PARKOUR vs POLICE ¦ Parkour vs police REAL life chase!! смотреть видео бесплатно

  • Hood Nboyz

    Coolyou guys are insane

  • Jack 01antern


  • DNM 1414

    This is made by storror blog not u and at least give them credit

  • Declan Cutler

    U know when u have to steal storrors video and give them no credit

  • Aatu Haapalahti

    and again one guy who stoles other guys videos xD

  • Rasmus RapRap

    It looks ez but its not

  • Carlos craft

    i think the cop was GET DOWN FROM THERE YOU LITTLE BTCH

  • Jason Perez

    I wanna grow up and be like them jk but looks awesome like mirrors edge

  • Sanjay Singh

    can I get some likes for nothing

  • Kieran Murray

    Sooooo how many practice runs did u do

  • Duhhitz torii

    I39ve done Parkour like that and the security was angry af and I39m like fuck uuuu

  • James Wade

    Without a doubt in my mind THE COOLEST jump parkour video ever made smiled the whole way through it

  • The husky Channel

    When I grow up I want to be like youEDITI subscribed

  • the zuera never ends

    galera se inscrevam no meu canal pra me dar uma fora l por favor

  • TheGodEvil GT

    im parkouring too that stile

  • Soldier Ice 28849

    Actually I Thought This Was Ganna Be Police Doing Parkour

  • Nic Pledge


  • Mmm Bacon

    Britain has the best roof parkour spots

  • Vertical Gaming

    Everyone go to storrorblog channel to see their parkours

  • GaliaxyPandaLover 000

    Dude I can39t even get over the 4 foot wall infront of my school XD

  • The Box Spy

    ya fucking thief this is from storror ya piece of shit

  • CALCAL 123

    that39s so fake it39s a video game

  • Young chocopup

    Well they said they would get down Just having fun while doing it

  • vlogs dos moreiras

    congratuleitions very good

  • R

    Why the fuck are you stealing videos

  • Nathan Arthurius B

    U just got flagged bitch for stealin storror work u piece of shit

  • Zephyr Irons

    cool video by why say chase when they didnt even chase

  • Dylan h

    Don39t steal from storror cunt kys

  • Vincent The Guy

    That was coooooooooooooool

  • Olivia Hernandez

    Y39all look like munkeys on trees

  • Jesus Aldana

    You guys are wild

  • abdi mohammed

    how have you got the energy to do that

  • The CittyKats

    i wish i could do that

  • Black Faint

    You are cool and amazing

  • joshzilla

    your the guy i saw running on the roof

  • Spongebub

    Police Can you just get downYou Sorry we39re going

  • Davi Gomes

    that was awesome

  • Xx_ Elite Gamer _xX

    If u mist one step you are dead p have u practised yet

  • Tim Howarth

    sooooooooooooooooooo coooooooooooooooooooooooool i wish i did that with you

  • ashton damico

    they hav3 some big balle

  • MLGGUY420

    they should hire police officers who are parkour experts like for the idea

  • Baws 767

    The 2 guys imfront of him were both wearing a number 10 shirt

  • samy wew

    vous tes les meilleurs

  • Door Dweeb

    this inspired me to do parkour

  • Nithya

    that quotsorry were goinquot made me die

  • Jenni Barnes

    the police wasnt even chasing them

  • Mouin Dani

    On dirait Uncharted 4

  • HA HA

    I feel bad for the guy he was only trying to do his job

  • J True Gaming

    stolen footage bro not cool

  • GamerTube

    Why jump when you can walk D

  • SweetPinapplePower ._.

    You guys were bearly getting chased

  • Joshovsheff109

    mirrors edge multiplayer

  • Christian Edwards

    You scumbag you stole this video from StorrorBlogs Channel

  • Meme Squad

    you guys are fucking ninjas

  • HyCy85

    Erm stolen from storrorblog

  • Princess Malezsa YT

    I know its really awsome and really powerful but you really know that its really dangeurous

  • Mark Thompson

    you guys looked really awesome

  • Smoke through the giggles.

    Balls the size of canteloupes Should be the nameof this channel You guys are amazing Just remember some safety gear here and there We39ll think more of you and would get me to subscribe I don39t want to watch you go splat my friends

  • Justin leenard Maglantay

    assassins creed style lol

  • Marko Lazic

    did he even Chase you