Top 10 Deus Ex Machina Moments смотреть видео бесплатно

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Sometimes a climax can be so complex and exciting that a clever solution is just way to far out of reach for the writers. When that happens a story often relies on a device called "deus ex machina" or "god from the machine" and a previously unseen or obscure force comes in out of nowhere and saves the day. More than just getting the characters out of danger deus ex machina can also serve to tie up loose plot threads and resolve a conflict in as little time as possible.

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  • Tyler Durden

    You got the Matrix one wrong Why is it making a deal with the machines a Deus Ex Machina moment The REAL Deus Ex Machina moment in that movie is when Neo stops machines in the real world with a natural power never shown before not the ending

  • LesbianCarpetPython

    Would the animator dying from a heart attack in Monty Pythong and the Holy Grail count as one

  • Jaiden

    anyone else alway think of cinemasins when hearing deus ex machina

  • I. Th.

    The War of the Worlds ending wasn39t a deus ex machina It was a plot twist that didn39t need foreshadowing

  • Judene McPherson

    No No NoApocalypto hero39s way out was perfect Did you not hear half way in the movie the sick little girl39s prophecy that that end was coming Am I being bias as Apocalypto happen to be a Top 10 Fav of mine but how is the Spaniards39 arrival exmachina

  • João Rita

    Your War of the Worlds choice makes no sense Did you even read the book Any audience that quotfelt cheatedquot were complete idiots that didn39t read itAnd the Matrix How is that suh a moment Neo made an allornothing deal and e really had no choice

  • good cheer and blitheringness

    quotLocal aliensquot is surely an oxymoron

  • Sean Joseph

    The War of the Worlds ending is how HG Wells wrote it

  • frank ponds

    Take off War of the Worlds That39s just disrespectful lol If anything you should have given it to Signs

  • Anthony Pirtle

    Most of these don39t remotely qualify

  • Connor Brennan

    506509 Get him Megatron Ohso satisfying518528Ah damn it

  • Alex Bisel

    Does Jurassic Park count The TRex magically enters the Welcome Center without breaking any doors down to save the humans who were otherwise trapped by the Raptors It39s a lazy plot contrivance to save our heroes when they39d been painted into a corner

  • ditto1958

    In June of 1944 those P5139s in quotPrivate Ryanquot should really have been P47 Thunderbolts

  • Chesterette

    People actually WATCH those Transformers movies

  • Toby Thurlow White

    Wow didn39t realise Star Trek took sounds from Star Wars

  • Da Vin Kim

    I thought the ending of quotthe arrivalquot was deux ex machina

  • TypedScroll

    You guys know that the war of the worlds is a joke story meaning that something as small bacteria can destroy a huge alien crusade

  • Makis Makiavelis

    918 I39m pretty sure i read a time travel theory many years ago which stated exactly this If you rotate around an object of a significant mass at the speed of light you go back in time or something Maybe it39s an old theory that the writers used

  • poke

    Number 1 is bs that made perfect sense that39s how it would actually happen It should be water from signs


    quotyou lucky bastardquot

  • Hei

    The machines NEEDED to make that deal with neo because smith could destroy everything

  • Chesterette

    Donnie Darko made the subtext text

  • Charles Lathrop

    He doesn39t reverse the rotation of the planet He is going back in time and the planet looks like it39s spinning the other direction because time is already being reversed Why does everyone think he39s turning the planet He39s not even touching it

  • Aaron Brockington

    I think the Eagles saving Frodo in the end of LoTR saga is the most annoying Deus Ex momentafter the eagle saved Gandalf from Sarumans39 tower there is not explanation at all as to why Gandalf and i assume Radegast did not ask them or that same Eagle in particular to go find and aid Frodo and Sam

  • LordHollow

    I don39t think it counts if it is foreshadowed Avatar39s was heavily shadowed and implied constantly The Navi were praying for the planet39s help The armored animal was shown to be impervious to their firepower beforehand Hulk changing was an integral part of the plot from the start

  • Demon Knight Dean

    Superman does and always has had some form of Chronokinesis Avatar Pacific Rim and quite a few of the others aren39t Dues Ex Machina moments either Most of these were logical and set up to happen There39s nothing quotlazyquot about the writing in these movies The only lazy thing would be your research into this matter

  • NinjaDav3

    your argument that war of the worlds used a deus ex machina just shows that you don39t really know what that is putting aside the fact that your narration seems to indicate that you think the tom cruise version is the only iteration of this tale you don39t seem to understand the more important point that the entire story of war of the worlds was intentionally leading up to the bioincompatibility ending this wasn39t a case of a writer painting himself into a corner and having to write his way out with a 39saved by supernatural forces39 ending the ending WAS THE ENTIRE POINT though mankind had beaten after a fashion the pathogens of the earth and though the aliens clearly had the technology to destroy mankind it was the pathogens that beat the aliens the POINT was that central irony that39s not deus ex machina that39s the theme of the entire story

  • Shion Kreth

    Most of these weren39t the cheapest or most implausible deus ex machina moments really some I don39t even think qualify Scenes like in transformers 2 there superman or pacific rim definitely embody deus ex machina but the ending for war of the worlds seemed much more like a meaningful and planned twist and avatar had all that foreshadowing about how everything on that planet was essentially connected no one should39ve felt that was out of nowhere

  • Connor Brennan

    Guys ENOUGH about the turning back time Yes Superman doesn39t face any consequences Yes it39s surprising that he is able to do this But this is SCIENCEFICTION and a power he39s never used before it39s something he39s discovering The turning back of time was originally going to happen in Superman II so we were ALWAYS going to get that regardless of what movie it39s in so why keep complaining about it

