Cry Plays: Deus Ex: Mankind Divided [P1] смотреть видео бесплатно

Deus Ex: Mankind Divided :

Ooooooohhhhhh sheeeeeeeeeeeeit.

Hell yeah sign me the fuck up. This sound just like what I'm in the mood for. Thanks for existing, cyber punk! You the fuckin' bee's knees my man.

I played a substantial amount of Human Revolution in my own spare time, and this game itself can be played/experienced without prior knowledge of the past game/s - but if you do want to know what happened in the last one, there is a 12 minute summary video at the beginning of this video which will help you out. :D

But yeah. Man. Listen. This sounds so fuckin' good right now. Hopefully you guys can dig it - cuz I sure dig it. Some of that sweet sweet Jenson is all I need right now.
Дата: 2017-01-19 11:44:45

  • CurlyFro

    Longest prologue ever If you want to skip to the relevant nonbackground story bit start at 1325

  • thefluffattack

    cry you39re a nerd

  • YuukitheMighty1

    Do all those complaining about the quotlong ass introquotY39all know you can skip it right Cry put timestamps for you guys

  • Lusitani Mendes

    oH GOD STAP TALKING LongAssIntro

  • Alex Moon

    There was so much information thrown at me right away and I wasn39t prepared

  • andrew Spangler

    I39m getting a metal gear vibe from this

  • WritetheWrongs

    I don39t know what this is yet but if Cry39s hyped I39m hyped

  • Atif Zaman

    Am I the only one wanting to see what happened to Malik I want a cameo from her she39s still the best girl ever Cry back me up here

  • Zoe Richard

    This isn39t really my type of game but you39re a fun commentator I39ll give it a go

  • Awesome "Fifi" Mazgamer

    Dubai SandstormPTSD flashback to Spec Ops The LinequotIt was his fault he made us into fucking killersquotquotDo you feel like a hero yetquotquotIt takes a strong man to deny what is in front of himquotShakes violently

  • MimicHorror (MimicHorror)

    Cry never did find that door to use 4801 ondoesnt even realize he jumped over the gated door and completely missed all the supplies while simultaniusly being withing a 6 ft radius of themThis is why I love Cry

  • Sabrina Murray

    Oh shit this looks cool as fuck I might want to play it on my own before I watch this

  • Mr. Creazil

    It39s kinda funny that the thing that stops you from falling to your death is called the Icarus when the only thing the mythical Icarus is known for is falling to his death

  • youshimimi

    oh yeah Czech where they have TV ads and graffiti in english Of course

  • Aaron Yendall

    Ahhhh not going anywhere near his playthrough until I play it myself I predict Cry will try to play the stealthy and non lethal route but with some exceptions were he fucks up

  • LadyFall

    I can39t take seriously this whole illuminati thing

  • Redtide

    Cry has literally become an illuminati hunter I don39t wanna live on this planet anymore

  • Ballrace1

    goddammit cry I haven39t watched anyone else play this game but I was screaming at my screen quotJUST USE THE TYPHOONquot because you were literally just snailing during the end of that first mission maybe you could have saved the guy

  • Wild One Gaming

    Deus ex mankind divided OH NO HE LOST HIS MANHOOD D

  • laykon e

    I haven39t watch gameplay of what I39m guessing are games previous to this one but the Illuminati for real

  • Jacob Sama

    You and Cartoons Uploaded this game at the same time

  • Julia Ionas

    Hey Cry I don39t know if you take gamesuggestions but if you do could you check out 39This Is The Police39 I think you39d enjoy it and it39s a great game for youtube in my opinion 39

  • Vladimir Pastis

    I did39nt know Deus Ex very well but shit this thing as a story as complicate as MGS

  • piratequeen94

    Is it a sign that I39m a helpless Supernatural fangirl that when I saw the name quotJensenquot on the menu screen I immediately thought of Jensen Ackles Probably

  • Petr Horák

    Greetings from Prague Czech Republic

  • Drizzo

    I held myself back from watching this for 3 days so i could finish the game myself without getting any spoilers But now im here to watch my favorite youtuber play the game i just finished

  • Godzilla

    Am I stupid for not understanding the story in the intro

  • demonheart13

    Dang this opening summery is super long I know a lot happened but anyone playing should know most of this right

  • Tabi Mae

    Jesus Christ this into never stops

  • Asha Tune

    so much shit happened in the last gameits not even funny from what i gathered in the recap how long was the last game

