Mirror's edge catalyst - Real life training level смотреть видео бесплатно

We pay tribute to new Parkour game Mirror's Edge Catalyst by creating a real life training level on the rooftops of some of the UK's coolest cities!

To celebrate we are giving away a copy of the game completely FREE!!! All you have to do is:
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Mirror's Edge Catalyst is available now in retail stores and as a digital download on Xbox One, Origin™ for PC and PlayStation 4. Find out more here: http://www.mirrorsedge.com/
Дата: 2017-06-24 18:41:00

  • Fahri Fatoni

    wow mirrors edge catalyst have an insane graphics update

  • CZ

    Man that39s satisfying after watching gam lab

  • Equuary

    I have heard of Glass City but Dirt U guys are taking this to a whole new level

  • Gamer Glitch

    No one has wondered how people react when they hear people running on their roof I wonder what they do

  • astralboy79

    wow that39s amazingi want mirrors edge 3

  • DCS

    Is the camera on your chest or head

  • Itz Dimitar

    in the tutorial level faith cannot roll

  • Verrel Nathaniel

    is parkour roll for safety only

  • hasani hall

    still waiting for this game to come out

  • XxxshadowslashxxX

    any way for legal parkour anyone

  • mateo torres

    Looool epic bro How do you do that

  • LyDax

    Now I39m determined to do Parkour

  • Ryan Bailey

    Can you stop going off a high jump into a roll and you are in another place pls

  • Aidan smith

    im new to parkour but i have always been good at climbing but getting down is a problem how did you get over fall fear anything you can tell me will help love the vids keep on exploring

  • Alex Fore

    Were is this place located i want to go here and free run

  • Thungerdragon

    Question was this filmed in the UK only guessing because its wet and the sky is dark and I39m saying that because I39m from the uk so I know what the weather is like

  • قناة we are gamer مع زيد

  • Malachi Brown

    the thing i like about parkour unlike freerunning you dont do flips and stuff so its more easy

  • tinyterratv

    yes ive finally found the channel I go to the club and it is like my life

  • HollowPoint Games

    I39m SO jealous your buildings there in the UK Are basically meant for Parkour where as here in the us we have our tall ass office buildings and you can39t do parkour for shit on them

  • Christian Carter

    you put the glove on the wrong side

  • Wyatt Pearce

    the glove goes on the right hand

  • Emrora M

    do they ever use the stairs

  • WildWestSushi

    i thought that guy was the weeknd

  • pudgy one

    lol in philippines when you climb on the roofs when they saw you they will call you kawatan or akyat bahay means a thief or a robber

  • Ramazan Sharipov

    Че делаешь Родной город в Москве

  • LeoN-7472

    How the hell do u do dis

  • thomas39

    wow I loved it One of the best parkour vids I have ever seen Relaxing to watch

  • Zach26Gamer

    Climbs tallest building in world Takes in viewWind blows hat offLean over to grab hatFall to impending doom

  • pencil lead

    pro tip don39t look down

  • DaGreatOne boys

    he almost made a fail at 127

  • Nguyen Phuc Hoang Anh

    The graphic is awesome nowaday too bad my pc is too shit can39t handle those games

  • Evan Metz

    This is very cool Please be careful though

  • Aurelie de Fayard

    Why is there a lot of cut outs

  • Skrimel 95

    перчатка не на той руке а так норм видео

  • Denvious

    that was cool but I think you were faster than him

  • Diego the aurin

    Faith wears her glove on her right hand Not her left

  • Major M. Major

    Someone39s a fan of FOOL

  • Cheezus Crust

    Well it39s not the training level from catalyst because there isn39t a training level in that game

  • EnderSuitStudios

    The glove is on the wrong hand


    I know where this was recorded Basing stoke Festival Place

  • 5D2-Cinco dedos

    whats the music of the video

  • ACH Runaway

    i would like it better if they did some wall runs no hate though

  • Andri Baldvinsson

    Faith has a glove on her right hand

  • Vova Vova

    у неё перчатка на другой руке

  • BlackOpsLL

    first in mirrors edge the goves on ur right hand 2nd ur clothing is compley different

  • Lmao XD

    If they dont get in trouble by climbing on rooftops its maybe fake i said MAYBE so it could be real

  • My Boi

    can I buy this level looks fun

  • GSpade

    036 Face Reveal He Has His Camera In This Mouth WTF

  • Tanya Cray

    у него перчатка не на той руке

  • GW

    THIS is how you should do parkour POV vids SICK

  • Eryk

    wida e na skryptach ehh kappa xDDDD

  • votch doks

    вотэто я понимаю паркур КРУТЬ

  • amine mk

    I hope if we had locations like thoseThe area that i live in is pretty flat

  • XXMICHAEL03 com