Deus Ex - PS2 - Part 01 - Liberty Island смотреть видео бесплатно

Part one of my PS2 Deus Ex playthrough on hard difficulty. This is a great first person RPG even though I'd consider it more a free form first person adventure. I knew very little about the game before making these recordings and even though I'd often work out what I wanted to do before taping the footage (to avoid wandering about aimlessly etc) I had no prior knowledge of the game as a whole so it could be considered a blind run, well semi-blind at least. This makes for a pretty interesting and unpredictable playthrough as I had no predetermined upgrade path and was unaware of some of the curve balls the game would throw at me. To be fair if I knew what I know now I would do some parts differently but it is what it is and that's part of the fun. This is also one of my longest playthroughs, spanning about four lenghty tapes and was a blast to record. This is the EU PAL version, in North America the game has the subtitle "The Conspiracy" for the PS2 version even though the original PC version is still called just "Deus Ex". To be honest this first mission set on Liberty Island (complete with destroyed Statue of Liberty, it's the future yay, you can't have a distopian version of the future with that still intact, just doesn't work) isn't really representative of what the game has to offer, even though it's one of the longest in the game, things pick up afterwards. Oh and I'm aware the audio is a bit wobbly at the start but it settles down quickly.
Дата: 2017-07-26 11:41:53

  • Incredibly Stoned Gaming

    When I found out this was a pc port I switched over to pc gaming

  • qwashubi

    haha i remember attacking paul and getting my ass kicked the dudes invincible