deus ex human revolution - ALL TAKEDOWNS смотреть видео бесплатно

  • James Salvatore

    God there are like so many more and better ones here than in Mankind Divided Seems most of the work in MD went to make the new augs more encourable

  • ScattySafari

    This is one of the few games where I loved the prefabricated takedowns They were varied enough that you felt like a real badass for doing them I also like the fact that the nonlethal takedowns are just as badass as the lethal ones so you might as well go nonlethal as there is no benefit to being Murderface McGeeHowever if you want to the game doesn39t punish you for it like Dishonoredwhich I still love does

  • Catlin Young

    Reminds me of Metal Gear

  • Arczethus

    226 most badass takedown for sure just walks away casually haha

  • Jen5en

    202 quotThe Bitch Slapquot

  • Martin Kolesár

    405 I cant stop laughing at this

  • Someone 4266642

    dat quality I know it39s 2011 but jeez

  • Cameron McKelvey

    seeing the slow build up of the intricacy and precision of these together with the music blows my mind as Jensen gets more in touch with his augs 508 made my jaw drop as I never saw that in game

  • forgh Jiménez 117

    muy buen juego se los recomiendo

  • Wyatt Vance

    257 This one is so ridiculous

  • Ryan David

    Wow I didn39t have enough energy to do a lot of takedowns even with the cells maxed so I haven39t seen many of these Damn Jensen39s lethal takedowns are downright brutal Imagine Adam as a DLC mortal kombat character

  • lieGN

    MD has only four different Double Takedowns yes nonlethal and lethal in total wat a lazyass shit compared to HRand somehow it doesn39t feel as satisfying as HR39s

  • Ian Khoo

    The one thing I wanted to see in Mankind Divided was that satisfying quotTWACKquot noise when you punch someone

  • Alladeen Madafaker

    I think the game would be better in third person

  • Usatank Gaming

    Can someone please tell me the names of the songs that are playing in this awesome video Thank you and have a great day

  • MessengerOfHell

    I wish these takedowns would have been added in Mankind Divided The ones it has are goid but these ones were awesome to watch

  • Zen RD

    Why is it called takedownsAs far as I know takedowns are techniques in Jiu Jitsu or grappling martial arts whereby you take your opponent quotdownquot to the ground by imbalancing him

  • Robert Sides

    423 Easily my favorite I swear this was straight out of a Three Stooges bit Ain39t nothing beats a double backhand

  • Fanuel Hodaviah

    i once done multi take down with 2 big brutes machine gunner in singapore mission

  • Chicken Mike

    219 230 339 415 ABSOLUTE FAVORITESThe new sound design in DXMD makes Adam feel weak

  • DaringDanny

    I came back here after seeing Mankind Divided39s takedowns The original is so much better

  • Jenny Hudson

    lol i love the way he just casually taps the guy on the shoulder before punching him in the face

  • Valkyrie1094

    These are a bit more varied than the ones in Mankind Divided shame the lethal ones alert everyone in a square mile making them pointless I like how they did it Mankind Divided where it39s louder but you can get away with it as long as the other guards aren39t within 1020 feet

  • John Smith

    Man I wish Mankind Divided has the over the top take downs like this game They felt so much better

  • a e s t h e t i c

    Watch this with NFKRS cant touch my swag in the backround it totally fits lol

  • VolosBlur

    this is what a call a true porn

  • Drake Drakeson

    050 Extreme deep tissue massage

  • Strider-Ragnarok

    I like to imagine that this are the very five minutes of Jensen getting out off the hospital right after getting his new cyber body

  • Natural Law

    249 That one is my favorite

  • Drious TB

    325 that guy fell before he even touched him XD

  • Jake Branthe

    The ones that have been knocked out by adam are now eating through a straw

  • _FireFlamePhoenix_

    033 can you actually bring someone to their knees like that I wonder if they got someone who specialized in CQC to help with the takedown scenes in the game

  • Francis

    324 HE LITERALLY JUMPED FOR YOUIn NO WAY SHAPE OR FORM did Jensen touch him before he started to flip

  • The Ironwing Kaiser

    415 153 and 316 are my favorite takedowns in this game

  • Earthanasia

    One of the few games where scripted animations actually add to the game

  • Samuel Groen

    323 is my favouriteJensen uses the force to pull the first guy over

  • Project Pems

    My guide on whether or not to kill themCivilian Try not to kill themBelltower Have they hindered you pose a threat in your way etc No Don39t kill themYes Kill them just another bad day at workHave they pissed you offNo DYes MURDER THEM AS FAST AS YOU CAN WITH PLEASURE

  • TheWonderfulWeeabooOtaku

    You know when you think about it when you have fucking cybernetic arms all you really need to know is how to throw a good hook Which is also what you see Jensen using A LOT in the game

  • Alien

    This is what terminator would do for takedowns

  • StyryderX

    202 You39re de decked

  • Joseph Murray

    I do love how he takes down enemies he does it with style yet extremely effective

  • Spiritual State

    Vincent BeersI think its more attributed to the animations used in the takedowns Limbs move and bend in weird ways in this game Also the lethal moves looks legit

  • FWaNKuS88

    505 quotNothing but blood and screams man Blood and screamsquot

  • serge

    225That39s my favourite one

  • Rashaed

    I hope the next game has more takedowns instead going back melee combat

  • Vincent Beers

    So many of these look like gentle practice rolls It39s like they were mocapped by someone who was scared to hurt their partnerThe sounds are more ouch than the appearance for most of them for example every quotarmbreakquot doesn39t actually look like anything is being broken they all look like they are just bending the arm at the elbow and shaking it like they do in pro wrestling but they add in that crackle sound to make it quotsoundquot like its being broken but the arms not in a position to get hurtThey need to get actual stuntmen next time for their motion capture

  • heinekencobra

    237 did he just chop his dick off

  • Diksout Forharambe

    The straight up punch to the face is my favourite

  • Enraric

    227 He just walks away What a BAMF

  • Ephy Pinkman

    I got so fight thirsty after seeing this D

  • Hennessey Boone

    Oh shut up and stop complaining

  • banlieuef

    any thoughts on what particular martial art or fight system he used

  • Rene Gonzalez

    i see alot of tony jaa moves towards the end did he do motion capture moves are very similar to the protecter movie

  • Kaede782

    And 510 is my favourite

  • TheTickRules

    My personal fav is the headspin that39s just messed up

  • Maverick

    251 that was my favorite take down by far wish i got to do them all

  • Nuclear Boss

    152my favouriteCCCCCCCOMBO

  • allWoundUp357

    The third one doesn39t even make any sense He bends the guy39s arm the way it normally bends is that supposed to be painful or something

  • Metrack

    That awkward when you discover thatDes ex humanhave doble stealth killand Watch Dogsdosen have itLike are you freaking kidding me

  • Angus MacKnight

    Remind me if you39re playing this on XBox 360 is the lethal takedown what you get when you just press quotBquot or when you hold quotBquot

  • ImpossibenKryptonerd

    I wonder how many candy bars he had to eat to get these all