Fitz and the Tantrums - HandClap [Official Video] смотреть видео бесплатно

Fitz and the Tantrums new self-titled album available now:

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Director: Marc Klasfeld
Producer: Nicole Acacio
DP: Martin Coppen
Art: Donald Cawley
Editor: Richard Alarcon
Choreographer: Oth’than Burnside

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Дата: 2017-05-26 21:50:30

  • CTRŁ

    There are two types of people in this worldPower Rangers and Mercy

  • Wolf Lover23

    He looks a dad that put on strange clothes got dance lessons and dyed his hair

  • Martin Novotny

    power rangers anyone

  • Ze Car Bin

    I see people here because of Mercy and Power Rangers But where are my people from Forza Horizon 3

  • Georgesid 01

    053 did they dab wtf

  • cyka blyat

    im here becuse of pornhunb

  • Mya Carter

    I don39t understand why this came out in June 2016 but comes on the radio in 2017

  • ShadowQ

    I actually don39t really like this song It just reminds me of one video

  • JeffZeru formas pra facilitar

    Horizon pulse do Horizon 3

  • Nomad

    People are here for either1 Power rangers2 400 hours of Mercy3 Mercy porn video lt My Reason4 People that are here just for the song and found it all by themselves5 Forza Horizon 3 Pulse Radio Thanks Lightning Screw6 Just Dance Thanks maria x7 Disney Radio Awards Thanks Jeff Byford8 The Ellen Degeneres Show Thanks Bshara Hourany

  • Aaliyah Naranjo

    My little 1 year old brother even dances to it

  • Deniram Gaming

    Am i the only person that came here from the radio in Forza Horizon 3

  • PolishDriver73


  • Austin Wood

    Someone needs to make a Doctor Who tribute to this song Idk I just picture scenes like the quotdrunkquot 10th Doctor with the tie around his head in the clockwork machine episode the 11th Doctor dancing with the kids at Amy and Rory39s wedding and the 12th Doctor doing a little dance when he enters the TARDIS and the soon to be episode where MissyThe Master Dabs making fun of human trends It would be an awesome tribute


    Umm is it weird that he is 46 years old

  • DiversiLocuras


  • lonewave 02

    i honestly only know this song from first robotics

  • M'c Pr'c


  • CupCakeLord

    Theres two type of people watching this 1 People from 400 hours as Mercy2 Or because of the Porn vid

  • ricky gunz

    heard this song on a porn video and i was very intrigued

  • StickyPlaysMC-PVP

    I like it how more people are here because of a specific video methan power rangers and etc ANYONE came from that specific video that make you excited for approximately 3 mins until you need to restart the video because you want more P

  • W o o f

    Omg is everyone here from that porno lol

  • Dilana Lieberman

    which one is Fitz the girl

  • uranne

    Regal Academy brought me here


    Am i olny here from nitendo siwtch just dance 2017 trailer

  • Scientific Santonian

    to the guy with the white highlights how can you write a dance song without even knowing how to dance

  • Isaac Lopez

    Who came after that despicable me 3 cinemark commercial

  • Gianna Granick

    i have to play this in a band at a football game

  • Hayden GAMER101

    i can see why this reminds you of power rangers

  • Valeria Soto #FNAFHS

    I Come Here Because of Radio Disney Music Awards v

  • Lm3an I لمعان

    Forza Horizon 3 Baby Its Awesome Game

  • Kurisu Chan

    Came here from 1 Million Dance Studio

  • Pier giorgio Zerini

    bella canzone hand clap la prossima con il pap gomez grandissimo

  • Alexandria Rodriguez

    Who else came here from Brent Rivera39s channel because of his intro

  • JKVlogs - Vlogs and More!

    I will forever make fun of this song I can make your pants crap

  • Parasaurolophus

    What 400 hours of hand clapping looks like

  • Mlp Lyra

    Go go pawed rangers I love it

  • Slippery Gamer

    this song is fun to lisin

  • Tuấn Minh

    this song sounds like hardbass bass boosted shit

  • Pia Griffin

    Love this Song it39s my favorite song

  • Jackson Lancaster

    I can make ur dick clap


    Who came here from power rangers

  • Marco Szopieray

    Can somebody tell me which musicgenre this is I love it but i cant search for more songs

  • PeggyO420

    My best friend does the lights for them

  • Pornwijit Potiganit

    Power Rangers bring me here

  • Exceptional Meno

    how many of you are here from mr brent channel

  • Samuel Djekki

    Came here from the pornhub mercy video

  • A Ka

    1 million hours of Genji lt my reason

  • Loren Weiss

    People are either here from Power Rangers or Mercy no in between

  • Tamay & Dion

    so so cool HANDCLAP TOOO

  • Miło Mnie Poznać

    that feel when pornhub promo your video

  • AlexTeDestrosa Tt


  • gooberson loop

    wow a white male not being called raceist soooooo rare

  • MeowBlossy

    How I found this song quotComplicatedquot was used in my favourite show I liked the song and found this channel One thing led to another and now I39m watching uhh wait what AM I watching