[Looped] Deus Ex- Human Revolution Soundtrack - Tai Yong Medical Data Code Ambient смотреть видео бесплатно

  • Daniel Reim

    I39ve always thought the male and female voices in this track to be a conversation between Jensen and Zhao Zhao39s voice pleading for Jensen to understand and Jensen stoic and missiondriven replying in a tone that he must do what needs to be done

  • Murdered Yakuza

    Yes this was my favorite one of HR back then Just played the whole scene with goosebumps

  • Swain Bjornstrandt

    do you have the combat theme from the same place

  • HybridEnergy

    It39s really this kind of powerful stuff that mankind divided needed and is missing

  • Lewis Whitear

    No worries you39re doing a good job soldier Best line in the game

  • Matous Vondrak

    This game soundtrack is one of the best seriously such ost fits best for the atmosphere

  • Semper Fi

    NiceI remember idling on this stage just for this song looking outside the window such a sight The music composer for this game deserves a medal seriously

  • Manuel Feliciano

    death by a vending machine

  • emakip

    One of my favorite songs from DXHR Thank you for uploading

  • Slime

    i managed to get through this whole area without getting spottedprobably bc the chill music helped lots lt3

  • Inhuman0

    I can39t even describe with words how amazing this soundtrack is