Crazy Video of Man Getting Face Tattoo Removed смотреть видео бесплатно

  • dinobrown100

    Why don39t you ever show any results

  • Mar tin

    Why are the docs dressed like there gonna purge

  • Patrick

    Cool video I39ve been able to remove my tattoo easily using a pretty method You can see my video about it on my channel

  • austin bevis

    He took it like a champ

  • UltimateRom

    He didn39t flinch Holy crap

  • Choke

    Doesn39t this cause cancer

  • mychemicaljulia

    i wonder what hurt more getting the tattoos on or getting it removed

  • 600firefly1

    omg the tattoo just disappeared after first go i thought this process takes months

  • ภє๒ยฬคggเ๏g 04

    y is the guy like opening his uniform for the girl

  • Robert Williams

    an amazing face tattoo bro

  • Illusion Football

    And that39s why you shouldn39t get a tattoo

  • OG Gameplayes


  • Anastasia Khramova

    It hurts just as much as it hurts to get the tattoo on I think he was a big boy and was brave to deal with the pain twice

  • udaysaleen

    do you have to go to school to use that laser on people

  • Jess Huynh

    Is that Will Kirby from Big Brother 2 and All Stars

  • Kappa

    my god maybe shoulda thought about it before putting it on

  • Game On

    that looks painful to watch

  • stardustgirl

    It39s incredibly hard on your liver to have a tattoo It freak39s out you39re immune system and the inks are full of metal

  • Amir Mark

    I fucking hate tattoos

  • Miss Daydreams

    heard it hurts more than getting tattooing

  • the1pow

    Society sucks this guy just wanted face tattoos and he got rejected even tho he seems like a good dude

  • Shamalama

    This looks like the most satisfying job in the world

  • I'mYoNegguz black

    Whites with tats on your face either makes you look like one of those rocker guys or a racist skin head Scares the hack out of people cause you39re crazy and dumb enough to actually tat your face What else are you capable of doing lol Now you know

  • ImThatKid Ryan

    What would happen if you pointed that in someone39s eye and used it also what would you do if you had an eye tattoo

  • Andy Molina

    This guy seems like a very smart young man

  • Ess Dogzy

    this nigga lookin like chubaka lookin ass

  • Simen113

    I kinda want to get a tattoo just to remove one and see which hurts more Don39t get me wrong I39d never get one Tattoos are for people with insecurities

  • Ismail Raper

    ok this is my new satisfying vid lol

  • Nicholas Bennett

    Oh your mark get set zap

  • Read Adams

    real talk though if you39re dumb enough to get your face tattooed why would anyone want to waste time talking to you either

  • M.J. White

    OMG looks horrible I removed my tatoo two months ago but without laserit was too expensive I used this method to do it httpsplusgooglecomu0110935233596076179456postsRd2Go2TiCAH

  • Jamnill Playz

    The Girl whos removing looks like rebecca who agree

  • Thomas Pretto

    what brand blue gloves is he wearing

  • robinwiman

    Seems like a cool guy He made a good decision

  • Emma Grace

    Procedure starts at 410

  • Dakota Valdes

    is that johnny Knoxville

  • Teams DownFall

    Drtattoff looks like a dush bag

  • Jon King

    since when does Seth McFarland do tattoo removal

  • Keith Clarke

    and how many thousands of dollars does that cost per 20 min treatment not to say it isnt worth it but how many people could afford it

  • Millzie

    love how they are like and its gone yet all its done is fade it not remove it thats why you dont see results because they need about 10 or so for it to really break down and remove the ink over time

  • Ben Winkler

    Maybe you give him anesthetic so he doesn39t feel the pain cause he39s knocked out

  • Ryan Powers

    Looks like the guy is airbrushing his head following the laser to make it look better

  • Danny Harte

    The guys name is doctor tattoff tattoff tatt off the guy is getting the tatt off his face

  • Annabelle Mccarthy

    this is really cool to watch

  • Iker Pineda

    Why dont they ever show any resulta please give me thumbs up and i will give you thumbs up

  • CWT91

    Getting a face tattoo is the dumbest thing ever

  • Kate K

    These tattoo removers are really good and supportive

  • Velcro1997

    You handled the pain very well very impressive It makes me sad that you39re treated differently because of a face tattoo The tech is also very good

  • Sefus 87

    what dimensions do his ear portals go to

  • Ben Ding

    Who the fuck tattoos their face Just use paint and look like a Nord

  • Row Deo

    This is a self promoting video they do not come right off

  • kyle chico

    why you remove itin the first place shouldnt put there dont understand white people this days

  • DiLoneGames

    That is dr will from big brother

  • lilevil perez

    i got 2 tattoos on my face and i love them so much my family friends nd my kid are always on my side 100and the people that hate dont really get to me i got to much in my self to let it get to me i dont think people with face tattoos are worthless or bad ppl its just art nd just makes us feel good just what i think sorry