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PEOPLE ARE AWESOME 2016 Height Edition is video was created to bring viewers much mixed feelings: the astonishing, the suspense, trembling and excitement.
We wait for your answer: People Are Awesome or Insane ???
Enjoy by viewing fullscreen and resolution FULL HD.
Scared of heights? Do not watch this!

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  • Syed Nuhaid

    Even if you39re gonna do this allat least for godsake have a parachute No matter how skilled you areone wrong step can make the difference between life and death so just to be sureget a damn parachute

  • Get Deleted Bro

    fun fact most people in this video are now dead from mental retardation

  • Gaming Imperial

    sees someone on a rooftop with a skateboardmeOH HELL NO

  • Dank Memes

    I39m even more afraid of heights now

  • JapBest

    My fuckn heart burning watching this shit

  • Michael Hawthorne

    That39s hilarious 502 into the video and the caption says39Don39t recreate this be carefull39Are you kidding meI have more than 2 brain cells so I39m not likely to do this

  • Movies Are Beautiful

    when some one fal down please send me the video

  • keekee sills

    Am I the only one who had a Minnie heart attack smh

  • Glittery Kittery

    I get nervous carrying a plate of food into the next room and these people are doing back flips on skyscrapers

  • Gᗩᗰᕮᔕ & ᗰOᖇᕮ シ

    This idiot 114 got me holding my breath

  • Kylar Lothi

    Man People Need To Stop Thinking Real Life Is GTA 5 JESUS

  • carl bear

    my mom wont even let me ride a skateboard without a helmet

  • Atomic Spaghetti Eater

    I just want one of these Retarded Russians just to fall one day

  • Jahlil Tucker

    I can barely walk let alone climb 1000 feet to the top of a buildingThese people are so stupidI39m getting so scared they gonna fall

  • Bedoz

    Ist wer von ConCrafter hier D

  • GRAW 19

    It39s not that I want them to die but I hope they will fall

  • TheMaxGamer

    How do they get down Am only 10 so I don39t know

  • LFC M8

    what39s the song name at 510

  • Theodor Bruckner

    Wer kommt auch von concrafter

  • Giorgos Ampousidis

    Who would do this for 100000000

  • Hùng Channel

    who would do this for 1000000

  • Marissa Heuerman

    When I farted my pants no one heard it but it was loud

  • JMRmario 04

    YouTube is full of amazing videos with crap songs

  • David Weber

    HIER IST FR ALLE DAS VIDEO VERLINKT httpsmyoutubecomwatchvgLsO2RE6Xo

  • Kaiwalya Ghotkar

    Don39t play with your life their is never second chance

  • AveBae 2587

    YeahYou do thatsips Lipton Ice Tea

  • Kirito098 warrior

    it39s basically that 1 dude doingall the dangerous stunts

  • albert7139

    For me it would be all fun until you had to get back down

  • Imran Janat

    BUT WHY For what you guys are doing this for money only or for style LOL

  • Mary Jane

    why do you show the same clips over and over and why dont you link the peoples39 video or channel

  • hacker 007

    u r world only 1 onlyyyyy1

  • Isaiah Barker

    You don39t see not one black person in this video for a reason lol

  • عبد لله عصام

    it is not fake but scary

  • EinfachSue

    Wer ist auch wegen Concrafter hier

  • OschtiGaming

    Wer ist auch wegen concrafter hier

  • Carnell M

    My feet would be hot with adrenaline and fear

  • Manpp11 AJ

    learn how to spell careful

  • Viraj More

    heh bro I want background music of this vidio coz its classy nd ur vidio also

  • Azaan Shahid

    Give me what ever I wish for and I will still never do that

  • Iman Muneibari

    The question is how do u get off

  • Shadow _ Bonnie

    Why is this stuff so hard to find It39s rare

  • Jewel Condes

    how cool you are colorful life

  • Tomáš M.

    What time in the video is thumbnail

  • Skeleton Army

    I can do that all in GTA ONLINE parkour

  • edvoogl edvoogl

    Legend has it this was the last footage of all who tested fate

  • Lucky Shadow

    omg that39s so crazy how you balance

  • Willa Pohl


  • vu maiquang

    can you hlep me what the beat song in 420 second time pleas

  • Milan Jeftic

    How many of them are dead nowThis is like a suicide

  • MaxiTaxi 7438

    Wish I was as brave as these guys and girls

  • Alex Ros

    Now you know who ucranians are and from what kind of metal our balls made of

  • Mr Merry

    This Is so hard to watch

  • KscottGaming `

    imagine doing this while dodging bullets or getting shot at

  • Bea Cao

    i miss the ground surface for a moment after watching this vid

  • Taylor Sesta

    This is so awesome You know what also is awesome My name is Taylor Taylor needs more subscribers Taylor39s Chanel is really cool Pls check out my Chanel and subscribe

  • SKT Fan

    Fuck I hate heights I felt I am gonna fall while watching this video

  • Just A Random Mage

    I wonder if anyone is on a green screen

  • Martin Kunes

    Please 004 song Music

  • Ahmed Ali

    don39t fuckin do this shit

  • Shadow Minion

    This is what happens if u play too much assassin39s creed LOL

  • TimeForSteve

    And now Just imagine Those People make ONE DAMN WRONG STAP