Deus Ex: Human Revolution - Director's Cut Launch Trailer смотреть видео бесплатно

Take a look at the launch trailer for Deus Ex: Human Revolution - Director's Cut, now available for Wii U, Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and PC.

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Дата: 2017-05-23 17:53:07

  • The Gamer

    Cool gameGood price if you have Xbox 360httpwwwebaycomitmDeusExHumanRevolutionDirectorsCutXbox360FreeandFastShippingFromUS322082598110hashitem4afd9e6cdegx3oAAOSwoFXGL8Z

  • appabend

    109 The Wilhelm Scream is absolutely ridiculous

  • Freecell82

    Heh Wilhelm screamAlso I like how he39s talking about the temptation to misuse technology right as they39re showing off the awful touchscreen bullshit

  • Godzilla52

    Is the Directors cut better or worse than the original version I39m going to be playing it soon and I want to know what version I should get

  • Arris Thompson

    what a composition plays after 103

  • Rook3v

    Probably very little A directors cut is usually just final cash grab to milk out what they can out of a game that most people how would play it have played it and may like it enough to buy it again or to reintroduce it to people who may have missed it when it first came out

  • Toxic Potato

    To someone who39s never played the game get it its fucking awesomeTo someone who39s seen every ending and has 100 of the game not worth it at all

  • mrtbrix

    I just didn39t think it stood up the original although that39s just my opinion I still enjoyed it enough to play it 13 times over and it39s a great game on it39s own but I think the first and second games were much better

  • No Name


  • No Name

    Human revolution was amazin dafuq u on about

  • mrtbrix

    Damn it Square Enix and Eidos give us a remake of Deus Ex in the original style of the game In my opinion the games have gotten worse and worse as time passedOriginal DInvisible War Human Revolution Director39s Cut I have to say though The Fall was excellent for an IPad game

  • Carvie Goode

    There should be some type of upgrade system similar to steam for the console versions so we don39t have to by the same game twice

  • Sapphique[38]

    Watch the trailer to find out

  • TheVitalij24

    what diference betwean deus ex human rev and deus ex directors cut i finish human rev good game

  • Angel kabane

    fucki just bought the old version last week and i already put in like over 15hrs in the gamefucking greatoh welli guess i just keep playing itthere is no way im going to start the same game all over againi already exploited the hacking glitch to get lots of Praxis points and lots of moneymade over 70 thou hacking the door to the Dj39s room in the hive

  • Qeruberosu

    Yeah I know and that39s why this is a must buy for someone who has NOT played it yet

  • DiGreatDestroyer

    But the DC version has new game plus redone boss fights and redone energy system Plus other graphical and technical things i dont care about xD

  • DiGreatDestroyer

    Please i need to know these

  • Azyral Stark

    Eidos Montreal is not like Ubisoft

  • Rook3v

    Oh no I meant starting from DEHR as being good then the next would be great then etc so by the time it gets to quotfuck mequot I39ll be well into my 30s and be more focused on producing my own games as opposed to wallowing over the jizz stain of an overly milked franchise I39m more or less on the same page as you as far as the original and Invis39 are concerned

  • Rssika

    I don39t know Human Revolution was much much better than Invisible War Good DE game but still not even close to the original masterpiece I hope they improve things

  • Rssika

    More like buying a dlc for a few bucks

  • Robert Tarnowski

    so let me get this straightyou want me to buy your game AGAIN because its the way it should have been in the first placefuck you square enixasshats

  • JKPRising

    It39s the Directors Cut not the diredtor cut

  • Rook3v

    With the announcement of the Deus Ex Universe I see dark days for the future of one of my favorite franchisesThough maybe it39ll go the Assassins Creed route from good to great to awesome to meh to fuck me why am I still playing this

  • Qeruberosu

    As far as I know the upgrading is only for PC versionsTo be honest though I feel like the base game on pc or ps3360 is fine and you get the full experience The DLC packs have nothing to do with the main story and they are just filler missions pretty much They are fun but like I said I wouldn39t get this if you already own the core game

