Deus Ex: Mankind Divided Gameplay Interview - IGN Live: Gamescom 2016 смотреть видео бесплатно

In a game driven by player choice, Deus Ex: Mankind Divided promises to mix up gameplay based on your choice.

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Дата: 2017-08-24 00:25:13

  • Matthew Evans

    Can39t wait for this It39s been 4 years

  • A Bad Player

    People are like graphicsgtgameplay nah fam i rather gameplaygtgraphics

  • Killer Dog

    I feel this is going to be one of the most overlooked and underrated game of 2010s

  • [FM]

    Omg whoever is playing this isn39t quotCall of Dutyquot

  • Sam Spence

    I bought this game using the money I had on my steam account after I refunded No Mans Sky

  • Ace Phoenix

    I can39t wait for Deus Ex Mankind divided

  • Jason Genova

    I feel like this is a game you NEED to play like HR instead of watching Its a game about discovery choices strong narrative and characters viewing random gameplay is not something that will instantly draw you in

  • Armageddon2077

    The creators of the new Deus Ex games should make a Judge Dredd game

  • Gamer Fury

    Absolutely gorgeous I have faith in this series Here39s to hoping the game looks this good on release Looking forward to visiting this world

  • Mjw Kim

    Graphics look incredible for a console game They did a great job can39t wait to get it

  • Eldar K

    Can39t wait Human revolution was amazing

  • anas 233

    only a week left am super excited

  • thedatatreader

    I have been very impressed by what I39ve seen so far on Human Revolution Like that moment when you read someone39s email to another person and then see the reply on that other person39s computer or when you see a sort of metastory about a secret relationship between employees or flatout political sabotage via a bunch of different email messages The game world itself is definitely the result of many hours of painstaking prop making and placing Man it just makes the world feel so alive

  • Overboard Calm

    this game has been number one on my list for a while This is my type of first person shooter

  • alpinestarsssss

    Wooo Only a few more days

  • aquaticpimp

    Looks awesome Can39t wait

  • TuneTamasha

    Takes place in Czech Republic Lacks Czech localization No comment

  • Automatik

    Watching this makes me feel a little claustrophobic

  • Brian Gariepy

    Looks like the Devs did us long time fans proud I cannot wait to get my hands on this gameDX is the best game series of all time

  • Sweet jesus

    anybody know what39s up with the game director39s shirt with one long sleeve and one short unless he39s trying to cover up tattoos

  • Shauddi

    Looks amazingpreordered and waiting

  • Moon Man

    Looks decent but is all we get is singleplayer campaign Looks more linear and story driven which can be kind of a yawn fest

  • wesler218

    when does this release on ps3

  • clovis2012

    I hope the ending isnt dependent on which play style you choose like Dishonored I don39t do no kill runs I don39t want to be punished for not picking stealth

  • Reflections Observer

    Judging by position of interface items options etc this game was geared towards consolesOhh I just hope that PC version will get a different approach I39m going to use analog sticks to play it

  • JamieGold15

    Literally the earliest i have ever been

  • Fear GX

    hopefully the PC version is good

  • Jeff22

    People still play these boring games 70 for what 15 hours and no replayability

  • benjiskitts

    This will be my first Deus ex looking forward to it

  • nicholas georgoudakis

    i heard it coming a day early on Dreamcast

  • Steve 30x

    I read in a new article that the game won39t have DX12 support on release and it will get patched in in early September

  • Syystole

    wny do the character models look so bad

  • husleman

    pretty excited for this game Imgonna play through the first one the day this game releases and then after im done with the first one a few days later imalook at manyforums and reddit and see how the performance is on the PC version and if its good then ima go out a by it

  • ThatJerseyBloke

    I love the Deus Ex franchise I think I39ve played Mankind divided and the expansions over 20 times and I still find new ways of getting missions done

  • Reflections Observer

    Locked you out from patching the game Hmm Well I found Deus Ex Human Revolution Directors Cut edition to be finally the polished version without bugs and etcI39m definitely waiting another year before game is patched and most issues are ironed out

  • Alexandru

    Still remember the demos and how shitty this game looks now compared to 2 year old quotscreensquot Almost no improvement compared to the last looks like the same old outdated engine

  • John Dou


  • youshouldntplaywithdeadthings

    i hope this won39t be a release nowfix later game

  • moulay

    i39d really love a location that39s not completely worn down for a change

  • OgBornK9

    got the collecters edition and everything cant wait

  • Jon Macklin

    I asked for this Can39t wait to play it

  • AudiTheKNIGHT

    this game is so true to its trailers

  • doomthedemonhedgehog


  • KILLJOY Kearns

    I hope the update fixes alot I saw some bad frame rate drops and a bit of weird glitching

  • deadeye388

    I like the Crysis style weapon customization

  • Jim G

    sung to the tune of Time is on my side I feel some sick days coming up Yes I do cough and sneeze solo

  • Cablecar18

    I really wish numbered health was back

  • KnightSky

    Have they released specs yet

  • //On the Edge of Infinity\\

    Killzone Shadow Fall also had people living in block containers stacked high Unoriginal idea

  • PandaLikesTofu

    Really glad to see the same art style from Human Revolution That black and gold motif is gorgeous

  • Grimah

    Tell me this doesnt have the same sticky cover system as before Even if it does i39d still play it but god damn it was so clunky

  • Hamad Al-Hajri

    the game is already out in the middle east

  • Drew Travis

    SOOOO ready for Tuesday

  • telepathy90

    So excited for this Loved human revolution and I even had to go back and play invisible wars haha Great games and I kno this will be no different

  • hanselthecaretaker

    They get locked out until the first patch is neededBut really the game looks like it will be a blast and quite possibly surpass even HRDirector39s Cut