Crazy Video of Man Getting Face Tattoo Removed смотреть видео бесплатно

  • dinobrown100

    Why don39t you ever show any results

  • Mar tin

    Why are the docs dressed like there gonna purge

  • Patrick

    Cool video I39ve been able to remove my tattoo easily using a pretty method You can see my video about it on my channel

  • TheBlack Vixen

    He also has colored ink how is he going to remove that part

  • Landen Stinnett

    Thats dr will from big brother wow

  • XH CH

    this is some men in black shit


    This makes me itchy but it39s kinda relaxing at the same time

  • Fresh Meme

    Hey I live like 10 minutes away from 29 palms

  • Ohio Sports

    Doesn39t this cause cancer

  • Madi kayla

    DR WILL HOLY SHITany other bb fans

  • Jeff Burns

    The dude is wearing a fucking suit God damn used car salesman of a doctor

  • MadAngel21

    Man people tell me that tattoo removal is extremely painful but this guy looks calm af

  • REDA • 満足

    why not just become a soundcloud rapper

  • MrNunchakulee

    This guy must be tough as nails that shit looks painful man

  • Razor X11

    434 Why is that lady making that wierd noise is she paranoid

  • anthony mueller

    I wanna run that laser what kinda schooling do I need to do that

  • Al Briano

    Wow that39s cool A few years ago it took many sessions now it39s like INSTANT

  • roger morales

    The doctor was on big brother he had a bomb ass chick

  • Elephantricity

    Good for this guy Doing it for his son instead of for himself

  • I Met your Mother

    that guy is from big brother Dr Will

  • Christine Ausenbaugh

    Dr Will Where my Big Brother fam at

  • Gabbie Mills

    The doctor sounds like a telemarketer lol

  • Nova Lova

    Dr Kirby is a really handsome guy JustSaying

  • mychemicaljulia

    i wonder what hurt more getting the tattoos on or getting it removed

  • Alex McDonald

    That moment when you realize this is an add

  • John Giovanni

    he has his suit on because he wants to look good for the camera

  • betsyforever32

    I hope my brother can remove all his exes name off him in the near future Amen for this to help some people change and have better life39s

  • Max Damian

    pico way tattoo removal laser is the best way to go don39t waste money on non laser scams

  • Kaguya Otsutsuki

    y is the guy like opening his uniform for the girl

  • phuck yoo

    this dude wears his suit during this what a third face

  • Panik Castillo

    This place shut down all over California and took people39s money

  • Pierced From Within

    that39s a good guy right there

  • Alexander Zhukov

    I39d rather have these quotdoctorsquot keep решк mouths shut during the procedure So freaking annoying

  • Andreas BR Tattoo

    Check my first tattoo time lapse Roman numerals httpsyoutubemoFBvoJDrU

  • hebneh

    He really thought people would think he was cool because he permanently disfigured his face Nope that39s not how it works

  • Chuk Blak

    That is amazing I wonder how much of your beard and hair you will loose douring this process

  • 600firefly1

    omg the tattoo just disappeared after first go i thought this process takes months

  • Zesty

    that looks insanely painful holy fuck

  • Blank Doesn't Lose

    Doctor will from big brother O

  • Mpompadour

    OMG This is Will Kirby from season 2 of Big Brother He won 500000 from that show I thought I recognized him LOL

  • Rebecca Bryant

    I39m not at all against someone having tattoos however I do not like when people tattoo there entire body or face or things like that I would never tattoo my body that way

  • Mark Greene

    Trut mе Thi рrоduсt is о еffесtivе that I саn еxреditе аnd use it to gеt rid оf tаttоо in jut dау Helping Guideline Here gtgtgthttpswwwfacebookcomChickenCoopPlans446985029033712app208195102528120 Within jut fеw wееk I have соmрlеtеlу rеmоvеd thе most elaborate and соlоrful tаttоо withоut lеаving a trасе bеhind on my kin

  • Robert Williams

    an amazing face tattoo bro

  • Jess Huynh

    Is that Will Kirby from Big Brother 2 and All Stars

  • Miss Daydreams

    heard it hurts more than getting tattooing

  • Illusion Football

    And that39s why you shouldn39t get a tattoo

  • Game On

    that looks painful to watch

  • stardustgirl

    It39s incredibly hard on your liver to have a tattoo It freak39s out you39re immune system and the inks are full of metal

  • udaysaleen

    do you have to go to school to use that laser on people

  • Ken H

    only special people tattoo their face there is a thin line btwn people who have tattoos on bodies and those who have on faces Face tattooers care nothing about others in society they are reckless uncaring cold hearted people They are basically saying fuck to you

  • the1pow

    Society sucks this guy just wanted face tattoos and he got rejected even tho he seems like a good dude

  • Shamalama

    This looks like the most satisfying job in the world

  • Amir Mark

    I fucking hate tattoos

  • ImThatKid Ryan

    What would happen if you pointed that in someone39s eye and used it also what would you do if you had an eye tattoo

  • Shouptie TV

    I don39t know how I got here but that39s insane

  • Andy Molina

    This guy seems like a very smart young man

  • YT Vurtra

    this nigga lookin like chubaka lookin ass

  • Simen113

    I kinda want to get a tattoo just to remove one and see which hurts more Don39t get me wrong I39d never get one Tattoos are for people with insecurities