PARKOUR vs POLICE ¦ Parkour vs police REAL life chase!! смотреть видео бесплатно

  • The Yarrow Rex

    Can you get down runs away PARKOUR VS POLICE REAL CHASE

  • TØP addict

    Not a chase he wasn39t sprinting after you

  • Hood Nboyz

    Coolyou guys are insane

  • Juggaman 22

    Guys this isn39t the original video it39s made by someone else if you already knew that

  • Darkavenger_13

    Omg how where you able to outrun that old man who was walking around normally just asking you politely to get down I39m amazed

  • Reverse Dripp

    010 to 023 if i saw dat in my own eyes when i do parkour id be amazed thats art

  • Uku Sibul

    1 A chase means that someone is chasing you2 I wish the quotpolicequot had pulled out a gun not nicely asking you to come down3 This is what ruins humanity4 I39m dissappointed

  • Raki !

    This is just a video of you being a dick to an old man

  • Harjot Bawal

    I put this to my VR and acted like this was a parkour game it was soo cool

  • Ulpa Sami

    fakers this is not your video it is storror blog dummy

  • Jeff James

    I could do that if I wasn39t scared to death of heights and fat

  • ABDN visuals

    You fucking stole this from storror

  • red fox13

    copy right this video bellongs to storrer blog

  • Kayo Jackson

    Hey I subscribedI think this is really cool please get back to me thanks

  • smeyzón

    like si hablas espaol

  • 123 player 123 TW playz dat

    I think they thing they39re SuperHeros


    what39s name is this song please

  • Stuart Manyave

    THAT IS AMAZING If you want be like them I dont recomend this it is life risking

  • the only one Mr Z

    Cool im going 2 Do this Some Day

  • Princess Malezsa YT

    I know its really awsome and really powerful but you really know that its really dangeurous

  • Ace Cåp

    It would be 10x cooler if they added 360 camera


    well now we know who are going to survive the appocalypse I shall now cry to my weak physical traits

  • EndyCube


  • TTranner Riot

    and that39s not a police chase it39s a rooftop escape you moron

  • Rich Hamilton

    It39s hardly a chaseTitles a bit click baityStick your subscription up your athletic butt

  • Firestar 99

    Wtf did you all go to jail

  • NightWing Ray

    Pls sub to me because I39m trying to reach 1000 subscribers

  • Wiktoria Kedzior

    insaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaane you are amazing


    this makes me feel soooo awesome and it looks like assasin39s creed parkour

  • SPR Gaming

    i love parkour and it39s amazing

  • the amazing fast nestyf

    Wow dit that heart your legs

  • OldMan Oldman

    That wasn39t the police fagget

  • Audrey Lerch

    Nice you are the most daredevilpeople I39ve ever seen

  • Moo moo im a sheep

    also y would u run from a grandma that says please leave like all that parcore was unessary

  • TeamAtFort

    quotCan you please get downquot Guys run away and security isn39t going after them quotREAL POLICE PARKOUR GONE WRONG GONE SEXUAL IN DA HOOD

  • Uvuvwevwevwe Onyetenyevwe

    ffirst parkour music name plss

  • jeroen

    nice video almost didn39t saw the edit at 030 From white roof to Brown roof in a roll can u please teach me that

  • HammerHead_BC Nigga

    so fucking awesome you looked so fucking badass

  • Jesse Bradshaw

    They weren39t even being chased

  • Snipergang

    they like teenage mutant ninja turtles

  • W1ś Nia

    wow Very nice parkour

  • Javier Manuel

    Mirror39s Edge 3 trailer looks promising

  • Nope Exotic

    Yes this was cool and all but there was no police chasing them that was such a lie a worker asked them to get down then a security guard asked nicely I didn39t see any chasing going on so what39s up with the title

  • Jet02

    Very very And very nice video dudes D

  • Dhruv. tech

    very fast ye log ko khataro ke khilladi hai in log ko aage kya hai kya nahi kaiisa para chalta hai

  • Cereza Umbra

    this was AWESOMED

  • Yeah Boi

    Cool parkour but fake cops lol

  • Alvin West

    What is de channel39s name of this guys

  • Squadbruh206

    looks like a game tbh

  • pronz gamer

    this is storros videoD