Mirror's edge catalyst - Real life training level смотреть видео бесплатно

We pay tribute to new Parkour game Mirror's Edge Catalyst by creating a real life training level on the rooftops of some of the UK's coolest cities!

To celebrate we are giving away a copy of the game completely FREE!!! All you have to do is:
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Mirror's Edge Catalyst is available now in retail stores and as a digital download on Xbox One, Origin™ for PC and PlayStation 4. Find out more here: http://www.mirrorsedge.com/
Дата: 2017-08-22 23:24:27

  • Fahri Fatoni

    wow mirrors edge catalyst have an insane graphics update

  • Chiller 550

    HEY THAT39S CAMBRIDGE HAHAHAHA same place where Ampisound shoots films XD

  • Kevin Myers

    I wish I lived in an area where i could do this but I live in a suburban area so they aren39t really places I can do this that are close except for Philly I guess

  • Verrel Nathaniel

    is parkour roll for safety only

  • Equuary

    I have heard of Glass City but Dirt U guys are taking this to a whole new level

  • Jayden Rivera

    the justic the same thing as well as the one that has been the most part of my friends and familyfriendly the same time

  • alextheninja2005

    FAKE her glove is on the other hand

  • GhostGamer487 YouTube

    Whats the song name that you guys used PS this is one of your free running students Jason And you guys are amazing a few years ago i saw some parkourers in the town centre and now i know it was you guys

  • Gamer Glitch

    No one has wondered how people react when they hear people running on their roof I wonder what they do

  • toonLeon

    When you realise this video was recorded 15 minutes away from you

  • Dymorng

    where39s all the high building

  • Tedi Malekian

    never knew the main character was a male

  • Gameplay WC

    How they do that I need this training

  • -Hulikepteri-

    that glove is on wrong hand

  • astralboy79

    wow that39s amazingi want mirrors edge 3

  • Caitlyn Phillips

    I don39t know why i want to do this so bad I will probably die but it looks so fun

  • Daisy Johnson

    this is real and legit parkour not just flips and stuff like freerunning

  • Please Stand By

    sir wrong hand has the glove

  • Anime now and forever

    Its sooooAmusing

  • crispy

    the glove is in the other side

  • One Gamer

    1 fake 2 its a program 3 he39s a real woman

  • Itz Dimitar

    in the tutorial level faith cannot roll

  • hasani hall

    still waiting for this game to come out

  • XxxshadowslashxxX

    any way for legal parkour anyone

  • Pixelate

    Is the camera on your chest or head

  • mateo torres

    Looool epic bro How do you do that

  • Aidan smith

    im new to parkour but i have always been good at climbing but getting down is a problem how did you get over fall fear anything you can tell me will help love the vids keep on exploring

  • beci gaming tv

    all tricks that i can doVAULTSsafety vault speed vaultlazy vaulttheif vaultdash vaultkong vaultkash vaultside vaultturn vault LANDINGSrollprescisioncatcranesafety tap BAR TECHNIQUESlacheunderbarmuscle upbar kipFLIPSbackflipfrontflipsideflipdouble backflipfrontflipwallflipWALL TECHNIQUESwall spinwall runtic tacclimb up

  • Ryan Bailey

    Can you stop going off a high jump into a roll and you are in another place pls

  • gta zaid craft

  • Malachi Brown

    the thing i like about parkour unlike freerunning you dont do flips and stuff so its more easy

  • Wyatt Pearce

    the glove goes on the right hand

  • Christian Carter

    you put the glove on the wrong side

  • Ramazan Sharipov

    Че делаешь Родной город в Москве

  • tinyterratv

    yes ive finally found the channel I go to the club and it is like my life

  • Zach26Gamer

    Climbs tallest building in world Takes in viewWind blows hat offLean over to grab hatFall to impending doom

  • pudgy one

    lol in philippines when you climb on the roofs when they saw you they will call you kawatan or akyat bahay means a thief or a robber

  • Thungerdragon

    Question was this filmed in the UK only guessing because its wet and the sky is dark and I39m saying that because I39m from the uk so I know what the weather is like

  • pencil lead

    pro tip don39t look down

  • DaGreatOne boys

    he almost made a fail at 127

  • Nguyen Phuc Hoang Anh

    The graphic is awesome nowaday too bad my pc is too shit can39t handle those games

  • Aurelie de Fayard

    Why is there a lot of cut outs

  • Skrimel 95

    перчатка не на той руке а так норм видео

  • Tacopugz Gaming

    they are frikin GOOD at parkour

  • Evan Metz

    This is very cool Please be careful though

  • Diego the aurin

    Faith wears her glove on her right hand Not her left

  • Major M. Major

    Someone39s a fan of FOOL

  • Denvious

    that was cool but I think you were faster than him

  • Cheezus Crust

    Well it39s not the training level from catalyst because there isn39t a training level in that game

  • EnderSuitStudios

    The glove is on the wrong hand


    I know where this was recorded Basing stoke Festival Place

  • 5D2-Cinco dedos

    whats the music of the video