Fitz and the Tantrums - HandClap [Official Video] смотреть видео бесплатно

Fitz and the Tantrums new self-titled album available now:

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Director: Marc Klasfeld
Producer: Nicole Acacio
DP: Martin Coppen
Art: Donald Cawley
Editor: Richard Alarcon
Choreographer: Oth’than Burnside

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Дата: 2017-01-24 14:15:23

  • EmojiAddiction 03

    I feel so alone I came here for the song ltOOgt



  • Felix Chan

    some mercy people came from PH and other people came from 400

  • Trash Andy

    We all know a lot of people came here after what 400 hours of mercy looked like

  • Paul Swann

    Came here from mercy From pornhub

  • Bàmboo -

    Why are all the comments 3939Where are all the Mercy mains3939 This video is called HandClap

  • A Steak

    They played this song at a fucking hockey game and I liked it everyone else cummin from porn or over watch

  • Tabby Cat

    I39m here from the radio I don39t know who Mercy is but I heard this song and I knew I had to find it

  • SoTottaly Ciaran

    50 of people Here from 400hours as mercy 40Here from Forza Horizon 3 10Here from porn

  • Beazz 72

    Dschungelcamp brought me here D

  • Pablo JP

    I father I go into the comments the closer I get to hell

  • Chris Smit

    I lost track of the amount of times they dabbed

  • Son Goku

    Im not here because of 400 hours of Mercy im here 39cause of her booty on Pornhub

  • Melted_Ice

    guys wtf is 39mercy39 yes ik she39s an overwatch character but people are saying 39they39ve come from mercy39 sounds wrong

  • rumors024

    RTL Dschungelcamp bringt mich hier her wem noch

  • Kathyuk28

    The bass line sounds like quotSeven Nation Armyquot by The White Stripes

  • thedillpickleman

    Why are people talking about fucking Overwatch in the comments

  • lord chin chin

    came here from pornhub the song fit perfectly with the damn video who ever edited it

  • Jesus Vergara

    Mercy mains are betas

  • SonicHaXD

    They played this in our dance class I almost shouted quotHEROES NEVER DIEquot XD

  • Donuts18

    i love this song so much

  • Michael Lewis

    At 052 they dab so fastthe memes squad

  • Skyler Moon

    worst video ever but the song is catchy

  • chara dreemurr

    I39m definitely not from dancetale I serisously tried to dance hit my toe off my bed and broke it

  • Katharina 2013

    Wer ist hier vom Dschungelcamp

  • Jesus Cornejo

    I39m here from the radio I just uses shazam and love this song

  • Nick Gamer 384758

    Anyone else here not because of that mercy vid

  • EdgyLampost

    Is it bad that I got here because of Overwatch porn

  • alanlaw56

    everybody come because of mercyand I think I am the only one come because of forza horizon 3

  • Jazzy

    Is it just me or does he look old xD


    He looks like Mario Gotze

  • Killua Zoldyck /Meliodas

    That sax at 038 is jizz worthy

  • Radioactive Potato

    im here from NOT 400 hours of mercyim here from pornhubyea

  • Mauricio Ibarra

    Does this song sample rock lobster

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  • AG Jeff[help plz need subz]

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  • Andreas Wahlström

    This is what 400hours on mercy looks like

  • Andreas Novak


  • Marlena Olejniczak

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  • Lever

    It39s so tempting to let go of the steering wheel and clap to this song when he says quotI can make your hands clapquot lol no Just me k

  • Sandra St Clair



    who is mercy

  • Lesley Weeti

    the clip from 400h mercy is way better then this try watching this without sound and try telling me youre not looking at 2 circusclowns

  • Whale Shark

    can someone explain this whole Mercy and Pornhub Shit to me please xD

  • Mi Ma

    Dschungelcamp 2017 song

  • Eino Johansson

    WTF IS MERCY sooo damn annoying everyone talking about mercy my fav mercy is from berwatch

  • schattentod Friedrich

    this is the Best music

  • Falk Kolod

    Forza Horizon 3 lt3

  • DrunkLlamaCow : p

    Anyone else because of mint blitz

  • Haylee Gerry (The Cat Gamer

    At 129 the blue people did something like a Dragon Ball Z fire ball throwing dance move thing XD LOL

  • Cheyenne Breuer

    i love i can make your hands clap so much and i always will and i dont think im the only one cause i go to the skating rink in duncan it is awsome thier

  • IcyTalks s

    who was here before it got popular

  • Eleanor Burdette


  • Gazevedo Filmes

    Who come for Mercy porn

  • Clay Adams

    I loved it

  • you can call me daddy though

    yall chill wtf is mercy

  • Golden Golden

    What the freak is mercy 400 hours It sounds like something from undertale