Tattoo Timelapse - Orks & Mystik смотреть видео бесплатно

SullenTV and Stencil Stuff present 'Tattoo Timelapse' with Orks and Mystik!

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Дата: 2017-07-20 17:45:26

  • John Lawson

    im asking the obvious dumb question I can39t make out exactly what it says it is very nice but a bit nicer if I knew what it said I know I know im just blind in one eye and can39t see out of the other

  • Ahmed jabo kadri

    I whent tattoo for may nemesand nember 11

  • Ricardo Alvarenga

    How long did this tattoo take

  • Lud Wig

    man nice work Respect guys Also lots of respect for the canvas

  • Sandy Gomes

    Qual tipo de letra que usou para tatuar

  • Als Amaro

    Pretty dope I like it

  • Evan Huston

    Was there a specific font you used as a guide line or was it all just free hand

  • Joshua Sutherland

    What was the price on this

  • Emad Adel

    i wanna learn this please

  • Rebecca Woodford

    Two needles at once faaaaaak What a trooper

  • Miguel Martinez-Villalva

    Karen mira esto bb this is a badass tattoo

  • 1Faith1Fate

    A collaboration tattoo Very nice

  • AREA 51

    what is the name of the song

  • Caitlin Minnick

    how much would a tattoo that size cost

  • howtoplayit360

    this guy is just casually playing on the phone

  • lolipoppornbitch

    great video thanks for sharing Can you please tell how long was this session pls

  • Derek Apelt

    what does it read great job

  • nemos1218

    that is fucken siiiicccckkkk that must of hurt like a mofo too so worth it does it say quot2 fast for the devilquot

  • Saul Elizondo

    Where39s mystik from

  • Jeremy Hanna

    Been excited to see this one So so impressive Orks and Mystik

  • daniiel duroon

    whats price has this beautiful master piece


    sweet shit love it son

  • Glenn Dalton

    Savage looking an well executed

  • Demon Arvizu

    manthat came out tight as fuckvery nice letteringyou guys got skills