Caves of Qud - Red Rock - Part 2 Let's Play Caves of Qud Gameplay смотреть видео бесплатно

Caves of Qud! It's a roguelike, it's the best, and we're gonna play it! Let's check out some Caves of Qud, one of my all time favorite RL's!

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Дата: 2017-07-22 11:46:26

  • Jaycer

    I had bear burgers once I wasn39t really a fan Its been a long long time since I39ve had it so I can39t really describe its taste But it was bearable to be sure

  • Malcolm Wright

    I bought the game because of you splattercat You monster

  • Mister Grimm

    To counter the weight issue that is what the nuggets are for They always have a static price Copper 10 drams Silver 50 drams gold 200 drams and weight very little Same with other items that fall in the trade good section

  • Catfoodbob

    Looks like the slime Got Your GOAT wuahahahaha


    quotbearly tolerablequotshoots self in the head

  • oatshmeal p

    more episodes please this game is going to be one of my first pc games

  • AlcoholAndLAG

    It was a puma no wonder it caught youIf only this game had force choke

  • Dirpy Turtle

    and so it ends the final chapter in the chronicles of the leaf blower guy

  • XelNigma

    You talk about being able to build stuff What kind of things can you build if you was to spec hard into it Is it just gear or can you build your own robot followers

  • Lance Uppercut

    quotBaaaaaahhhhquot or in goatese Gaaaaaaryyyy

  • York Mills

    Thanks for the episode

  • Scrollfloh

    I would love to see a playtrough with evil twin as deficit

  • Nathaniel Cullen

    i want the game so badly but i am broke

  • LeaderofChickens

    couldn39t you buy jewels from a trader and just sell them when you need cash

  • Ozfone Pie

    beeetlebum now what you done Didn39t expect blur reference in this game

  • Nick S

    I had bear sausage Not bad tbh Would eat again

  • Flychild lanta 2.0

    where im from we eat a shit load of deer jerky

  • Val Donchev

    quotI may be able to use that goat to my advantagequot Splattercat 2016

  • Tanner Daquilante

    Bear has a really gamey taste I39m not a fan of it I love elk tho

  • DragonElf66

    The weight allowance can also be seen as the number in the side bar

  • Chantel Hayes

    Facepalm Splatt facepalm Lol I actually really love your puns

  • Scully

    I39d love for something like this with minecraft graphics I know Dwarf Fortress has software that turns your fortress into a minecraft map

  • Parrot Gaming

    Please check out Subsistence on steam Fun first person survival game

  • Erik Blackboar

    Enjoying the series so far Caves of Qud look really nice and I like the setting Do continue please

  • regorllerref

    Awesome video this is a perfect example of why this channel is one of my favorites

  • william springer

    I39m really loving the series Any way you could make longer episodes

  • Rex Memo

    My teacher told me bear was like a thicker beef and it39s hard to cook due to how thick the meat is

  • Thor Madsen

    i39ve never been too good at rl39s but CoQ is the best story and gameplaywise in ny opinion

  • EzPzJoystiq

    Their is a bear that feeds mostly on blueberries which is supposedly awesome

  • melodrxm

    can39t wait for Garry the scary to carry

  • Jesus De Christo

    Only 2k views bullshit

  • tecroach

    Hey Splattercat Back in my day with Caves of Qud It did not have texture at all it used to have be all ascii

  • José Alvim

    I bought this game a while ago but I never gave it too much thought though Kept dying so I didn39t get far and involvedKeep this up man I39m liking it D

  • Gannon Dodd

    Mehmet and the warden of the town sell LOTSA vinewaffers which you WILL need to not starve or die of dehydratipn

  • dracothrope

    Happy to see this one I like caves of qud but I think I enjoy them better when interpreted through LP39s like yours ha ha

  • Kiesman

    You should really try playing Cataclysm Dark Days Ahead on the channel with the tileset pack There is a launcher that will easily autoinstall things for you

  • Grastermane Forte

    I love this game my first time playing and I went into the ruins and got shot 4 times by a rifle turret dying instantly No one makes games like that anymore and I missed it

  • Phobos

    235 A coworker once brought several pounds of bear jerky in TLDR Bear is tough and extremely greasy not greatI don39t know if it was his family39s friend39s way of curingdryingjerkying the bear they hunted as it is the only time I39ve had bear but it was kinda tough and extremely greasy All the way through not just the skin of the jerky The taste itself was reminiscent of bison though I39ve only had bison a few times as well so not a great comparison but there you have it goodly type sir

  • William Powell

    The taste of Bear depends mostly depends on what they eat Black bear burger was OK Brown bear was only passible in sausage Moose burgers were the best

  • VahnCruz

    I love this game but the controls are horrible Its 2017 there is no need to have to memorize 30 keys A deep roguelike with easy controls is Tales of Maj39Eyal for people who are interested in games like these but have never played one

  • Shoki Ito

    Hi I just want to say I used to love your videos About two years ago I unsubscribed and I was scrolling through videos I liked and I saw your videos I clicked on the video and remembered why I loved your videos I39m a subscriber once again

  • Troy Wolfe

    Hi Splat I watched the cast with Ms Carsonelle I checked out some of her content I liked it She has generously put your channel on her support list If it is possible to do so I think you should reciprocateBear meat is tough and chewy Don39t pet them they bite The food chain usually needs them for health oh well Shooting them is considered brave and cool for some reason Their pelts are really nice and make great clothing especially greatcoats pun actually not intended If you go into an area where they live during springtime when they come out of hibernation carry a large caliber rifle and be prepared to shoot them twice or die

  • Katie Karr

    u might not pay attention to this cause it39s not about the game but there is a new outlast coming out and I kno u don39t play alot of the more known games but I would love to see u play the original outlast before the second one comes out if anything for the commentary I absolutely love that game I think u would bring a funny aspect to it I have watch other utubers play it but it never gets old lol again sorry for highjacking a comment box when it39s not about the game that is being played at the moment if there is another way then let me know an I won39t post on here an take up timethe game ur playing now is pretty cool tho again sorry an I kno this will probably get lost in the comments again an that39s ok I hope u have a great day an a wonderful rest of ur week sir

  • Daniel Collins

    bear is really good its unlike everything else its kinda difficult to explain its fattier than deer or beef and totally different than pork chicken or rodents like rabbits and squirrels is basically fatty red meat but in a good way I recommend it in unprocessed forms though as in steaks as apposed to ground up for burgers or sausage

  • Phil Tischlero

    Are there other tile sets for this I am not a graphics snob by any means but I can39t play ascii games

  • Fastest Turtle

    so I just started playing qud and i love it

  • peskyone1

    this is fab plez keep doing it

  • Meydra

    You really need to work on your movement You are giving enemies lots of free hits and allow them to catch up to you easily

  • Blood Studios

    Splat please keep playing this game make it into a series make new characters ect please

  • spoonbender

    Splat you can loot Tam39s chest I don39t remember if you looted it last episodeAlso the quotweird castle thingquot on the top left of the map is a mission you can do fairly early on You can get it from the Zealot in town it gives a LOT of experience bu it39s a long trek so food can be an issue

  • Epic Cheesecake

    so it39s perma death right once you die you have start over