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Sometimes a climax can be so complex and exciting that a clever solution is just way to far out of reach for the writers. When that happens a story often relies on a device called "deus ex machina" or "god from the machine" and a previously unseen or obscure force comes in out of nowhere and saves the day. More than just getting the characters out of danger deus ex machina can also serve to tie up loose plot threads and resolve a conflict in as little time as possible.

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  • Tyler Durden

    You got the Matrix one wrong Why is it making a deal with the machines a Deus Ex Machina moment The REAL Deus Ex Machina moment in that movie is when Neo stops machines in the real world with a natural power never shown before not the ending

  • EmeraldManaphy

    I love Deus Ex Machina though I still see good in it

  • rob140892

    Yousei Teikoku EGOIST Theme song of Deus Ex Machina

  • Mike Moore

    You forgot the T Rex in Jurassic park

  • Manuel Garcia de Paredes

    Gandalf with the Riders of Rohan

  • Tiffany Rodriguez-Rexroad

    The parting of the Red Sea from quotThe 10 Commandmentsquot You guys forgot the biggest one of all

  • I. Th.

    The War of the Worlds ending wasn39t a deus ex machina It was a plot twist that didn39t need foreshadowing

  • Rikard Nilsson

    1040 Yeahbut I39ve actually seen the original war of the worldsI39ve also seen quotit came from outer spacequot quotAttack of the 50 foot womanquot quotthe blobquot and a bunch of other scifi movies from the 5039s erathe questionable priviledge of growing up with only a handful of tvchannels where everything is geared towards the nostalgia of people in their 50s or somethingBut to be fair quotthe blobquot scared the shit out of me as a kidAlso biological weapons would be the most likely way we could ever hope to defeat a species that39s capable of interstellar flight That or massive amounts of suicide attacks trying to find an if any eventual weakness

  • good cheer and blitheringness

    quotLocal aliensquot is surely an oxymoron

  • Sixten Hansson

    Quest possess popular solid flame AfricanAmerican anymore

  • Etterra

    If you complain about the end of War of the Worlds because you didn39t know it was that stupid simple then it39s your own damn fault for never reading the book or anything about it

  • Cameron Liebetreu

    quotthe movie didn39t end with the hero blowing up the villain it39s a deus ex machinaquot

  • Roderick Barringer

    Why are you saying it like quotmackquotina It39s like quotmockquotina Ya39ll are lazy af you don39t even bother pronunciating shit right

  • Émile

    should we not talk about the kindofdiscoveredbychanceneverreallymentionedbefore ghost army Aragorn summons in TLTR Like what if they had had their camp 5 miles from there Would Sauron have won

  • frank ponds

    Take off War of the Worlds That39s just disrespectful lol If anything you should have given it to Signs

  • Nikki M. Solis

    quotAvatarquot shouldn39t be on this list Jake prayed for help from the planet and it answered him It39s right in the movie

  • Richard II

    The Deus Ex Helicarrier from Age of UltronSaves the Avengers from having Man of Steel level casualties

  • Michael Mitchum

    the moment when the hero jumps down a waterfall to escape the ernemies is in every movie and I turn it off whebn it happens but it even happen in many many blockbusters

  • Anthony Pirtle

    Most of these don39t remotely qualify

  • TinyT224

    I thought they would add the scene from Pulp Fiction

  • João Rita

    Your War of the Worlds choice makes no sense Did you even read the book Any audience that quotfelt cheatedquot were complete idiots that didn39t read itAnd the Matrix How is that suh a moment Neo made an allornothing deal and e really had no choice

  • xvzvzvzcvzvvz

    Deus ex machina in my opinion is good with enough suspense

  • brigadier-tc

    No the reason that everyone hated 200539s War of The Worlds was because of someone called quotTom Cruisequot and his SHIT dialogue He yells quotRAAACHELquot more times than Christian Bale39s Batman Just face it the death of the aliens by bacteria makes sense in the same way that a large amount of Native Americans died of diseases that they had never encountered before if you have never been exposed to something even a cold it has a high chance of killing you especially as the Martians had literally NEVER encountered something along the same genetic lines

  • N L

    He was reversing time the world turned backwards to illustrate time going backwards not that making the planet rotate backwards is what made time turn backwards That seemed obvious to me

  • Benjamin Leyva

    If zombies came the army would pwn itU just got owned FTW

  • Sean Joseph

    The War of the Worlds ending is how HG Wells wrote it

  • videakias3000

    I remember once in a comic titledquottears of bloodquotthis comic is made by the company ankamathe sane people that made the dofus and wakfu games and tv showsthere was a scene where the protagonist was about to die but then his fatherwho was killed by a monster in the begin of the storycame back from the dead to save him and I was like quotwhat the fuckquotany waydespite the deus ex machina I still enjoyed the comicyou can read it online if you wantI can give a link if you want

  • Suzanne Menuet

    Did anybody else catch the oxymoron in 10


    Aliens water allergy in Signs meh

  • Jeff Spencer

    Stephen King39s quotThe Standquot comes to mind Literally God39s hand saves them all

  • MishuTaste

    It39s funny how those War of the Worlds aliens had the intelligence for superior technology but couldn39t invent a vaccine or even a Hazmat suit for Earth39s deadly microbes The thought never crossed their minds

  • ditto1958

    In June of 1944 those P5139s in quotPrivate Ryanquot should really have been P47 Thunderbolts

