Deus Ex: Mankind Divided - Dubai gameplay - PC Gaming Show 2016 смотреть видео бесплатно

  • Warden Eternal



    Looks like Adam Jensen is using some of that Augmented Nathan Drake hair gel

  • Kongaii

    so why did you play Deus Ex on console on a PC conference

  • Kharr

    I39m excited for this game but I hate the HUD

  • Adi Adrian

    Compare this with the Tech Demo E3 2015

  • NitoriKun

    It39s funny how excited I got just by seeing a multi tool Total nerdgasm

  • Eincrou

    Not too thrilled about the 3rd person melee animations again Just handle melee takedowns like Dishonored or any number of first person games that don39t waste your time with endless 45 second animations Wastes so much time if I39m doing a stealth run Other than that it looks great

  • GoodOleUltraviolence

    Lol why Jensen is so tiny with such a massive head Icarus Landing isn39t as epic as before Now he just slaps to the ground not descends like a motherfucking angel

  • Engelhart

    MultiTool i39m sold

  • JZPotter

    I need that Augmented Hair

  • Lethanial

    Deus Ex MultiTool Divided

  • Harlock

    looks like another console shooter

  • Kaal Kurayami

    Too many animations such as melee and even to drop down

  • Rayza NC

    Looks bland and boring

  • Counter Chicken

    Jesus Christ those reflections on Jensen39s revolver as soon as control is given to the player shudders

  • Caa129

    Character models look really low quality tbh

  • shteffen

    PC version looks much better than what was shown at other e3 presentation of this level

  • TheNerdRagePro

    Is it just me or are we watching a game on a PS4 IF this is PC GAMER why are watching gameplay on a PS4

  • frostin1990

    Might as well change the channels name to console gamer if your are going to play a first person game using a controller

  • Coldby

    the fight at the end is way too quiet and slow

  • Sergio Xisto

    I wish my hair looked that good

  • Kevin Backalive

    Reminds me of Spec Ops The Line

  • RayValdezPhotography

    Dubai a city where you can go to prison for fornication

  • Phat Monkey

    Says running on PC but PS4 prompts on screen O D

  • Marcus Tharaldsen

    What sensetivity is this on Hes moving so fucking slow

  • s4eed

    Superhero landing He39s gotta do super hero landing Wait for it


    I was hoping to see the PC hud

  • Atalay Dedemen

    Pc system requirements are released

  • LonexWolf10

    This game is gonna be LIT

  • AutoClown

    I don39t understand why people are creaming their jeans over a multitool it39s taking away from what a Deus Ex game is Sure it39s the future but hacking exists because it is the future What fun is it going to be hacking devices from across the room in a hideyhole with Remote Hack and just pressing a button and waiting a few seconds to open up any given keypad locked doorThe only way I see these features being fun to use is if it only becomes available in NG or given to people playing on Easy difficulty who might have trouble adapting to Deus Ex gameplay styleJust my two cents I guess

  • Jason Genova

    looks like crysis now

  • Kareem Shabaka

    game looks great but animations are jerky but the scripted cut scenes are awesome

  • randomv3iwer

    There was a video of this Dubai Mission gameplay awhile ago its about 24 minutes long kinda made me hate what this game have become Hell I thought it was a total dick move when Jensen took the elevator down rather using his Icarus aug This video however made me question maybe the game is actually good like previous title Revolution but it was played by someone who don39t know ABC39s of game

  • MrXometalox

    hentai of this dude x motoko kusanagi would work out great

  • Blaze

    holy moly this is sick must play

  • Denys Deshevyi

    ps4 gamplay not pc gampplay dislike

  • Siege

    It looks like COD Looks very dumbed down as wellgreat Love the series so I39ll still play it

  • mhsaeed

    I hope the HUD can be scaled down a bit because that looks too big for a PC

  • Tim B

    PC gameplay but they use a controller

  • Taonas

    Nearly cried when I saw the multi tool One of the things I am still waiting to see if if we can make the HUD smaller on PC I understand it for consoles as generally you are farther from the screen but I sit like 2 feet from my PC I hope the entire UI can be scaled WAYYY down as for the hud I would actually love the option to turn it off all together I don39t need a mini map I know what buttons activate my augs and I am capable of remembering how many rounds I have shot

  • Ade Cole

    lol they clearly using ps4 demo to show it39s betternow where39s my popcorn

  • WingsOfHorus

    Anybody else think the graphics took a hit

  • julianofsatown

    Bbut its was played on a PoS4

  • minirlz

    Oh no he shot his gun Incoming weebs crying about how they killed the stealth aspect even though it has been said and shown a billion times and just the fact that it is super obvious you can play full stealth without killing and so on

  • Boris1990ua

    I hope there will be no achievements for pacifists

  • BannedIP

    can39t wait my most anticipated game this year

  • psykosonikwarrior

    This game looks fantastic I can39t wait

  • dooder39

    139 a sandstorm in Dubai Spec Ops The Line already showed me what39s going to happen TT

  • haitharu

    hopefully you can change the FoV

  • BeRsErKeR16

    hopefully they didnt dumb down level design

  • tSunrise

    Are you sure this is on PC Cause PS4 button prompts unless this game has PS4 prompts as an option

  • motorcycledude101

    im pretty excited for this tbh

  • Eck

    Graphics look way worse than they did in the PC tech revealWonder why Console baseline limitations

  • Tyler Desrosiers

    Fuck me hacking mini game replaced by a 39mulititool39 iron sights take up half the fucking screen and wait wait wait permanent 13 screen removal due to weapon being visible at all times in front of you This is worse than SE39s fuck up of Thief

  • Rachislav Krabs

    Why the graphics are SO bad

  • GGOnline

    DowngradeSoft Oh sorry wrong video

  • Anonymous D

    Jensen has Eye lens protection and uses hands to protect them in a sandstorm such loophole logic

  • Field of View

    Console plebs will console pleb

  • Hosam Mohamed

    2 metal arms Spiderman intensify

  • Juakin BM


  • Rick Sanchez C-157

    I never asked for this