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Purity First takes over the airwaves to share some disturbing truths about Tai Yong Medical and Sarif Industries...

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    Future Black Lives Matter

  • NewClarion

    This is why you should stick with the prod Prod with the prod And remember we39re cops

  • Anguilla2001

    easy on of the best games of all time well thought out and played

  • keffypoo

    It39s so difficult to say which side I39d pick if that were happening

  • InfinityTemplar 我喜欢耶稣

    I mean I hate purity first39s methods but what they stand for doesn39t sound half bad

  • Dionysus

    Lol what a load of bullshit Augmentation all the way

  • Simon Peterson

    What these kind of purists need to understand is that we left what is quotnaturalquot long time ago Our quotaugmentedquot lives began back when we started using fire and tools We modified our crops with selective breeding we are modifying ourselves right now with genetic engineering and selective pregnancy terminations of fetuses that have for example down syndrome and other serious diseases Augmentation technology is simply the next logical step in the same direction we were going for thousands of years Its just much faster now

  • xXMapleVodkaXx

    If any of you have played the Cyberpunk 2020 tabletop game you39d know it39s probably going to be worse than this People will be getting cybernetics as fashion statements and as the hot new accessory much like smartphones are now Humanity39s fucked man At the same time I absolutely can39t wait to be a Cyberpunk street mercenary If I live that long that is

  • Eddy Charles

    No matter what you think no matter how many riots you start no matter what horrible truths you reveal you can never stop progress

  • Linkinbird617

    The main problem I have with Human Augmentation is that in our it will dramatically increase the disparity between Social Classes It will be the first time in history that a privileged member of society could with wealth alone become a objectively more valuable individual The phrase quotAll Men Are Equal In Gods Eyesquot will become redundant Fairness and Opportunity will be completely wiped off of the worlds vocabulary as individuals who are born into privilege can pay to become innately physically and objectively Superior to lower class citizensAmbition would die how can you be successful when those above you turn themselves into gods How can you become a singer when the rich can simply augment their voices How can you excel in school when the rich kids parents payed for their neural enhancementsWorst of all Equality would become a Lie The Privileged will be as a basic Human individual simply Superior

  • Jessey ellis

    The sad irony was that Adam was only able to beat these people with augs

  • Hans Bauer

    I think augmentations should only be used for medical purposes Because this is the only aspect that would improve the living standard Everything else would just be unnecessary and would only create a massive disparity between the peoplePeople would only use augmentations to be better than someone else Or because they want to crush stones with their bare hands or they are to lazy to take out their phones to take a picture And the quality of their lives will denfinitly not increase by this

  • Bilbo_Gamers

    quotOnly the rich will have these prostheticsquot Yeah just like how only the rich have phones

  • Sir BigWater

    Anybody else get a Mankind Divided ad for this video

  • Carlos Alcazar

    What I need is technology to make me less fat P

  • Esteban Zavala F

    is the guy behind the camera Janus

  • vince gredo

    It39s a pretty terrifying concept to think that a corporation can turn off my eyes at any given moment

  • PhazonInfuser

    My body my choice Period

  • Swain Bjornstrandt

    taggart hippies i was with sarif till the end

  • Rob Hertel

    The beautiful disturbing thing about the deus ex world is it39s something that could come true someday

  • Tryck Spot

    If I could replace my biologically defective eyes with superior cybernetic replacements hell yea i39d do it

  • Sizifus

    The trailer is great and it shows what could be in the near future However I resent purists as they consider you a human only if you39re a 100 biological entity They are the ones dehumanizing the population with their warped sense of morality I mean I get it in DX HR not everyone were augmented by choice and thus had to face the consequences of neuropazine shots and becoming depended on corporations and don39t get me wrong that is wrong but does this fact alone justify their view on augmented people as some sort of mindless slaves who willingly sold themselves to corporations or machinelike subhumans

  • Ozaiik

    guys dont make robots intelligence as a human make it like a teen k

  • Sir BigWater

    Human beings are flawed Robotics can be designed to be near perfect If Augmentations had a 100 guarantee that the body will not reject the augs then I would get almost everything in a heartbeat You only need a certain part of the brain If you and only you could control your augs all the time then it would be done as quick as possible for myself

  • Xait

    What corporations creating needs we don39t really need

  • MrPepsicola123

    Transhumanism will one day bring a civil war on the human race over who is slave and who is master they are narcissistic pathological egotistical and lack any moralitywhen developing dangerous technology No one will step up and ask the question why transhuminist only ask the question why not

  • ZeroCast

    What39s unsettling about this video is that one day in the future the events of this trailer could become a reality and the thought of that alone is quite scary

  • mecapart

    I NEED to know what is this fuckin beautiful song pls

  • Badass Sangheili

    Who is watching this in 2016

  • Matthew Brings

    I just like that the 39Purity First39 logo is a little sperm

  • Royb232 Barker

    at 051 seconds you can clearly see its a foam arm

  • ismael hasan

    what this is insane i know im late fail 1

  • raymond Schricker

    Deus ExStay thirsty my friends

  • Psylocyboy AKSHANSH

    does anyone know the the name of song playing in background

  • Jimmy Whitfield

    holy spirt is all we have left

  • Jimmy Whitfield

    darkness hase blured all lines

  • Guy Kazemeka

    I would only buy an augmentation if I would get some body part destroyedYes now its becoming real as this video looks like I already saw a documentary about some guys with robotic prosthesis

  • Kosta Moisids

    Oh my god To every one who is sayin that deus ex is copy of CODJust look at the upload date Deus ex is from 2011 BO3 didnt even come out

