PARKOUR vs POLICE ¦ Parkour vs police REAL life chase!! смотреть видео бесплатно

  • Yarrow rex

    Can you get down runs away PARKOUR VS POLICE REAL CHASE

  • Hood Nboyz

    Coolyou guys are insane

  • TØP addict

    Not a chase he wasn39t sprinting after you

  • Robemard Yambao

    just like a subway surf

  • FNAF Bonnie


  • Kareem ABNORMAL

    dude i will tell everyone about u ur stunning

  • Fev TvAndStuff

    137 about 9 years ago 2008 my sister and her friends when on the same rooftop and decided to write down something random So they wrote Storror Storror was one of their friends they used to have but switched schools How I know I was watching with my sister She told me all of this

  • ShedCodsky XL

    FAKE the youtuber that actually made the video was birdseye dumbass

  • Ace Cåp

    It would be 10x cooler if they added 360 camera

  • SPR Gaming

    i love parkour and it39s amazing

  • Harjot Bawal

    I put this to my VR and acted like this was a parkour game it was soo cool

  • NightWing Ray

    Pls sub to me because I39m trying to reach 1000 subscribers

  • Payton Hayes

    It looks animated sometimes but other times it seems real lmao

  • Audrey Lerch

    Nice you are the most daredevilpeople I39ve ever seen

  • OldMan Oldman

    That wasn39t the police fagget

  • michael

    put the TMNT theme song on goes perfectly with thissong from the cartoon show

  • SquadBruh206

    looks like a game tbh

  • Peter Griffin

    Why people are so stupid

  • daequan robinson

    but they weren39t being chased

  • Malik Imran

    oh my god how thy do that and I am just watching and eating french fries

  • syed ali

    they know surroundings very well

  • X

    should of just put 39parkour39 no one was chasin them

  • Theny Landena

    100 Vector in real lifelike if agreealso like flying subway surf

  • jackaboy boy gaming

    so cool were the pop pop real

  • Tiffany Clark

    That was the cooling thing ever

  • Nope Exotic

    Yes this was cool and all but there was no police chasing them that was such a lie a worker asked them to get down then a security guard asked nicely I didn39t see any chasing going on so what39s up with the title

  • Muhammad Sholeh

    123 The view is changed

  • Javier Manuel

    Mirror39s Edge 3 trailer looks promising

  • HammerHead_BC Nigga

    so fucking awesome you looked so fucking badass

  • Nicholas Lindsey

    they like teenage mutant ninja turtles

  • LucasThePurPurPlayer

    stole from storrorno chasemodern assasins creed

  • CropiCated Playz

    u stole that vid from storro blog

  • MCPEGamingKMahdi YouTube

    It39s Fucking Awesome

  • Cereza Umbra

    this was AWESOMED

  • Yeah Boi

    Cool parkour but fake cops lol

  • Dhruv. tech

    very fast ye log ko khataro ke khilladi hai in log ko aage kya hai kya nahi kaiisa para chalta hai

  • jeroen

    nice video almost didn39t saw the edit at 030 From white roof to Brown roof in a roll can u please teach me that

  • W1ś Nia

    wow Very nice parkour

  • Slendy }{

    Yo soy el que iba grabando

  • Daisy Lee

    Wow that was soooo awesome

  • Jet02

    Very very And very nice video dudes D

  • Yasmina El Yaakoubi

    that was sooooo awesome

  • Piero Salvador Prieto

    como se llama la music