Deus Ex Human Revolution Director's Cut - Speedrun route (Any%) смотреть видео бесплатно

  • HyvelTjuven

    Is this the current WR

  • BrainSeepsOut

    0020 Doop de doo de doo oh hello Barrett

  • MiniDjay

    Really good work but a little bit Yolo Strat in some parts xD

  • J M

    1625 boom shakalaka boom shakalaka boom

  • Have fun with me

    at sarif plant that swat stuns WTF

  • Labbekak

    Awesome I was hoping you39d put up route for DC

  • JcRxMakkusu

    You deserve more subscribers Brilliant guide 1010

  • Soraroxasxion1

    couldn39t you optimize this slightly by shutting down the antenna before connecting the drive to your cpu

  • Rolf Flores

    How the heck did you know the password for the first two hackeable doorways I thought you were forced to hack them o

  • Nilupul Amarasinghe

    i sub to so please sub to me