PARKOUR vs POLICE ¦ Parkour vs police REAL life chase!! смотреть видео бесплатно

  • Carter Trentini

    Its almost like those buildings were made for free runningparkour

  • Hood Nboyz

    Coolyou guys are insane

  • CavCav1234

    Not a chase he wasn39t sprinting after you

  • Robemard Yambao

    just like a subway surf

  • Harjot Bawal

    I put this to my VR and acted like this was a parkour game it was soo cool

  • ShedCodsky XL

    FAKE the youtuber that actually made the video was birdseye dumbass

  • Majs Kukka

    But wait isn39t that dangerous

  • crash override

    dude its like they built the buildings perfectly for parkour you guys are awesome

  • Player Revolution

    slk mano a melhor que eu ja vi

  • Alex Kronqvist

    Jesus you guys are crazy BUT SUPER AWESOME

  • sashie omg


  • Yarrow rex

    Can you get down runs away PARKOUR VS POLICE REAL CHASE

  • sling king

    That39s real Parkour

  • Elijah Stewart

    WHY ARE YOU RUNNINGWHY ARE YOU RUNNING You probably dont get the jokeIm sorry if you dont get it this must be very confusing

  • Krisztian Gamer

    In my city I can39t do parkour any place

  • Juggaman 22

    Guys this isn39t the original video it39s made by someone else if you already knew that

  • Luciano Zannone

    Best video ever

  • dayshawn moss

    Cool But i don39t see who your running from

  • JosueOmg :3

    Que Uncharted es Hahahaha xD

  • david cognac

    Staged with the looks of it

  • xxinfernokidgamingxx yt

    how can this have low views

  • Aleks Angelov

    nice i wish i could do that to and i subscribet lol

  • AeRa Wxda

    Yo man Do you have a twitter if so Contact me Wxda

  • __ Mxdzz__

    U lot are actually amazing

  • Excire Gt

    ur not being chased u just free parkour in buildings

  • MM_ DaAsiann

    imagine slipping on that jump you know how high that is kappa



  • Jade “Your Local Jackass” Your

    That was pretty fucking amazing real or not Most likely real tho

  • Super Dooper

    This is really cool but I would never have the guts to do this

  • Cameron Gill

    My dream is to get pinned by Herstain PD

  • Itachi Uchiha

    Boy yall are good at parkour

  • chip jones

    damn I feel out a shape

  • Your Friendly Neighborhood

    They didn39t follow you or do anything all they did was saying pls get down How is that vs police

  • Blue Angel

    was one of them a girl

  • healthyamerican

    better look before you leap

  • Taq b

    it look so sick that it look prepared

  • Sunil HD

    to werk as a team is so important in situations like that

  • Nathan Marshall

    stop stealing videos from other people

  • NL Beasten

    Parkour vs fake security

  • PixelPro Gaming

    they werent even chasing you

  • Alvin West

    What is de channel39s name of this guys

  • Uzi Arts

    This is not your video you should link in the desc storror blog because it is their video

  • TheGoldenNinja //TGN

    yo u guys r sick i could never do that u must train hard lol

  • theexplosivepig9

    Wtf the police didn39t even put up a chase

  • ZoePage ESPN

    this basically some Nigga shit I need training now

  • Corey Bates

    I sub that parcour was epic

  • Jet02

    Very very And very nice video dudes D

  • Tormi Praks


  • EnderSuitStudios

    wats dat music called

  • ShedCodsky XL

    This is an amazing video NOT God little kids stealing videos

  • Gymtellect

    My favorite parkour v police video