  • Steven

    if you choose to get augmented knowing the side effects then dont bitch about it

  • LeaveMyGun

    The only reason we dont have these problems is beacuse the technology isnt there yet Once we get it this will be happening

  • Tim Cools

    I have to say looking back I partly agree with Purity First39s philosophy kind of in the same way Hugh Darrow ironically the man who created human augmentation did They fear that it can ruin our human elements our ability to feel our ability to think for ourselves We39re not the only species that can do that but it39s a fundamental characteristic of our species Also I don39t like it when I have to trust corporations with my body I support the idea of people who lose limbs or had to get them amputated have a chance for an alternative What I don39t like is when people just get them for the sake of having them Like you see in the corporate commercials human augmentations are like the new iPhone People would blindly take whatever is new As a result corporations will try to experiment which at some point will go beyond the line of ethics And of course you have cases like William Taggart who want to use the technology to control the people But there are flipsides to every coin Purity First may be right when it comes to the horrible effects that come with augmentations but it doesn39t justify their behaviour towards other human beings They blatantly regard anyone with any augmentations at all as nonhumans which is way more disgusting in my opinion It never occurs to them to show the slightest bit of solidarity towards augmented people Also I don39t like their whole quotPlaying godquot argument This argument has done nothing but slow down scientific progress for years However if they39re referring to how the corporations project authority over the population and make the people subservient to them I can see where they39re coming from but I39m sure that39s not the case It39s not the augmentations that are the biggest problem it39s the fact that they come from private corporations When you sell your health care out to private companies this is the result As for William Taggart the only good thing I have to say about him is that he can at least offer a society with tolerance and solidarity for people with augmentations but he sees augmentations as a way to control the people and if anything I oppose authority figuresTo sum things up Augmentations are a neat idea but for fuck39s sake don39t hand it over to private corporations and don39t ever give government control over it either This would be a great step forward in science but it can get out of hand very easily and it will mostly be the people who would suffer from it And while I do think that people like David Sarif and Megan Reed do what they do out of genuine interest ambition and passion for their work at least Megan they need to place responsibility before their own ambition After all they39re playing with something very dangerousWilliam Taggart39s view is that freedom is equivalent to chaos he states it himself near the ending but he does offer solidarity However we do not need government controlling our every actions in order to have solidarity That to me would be a sacrifice not worthy of making We can collectively decide laws as people rather than having them made for us by a select groupPurity First and Hugh Darrow are right when it comes to the effects of augmentations However they don39t seem to care at all for their fellow people and they are discriminant towards people who do not deserve it Also a lot of their supporters whom you meet in Detroit mainly the quotPunksquot have absolutely no idea what they39re talking about They basically fear augmentations simply because they39re augmentations If people like Hugh Darrow and Megan Reed would work together on making augmentations and making them safe that would be absolutely fantastic in my opinion

  • tomken8dy

    Is that a large misplaced nipple 057Just use Jensen39s DNA that39ll fix it

  • lobo-loco812

    This video confronts an issue that doesn39t exist and makes it as real as it can

  • Ash Kitt

    I wonder if this would happen in a socialist society in which the means of production eg augmentation are owned by the people and not by bossesIn a society based on maximizing profit this isn39t surprisingWe saw this with the rise of automation in the 19th century in which farmers were taken off their familyowned lands and displaced into cities to work in factories and mills There were similar uprisings similar cases of drug addiction sex slavery and such Though that did eventually pass and human society adapted to an extent

  • Exist64

    No matter what Id augment i think Id miss my arm my legs my eyes

  • Argoon1981

    This game will single handedly be the culprit for the artificial limbs phobia that will come p

  • Edbrad

    What they forgot to add to this promo was the tinted colour pallet

  • Aneekes

    Call of Duty III trailer at the same theme


    This is fkn awesome

  • Sammygm

    Can39t wait for this new Call of Du oh wait

  • ZetaPrime

    a few things herething 1 i39m pretty sure you wouldn39t need need drugs for your organic body to accept synthetic parts if that were the case then people with pacemakers would be screwedthing 2 we39ve actually been augmenting our bodies for much longer than quotdecadesquot do you wear glasses how about a watch and that phone in your pocket technically they39re augmentations too of course not to the same degree as portrayed in this game and as someone who wears glasses and who39s vision is slowly getting worse i would gladly swap out my eyes for advanced prosthetic eyesthing 3 getting into some philosophical stuff here but all my opinion the purists in this video give off the vibe that swapping your body parts for cybernetic upgrades means you39re loosing your humanity that suddenly becoming better nolonger makes your human I very much disagree humanity to me comes from our behavior rather than our biological imperfections altruism benevolence selflessness compassion mercy etc those are the traits that make us human for example should i swap out my arm for a cybernetic upgrade i would donate that arm to an organ donor clinic for a wouldbe purist

  • Pantsmode - Topic

    This is some deep shit

  • Pesmerga

    This is so awesome loved the game but this quottrailerquot is the best D

  • Grammar Pepe

    Augmentation sucksFuck 2027

  • JaapioNL

    I really like this video

  • Kane112esimo

    Dang it stop copying from Call of Duty guys Come on


    The best video game trailer ever

  • bahrta sai

    I remember reading years ago that scientists somewhere were experimenting with how to integrate machinery into the body I have no problem with artificial limbs for those that lose one but not the stuff in this game

  • Erich Hoefert

    I39m reminded of this With great power comes great responsibility IFIF our ethics can keep up with our technology perhaps it won39t become a problem

  • Tobias Wheaton

    We Will One Day Rule This World With An Iron FistIlluminati

  • Fuck him Darrow was right