Mirror's edge catalyst - Real life training level смотреть видео бесплатно

We pay tribute to new Parkour game Mirror's Edge Catalyst by creating a real life training level on the rooftops of some of the UK's coolest cities!

To celebrate we are giving away a copy of the game completely FREE!!! All you have to do is:
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Mirror's Edge Catalyst is available now in retail stores and as a digital download on Xbox One, Origin™ for PC and PlayStation 4. Find out more here: http://www.mirrorsedge.com/
Дата: 2017-02-19 21:43:25

  • Erik Draven

    How do you climb on roofs without getting in trouble Every time I try climbing it39s like the second my foot hits any part of the building besides the ground around it the cops show up the owners come out and random pedestrians are yelling at me to stop

  • CZ

    Man that39s satisfying after watching gam lab

  • MX3R

    I don39t want that skills I would want place to do this at least

  • Fahri Fatoni

    wow mirrors edge catalyst have an insane graphics update

  • Eryk1337

    wida e na skryptach ehh kappa xDDDD

  • HollowPoint Games

    I39m SO jealous your buildings there in the UK Are basically meant for Parkour where as here in the us we have our tall ass office buildings and you can39t do parkour for shit on them

  • thomas39

    wow I loved it One of the best parkour vids I have ever seen Relaxing to watch

  • Verrel Nathaniel

    is parkour roll for safety only

  • Battal Gazi

    Guys look 135 it39s turned to Assassin39s Creed Unity P

  • LyDax

    Now I39m determined to do Parkour

  • Alex Fore

    Were is this place located i want to go here and free run

  • Wiggleskitten

    What city and how does one gain access to rooftops

  • Edward Dougherty

    Question was this filmed in the UK only guessing because its wet and the sky is dark and I39m saying that because I39m from the uk so I know what the weather is like

  • WildWestSushi

    i thought that guy was the weeknd

  • Emrora M

    do they ever use the stairs

  • AndromedaX747

    How the hell do u do dis

  • Elat EZ


  • Tacopugz - Minecraft and More

    they are frikin GOOD at parkour

  • Thamstras

    I have to ask how often do you damage roofs while doing this and what do you do if it does happen

  • HollowPoint Games

    What country was this in

  • GSpade - Nebulous

    036 Face Reveal He Has His Camera In This Mouth WTF

  • GW

    THIS is how you should do parkour POV vids SICK

  • XXMICHAEL03 com


  • amine mk

    I hope if we had locations like thoseThe area that i live in is pretty flat

  • Tomasz Żyliński

    045 Okay this jump was really dangerous X

  • virginia duffill

    3run I have just subbed to your channel

  • Shanthi Robinson

    That was pretty awesome What camera did you use

  • Halo Grunt

    Is this green screenAnd I wish I could do this

  • Spartan Stop motion

    clickbait it is just a guy with red gloves and another guy with a hoodie that are doing parkour

  • Ellis NiRoCo

    People can do this on rooftops but i39m too scared to jump over the missing brick in my street lt

  • B_Power13

    Dude I think people who do parkour should be in the military there fast movements can easily get them away

  • Team Trace

    How do you keep the camera so still while running and jumping I39m new to having a Gopro and I39m hoping you can give me a good tip or trick

  • DrumlandlBass

    freakin nice spots where is this

  • Flying Spaghetti Monster

    Lol I can do this with my eyes open

  • AJAG &Co.

    I don39t know if that39s training level but great video keep it up

  • zarcor 134

    El puto guante se pone en la mano derecha no en la izquierda retramonger

  • Stunewah

    Shame there was no wallrunning

  • Tim Tollett

    don39t try this at home

  • Unstoppable Gaming

    I like that you39re not one of the annoying people that make half the video slowmotion

  • BluishBiscuit

    Did I find Faith or Peter Parker

  • Dimonsterus

    а че перчатка на левой руке

  • TrinTrin Bear

    This was a great video but NO WALL RUNNING

  • Banana_Beamer

    You guyssss best editing in freerun vids

  • PikaDesigns

    Make behind the sences

  • FaZeRaider -Minecraft-and

    glove goes on other hand

  • dUNSG hi

    what39s the song called

  • Alex does Things

    The hand thing is meant to be in the right hand not left

  • Best Pranks

    This is the video that39s the best

  • reggiefromstatefarm _

    The cuts to different places throw me out of the video

  • Martin Becirovic

    Nikola onkolay fracuska 123 Gmail com


    Where in the UK did you film this


    Hold up Joe Scandrett WTF DUDE I randomly decide to follow you on Instagram one day and suddenly I catch you appearing in practically every parkour video I click on Do you have several twin brothers or clones by any chance cause you are literally eeevvverrrryyywwwhhheeerrreee bro

  • akang jamir

    i can see the camera man in the mirror n its a male not a female

  • WayTooManyChairs

    That looks like so much fun but I39d rather stick to my climbing shit and dropping slowly xD while I learn to do shit like this better I39d rather not break anything

  • MrPehenewKa PvP

    лайк лайк