Icarus 5 Hour Version- Deus Ex Human Revolution Soundtrack смотреть видео бесплатно

  • Rohan Singh

    Deus Ex Mankind DividedI asked for this

  • Exsecratus Sicarius

    I wish DeusEx used the MGSV engine

  • Gatsu

    5 hour versionoh god bless you man I can39t get enough of this OST especially now that they revealed the sequel trailer XD

  • TheLordshinnok

    Amazing video I finished all the missions did all the takedowns got all the upgrades finished all endings

  • TheNextRenegade Gaming

    when i forgot to do my homework this song started playing in my head as a rushed to get it done in class

  • Artemis Arrow

    I would love to fall slowly from the tallest building listening to this song and making epic monologues

  • Angel Garcia

    Transhumanism in progress

  • Jonas Hedenberg

    same over and over again

  • enomis9393

    I heard if you hear the whole 5 hours of this you39ll become a cyborg and begin to not ask for anything and punching mirrors and walls

  • GamerGate Deutsch

    2 hours in Oh its the 5 hour version

  • Dr. Acula [student]

    Great to study plot to

  • XXCrimsonXX

    I never asked for this

  • Larry Longplay

    Playing this song makes anything you are currently doing suddenly dramatic For instance it works well with those 10 seconds you have to race to the bathroom after passing questionable gas

  • Prussia

    After 4 years I still can39t find a character that matches Jensen The first seconds of the game well Jensen an ordinary excop security guard at Sarif Industries Completing tutorial My god I never asked for this

  • miguel sanguir

    I finish the mishon i defeat zao heron was very hard and I are a achemant a hu derrow no life season I am very msmart the girl boss was hard to because tyfoon and had tyfoon I defeat her to I have a lot of sentese

  • Galactic Phenomenon

    You are garbage as hell

  • cmiller8492

    I never asked for thisbut I wanted it

  • AmblesJambles

    Just finishing my Evolution amp Behaviour revision to this oh yeah next Megan Reed here

  • Jack Reacher

    I listen this every day all 5 hours This is a masterpiece

  • Riuka theBat

    Love itjustLove it

  • RenegadeSamurai

    Zerging in GW2 with that musicjust pure epicness

  • The Ironwing Kaiser

    They did what they had to do to save me and now I can do much more than I ever could

  • ManticoreRO

    This is good for running and running and running and running

  • Tom Selleck

    Games need more music like this

  • TheEvolvedprimate

    Great Darkside music

  • Malcolm Aniag

    quotI asked for thisquotAdam Jensen

  • BREAKocean

    thumbs up if you saw that 10 seconds of porn

  • PeterJHYT

    I like need this music to function a lot of the timeProbably not a good thing but it works P

  • Oscar Peralta

    quotI waited nine months for thisquot Adam Jensen

  • Boe Paladino

    What about the original jc denton from the first game I wish they would re make the original game

  • Alessandro Ornielli

    Please if you do this yet give me the wallpapers Thanks D

  • Naqib Ahmed

    starthe rating i will give is out of 10 10 out of 10

  • Shepard Commander

    Makes college work seem more intense I love this

  • Reece Ran

    if only i could listen to this all day at work Time would fly like Marty Mcfly

  • 02Baron02

    drinking jack danliels while listing to this song soo goood

  • Naqib Ahmed

    this is the best and only dramatic and fliping good song i39ve ever heard

  • johnny1992black

    5 fucking hours are fucking sane

  • Quiptipt

    If I owned my own augmentation company with my own office and everything this would be playing every day

  • Rina R. N.

    I always play it on Monday mornings

  • H A

    if you are still offering the the Wallpapers please DM them thanks in advance and thanks for the upload

  • Werzion

    Found the wallpaper by myself but Where can I get a hold of that awesome jacket

  • zoofy zoof

    wow okay this is stupid i thought it was just going to continue on not restart completely thats fucking stupid who would want to listen to music just replaying itself over and over again its better if you make it so that it like keeps going on

  • Peter Jones

    I now longer have to loop this track thank you

  • DarkZeroHero

    Puts on shades dons a black leather jacket and taking a stroll on the streets of Detroit 2027Thanks for the upload mate

  • Juvenlus

    You could put inside even the long version alternating or mixing them randomly Yes i am asking for this xD

  • Slippery Sandals


  • Random Person

    IcarusI get DX1 Nostalgia