Overlord II - gameplay смотреть видео бесплатно

  • MrDiCapro

    When you invented farming 800 even though they39re cute Honestly i know this little games dark feelings it triggered me to play

  • hanzo shimada

    uhh touch me sama from overlord

  • Perfectionist Mind

    Teh game looks so beauty even for 2016 lt3

  • BDawg

    Probably the worst game demo I39ve ever played in my lifeWhat fucking moronic dev team thought it would be a good idea to have tiny retarded goblins as minions and giant monsters as enemiesbosses in a game where you39re supposed to be an 3939Evil Overlord3939If that39s not stupid enough the game39s combat system is as simplistic as it could be one single attack button that you brainlessly mash can39t do any sort of combo attacks let alone block attacks eitherAnd probably the worst offense of all the game has humor It all feels looks and sounds ridiculous on every level That39s one thing an Evil game shouldn39t haveOther major failures include the lack of any Blood or Gore System Seriously Not even fucking blood the most basic of all mechanicsTo summarize this is one of the least Evil games I have ever played It is an abomination I seriously wonder how a game like this got any positive reviews Any generic good guy game provides a far better enjoyable Evil experience than this game You can be far more Evil in any Elder Scrolls game than you could in this little shitty gameIn an Elder Scrolls game you can actually Summon and Command actual fucking monsters Spider Queens Demons Giant Lizard Monsters Skeletons Zombies and go on murder sprees across the landIn the Multiplayer section of Brutal Legend which also has an AI Practice Mode in case you can39t find any players An Action AdventureRTS game you can play as a Demon Emperor and command an army of both small and big intimidating demons against HumansBrutal Legend also has more gameplay mechanics and does them all better than Overlord The combat system is infinitely better with far more depth to it a better unit control system an actual blood and gore system flying driving of weaponized cars etc all that work really well togetherI seriously wonder how this poor excuse for a game actually managed to get any fans or any positive reviews Sauron simulator my ass It is so bland poorly designed and executed that it not only fails as an 3939Evil3939 game it fails as a game in general

  • Layrend

    I remember how I played it when I was a 10 years old kid

  • JacPod

    Oh my god the nostalgia

  • Hector Ponce

    On sale at steam this weekend

  • Epiphica

    this is on steam with overlord 1 raising hell for 5 euro for all 3 right now

  • Jokruy

    Overlord 1 was better

  • Vörösházi Dominik

    It39s hungarian game DDD

  • pooclak

    who is the noob playing

  • Captain Zeppos

    omfg overloard not another WW2 game

  • tuong93

    seriously comment about Uncharted 3 in an Overlord II clip

  • Nadir R

    he looks like the witch king from LOTR

  • FeewPL

    play overlord I its so awesome overlord II is more awesome

  • Gratios

    I39m a seal and I find this clubbing

  • Don Nappa

    there39s another overlords too like for wii wich i tough its more awesome but this version is better craft your own equips

  • Don Nappa

    everyone i recommend the game i get it and its justFUCKING AWESOME you would spend alot of fun on it principally after you get quotsomethingsquot well just have it

  • Deroni76

    Nothing it39s just a new game they are not making Overlord 2 to replace the first one

  • Adek

    no its actually not a normal question cause there in tutourial was CONTROLS WASD so its played on pc but yes there is a version for PS3 and xBox

  • SongSung8

    that bit where hes down in the hole is one of the best moments in the game hello helloooo anyone ooh

  • Enigmos

    quotBegone you beast and make it fast for if you don39t we39ll kick your aAAAAAAAAAAquotThe goblin clown was owned by a pissed comradebut he39s a true marine he continues his babble down the holequotHellooo I can39t get out The draw of the beast The spell of the means Hello Hellooo anyone Ooohquot

  • Daymjo

    This looks like a combination between Dungeon Keeper and Sacrifice think I39ll give it a shot those were 2 of my alltime favorite games

  • cyg nius

    i played the 1 part of the game it rocks

  • Nanditous

    Djentard I bought it its great all 3 overlord for 7dls here in Argentina D

  • Brandon Yeo

    Why would you kill all those seals C

  • Djentard

    What the fuck It39s 2 on steam it looks funmight buy it SIt39s fucking wierd D

  • forseeker

    By the way you play I guess you never played first Overlord Am I right

  • Forty Nine

    is the games reqs are bigger than wows d

  • darkkreak

    ill maybe get the game but i dont know if my computer can run it S