  • AJ Z

    The wachowskis aren39t brothers Lana was out as trans at the time the video was published

  • Daniel Wise

    Why would you chose the Spanish fleet appearing in Apocalypto and not the eclipse scene How was the fleet arriving a deus ex machina

  • Paul Seaman

    Ironclad and The Mummy Returns have good Deus Ex Machinas Machinae

  • Drengade

    i believe superman flew faster than light taking himself back in time not the earth39s rotation

  • Trent Knight

    You totally didn39t quotgetquot Adaptation

  • marcelo lopez

    Chuck Norris moment in the expendables

  • Oscar Privat

    I was really expecting Jurassic Park as number one

  • theArtofQueer

    Lord of the Flies right But it was sure as shit lucky

  • Luciano Angelotti

    Oh man If you think that the spanish explorers SAVED the guys from Apocalypto then you really missed some of your history classes

  • Jackson Woodward

    Superman goes faster than the speed of light to travel back in time

  • Carla Charrier

    jurassic world needs to be in here

  • Owen Oulton

    You blithering idiots Superman does not quotreversequot time he travels back in time an ability he39d had in the comics for decades It39s not a Deus ex Machina it39s just Superman being Superman And picking on Michael Bay for poor storytelling is as cheap a shot in a quotshooting fish in a barrelquot as any you39ve complained about here

  • Jason Wigand

    The Eagles in Return of the King

  • dasuberkaiser6

    Actually I have seen the old War Of The Worlds movie when I was very young but not the newer one and ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME They recreated the scene at the end during the bacteria ending where the weird alien hands come down out of the ship even though they had already shown the aliens in full multiple times In the old one it was so creepy how you only saw glimpses of the aliens and those hands were the most you saw of them in the new one they clearly show them several times so what39s the point of doing the same thing if there39s none of the same mystery and suspense and right after THEY PAN UP TO SHOW ITS BODY AS IF TO EMPHASIZE THAT FACT What were they thinking

  • MC Donald

    Where39s Das Boot the reverse Deus Ex Machine

  • Foxfire Inferno

    Deus Ex Machina takes on a whole new meaning when you39re talking Transformers

  • Radicus 22

    what no eagles from lord of the rings disapoint

  • taxidriver7878

    Marissa Tomei Ex Machina in My Cousin Vinny

  • malkooth

    Where is Match Point The ring bouncing the river meant that the Woody stand in got free from fucking children

  • Dana Veitinger

    Are we not going to mention the Deus ex Machina moment in Mirai NikkiFuture Diaries where Deus ex Machina quite literally intervenes out of nowhere to give Minene some of his powers so she can execute her own Deus ex Machina moment later on

  • Melissa Saar

    I39ve said it once I39ll say it again There is a difference between Deus Ex Machina and fortunate timing

  • trinidaddio gonzo

    the mist the ending was very deus ex machina

  • Christopher Fry

    Why would the Wicked Witch have a bucket of water in her castle if its the only way to kill her

  • Adam XYZ

    How do you pick out just one instance of bad acting andor storytelling in any of the Transformer movies The whole franchise was written by a threeyearold child

  • Luiz Carlos Valim Junior

    where39s Toy story 3 incinerator scene

  • Lardass

    Am I one of the few people that loved War of the Worlds it is definitely in my top 5 Spielberg movies

  • 00daveyr

    erm 200km isn39t that far when you have space ships just go mien the rest of the planet Seems like it would be allot easier

  • Denkar11

    In the book The Wonderful Wizard of Oz it is stated several times in advance that the Wicked Witch of the West is afraid of water and avoids it at all times Apparently it39s her kryptonite

  • Bob Willson

    Seriously Why isn39t Jurassic Park in the top ten OR EVEN IN HONORABLE MENTIONS Come on

  • Ray D

    I don39t agree with the Wizard of Oz It was all a dream and in a dream one can make anything happen

  • Richard Darlington

    What the hell is a quotlocal alienquot If it39s local it39s not an alien

  • Alvious

    What about the eagles from Lord of the Rings

  • Sagenumwobener Tobi

    Gandalf being sent back because his task was not fulfilled yet That should be on this list IMO

  • Chewy Thomson

    How could you possibly not know how War of the Worlds was going to end The original HG Wells novel came out almost 120 years ago That39s more than enough time to get caught up

  • Hoyt Jolly

    Contact Oh we just happen to have a second huge secret portal machine We built it just in case something happened to the first one

  • Lenin Verdezoto Pozo

    The sword in the mecha genre in anime the source of inspiration specially in the gundam series loved by guillermo del toro it39s always the end fight weapon to chose in many many battles

  • Daniel Pink

    718 quotThis Wachowski brothers are so cleverquot you might say Wachowski sisters bitch

  • Miguel Roldán

    hey what about the trex in Jurassic Park at the end when the raptors are about to make dinner of the heroes and suddenly the big monster comes and gives them a chance to escape

  • Bob Johnson

    This was a moronic list especially the one about War of the Worlds The death of the aliens isn39t even a deus ex machina it39s a logical plot twist You could have found a thousand better examples with ten minutes of thought Sorry if I seem bitter Stupid humans are getting on my nerves more and more lately

  • Merlijn Pieron

    An intervention beyond their control Or from completely out of no were BUT to a wise man These moments are great because they are XOR If they are AND howeveryou could make a list of most terrible Deus Ex Machina moments P