  • liftlash98

    1002A star wars sound effect in star trek

  • xvzvzvzcvzvvz

    Are drama teacher told us it meant hand of god

  • eyextraction

    stupid video couldn39t finish

  • Chesterette

    Donnie Darko made the subtext text

  • David Majors

    Was there ever a movie that sucked more than this pathetic remake of War Of The Wars

  • Thomas Ivan Gallito

    Deus Ex Machina is simply The power of directors

  • apc55 English French

    what about the ending of monty python39s the holy grail

  • Connor Brennan

    Guys ENOUGH about the turning back time Yes Superman doesn39t face any consequences Yes it39s surprising that he is able to do this But this is SCIENCEFICTION and a power he39s never used before it39s something he39s discovering The turning back of time was originally going to happen in Superman II so we were ALWAYS going to get that regardless of what movie it39s in so why keep complaining about it

  • Gabriel Horn

    i hate when people say that supes changes the rotation of the rotation of the planet thus rewinding time thats not what he39s doing he39s going faster than the speed of light according to the theory of relaticity by einstein if you go as fast as the speed of light time basically stops around you so if you went faster thechincally time would reverse that39s what is happening it just shows the world going backwards because from superman39s point of view that39s what39s happening

  • Charles Lathrop

    He doesn39t reverse the rotation of the planet He is going back in time and the planet looks like it39s spinning the other direction because time is already being reversed Why does everyone think he39s turning the planet He39s not even touching it

  • Aaron Brockington

    I think the Eagles saving Frodo in the end of LoTR saga is the most annoying Deus Ex momentafter the eagle saved Gandalf from Sarumans39 tower there is not explanation at all as to why Gandalf and i assume Radegast did not ask them or that same Eagle in particular to go find and aid Frodo and Sam

  • Whovian #1


  • LordHollow

    I don39t think it counts if it is foreshadowed Avatar39s was heavily shadowed and implied constantly The Navi were praying for the planet39s help The armored animal was shown to be impervious to their firepower beforehand Hulk changing was an integral part of the plot from the start

  • Da Vin Kim

    I thought the ending of quotthe arrivalquot was deux ex machina

  • Shion Kreth

    Most of these weren39t the cheapest or most implausible deus ex machina moments really some I don39t even think qualify Scenes like in transformers 2 there superman or pacific rim definitely embody deus ex machina but the ending for war of the worlds seemed much more like a meaningful and planned twist and avatar had all that foreshadowing about how everything on that planet was essentially connected no one should39ve felt that was out of nowhere

  • Mitch Johnson

    This is a terrible list Most of these don39t even count If the thing that saves the day is set up earlier in the film it39s not a deus ex machina The Sword isn39t something that resolves the plot just helps to resolve on battle I can39t remember your whole list but the only ones that really struck me as true DEMs were Oz and War of the WorldsAlso when it39s done for comedic effect I don39t think that counts either

  • Luciano Angelotti

    Oh man If you think that the spanish explorers SAVED the guys from Apocalypto then you really missed some of your history classes

  • Oscar Hjelmgren

    I was really expecting Jurassic Park as number one

  • Denkar11

    In the book The Wonderful Wizard of Oz it is stated several times in advance that the Wicked Witch of the West is afraid of water and avoids it at all times Apparently it39s her kryptonite

  • Demopan Gaming

    How about the TRex at the end of Jurassic Park

  • Dana Veitinger

    Are we not going to mention the Deus ex Machina moment in Mirai NikkiFuture Diaries where Deus ex Machina quite literally intervenes out of nowhere to give Minene some of his powers so she can execute her own Deus ex Machina moment later on

  • Emma Jenkins

    Yes this an be a really lazy device but it can also be used creatively and to great effect For example Avatar the Navi are a spiritual group the film is constantly showing how important their god and nature is to them so of course it would make sense for nature to get involved during the battle Also and this is just my interpretation I thought it was supposed to highlight the struggle between man and nature suggesting that ultimately life will overcome machines and mans interference And Wizard of Oz the witch was always supposed to die but its a children39s film for one thing and Dorothy is the archetypal girl next door she is supposed to be innocent and good she could never have intentionally killed the witch it just would not have fit the character or the tone of the film And I have to agree with all the other comments War of the Worlds Come on haha

  • marcelo lopez

    Chuck Norris moment in the expendables

  • Adam XYZ

    How do you pick out just one instance of bad acting andor storytelling in any of the Transformer movies The whole franchise was written by a threeyearold child

  • Radicus 22

    what no eagles from lord of the rings disapoint

  • Digital Light & Noise

    isn39t it deus ex deuce dayes sounds retarded stop saying it

  • theArtofQueer

    Lord of the Flies right But it was sure as shit lucky

  • ThePlasticJones

    Since quotAdaptationquot was a satire of screenwriting and the film industry the alligator attack makes sense in this context But if you have not seen the movie or any of Kaufman39s works this scene might come across as deus ex machina

  • Bob Willson

    Seriously Why isn39t Jurassic Park in the top ten OR EVEN IN HONORABLE MENTIONS Come on

  • William Knight

    You totally didn39t quotgetquot Adaptation

  • Hoyt Jolly

    Contact Oh we just happen to have a second huge secret portal machine We built it just in case something happened to the first one

  • MC Donald

    Where39s Das Boot the reverse Deus Ex Machine

  • Foxfire Inferno

    Deus Ex Machina takes on a whole new meaning when you39re talking Transformers

  • taxidriver7878

    Marissa Tomei Ex Machina in My Cousin Vinny