Deus Ex: Human Revolution Gameplay Trailer смотреть видео бесплатно

Deus Ex: Human Revolution is the next hot sequel to the famous SciFi game. This new gameplay trailer shows off some amazing action and abilities.

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Дата: 2017-05-23 17:52:46

  • Clinky

    Funny seeing how it changed things like the aug menu

  • N7Trooper 20

    The game is actually better than this trailer oddly

  • DrBuffaloBalls

    I wish they would have kept the HUD like this This looks much better than the ingame one

  • fendo cruz

    Orange glare simulator 2015

  • K

    What is the name of the opening song

  • Miriam Mena

    I lovr Science Fiction moviesI don39t like SF videogamesHow unfortunate and strange

  • The Fiddler

    i thought it39s 3rd person

  • TheMsdos25

    I wish the HUD was more like this

  • Trusty Patches

    And the physics engine mission mechanics stealth system the only thing they have in common are takedowns and turning invisible are all different And in Deus Ex you don39t have to kill a single person except bosses if you don39t have the dlc

  • Trusty Patches

    Ha not at all Not only are gameplay mechanics like using cover different this game has much larger rpg elements Crysis does dabble a little into rpg elements but differently This game is more like a mix of Mass Effect and Crysis but you have to remember Deus Ex back on 26 June 2000 The game is very different in elements of plot and storytelling because you have a much larger control over your actions So no the Deus Ex Franchise has very little in common with Crysis

  • Hariz Ilmani

    I didnt know the laser gun can pass through walls Dayum lol Its laser hahahaha how did i not see that logic hahahaha

  • Sergio Esteban Fritz Rieloff

    yeah you can choose but for a fact i can tell this game is not the typical quotshoot em upquot kind of FPS if you go guns blazing prepare to have a hard time

  • Alex Leow

    I39m thinking of getting Deus Ex but just wondering is this game meant to be stealth based

  • Missael Flores

    Skyrim is another but shit game

  • DXLegendXXL

    on steam sale now for 224

  • dogfightvj

    nah don39t worry it was over and you can use google to see what it is

  • D500V5

    I only know Deus Ex Which ones are you talking about

  • Superstar Banana Mix

    Keep it that way Don39t make any mistakes with your money

  • caleb kao

    i only know 2 games that do that

  • caleb kao

    sorry to interrupt but what the fk is killzone

  • caleb kao

    i play it but i got stuck after first misson

  • dogfightvj

    ok ok that DEFINITELY will depress me for a few seconds

  • Superstar Banana Mix

    Okay okay I39ll try again How about this oneYou39re retarded

  • Tyler Green

    Click for comment adventure

  • dogfightvj

    oooh my you39re taunting me D keep trying my friend

  • Superstar Banana Mix

    I said that just to get that reactionA sweet cup of butthurt in the mornin

  • dogfightvj

    if you say so oh wait someone had to win ok then you won if that makes you happy kid ooooh noooo i lost i think i39m gonna cry o

  • Superstar Banana Mix

    The fact that you didn39t have an actual argument in that comment means you have no idea what you are talking about anymore And thus you lost the argument

  • dogfightvj

    i think it is you who really don39t understand a thing bro obviously you39re really mad with ubisoft well you need to let it go somehow keep trolling

  • Superstar Banana Mix

    Did you pass the reading comprehension test I just said AC1 was goodOh you39re one of those people who say quotyou just cant accept changequotWell here39s the thing change can be good and can be badAfter Assassin39s Creed 2 which was good in case you still didn39t read a word of my previous comment they went for the cinematic QTE routeThat was a change for the worse You can39t just go say quotoh yes some changequot when they made it worseDamn

  • dogfightvj

    in that case your own opinion is bullshit there was something really cool about Ac1 that i really liked and miss but i can39t say the new Ac games are bad because they aren39t they have been changing when a company makes a game and it39s good they have to decide if they keep making the same or if they have a change obviously no matter what they choose some people will dislike it real shit games have 1 or 2 games when are you going to realise that yours is just a prsonal opinion

  • Superstar Banana Mix

    The Assassin39s Creed games after the second one are objectively bad It39s not even a matter of opinion anymore They ARE shitOf course someone can like shit I39m not forcing anybody not to If they like eating shit it39s their own opinion But it39s still wrong rightquotevryun has ther own opiniunzquot does not apply here because opinions can and most of the time are bullshitSo from an objective point of view ACB and ACR are mediocre And ACIII is terrible

