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All of the cinematic cutscenes and all four endings.
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    The opening cutscene of this game is one of the most complex cutscenes in gaming history Here it is explained in fullSETTING Bob Page39s office probably the VersaLife building in Hong Kong that featured in the original Deus Ex note it says quotHong Kongquot on his screenDATE The year is 2027That39s 25 years before the original Deus Ex which took place in 2052 It is only 5 years or so before the coup within the Illuminati dated somewhere between 2031 and 2035 whereby Bob Page will set himself up as the de facto ruler of the world behind the scenes betraying the rest of his fellow Illuminati Its 19 years before the largest stock market crash in history the Crash of 3946SUBJECT We see a 37yearold Bob Page main antagonist from the original Deus Ex much younger here and one of the best antagonists in gaming He is very quotfriendlyquot by disposition quotplease call me Bobquot but is simply devoid of any morality and is extremely ambitious At this time he is one of the top five Illuminati a secret society basically in control of the world Probably third or fourthranking in the organization he leads the quotMajestic 12quot division of the Illuminati a section in charge of technological matters He39s also among other things the CEO and majority stockholder of the VersaLife Corporation a multinational medical and bioengineering company with a monopoly on the production of Neuropozine the drug all augmented people regularly need to avoid having their augments rejected by their immune systemWhile VersaLife headquartered in Hong Kong is the main quotevil corporationquot associated with Page in the games note that its only a subsidiary of the massive Page Industries conglomerate which is Page39s main commercial entity By the time of the original Deus Ex Page Industries will become the largest and most powerful commercial entity on the planet several times over mostly by capitalizing on a cataclysmic stock market crash in 2046CONTEXT Up to this point the Illuminati were content in their control over augmentations through VersaLife39s monopoly on Neuropozine however David Sarif39s research team headed by Megan Reed is just now preparing to go public with their discovery of a means to make Neuropozine unnecessary David Sarif is an augmentations industrialist who consistently refuses invitations to get cozy with the Illuminati because he believes augmentations should be unlimited Megan Reed is his top researcher who discovered the gene sequence necessary for a complete and total Neuropozinefree interface between man and machine something Bob Page had incidentally been after for a very long time for his own reasons see belowEVENT Highestlevel Illuminati meeting on maintaining control over augmentations Augs increase both mental and physical abilities of mankind and can not be allowed to remain outside their control They have two currentlyongoing plans of achieving control over this process 1 political lobbying and pressure on lawmakers headed by illuminatus William Taggart present which has been going on for some time now and making progress the idea here is to control augs in the quotconservativequot way through the puppet governments of the world And 2 the introduction of a new quotkillswitchquot biochip to all augmented people which would deactivate their augs individually or altogether at the Illuminati39s discretion The latter method is now favored because David Sarif is moving too fast with his discoveryPARTICIPANTS We know the number of participants is deliberate because the developers changed it from their original cutscene to add more silent heads Seven heads and Page give us a total of eight participants in this meeting they are the Ruling Council of Five three lowerranking IlluminatiThe Ruling Council of Five is the top Illuminati body and its members for the period are known in Deus Ex lore all except DuClare were introduced in the original game None of them appear personally in Human Revolution aside from Page and that only in the intro and postcredits cutscene The members areLucius DeBeers head of the Illuminati speaks Southern accentMorgan Everett secondranking instantmessenger