Deus Ex: Mankind Divided Review смотреть видео бесплатно

The much-anticipated followup to Human Revolution has arrived, and it does not disappoint.

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Дата: 2017-06-24 18:39:37

  • Jackie Carmichael

    so you didnt give a ten based on a little inconsistency with the story yet gameplay was great Phantom pain had a solid 10 even though the story was poorly presented compared to its predecessors

  • Matthew Evans

    I39m glad to see this is getting great reviews

  • DevBase

    Nobody waste your money on No Man39s Sky just buy this instead

  • Sexual Potatoes

    Seems like a better Watch Dogs than Watch Dogs

  • Elysa L Plays

    92 Oh wow Now I39m excited I39ll check out other reviewsopinions but this one got me wanting this game NOW D


    Adam Jensen is Augmented Batman

  • A Reese

    First Rise of The Tomb Raider then Just Cause 3 then Hitman Now Mankind Divided and later FF15 Square Enix is on a roll

  • FO Barker

    after there recent game reviews i don39t trust this

  • deezzy

    You gave Uncharted 4 a 9 and this a 92 must be good

  • HavokMakerX

    i should bought this instead of no mans sky

  • SullyGamingHD

    got the game its awesome

  • Rich Homie Tron

    Cant take this fool seriously he is the same guy who gave Evolve a 910

  • TheEquilibrum007

    Please PC port don39t f this up lol I would hate a good game not playable on PC

  • One Man's Chorus

    It looks like a 360PS3 game

  • Paw Zyl

    IGN love everything p

  • TheMothman001

    And I hope to hear another awesome soundtrack too DEHR had one of the best game soundtracks ever hope this is good tooThis will feed my cyberpunk needs nicely until Cyberpunk 2077 is released

  • Ben Parsons

    wait is this third or first person

  • Andy Garcia

    this game is 15 on steam right now im really thinking about buying it

  • Jack Is Back

    Big shout out to the woman on the till at Tesco who forgot to scan this in my shop so I got it free cheers love

  • Jackie Carmichael

    so you didnt give a ten based on a little inconsistency with the story yet gameplay was great Phantom pain had a solid 10 even though the story was poorly presented compared to its predecessors

  • ADucksOpinion

    damn a 9 for a 30 hours game that cost 60 crazy

  • cris p bacon

    game gets 92 people still complain lol

  • ZMan1471

    does this game change deoending on how you chose the end of the 1st one

  • Alex Townley

    Wow that39s a lot of HUD lol

  • Guilty King

    Game is 17 on steam right now

  • Nate Johnson

    Don39t play this game if you haven39t played the previous entries because otherwise you have no clue what39s going on

  • MTS Clash

    I love how IGN was too lazy and didn39t even bother mentioning breach mode I bet most people watching this review don39t even know it exist Thanks for half assing and rushing out another review IGN you lazy pricks

  • James Kelsch

    Is this an actual open world game Or is semi open linear

  • Miyuru Eranda

    An awesome character but takedowns works with few batteries

  • Peder L

    IGN is badMankind Divided seems good so far

  • Jimmy Burch

    I thought it was extremely boring

  • yugobepu

    Keanu R would rock as a main character IF they ever decided to make a movie based on this game

  • Steve Frye


  • Kartikay Tiwari

    wanna hear a joke watchdogs

  • flippy

    Too many triangles 92 10

  • CATZ

    If you dont buy the dlc then its like half a game

  • Adam Bodford

    This review is all sold out

  • Niko Fernandez

    i39m here cos of steam sale

  • Wealthy Pepsi

    tbh deus ex isnt so much cyberpunk as it is just sci fi

  • Game world

    Why didn39t they use Cryengine or at least Frostbite 3 graphics look horrible

  • shannon silvera

    Idiots commenting just to be first

  • Nii Chan

    I like how the ad loaded fast asf but the video didn39t

  • Mihai Cruize

    You forgot to say it has microtransactions in a singleplayer game that you have to buy again on a second playtroughThat is so sad

  • Chris Andrew

    got it in sale for 20 on psn flipping amazing

  • Baytuh

    Question Please does anyone know if they fixed their wonky control scheme from human revolution I wanted to go back and play it on Xbox One but the controls are really bad

  • Zakk1699

    not really a good review didnt learn much or get many reasons as to why the game gets a 9

  • khaled Bou

    playing it right now I spend most of the time exploring admiring the beautiful architecture and the overal style this game has a unique feel and ambiance maybe sometimes it gets a bit complicated with too many conspiracies agencies unclear dialogues but still one of the most immersive games in my opinion made me almost forget about my real life lol

  • Hassan Shahid

    deserves a 86 got a 92

  • Mizukage Yagura

    Is this first or third person

  • Puglous

    I didn39t like this game There is such a steep learning curve and such short length that by the time you get a hang of everything the game is over

  • Senzatii tari

    It39s mediocre at best

  • CaptainTalon448

    Any issues on PC Just want to know before I get it on PC

  • LiftedStarfish

    20 30 hour campaign I spent more time on side quests and only got in 32 hours

  • 305unleashed graphix

    on sale 1499Best Buy going to give this a try

  • racXXI

    basically call of duty james bond stealth cyberorganism pew pew randy dank high fashion toilet

  • captinbatman89 MJMR

    Wtf this doesn39t one out till october

  • Pedro Gonzalez

    the games out already

  • takmaps

    Im playing it and there is so much detail in the game loving it

  • Ast vom Baum

    Gun play feels horrible on console

  • The Xardas

    I did try it on highest difficulty First mission last fight took me like an hour to complete 20 reloads Jump down dead Jump down dead Jump down dead LOL Other then that game is kinda boring I loved Human revolution this one not so much

  • john johnny

    Hmmm its getting some mixed reviews currently holding 84 Human Revolution holds 90 should i be worried

  • Kevin Arno

    92 whaaaat it deserves 10 like if u agree

  • Ecap

    The biggest indication that a game is good is that there isn39t a media embargo on it and reviews are released before the game comes out Developers know when they have a good product and when they don39t

  • Daniel Martinez

    will they make a new Thief game

  • Ed Gepixel

    quotThe only criticismquot How about inapp purchases IGN Are not inapp purchases deserving of criticism