Deus Ex: Trouble at the 'Ton - A Deus Ex FanFilm (Animation) смотреть видео бесплатно

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Дата: 2017-04-25 02:11:49

  • Ned Zukoski

    They should have used the GEP Gun

  • wowathena

    dam wish anna and gunther have their own spinoff as main characters where we can laugh at some more crazy dialogues as they criticize one anotherI think it would be great anna for stealthy play trough gunther for arnolds quotcommandoquot play trough

  • Erich Manstein

    that vehicle at the start uses audio from Metro 2033 lol

  • niteshmurti

    but but but jc denton kills both anna navarre and gunther hermann

  • Alan Gabriel Medina

    103 dude seems as if he were almost going to shit his pants

  • dudeistpriestman

    So uhthese are pretty terrible The animation itself is whatever because he39s just one dude so its fine but the 39ton has 3 floors and the elevators don39t work I get it39s a fan film but what purpose does it serve to change that detail Also fucking quotassault machinegunquot Fuckin really It didn39t upset me or anything it just seems so weird to change such things Also both Gunnie and Ana can take LAM blasts point blank quite readily

  • Mioda

    Did you spill your drink too while watching this 3

  • Alex Hardt's Animation

    JC Denton quotHUP HUP HUP HUP HUP HUPquot

  • USC 07

    The music fits perfectly it39s Deus Ex worthy

  • Swain Bjornstrandt

    i need the track39s name

  • Xylarxcode

    I don39t really understand the ending Anna blames Gunther for killing their target when he shouldn39t have Gunther then shows her that he did in fact keep him alive to which the thug responds by arming a LAM and Anna shooting him in the face presumably to stop him LAM goes off anyway so what was the whole point Was she just too late

  • Butter of Sorrow

    101 am i the only one who finds that walking animation goofy as hell

  • MetalJugger

    quotDead men dont talkquot shoots him the second he wakes up

  • DarkZeroHero

    That39s a tad overkill isn39t it I mean sending not one but TWO heavily augmented agents for a couple of gunrunnersJustSaying

  • gskaloyan

    Pleas I want some more

  • LebadevPatrovski

    Aaaar This be puttin Freeman39s mind on the plank Aaaar More We require more

  • rockyman_88

    again this was awesome

  • Avikonette

    Another 2 mechs for a waste

  • Doru mon

    this video is impressed i like the 1st deus ex game i hope machima do if he want he dont need to make movie like that from second deus ex invisible war both games good a good story

  • TaxxiRules

    Man this is actually awesome

  • Swain Bjornstrandt

    waiting for a movie

  • ethan castleberry

    I really wish machinima would die already

  • White Flight

    Anna criticizing someone for being too lethal The hell Excessive lethality is her first and last character trait Her killphrase wasn39t flatlander woman for nothing she39s two dimensional as shit

  • Jeffman12

    Not against health anything over a unatco grunt but damn they blast open doors and walls you didn39t even know could be broken

  • Doctorgeo7

    Pretty sure they would have survived that Would have been messy though

  • Gourd Lord

    LAMs aren39t that powerful

  • RothrilSectolith

    She enjoys killing people yes but she only does it within the parameters of her job Humans have enjoyed killing other humans from Ancient Sparta to Feudal Japan its all perspective and depends on how you are raised Anna probably grew up in a way lenient to such things Its not like she goes out and kills civilians If hostages die quotoh wellquot to her and the enemy as per assigned by UNATCO she takes solace in killing them And she is psychopathic not sadistic She kills not tortures

  • SempiternalScientist

    Are you kidding Anna is the most sadistic bastard in the whole game You walk out of the room from an unarmed Lebedev for 7 seconds and you hear a single shot You walk back in and find Lebedev on the ground dead and all she says is 39He tried to escape39 It39s more than just an enjoyment of the art of death it39s a sick obsession with murder

  • RothrilSectolith

    Gunther and Anna aren39t necessarily evil They are just loyal employees who know how to get a job done where others would have failed And in Anna39s case she just happens to enjoy her job while she does it

  • SempiternalScientist

    If they were evil cyborgs

  • SylphViper

    Only difference is the Major is more level headed and less blood thirsty as Anna lol

