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PEOPLE ARE AWESOME 2016 Height Edition is video was created to bring viewers much mixed feelings: the astonishing, the suspense, trembling and excitement.
We wait for your answer: People Are Awesome or Insane ???
Enjoy by viewing fullscreen and resolution FULL HD.
Scared of heights? Do not watch this!

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Дата: 2017-01-19 11:43:48

  • chef punk boat Dog

    Damn these people place way too much faith on themselves

  • ThatBluePanda

    I honestly felt like I was gunna have a heart attack watching this video

  • Manisha Pal

    and then there39s me who cannot walk on straight line on a floor

  • Michael Angst

    The one with the building and the bike right after are the craziest So easy to fuck up and die no matter how skilled

  • Madison Ghosen

    hell naw I39m out fuck this Just sitting on the coach and I still feel nauseous because of this

  • Rosie Deadwitch

    People don39t really care about their life but they was pretty to do dat

  • Kiana

    most stressful video to watch

  • Bay Boy Vegan

    Either they39re straight crazy as hell or have a death wish

  • World News

    I would only do this if I had a parachute

  • Sploop

    If I was there I39d push them off

  • Boom Bee

    So people do this stupid shit and then get sad when they get really injured

  • T CatDOES

    Am I the only one is who is like HOW R THEY NOT DEAD

  • Kabir Jat

    Really brave Guys I hope most of these are not alive today but If all you are alive then stop it you motherfucker can kill somebody to giving heart attack

  • Ghost Pepe

    One question remains how do they get down

  • guava_ evelyn

    and im the one scared of standing on a 3 step stool


    My only question is HOW THE FUCK DO THEY GET DOWN

  • Kaelynne Dodd

    I have nothing to say but wow

  • Life of aren 181

    My worst fear is heights oh god I39m shaking

  • Schoko Milch

    Are your hands wet too

  • Slash

    Make 1 mistake you will GAMEOVER and say goodbye to this worldBTW I prefer to watch someone fall down and die

  • Potterhead2082001

    This is scarier than any horror movie

  • Georgia ANDERSON

    anyone else not scared and think this looks fucking awesome and really fun

  • mr rambo

    i went to toilet for piss watching this video ended up shitting

  • fsx polit guy

    at 633 how is that guy in a swim suit with no shirt in winter

  • Panda Sword

    How are these people not scared as fuk

  • Nanouska Nini

    Des fou c39est des fou

  • LittleAva95

    Omg im here screaming dont fall and i remember when i was rock climbing i was not even high i mWas screaming and panicing cause i couldnt get down and i afraid of being hit while going down the little climbing gym and i was 8feet lmao

  • Xernam

    i get scared looking out the window of a glass elevator on the higher floors

  • TheGamingZombie

    I am extremely scared of heights so watching this is like being tortured

  • mercy Johnson

    is that really true someone tell me plz

  • Yadhu Krishnan

    1255 can anyone tell me where it is

  • jordan dee

    if my friend asked me to do this my answer would be fuck no

  • Kieron95

    People are fucking stupid

  • deadly_kill3r TO

    wtf I was about to pee and it looks like these people r standing in a place which don39t have gravity xD

  • shun

    What39s the point of doing these things

  • Deborah Edgerton

    how do thay get down

  • alex pw

    someday one of them finally will fall and died YouCanCountOnIt

  • S._.Nailz NAILZ

    Me and my friends screamed when he almost fell doing a front roll

  • Harry Dang

    If people does this stupid thing THEY WANT TO DIE

  • Ilene Jackson

    this was so scary you get a sub from me thatbluepanda me to

  • frank su

    U guys are risking ur life so u guys are crazy

  • Daniel Carrera

    I would do it to but with a harness on and a parachute on me lmfao hahahaha

  • KrazyKleptoCollecto Mars

    I cannot watch 15 minutes of this I pom at 350

  • Alex Petrov

    People are stupid 2016

  • Nobemy Migue

    it made yo thatpanda blue

  • SciFi Tv

    These mothefuckers will not die but I39m sure they39ll kill someone giving a heart attack

  • Himanshu Tejania

    quotALL THESE ARE CAMERA TRICKSquot I39ll say this to keep my heart rate normal

  • jethcrows XD

    whats the name of the guy that usually hangs is he alive

  • Clear Arestegui

    Y el comentario en espaol

  • katie jalloh

    the little boy though


    Taking mirror39s edge to the next level I think

  • LukePlayZ MC&More

    dude i literally started crying it wasnt cry of sadness it was cry of fear dont copyright me valve D

  • iAre Maddex

    They must feel as if they conquered life during or after these

  • sireeish sireeish

    if we watch this in VR set video we definitely done for it

  • coolgamer coolgamer

    I do hardcore all the time it39s challenging and fun

  • HowToChange Now

    The Short hair wearing a beanie guy is INFUCKINGSANE

  • Eli Dimitrova

    I Am Totally Going To Try This

  • Yan mls

    wie heit die mellodie

  • Suraj Kariyare

    does anyone know that short haired guy

  • Dimitris Ias

    why did you do tha D

  • I'm a Muslim

    i wonder how heartless they are doing like this is killing your self

  • Jessica Ginder

    Das htte ich nie gemacht das ist gruselig

  • Sandra Uy

    OMFG WTF ARE THEY THINKING They are still pretty cool tho