Deus Ex Mankind Divided very early game infinite XP / Praxis glitch, no trainer required! смотреть видео бесплатно

  • WOLF

    maybe do a video on everything you initially did

  • justjohnny05

    too bad you dont show the ground level map to show where this sewer entrance is

  • Tide Bleach

    Haha gotta love that last bit of the description xD

  • ookami ONE

    lol I lost it at the Dr Evil

  • Jack G

    I know you39re trying to help but just don39tok 1st WHERE exactly is this 2nd WHAT conditions occured BEFORE the start of your short video WHY is the drone alerted and what or who is the drone targeted on to cause the alert to begin with We need more info so that we can go wherever the hell this is and replicate the scenario how much time do you have for this situation Is it replicatable or is it just a flukeHave you even tried to replicate it Can you replicate it Probably not I39m assuming it39s just a fluke

  • Daeth FromAfar

    Try the version on my channel you can rubber band your controller and leave it overnight

  • DtownCboy

    Go into the sewer the gate hackable gate is the one u need to go threw once u go threw it there will be a robot shoot at a civilian by that door turn right then stack a way up to where he is in the vid U can rubber band your analog with both aimed towards each other you39ll only get about 30 xp every 2 a second but it39s better than wearing your thumb out

  • E101ification

    quotdoos exquot

  • kylefer

    I found most of the infinite glitches are patched even though I have no patches installed playing on xbox one I did have to update my console itself recently so maybe that did it either way on my way to try this one out

  • Trav Tuck

    dude that39s even worse than the hacking glitch in Human Revolution Probably takes twice as long too they should call them Cracksis Kits

  • Drangonmaster v

    I rather buy them you know how long you have to do that for its just a dollar

  • WOLF

    okay I can get it to work but the problem is I don39t know how to keep the bot in the corner like you did I have to go out and piss it off again for it to work

  • Ryan Ianaro

    This has to of been patched by now right