with PageStanton Dowd thirdranking completely silentBob Page fourthranking or perhaps third depicted in personBeth DuClare French accent distribution of biochipThe three new guys the quotlowerrankersquot were introduced as antagonists for Human Revolution and all die at the end of the game according to the canon ending They are present here because they39re the Illuminati directly handling the augmentations issue They answer to Page because he39s the member of the Ruling Council of Five in charge of technological concerns as head of the quotMajestic 12quot division They are obviouslyWilliam Taggart ordinary American accent pressure on lawmakersHugh Darrow British accent development of biochipZhao Yun Ru Chinese accent manufacture of biochipAll three lowerlevel Illuminati heads speak and can easily be discerned Of the Ruling Council of Five two heads speak plus Page himself That leaves two heads belonging to members of the Ruling Council of Five that remain silent but we can guess who they are because we know the composition of the FiveIn order of speaking the heads areZhao Yun Ru one of the three lowerrankers CEO of the Tai Yong Medical augmentations corporation She is moreorless in charge of the biochip solution Her task will be to manufacture the biochip with her company39s massive resources She has also quotspoken with Montrealquot to ensure the Illuminaticontrolled globallydominant Picus Network spreads panic to motivate people to get the chip Zhao is new to the Illuminati and rather lowranking Zhao appears in the gameBeth DuClare French accent with a very deep vocoder Member of the Ruling Council of Five Illuminata in charge of medical matters and basically in control of the UN39s World Health Organization WHO Her task will be to ensure the Limb augmentation clinics distribute the biochip through the fact that the WHO quotcontrols their purse stringsquot DuClare does not personally appear in any Deus Ex game but is well known of Her daughter appears in the original Deus ExNote because of the deep vocoder this is admittedly the least certain guess it could be some unknown French guy but it fits and makes sense She is mentioned on Picus news in relation to the WHO and the Limb clinicsWilliam Taggart he speaks twice one of the three lowerrankers He is the illuminatus in charge of the alternative method the political lobbying for augmentation legislation which will place the tech under their control through the laws of the world39s puppet governments He39s moving too slow however and is basically being sidelined in favor of the biochip Nevertheless he will proceed with his solution parallel with the biochip effort Taggart appears in this gameLucius DeBeers southern accent Head of the Ruling Council of Five and basically the most powerful man in the world He39s the aging but intelligent and very lucid leader of the Illuminati about 100 years old now He39s leaning in favor of the biochip method because he thinks Sarif is moving too fast Taggart tries to convince him otherwise when Page intercedes De Beers does not appear in this game he makes a brief appearance in the original Deus ExHugh Darrow British accent one of the three lowerrankers The quotFather of Augmentation Technologyquot His task is to develop the biochip He knows David Sarif personally and expresses satisfaction at the discovery of the gene sequence because it allows for the finalization of the biochip39s development Darrow appears in this gameFinally there39s the person Bob Page is secretly messaging with through an embedded signal its none of the above but one of the two silent heads It is almost certainly Page39s mentor ally and sponsor in the Illuminati Morgan Everett the current quotNumber 2quot in the organization after the aging Lucius DeBeers This is strongly suggested by Page talking with him on the subject of Megan Reed in the postcredits cutscene quotshe39s herequotThe last seventh head is most probably that of Stanton Dowd A very prominent Templar Illuminatus in charge of banking who logically has nothing to say on this matter and therefore keeps silent He is the current quotNumber 3quot in the Illuminati after Everett and DeBeers and appears in the original Deus Ex As with DuClare though that39s really just a guess based on nothing but the 53 logic of the