Deus Ex: Trouble at the 'Ton - A Deus Ex FanFilm (Animation) смотреть видео бесплатно

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Дата: 2017-07-26 11:38:12

  • Connor MacLeod

    144 can some one explain to me why he39s taking a piss on a plant in the middle of the 39ton I mean WTF

  • Ned Zukoski

    They should have used the GEP Gun

  • Erich Manstein

    that vehicle at the start uses audio from Metro 2033 lol

  • wowathena

    dam wish anna and gunther have their own spinoff as main characters where we can laugh at some more crazy dialogues as they criticize one anotherI think it would be great anna for stealthy play trough gunther for arnolds quotcommandoquot play trough

  • Doringo

    A BOMB is a poor choice for close range combat

  • niteshmurti

    but but but jc denton kills both anna navarre and gunther hermann

  • Alan Gabriel Medina

    103 dude seems as if he were almost going to shit his pants

  • Mioda

    Did you spill your drink too while watching this 3

  • dudeistpriestman

    So uhthese are pretty terrible The animation itself is whatever because he39s just one dude so its fine but the 39ton has 3 floors and the elevators don39t work I get it39s a fan film but what purpose does it serve to change that detail Also fucking quotassault machinegunquot Fuckin really It didn39t upset me or anything it just seems so weird to change such things Also both Gunnie and Ana can take LAM blasts point blank quite readily

  • Alex Hardt's Animation

    JC Denton quotHUP HUP HUP HUP HUP HUPquot

  • USC 07

    The music fits perfectly it39s Deus Ex worthy

  • Swain Bjornstrandt

    i need the track39s name

  • Xylarxcode

    I don39t really understand the ending Anna blames Gunther for killing their target when he shouldn39t have Gunther then shows her that he did in fact keep him alive to which the thug responds by arming a LAM and Anna shooting him in the face presumably to stop him LAM goes off anyway so what was the whole point Was she just too late

  • Butter of Sorrow

    101 am i the only one who finds that walking animation goofy as hell

  • MetalJugger

    quotDead men dont talkquot shoots him the second he wakes up

  • DarkZeroHero

    That39s a tad overkill isn39t it I mean sending not one but TWO heavily augmented agents for a couple of gunrunnersJustSaying

  • gskaloyan

    Pleas I want some more

  • LebadevPatrovski

    Aaaar This be puttin Freeman39s mind on the plank Aaaar More We require more

  • rockyman_88

    again this was awesome

  • Avikonette

    Another 2 mechs for a waste

  • Doru mon

    this video is impressed i like the 1st deus ex game i hope machima do if he want he dont need to make movie like that from second deus ex invisible war both games good a good story

  • TaxxiRules

    Man this is actually awesome

  • Swain Bjornstrandt

    waiting for a movie

  • ethan castleberry

    I really wish machinima would die already

  • White Flight

    Anna criticizing someone for being too lethal The hell Excessive lethality is her first and last character trait Her killphrase wasn39t flatlander woman for nothing she39s two dimensional as shit