PARKOUR vs POLICE ¦ Parkour vs police REAL life chase!! смотреть видео бесплатно

  • TØP addict

    Not a chase he wasn39t sprinting after you

  • Carter Trentini

    Its almost like those buildings were made for free runningparkour

  • Hood Nboyz

    Coolyou guys are insane

  • vincenzo

    wow you don39t own this video either thief

  • Robemard Yambao

    just like a subway surf

  • trevor morris

    I take the same route to work everyday

  • bikjhkljbj

    this is not your video

  • LS Parkour

    storror fuck you are thief it is a work storror team parkour freerunning

  • Majs Kukka

    But wait isn39t that dangerous

  • Krisztian Gamer

    In my city I can39t do parkour any place

  • ShedCodsky XL

    FAKE the youtuber that actually made the video was birdseye dumbass

  • Blue Fire

    Wahats this songs name

  • Harjot Bawal

    I put this to my VR and acted like this was a parkour game it was soo cool

  • Jesse Bradshaw

    They weren39t even being chased

  • Hutin-kk

    Why is parkour illegal

  • Kowadeko Gaming

    wow Very nice parkour

  • grfta Nitro

    After 2 and a half minutes they managed to get off the roof

  • Kailo Ren

    Nauty haha lol you guys are so funny I can39t believe

  • Tony Vang

    each time when u guys roll it just change

  • Kim Swedberg

    can you get down sorry were going turns around sike

  • AA BC

    Wow you managed to sweat the palm of my hands O

  • ThisIsPokemon

    I subscribed and made the 200 comment

  • Maricar Barredo

    You39re so cool dude how did you get from a nother building

  • Its Mapple

    Stop stealing people39s content

  • Creeper Gamer

    Great parkour guy

  • Václav Šanda

    LoooooooooolPolice is NOOBI39m subcribe

  • Thomas Luong

    dangerous but AWSOME Also where were you Was it some building place

  • Cj Pointer

    yall crazy but good stuff

  • Zachary Enck

    how do they jump so far and roll and know what to do at the right time

  • Andrey Luiz

    im don t say bla bla bla

  • Fakely PvP

    Wasn39t really a chase but it was dope

  • Roberth Löfstedt

    wow parkour i Will parkour when i39m big

  • TvToko

    Dude i like Parkour is amazing but im scared too quotD

  • Hattie

    I39m surprised he didn39t bust his head open

  • Cyber Crate


  • General Gameplay

    I wish you could find places like that in oakley

  • Cristine Alegrejo Sison

    these guys are awesome

  • HotBread17

    you should give credit to the actual people that did this storrorblog

  • Karnilous Rice

    now I wish I could do that keep it up people that39s doing this stuff

  • Lamp Squad

    It wasn39t even the police

  • Joan Toledo Servera

    whats the name of this song

  • Erwan Laury

    ca serai possible de avoir le lin de la musique sinon bonne video

  • Henry Barros

    quanta emoo show de bola

  • Jet02

    Very very And very nice video dudes D

  • Piero Salvador Prieto

    como se llama la music

  • david cognac

    Staged with the looks of it

  • ZoePage ESPN

    this basically some Nigga shit I need training now

  • Alvin West

    What is de channel39s name of this guys

  • Juggaman 22

    Guys this isn39t the original video it39s made by someone else if you already knew that