  • dogfightvj

    don39t play it then no one is forcing you right alsolimit yourself to reply what someone is asking instead of just criticizing different tastes and comparing different kinds of games i never asked what you thought of those games i asked if this game was good enough to buy ithaven39t buy any games lately though

  • Superstar Banana Mix

    quotyou also gave a bad examplequotUh okay Thanks for the insightful explanationAssassin39s Creed hasn39d had a good story since the first oneThe gameplay hasn39t been good since the second one

  • dogfightvj

    well you also gave a bad example as you can see and killzne BF and AC sell bunch of copies and keep going for more games you don39t like them ok that doesn39t make them worst killzone and BF are good games in multiplayer story sucks if you ask me AC is better in story and campaing gameplay multiplayer is cool but not that good different games

  • Superstar Banana Mix

    That39s a bad example because we are trying to compare people liking something to people believing in somethingYou cannot compare the fact that millions of people like something to millions of people that do not believe in something because it39s the oppositeBack to the games the ones I39m talking about are Killzone Battlefield although Battlefield 1942 was great but now they39re just milking the franchise for casuals and Assassin39s Creed

  • dogfightvj

    by the way i39ll give you a similar example when the theories of evolution appeared many people didn39t agree like you but doesn39t mean it wasn39t true even on these days there is people who still believe in Adan and Eva even when evolution has lots of proofsi still think those are not very well examples for this topic but it39s similar to the one you gave your example can also be used against you

  • dogfightvj

    but i not even have to know which games you were talking about all of them have many fans and 3 or more games and the example you said i don39t think it fits very well in the gaming world people buy those games because they like them and that makes them famous and keep making more and more that is what makes them gooddoesn39t matter if you like them or not

  • Superstar Banana Mix

    You don39t even know which games I39m talking aboutAlso millions of people in the middle ages believed that the sun spun around the EarthMILLIONS of people believed thatDid that make it any less false Nope

  • dogfightvj

    and all of them with millions of fans and sold copies with 3 or more games and going for more

  • Superstar Banana Mix

    You listed 3 of the worst franchises gaming has ever seen so I don39t know if you39ll like this game since it39s actually good

  • D500V5

    Yes and no You play it as first person but it switches to 3rd person on cutscenes as well as killmoves and when you39re taking covercover system39s similar to Gears of War You get used to it rather quickly

  • Bartłomiej Kumor

    I wish I could get the music from the beginning of the trailer

  • Noxvayne ​​​

    Can you play as a third person

  • Noxvayne ​​​

    I have assassin39s creed and only played it 3 times Wanna have it fucking hate it

  • Alvin Santner

    68 people haven39t been augmented yet

  • Dethkok

    TOTALLY WORTH IT I bought the game a few weeks ago and I barely knew it I didnt regret a bit

  • Noobkiller1705

    I am so sorry that there is no new game

  • Strahil Zahariev

    this game looks freaking amazing i just found out about it and i think that a movie should be made or even a series about this game so freaking epic

  • coastmelter4

    What did you think compared to the first oneIt seems it sooo much closer to that than invisible wars was

  • Retze

    Error mio error mio

  • jacoves21

    igual aqui cual tienes de q consola

  • TruEStealtHxX

    Let me put it like this I played and beat it the first time I just had to play it again

  • oobeedoob

    You mean you haven39t played it yet Get it asap it39s as good as it looks in the trailers Promise

  • dogfightvj

    i barely know this game is it worth iti like games like killzone battlefield mass effect assassin39s creed metal gear solid simulators and arcade games but the less arcade it is the better it is for me

  • Himmelslaub

    made by eidos montreal ublished by squareenix

  • Seven Sete

    you never played a deus ex game before did youwell your loss

  • Tim Bayne

    Well not Ionstorm HR was made by Square Enix and Eidos

  • akirami1

    wow It39s like crysis but more awesomerer

  • Nineteen1900Hundred

    Yeah Almost The game is a masterpiece of storytelling and worldbuilding

  • Kamille

    I always prefer JRPG and never really liked WRPG but this game is da shit

  • patrick rangeley-Wilson

    this almost looks better than it actually is

  • cyberdemon107

    camera goes 3p when you39re in cover

  • zzxp1

    its obligatory to play in first person

  • johnyyonehand

    pardon me but what first person perspective has to do with quotsandbox style gamequot

  • Retze

    What Mi Deus Ex human revolution no era as D