Fitz and the Tantrums - HandClap [Official Video] смотреть видео бесплатно

Fitz and the Tantrums new self-titled album available now:

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Director: Marc Klasfeld
Producer: Nicole Acacio
DP: Martin Coppen
Art: Donald Cawley
Editor: Richard Alarcon
Choreographer: Oth’than Burnside

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Дата: 2017-02-23 07:47:33

  • EYSHot

    50 came here because of overwatch 40 came here because of Pornhub AND overwatch10 came here because they like Fitz and the tantrums

  • Balcoz70

    Mercy rezzed me and now I39m here

  • Tevin Kombat

    I just found out this song during the Superbowl pre game

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  • SonicHaXD

    They played this in our dance class I almost shouted quotHEROES NEVER DIEquot XD

  • Killa Keemsta

    Pornhub brought me here

  • Stealthy

    Who39s here from forza horizon P

  • Sky Grass

    127 is da best part for me

  • dogeified

    Ok what the heck is quotMercyquot quot400 hours of Mercyquot whatever

  • chara dreemurr

    I39m definitely not from dancetale I serisously tried to dance hit my toe off my bed and broke it

  • Beazz 72

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  • Shimmy Rustler

    Mercy vid was better

  • WorkingMonkey Ya boi Kermit

    This song is on a overwatch porn videoDon39t ask how I know thisPlease no

  • matthew mac

    am i the only one here that39s not from some sort of porno and whatever the hell mercy is

  • Brian Olszyk

    like of you can find the handclap

  • Magnificent_Spy

    I was here to enjoy the song then I read the comments

  • Aaron Landry

    I39m here from hearing an awesome song on the radio What39s all this 39mercy 40039 stuff

  • Priscila Rodriguez

    Finally a music video without half naked females

  • Critical Talent

    I came cause of Sirius Xm and not Overwatch

  • Nightmare Kitten

    i found this song in a Mercy overwatch porn video i thought that the song fitted the video well i39m weird aren39t I

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    A lot of people have pointed out that Mercy have brought them here or that PornHub brought them here But let me be the first to say I was brought here by both

  • Nightfall

    I39m probably the only one who came here because this song was played at a hockey game

  • Bavarian War Robots

    forza horizon 3 anyone xd

  • Aiden Lam

    I just started playing overwatch 2 days ago and I39m getting better but like why ppl saying mercy

  • Alex Lanto

    lol I39m not a judgemental or rude person whatsoever but the lead singer needs to get a different hairstyle No bueno my friend

  • KLUTCH:GhOsT57

    I found this on the radio wut do u mean mercy

  • Michael MacDonald

    love this song I blast it and everyone laughs at me

  • Crazii Nights

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  • Andrew Mauk

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    i like the tentacle part

  • Vincent Ruvo

    Like this video but would have been better if we could actually here the gal sing The contrast between their voices would have been interesting

  • Spongegar Meme

    Does anyone know what those white full face masks are called

  • Aaryn Montez

    my jam

  • Yumi

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  • arbaze

    Anyone Here Cuz Of Mercy If you know what I mean

  • Imode Killz

    Guys i feel like i listened to this song years ago and its not the only one is it weird