  • Atticus Jackson

    Hope this is better than Human Revolutions D

  • ItsEganTime

    How come you aren39t friends with Pewdiepie anymore

  • MrCaptionSnuggle

    Cry said he played Human Revolution but he never actually beat it Why not play that one first then Just because this is the current quothit gamequot

  • Packie McReary

    The intro is actually the size of one simpsons episodeWho thought of this

  • Patrick Johnson

    So the best ending is not cannon

  • Micah Sarver

    I reeeeeaaallly hope there39s a way to make the hud smaller and increase fov when I play this

  • Kristy Jensen

    Y39know since 39Jensen39 is my last name its super weird and awesome hearing Cry say it lol

  • Hexx

    If any of you guys were augmented and pretty much all of your body was a machine would you still wear clothes

  • KitsuneKitty22

    Did anyone order a Cry backpack from MakerShop I really want to get one but I saw on their Facebook page that people aren39t getting their orders for months

  • Bobban

    cry is playing too well hes doing this perfectly I suspect he has played the tutorial level beforehand

  • aeufdidk

    ok so the whole story seems pretty good but the illuminati really what a way to diminish your storyline I mean using the illuminati is so cringe worthy with the whole quotwwwoooo unknown organisationquot smh

  • Honest

    The fucking illuminati

  • wacky funbun

    so this is just crysis with some different features

  • VORP A being of Light

    WTF This game is not even available on steam for 11 hours yet

  • Patrick Harrison

    Is this game still open world or does it have closed levels now Like dishonored

  • evilkaz200

    Holy shit this intro is terribleFucking 10 minutes to explain every detail of Human Revolution Why not just give people the cliffnotesWho okay39d this

  • Sam M.

    I haven39t finished human revolution nooooooooooooo to watch or not to watch

  • GamingJar (In00b26)

    Im not gonna watch this yet but can someone reassure me if this game is awesome THANKS

  • Kasper Selvejer

    My god that was cringing to watch

  • Márk Blahó

    5150 when the russian man said quotKurvaquot he said quotWhorequot we use that same word here in Hungary too probably took it from the russians back then

  • TheHurtShoulder

    I started my own playthrough of Deus Ex MD and had no idea you were playing it Cry Now that Im a little further in and after seeing you had already finished your playthrough I decided to watch So seeing the intro recap of Human Revolution made me remember what a incredible game that was and the hours and hours I played it I hope I will have the time to put into Mankind Divided cause its taken me almost 3 months to get to the 2nd area in the game granted I took a break from it But my point being HR amp MD are just fanfuckingtastic games even though the original Deus Ex is 30x better than the new ones I still love them all This series will never disappoint me

  • Jacob Guenther

    The first interesting game you39ve played in like 2 years Twitch or youtube

  • Horseprotime

    Cryaotic hi How are you

  • Heaven Hell

    Hey look its the guy from the commercial 10minutes later BOOM Mommy help dies

  • austin garrett (blindruler)

    fuck yeah favorite series with my favorite letsplayer

  • TheCrimsonZombie

    In the distant future of mankind everything looks mellow yellow

  • SunRedux

    Niceee Also god damnit What microphone do you use to record

  • Johann G

    Haven39t watched a video of Cry for over two years now The reason I unsubbed is the RIDICULOUS effort he puts into permanently trying to sound like a good narrator with a sexy voice Dude am I the only one for whose ears this sounds unnatural and fake as fuck In every sentence I can hear him trying to make his voice sound extra hard on the bass You39re not Morgan Freeman boy just be yourself You seem like a fine guy and your LPs are decent as well but cut the voice acting or train at least harder so it39s not that obvious anymore

  • Christina Letterman

    The water opening really reminds me of Kingdom Hearts

  • Nash Su

    quotI39m a script kiddie nowquot I think cry knows a bit about hacking in real life now

  • notnormalyet

    This game needs to be on the next episode of quotGames with Simple Plots starring Dan Avidanquot

  • Jaques Floyd

    Will you lets play We Happy Few

  • ash moo

    Part of me reallly didn39t want to watch this because it looked kind of weird but then I remember that you never actually play awful games so I figured I39d give it a shot Please don39t let this disappoint

  • Hannah Pike

    The kid at the end reminds me of Duck for some reason

  • Zebrah

    i39m super happy that i have 2 hours of cry footage to watch c

  • Kopy Katt

    Am I the only one who wanted cry to replay and save that guy

  • Gangrel Aussie

    I39m currently waiting on Jesse Cox to punch out episode 25 so cool opportunity to see somebody else play with commentary Curuous to see your own build

  • Thesus 383

    Am I the only one that completely forgot that this channel existed