PARKOUR vs POLICE ¦ Parkour vs police REAL life chase!! смотреть видео бесплатно

  • The Yarrow Rex

    Can you get down runs away PARKOUR VS POLICE REAL CHASE

  • Hood Nboyz

    Coolyou guys are insane

  • Karly Johnston

    That Security Guard was like you really expect me to chase these guys Fuck that

  • anna hu

    I saw u on the Roof and its was really awesome

  • Reverse Dripp

    010 to 023 if i saw dat in my own eyes when i do parkour id be amazed thats art

  • R

    Why the fuck are you stealing videos

  • Darkavenger_13

    Omg how where you able to outrun that old man who was walking around normally just asking you politely to get down I39m amazed

  • The Box Spy

    ya fucking thief this is from storror ya piece of shit

  • Sanjay Singh

    can I get some likes for nothing

  • Young chocopup

    Well they said they would get down Just having fun while doing it

  • Uku Sibul

    1 A chase means that someone is chasing you2 I wish the quotpolicequot had pulled out a gun not nicely asking you to come down3 This is what ruins humanity4 I39m dissappointed

  • ShedCodsky

    FAKE the youtuber that actually made the video was birdseye dumbass

  • GaliaxyPandaLover 000

    Dude I can39t even get over the 4 foot wall infront of my school XD

  • Zephyr Irons

    cool video by why say chase when they didnt even chase

  • Jack 01antern


  • Spongebub

    Police Can you just get downYou Sorry we39re going

  • Ethan Parodi

    While watching the video what got me was the guy was wearing a referee shirt

  • Nithya G.

    that quotsorry were goinquot made me die

  • Joshovsheff109

    mirrors edge multiplayer

  • Baws 767

    The 2 guys imfront of him were both wearing a number 10 shirt

  • Meme Squad

    you guys are fucking ninjas

  • The Awesome ultimate Cool

    You guys were bearly getting chased

  • Sonikahu 8


  • HawkGaming

    Should have did it in batman costumes

  • HA HA

    I feel bad for the guy he was only trying to do his job

  • HyCy85

    Erm stolen from storrorblog

  • Zyaire Scott

    To good i was smiling saying oh shoot now lol

  • Anold Ouma

    watches naruto once

  • jeremy stewart

    my hands are sweating

  • Abuk lau

    I can do this in roblox cause im a boss

  • Christian Edwards

    You scumbag you stole this video from StorrorBlogs Channel

  • GamerTube

    Why jump when you can walk D

  • Justin leenard Maglantay

    assassins creed style lol

  • Wheeler Mitchell

    What is STOROK That was the word written at 139 on the rooftop

  • Ja Am

    Fuck yeah Fucking amazing You guys are awesome

  • Beatz Pop

    Guy was just doing his job He wasnt even being rude

  • Marriegrace Wademan

    That 3rd person just popped out of nowhere

  • Ricardo Abraham

    this I watch every day

  • BosanskiGames


  • BKS Junkie

    its storrorblogs vidio

  • lovely girl the best

    i wonder if they got arrested

  • Official Urvez

    This isn39t even your video the real video is from storrorblog stop taking all the credit

  • youtubevideochannel

    This guy stole this video from storrorblog and did not even give credit to them What a dick

  • AyaKozy

    the parkour was amazing but they did not chase you

  • Let's get 1000 subs With no

    I like this style of parkour more practical and not as flippy and twisty

  • Jeff James

    I could do that if I wasn39t scared to death of heights and fat

  • HawkGaming

    Imagine bank robbers running like this

  • 123 player 123 TW playz dat

    I think they thing they39re SuperHeros

  • liliane da silva


  • red fox13

    copy right this video bellongs to storrer blog

  • Raki !

    This is just a video of you being a dick to an old man

  • ITZDPRoZ xXostlingXx

    Teak Channel is storrorblog

  • Kayo Jackson

    Hey I subscribedI think this is really cool please get back to me thanks

  • kill switch 4321

    that39s so cool how they do that

  • Ulpa Sami

    fakers this is not your video it is storror blog dummy

  • ABDN visuals

    You fucking stole this from storror

  • Dr.cokacola blaze

    Dude it39s animated

  • smeyzón

    like si hablas espaol