Tattoo Time Lapse Video at Red Raven Art Company in Myrtle Beach, SC смотреть видео бесплатно

Watch and enjoy as Erin McNeany gets a half-sleeve tattoo done at Red Raven Art Company in Myrtle Beach SC. The actual tattoo took two four-hour sessions to complete from start to finish, so we've condensed the process down to a an eight-minute video.

Thanks to Jim Johnson, Erin McNeany, Taylor J. Burt, Red Raven Art Company, and everyone who helped to put this together.
Дата: 2017-01-17 18:01:06

  • twenty_one•luminers

    omg south carolina i miss you so much

  • Game for dare

    Nice work it was good

  • Richard Silva

    liked the design but color pallet was horrible in my opinion


    Spectacular Line work Man

  • Ortensio Macchione

    compliments fabulous can you tell me please what kind of machine you used to draw the lines what39s his name 39 39

  • Zeph Dacanay

    I think that was executed improperly the design could have been a gold mine of artistic expression The result instead was Basic

  • Carl Marshall

    good tattoo mate can you tell me did you use a round mugnam or flat do do the shading