Fitz and the Tantrums - HandClap [Official Video] смотреть видео бесплатно

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Director: Marc Klasfeld
Producer: Nicole Acacio
DP: Martin Coppen
Art: Donald Cawley
Editor: Richard Alarcon
Choreographer: Oth’than Burnside

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Дата: 2017-04-24 18:20:11

  • Appsonic82

    Anyone else here from power rangers

  • CTRŁ

    There are two types of people in this worldPower Rangers and Mercy

  • Laila Plays

    this is even better on the power rangers XD

  • JeffZeru formas pra facilitar

    Horizon pulse do Horizon 3

  • Haru Chan

    mercy and power rangers brought me here POWER RANGERS WAS AWESOME MOVIE 1010

  • LamerGamer

    So happy they added this song into the Power Rangers movie 39

  • uncle bill

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  • Lyra Orion

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  • Wolf Lover23

    He looks a dad that put on strange clothes got dance lessons and dyed his hair

  • Ryan R.

    Thumbs up if the new Power Rangers sent you here

  • TheDynasty

    Nintendo Switch anyone

  • Kwimzi ˢᴸᴵᴹᴱˢ

    I got here from 1000000 hours of Genji anyone elseand from a school project

  • liana gao

    Quick question Who39s actually here just for the song XD

  • Anacondri Gurl

    In class this song was playing in my head I literally whispersing to the two other kids at my tablequot I can make your hands clapquotThey clap the beat I whisper it again and everyone claps even the teacher Then it39s back to classThis really happened I39m not making this upI swear it

  • M'c Pr'c


  • BeagleFeatures

    Power Rangers taught me that this makes a good montage song

  • Austin Wood

    Someone needs to make a Doctor Who tribute to this song Idk I just picture scenes like the quotdrunkquot 10th Doctor with the tie around his head in the clockwork machine episode the 11th Doctor dancing with the kids at Amy and Rory39s wedding and the 12th Doctor doing a little dance when he enters the TARDIS and the soon to be episode where MissyThe Master Dabs making fun of human trends It would be an awesome tribute

  • gee gee9

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  • ShadowQ

    I actually don39t really like this song It just reminds me of one video


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  • Deniram Gaming

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  • Hello It's Gertrude

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  • Fundipw Fundipw

    love the song but the dancing is kinda dumb

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  • marliegh Burgess

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  • Tyler Gabrielsen

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  • Vistaprint 10

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  • jazmin Garcia

    LoL now people are coming from Power Rangers

  • snazi2002

    They remind me of The Eurythmics

  • Cytron

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  • sjeemie

    he didnt make my hands clap

  • xX BloxGaming Xx

    This song was in Nintendo switch Just Dance 2017 trailer and check out the trailer from Nintendo switch Just Dance 2017

  • Sparkleleopard7 AJ

    If you look through the comments all you39ll see is power rangers

  • Emilio Escobar

    this video sucks but the song is AWESOME AS FUCK me going to camp with my friends while listening the radio brought me here

  • Georgesid 01

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  • Mintyskull8

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