PARKOUR versus SECURITY - Creepy Abandoned places - GoPro Hero 4 смотреть видео бесплатно

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This was some footage from 2 days of parkour, i know our skills weren't the best but it looks cool at least.
We met 2 security guards in 2 days, running away from 1 of them- the other one wasnt really trouble.
Shot on Gopro Hero 4 black at:
-1080 - 60 fps
-1440 - 30 fps downscaled to 1080
Gear: DIY mouth mount (sweet tutorial here -
The song is Aero Chord feat. DDARK - Shootin Stars and it is a free download so there shouldnt be any copyright issues here :)
I hope you enjoyed this vid and see you in the next one
Дата: 2017-05-29 07:08:10


    To clear stuff up Those were our bikes hah i39m sorry that it lead to confusion but yeah those were oursAlso the security is real and there was a chase it was just my first time doing this and i was completely scared shitless so i couldn39t get the perfect shot i think you guys can understand that 3 im not some brave badass after allLove you guys lt3


    Check out my new Parkour video where i explore some roofs D

  • Captain PinguD0gelet of the

    Does anyone know what effect that is at 045 the fast zoom indistortion that matches with the music

  • Thias Nielsen

    I am subscriber number 6666Obey me

  • Cat rebel 7

    damn you climb well dude

  • Tavyeon Richardson

    do parkour in a subway ninjaturtles

  • Elijah Stewart

    You sure they skinned them ALIVE


    Jacquie Gordon I hope you see this the replying thing on youtube is very very shit the thing i do if i dont know where to go and do parkour and such is i just hop on my bike with my friends and just ride to places we39ve never beed and we always find something interesting so just look for cool stuff which you can find quite everywhere

  • MoDp

    042 its just old guy not security xDd

  • Adam Calton

    Hmmmm I wonder why there39s a cut


    А на русском кто нибудь остовляет коменты а

  • TropicalGames

    Why would security be in a middle of a abandon place

  • I LOVE TACOS!!!!

    fake he had a Black rist band then red

  • YetiX Black

    what is the name of the song

  • Alpha Wolf

    I39m also from sloveniae si res slovenc odgovor po slovensk

  • axl bosmans

    Only good thing about this vid was the music i don39t want to roast you guys but just practise more and do Some bigger and harder parcoursyou guys look Nice so yea practise and you whille get there

  • Quick frog

    the soundtrack was a waste of my life listening to it

  • Dr. Insanity

    dude know differences parkour stunts flips free running running jumping

  • Leo Parkkinen

    wtf is security doing at abondoned places

  • Ste Bradbury Design

    No security Also why would there be security at abandoned places The title contradicts itself

  • Chase Williamson

    really dude u shot a bird the farst it started really but it39s cool

  • TGP Cambo

    what39s the title of this music


    Why is there security in abandoned places

  • Kevin The Donut

    Fake you just trying to get views

  • TKMaida

    I hate this song Nice video but I hate the music

  • Fabien Design /

    someone can tell me where is the part of parkour i didnt see the parkour on this shit only guys climb wall and run

  • Sniping Hornet

    Bro that39s not even parkour ur just jumping over stuff also there was no police

  • Emily Hatt


  • john chisolm

    Part core the hell out of the cops

  • badlady468

    I hope that you guys were careful when you parkour and good video

  • Rosana Martins

    a mano a bike do seu brother bem melhor que a sua kkkk lol

  • Kevin 11dolla

    too bad my foot had a laser surgery cries

  • Nemj

    What if there was espestose in there

  • Jack Norris

    All u pple sayin its fake den just shut up at least he got off his ass and did something other than gamin

  • Penguin Gamer

    If its abandoned then why was there security

  • toxicsp1der

    quotabandon placesquot yeah where no one can take you to the hospital

  • doomday 719

    you should jump across

  • iTelephone pls sub

    What kinda sick human would skin an animal alive

  • Eddie Lonergan 12

    really fun to watch keep up the good work

  • Nick Broderick

    Watching an old person fall down a flight of stairs is better parkour than this You climbed a roof then hung and drop nice

  • joanzt bueno

    i like the parkour crack