setupDECISION In the end it is decided to go forward with the biochip solution immediately they will kidnap Megan Reed and the rest of the Sarif research team both to prevent their publishing the new manmachine interface gene sequence discovery but also to force them to help develop the biochip which as Darrow says could greatly benefit that effortSECRET AGENDAS There are three separate secret agendas in this meeting that of Bob Page amp Morgan Everett the person with whom Page is messaging Bob Page alone and that of Hugh Darrow Meanwhile Bob Page also has his own secret intentions unknown to Morgan Everett whom he will betray some time before the time of the original Deus ExSecret agenda of Bob Page and Morgan Everett Page especially They are out to develop NANOAUGMENTATIONS as opposed to mechanical ones which stand to give the augment massive physical and mental abilities and for which they need Megan Reed39s gene sequence NOTE IN THIS REGARD In the cutscene when Bob Page finds out from Everett in their messaging that Megan Reed has the gene sequence he needs for his nanoaugmentation development he immediately intercedes against Taggart and argues for the biochip method Which will involve the kidnapping of Megan Reed and their quick acquisition of the gene sequenceSecret agenda of Bob Page himself unknown to Morgan Everett Bob Page his protege is developing the nanoaugmentations as part of a secret pet project of his to overthrow the Illuminati rule the world from the shadows and make himself a kind of LIVING GOD which he very nearly does in the original Deus Ex To do that he needs among other things Megan Reed39s gene sequence that allows for a complete and obviously Neuropozinefree interface between man and machine and thereby facilitates NANO augmentation In fact the sequence is originally his not Megan Reed39s Reed just found it in Jensen Page39s company developed it however through using human babies as lab rats and murdering them Speculation Imo its unlikely that the Illuminati in general knew about these experiments Everett maybe did but perhaps not DeBeersThey took place in White Helix Labs a subsidiary of his VersaLife Corporation which fronted as a research center for congenital genetic diseases Adam Jensen39s biological father and mother we don39t know their name it wasn39t 39Jensen39 succeeded in spawning the sequence in a child that was their own biological offspring presumably like many others That39s Adam At that point they decided they could no longer take this and knowing there39s ultimately no escape from Page decided to burn the labs down along with themselves to stop the experiments Adam was however rescued by a nurse and was later adopted by the Jensen familyOf course at the end of the game with Sarif Industries collapsing Megan Reed joins Page at VersaLife That means one way or another Bob got his gene sequence In a roundabout way through Megan Reed who got it from her exboyfriend JensenTo move his plan along Bob needs both nanoaugmentation and a true artificial sentience That39s what his Hyron Project HR end boss is aboutFinally there39s the secret agenda of Hugh Darrow the scientific genius and billionaire tasked with actually developing the biochip Unknown to the other Illuminati he has come to HATE augmentations and does not seek to control them as the Illuminati do he instead wants to make sure they39re rejected by humanity and destroyed altogether He is the man who discovered them which is how he made his fortune and why he was invited to join the Illuminati but now he thinks they will destroy humanity which they kinda almost do later on in Deus ExHe will develop the biochip not as a quotshut down switchquot to maintain discreet control over all augmented people but as a quotgo crazy switchquot which will make all augmented people go beserk while the signal is on through induced violent hallucinations and force a ban by the authorities He convinces the kidnapped Megan Reed to help him in this goal This is what happens at the end of Human Revolution Darrow broadcasts a quotgo nutsquot signal and all augmented people basically go insane and violent temporarily the effect passes once the signal is shut down According to the canon ending this succeeds in fact all the quotsecret agendasquot succeed Enjoy the game