  • STRIKER50450

    What do they mean by quot Rebalanced Energy System quot

  • Kosovo Report

    That an improvement the boss fights were really not fitting in the game maybe new options will enhance them Especially the second boss

  • Andreas Nicklasson

    As I recall there are now options for noncombat oriented character builds in the boss fights Turrets to hack etc

  • SonicBlastProcessing

    I bought the game awhile back the regular version obviously for PS3 is there an upgrade DLC or somethingI never got around to playing it

  • Kosovo Report

    Re imagined boss fights

  • Pacquiao The GOAT

    I love to kill chinese people in this game

  • Andres_ak47

    the only thing I did not like about this game it didnt have a new game

  • Qeruberosu

    Honestly this is not worth it if you have already ownfinished the regular game before This is hella worth it if you haven39t though because the game is amazing and has a ton of replay value imo

  • Gabe Harrison

    Hell even without the discounts for owning it it39s only 20 on Steam It39s a good deal any way you look at it

  • Gabe Harrison

    You do realize 39exclusive39 would imply that it wouldn39t come out for any other system right You do also realize this game came out before the WiiU was released right

  • Nukeclears

    Seems awesomeI would totally buy it on pc

  • michawel tang

    are the load times improved

  • Irvin Jimenez

    if you bought it on PC yes I dont think you can on other platforms

  • rockneck

    I think you need to buy it for a small feethe more of the game dlcs you have the less it costs

  • vik7325

    anyone know if you can download this as an update or dlc

  • Jesus Jones

    You39re not a MGS game you don39t need 5403593 remakes

  • Perusia

    OooOooh goodie gimme gimme

  • ParagonSuperNova

    one of my favorite games this generation

  • RobinsTaste

    Did theyuse a Wilhelm Tell scream

  • Arnez Juggins

    Cant belive this is not a wiiu exclusive no more have faith in Nintendo the wiiu is selling

  • DreamPlays

    Was and Is such as good game

  • DrunkenArsenal

    so what what39s wrong with replaying an awesome game They also fixed the boss battles which were completely untactical in the original so yeah this version is worth getting if u already own it Its just 999 for people that already have it or 399 for people that have the basegame and the DLC so its a good deal

  • Purped Pat

    lame i have this on pc and i doubt it will be a big change besides boss fights i would rather have a new deus ex than a slightly patched version

  • iva666

    come on same game only bit patched and added some shiny toys silly

  • IngenFiles

    Could get a port It39s on the iOS now Will be on the Android sometime soon I39d imagine

  • bigedd2008

    its not for the android its a wii revamp that39s been cross ported to the other systems like pc

  • shagster007

    Didnt i play this like 5 years ago Wii is a load of shite

  • Georgio Boy

    wow apparently they changed a lot wouldn39t mind playing this game again

  • Shovelware

    60 for anold game No thnx

  • KingDzaone2012

    Is this only with dlc but still THe Same GameLooks better than it is like much Other Games

  • Rob Cain

    So are they going to issue an update for the PS3 and 360 versions as well Or is this exclusive to Wii U This would be a great excuse to play the game again Looking forward to the sequel as well

  • Maxthejew123

    Ive been waiting for this

  • Timmer Ratajczyk

    I have to give it a whirl as a hard core fan of the series Problem is I don39t own a tablet and most likely won39t buy one just to play it Maybe it will get a port eventually

  • skyforer

    One of my top favorite games

  • IngenFiles

    It did okay Got good reviews and such I wish they had made it a full game for consoles and PC though The novel set before it makes the actual game a lot better I think

  • IngenFiles

    Technically they did Deus Ex The Fall for mobile devices As far as this game goes they wanted to give us fans the ultimate version of Human Revolution Now that this is out they can start on a new Deus Ex gameor something else entirely

  • IngenFiles

    Deus Ex The Fall you mean That came out awhile ago

  • IXO

    i remember when the game come out it was like looks son damn real and now after watching the trailer wtf