ULTIMATE PARKOUR VINE COMPILATION 2016 (part 2) смотреть видео бесплатно

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Sebastien Charron
Johan Tonnoir
Elias Zimakoff
Krystian Kowalewski
Didi Alaoui
Rene Casselly
Luci Romberg
Remi Girard
Grace Loubaki
Farid Zitoun Officiel
Devil Simon
Calen Chan
Alex Schauer
Samy Belmahdi
Dominic Di Tommaso
Abdallah Marega
Tonnoir Johan
West Coast Family
Fabian Meza
Jaydn Clark
james kingston
Дата: 2017-01-19 11:39:27

  • Uber Gamer

    thank you so much for Uploading this Dyou cant imagine how long I39ve been waiting for new Parkour Vines

  • Phill Robert

    More like videos from fucking YouTube

  • Arthur Goutte

    This is not parkour but Freerunning

  • Bob Vahn

    Parkour the art of moving from A to B Freerunning do fancy moves on the spot and celebrate by screaming every few second They are awesome thou is just that its annoying sometimes

  • Skylar Burney

    These guys have a death wish I wish they could teach me how to do this

  • Daniel Hill

    By the way flipping is not parkour Jumping climbing and running is This video is crap

  • Da Parkour Pro

    what is the song called at 1059

  • Tamahagane

    If i could parcour as good as them i would wear an AC costume all day

  • NOOyoo NOOyOo

    wie heist das lied bei 2 10

  • Evethewierdoo galaxy

    these people doing parkour are using magic I can39t even jump off the monkey bars without breaking my foot

  • Ethan Leong

    939 the movie nerve used this clip D no wonder it seemed so familiar

  • simon erik

    some of this isent parkour some is free running Free runnign isent parkour

  • Cyril Schoenacker

    Who is it 251 That dude got some serious wall climbing skills

  • 3 clips should not take 1 full minute stop putting slow motion on every fucking thing jesus christ dude

  • Sana Hassan

    the elephant one was kind of cute the elephant

  • DUSK O.


  • Sebastian Andrade

    bro these people who go high up and fall their gone man I swear I would love to do this but it39s so scary if u make one wrong move ur dead

  • Jason Ortiz

    Of course I get the assassins creed trailer on this video

  • Demon Blade

    parkour involves wall running and climbing high walls in a secound dis aint parkour this is flippy the whale

  • Tom Brinckman

    I think videos like these help to confirm that evolution is real and that we did evolve from Ape like creatures and some have a little further to go

  • Fabio Taormina

    ho nove anni e guardo tutti i video di parkur pericolosi e ogni video che vedo provo a fare tutto quello che vedo

  • ACA Milosevic

    054 that39s called parkour

  • TheIrishBread

    a lot of this in my opinion lt note that little part of the sentence there is just twats flipping only a small amount of the footage lt note again that simple phrase was actual parkour

  • OhStopMe


  • Lord Cthulhu

    Most of this shit is freerunning

  • Cheesey

    Most of these are free runningSO GET IT RIGHT

  • DinohSoar

    I mean I guess It39s not really parkour it39s just flipping and stuff But I guess what I39m thinking of is free running

  • Sans

    so much of this was free running i really wish more youtubers knew the difference

  • TheGoldenSausage

    These aren39t even vines

  • Omar Sabah

    awesome video but why everyone looks like Ibrahim ovic or lmessi

  • Storm Arrow

    god fucking dammit doing a flip is not parkour

  • xvicho sheshaberidze

    plees tel me music name of 055 minutes

  • Kevin_Mc_T

    rule 245 of parkourdont give a fuck what you39re going

  • Raptor 3005

    como se llama la cancion del minuto 1112

  • Nathaniel Le

    Why does almost every one of them have to have slomo in them

  • Pullip-Dreams2

    840 music please o

  • matthews rampart

    Why show the black guys failing

  • Bowtia

    549 dude needs to go in the Olympics lol

  • High Efficiency Bleach

    anybody saw the swastika at 851 too

  • Awsome Gamer

    Man That black nigga got a fuck lick at the train station

  • Ninja_Melon

    I know this is old but song name at 1100

  • UH Funny Moments

    118 How the fuck he is gonna get up


    this tells me people are evolving to back to monkeys

  • Ethan Hughes

    There is a VERY fine line between cool and just idiotic a quothover boardquot on a roof were 1 wrong tilt would kill you is idiotic

  • Derpy Derpison (D_Step)

    Slow mo was kinda annoying

  • brian smith

    parkour is fucking stupid

  • Hack Delight

    256 and i thought assassin39s creed game characters was unbeliavably good at climbing rooftops

  • darksherkahn7 ronin

    at 637 wtf fail win fail to win

  • The Boss Drone

    1058 can u tell me the music name pls

  • Leonardo Richard

    Whats name of the music final thanks so much

  • West Park

    Please DO NOT spit your chewing gum on the side walksIt is very nasty and difficult to remove it from the hands