow effect That effect of the original did not bother me and gave it a unique look even if it was devisive An option to switch between the two would be sweet since it seems like the orange is just a filter

  • Buzz In Lazerbeam

    Considering that the discount you havehad if you previously owned the original then there39s not any excuses as to why you can39t rebuy it It39s a great game and deserves so much praise

  • Cha4k

    A huge stepsideways

  • Vozella

    I like the older version because I prefer brighter things

  • Alejandro Mp3

    Director39s Cut solo es ms oscuro Casi que me gusta ms el original

  • AyyySB

    The only noticeable difference is the HDR which is absent in DC so it looks a bit lifeless

  • ColdFlo

    Looks like the answer to this is SweetFX

  • Dr. Bee-Ant

    The people who claimed they payed 54 Euros only for the piss filter removal are just stupid

  • Oblivion Lord

    I prefer the piss filter personally Still doesn39t stop me from buying the directors cut though would like a change

  • LegendaryKenneth

    Do not buy the directors cut if you are on the PC Many textures are broken or stretched all of them are lower quality than the original and the game generally now looks terrible This video is not a good comparison

  • infinity daniel

    the difference is like Cod Ghost ps4 and xbox one you can see the difference but you have to look really close

  • MrPtijoE

    I prefer Orange version

  • Yammo Yammoo

    Basically no difference so thanks Eidos Montreal for making us pay twice for YOUR bossfight Fkup greedy Fkkers

  • Avoozl

    After playing the DC I can say I didn39t enjoy it at all especially because of that TML DLC and that annoying slow and constant DNA scan thing I really did miss the gold tint at first I didn39t like it but now I do However DLC or not this game is just way too short I hope mankind divided is much longer and has the gold tint at least as an optional setting in the options

  • Scitimar

    Really the directors cut edition is just a gaphics modification

  • Captahn Bear

    I really hated the yellow tint Futurism is green not yellow ffs

  • YourWorstEnemyPC

    Just got the Director39s Cut for 5 on Steamcan39t wait to play the definitive version of this masterpiece again