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    Who is the character Adam hovers over 4912

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    The guy smoking the cigarette in the very first cutscene is Bob Page isn39t it

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    Subtle and obvious naming him Adam His DNA used to build the next human race the biblical reference fits well

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    This is Metal Gear Rising meets the illuminati

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    Great game worth buying if you are on the fenceThumbs up this so that future buyers read this and instead don39t read the spoilers

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    Something is wrong with the text message Page was sending on screenFirst the white text says quotHave you seen her researchquot It seems like this is a text from a unnamed third party asking Page the question which is further supported by the fact that Page does not have his keyboard out until after this text appearsThen the yellow text responds quotyesquot which is apparently Bob Page39s response So far it39s established that Bob Page yellow text Unnamed person white textBut it does not make sense because later we see the yellow text Bob Page saying quotshe39s out of our reachquot with the white text saying quotis shequot It doesn39t make sense for Bob Page to be saying Megan is out of his reach because he was the one who sent the Tyrants to retrieve her in the first placeI believe Eidos made a mistake there

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    best opening credits i have ever seen

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    And that Panchea place was supposed to fix climate change

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    Those endings I almost shed a tear so sad

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  • OMGIDestroyedMatter

    Those endings thoughGotta go with Sarif I believe human kind has a responsibility to explore and discover this universe given the absence of Alien civilisations within our reachDarrow39s decision Doom humanity by destroying all technology and grounding us on this planet foreverTaggart39s decision Limit ourselves by denying what we have already achievedSarif39s decision Fulfil what we are as a species Become the pioneers and explorers that we have always been and advance technology furtherPeople will be hurt along the way but when everyone is happy with their space resorts and their flawless bodies they will honour the road that Adam Jensen chose for the world

  • KRSsven

    Though I think it39s partially due to simplifying the choices why does augmentation automatically equal all technology lumped in the same category Darrow39s ending is stupid because as Eliza says humanity will probably cast aside all science and technology just because they reject augmentation Sarif39s makes sense from the POV of 39all progress is good39 but we know not everyone has the best intentions There39s no real reason why Jensen would murder everyone in the station he has to know leaving things to take their course will probably not work We know as a fact because of what has happened by Deus Ex that it won39t work I think the most fitting 39canon39 ending is either Sarif39s or Taggart39s Both are decent choices as HR endings and both can quite clearly lead to the world as it is in Deus Ex

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    He didn39t expect the detonator to be preprimed at five seconds

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    i can39t stop laughing at 3516he activated a C4 and responds with quotshitquot

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    ill have to agree with 13 and 4 well maybe not 3 since in the end hes entrusting it to the leaders but 4 is leaving it to mankind to decide so 1 and 4 To kill what that guy created so humans won39t no longer seek enchantment maybe there could had been another way but I see where hes coming from

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    Such a beautiful game I love it can39t wait for Mankind Divided

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    the cutscene should have ended at 5050 with aw shit

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    This game was amazing I hope they make another


    i love this game but the cut scenes piss me off a bit because some of theme make Jensen look like an idiot in game your stealthing or shooting your way through but in some of the cut scenes Jensen just slowly and stupid strolls into the middle of the room and gets punched or ambushed after or before some dialogue again not bashing all cut scenes just some of the one pyre to boss battleambush scenes

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    Barrett hmmm he has a gun as a hand sounds alot like that one guy from final fantasy 7 that one guy with the gun as an arm hmmm I wounder what his name was OH YEAH BARRETT coincidence I THINK NOT

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    Playing through this game again and noting all the little nudges and bits of foreshadowing is really satisfying

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    I never saw the cutscene at 1528 Did they take that out from the director39s cut

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    Megan or Malik MALIK Anyone else think that Malik is hot lol

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    I have a hard time believing that Adam would willingly blow up Panchea and not only kill himself but Sariff as well as hundreds if not thousands of innocent people Neither do I believe that Jensen would be delusional enough to follow Darrows line of reasoning I39d argue that the Sariff and Illuminati endings are probably the two most likely to be cannon and the ones that make the most sense for Adam to pick I39m pretty sure though that the Sarifftranshumanism ending is meant to be the cannon one

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    the subiect of game is very good and truth

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    This is fantastic I only wish it included rifleman bank station

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    Adam the first robotique human Beeing After the first intelligent man

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    Wow that second cutscene with sandoval Thats heavy man

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    I wish the ending to this game was as good as the beginning You don39t ever hear from any of those illuminati people again and it39s made out to be the misguided and poorly thought out plan of one man in the end instead of an elaborate and deliberate plan like the beginning would suggest

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    is that bitch on 2251 rihanna

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    One thing is the new one Mankind divided is after this story or not

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    That cutscene between tong and Belltower at 1529 can that be found in the regular version or just the director39s cut

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    The scene at 2120 blew my mind when I 1st got to it ingame the music fitted so damm well set the atmosphere perfectly for what you just learnt and are about to do

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    Why the fuck do you give information when you39re about to die from the guy that kills you Make it harder on him by not telling him it lt3

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    5047 Chills down the spine Love this games sound design and music