  • Rich Boy

    On Deus Ex Human RevolutionThis here is the good ol39 first Deus Ex

  • QuinnSucksAtEverything

    If the guys who made this collaborated with some publisher like AMC or something and made a side story out of the original Deus Ex games much like this but with a bigger budget I39d watch the shit out of it

  • zingtea

    RIP Gunther Hermann He only wanted orange

  • LeonShepard

    Whats with the penguin walk

  • Ian Barefoot

    what39s with the walking I can39t take him seriously

  • RothrilSectolith

    The character concepts are the same Look at Anna and Gunthers prerelease concept art Anna strikingly resembles the major and Gunther even has similar white hair to batou Instead they dropped the hair and added in the two mechanical eyes which also are batou influenced The stealth pistol in Deus Ex is also based on the Seburo CX from Ghost in the Shell I just really enjoy the fact that the makers of my favorite game also happened to watch and took influences from one of my favorite animes

  • DouViction

    Looks like so Terrorists

  • DouViction

    Really Any proof of this in the game Gunther was always just following orders to the letter and nothing more And with JC he wanted revnge for Anna39s death and his whole life messed up with the new nanoaugs that39s all

  • DouViction

    I bet his cooper wiring got rusty

  • DouViction

    Visually yes but Anna and Major have totally different personalities Major is a police officer first combatefficient cyborg second in our times international peacekeepers while Anna is a maniac enjoying the partywithguns If we give it a thought Anna sacrifised her feminine appearance for combat worthness And something tells me she did it willingly Poor Gunther in love with a rabid weasel instead of a woman While Major had no other choice but to become a shellperson

  • DouViction

    IW failed for many reasons but the main one was poor UI simplified gameplay compared to DX and tiny levels both thanks to multiplatformness The plot itself could39ve been done better but is really not so bad

  • DouViction

    Well DX1 did get enough publicity at the time But modern gamers born around 95 were 5yo then X And after that the closest thing to DX ever released was Bioshock We39re just the lucky guys to see both along with some other epic games our younger mates can never enjoy properly for they39ve seen too much better graphics

  • DouViction

    Who did Anna doublecross Her loyalty was always to MJ12 and she served it enjoying the bloodshed to the end bravely taking a fight with an advanced nanoaug face to face She39s a violent crazy bitch that is but she39s an honest violent crazy bitch Maggie is totaly a different story The woman is a snake I never believed a thing she said

  • DouViction

    Seriously don39t you feel pity for Gunther He was always just following the orders and he was hopelessly in love with Anna Hey did the guy have an alternative For any nonmech girl he39s a cyborg a damn freak And UNTACO should39ve had him an Anna on a leash 39cause their augs cost so much and they can39t be just removed Besides noone else would hire a mech except for the mafia I wonder if Anna ever realised her violent nature 39s been making her own partner pathetic

  • DouViction

    Orders When you39re a female mech you don39t want to loose that bonus 39cause it won39t be easy to find a parttime job when your face is halfcovered with metal and women have their little ways of enjoyment that need money In Anna39s case a new upgrade for her 762 or a bottle of that extrashiny polisher

  • DouViction

    Sorta Major has been trained to protect life while Anna enjoys doing the opposite thing Batou and Gunther are closer

  • LaughingAlex

    Why would anna care if someone was dead She prefers to just kill everyone she can

  • deadpan237

    except outdated and mostly incompetent versions of them also with gunther being the better agent

  • KiotBabylon

    I39m replaying this game all because of this film xP

  • Ubergamer42

    Wakey Wakey lol that doesn39t sound like Gunther to me

  • Ubergamer42

    Simons is the ultimate video game boss of all time even better than Ridley

  • MrWillPill1

    Stay outta the Ton bro Baaaad shit goin down

  • Nuptup

    and don39t forget Anna and Maggie Chow I hate those doublecrossing bitches

  • Cameron Peralta

    I hate Gunther Bob Page and Walton Simons as well Even tho Simons and page aren39t in this vid Simons is arrogant as hell

  • Turtleproof

    Every downvote of a Machinima video is an upvote for the original author they stole it from Machinima the nerdier version of Ebaum39s

  • Cameron Peralta

    I hate Anna Navarre In the game I couldn39t wait to kill her ass because she was mrs Know at all just cuz she39s been at UNATCO for years She talks shit about Paul

  • pixl_man

    I39ve never liked Anna