►Getting my Tattoo Sleeve FINISHED! PART 4 OF 4!! смотреть видео бесплатно

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►Part 2 - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YtTZJs7F4A4
►Part 3 - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G-k6ti1eg2w
►What my parents think/all about it - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qAqkS6XuAMg
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Дата: 2017-05-30 04:25:52

  • try loar

    ive never been this early for a vid glad i am thought love you and what u do mortem3r dont let people put u down

  • Scrub Lord

    I usually don39t like sleeves but this one looks so fucking sick

  • K V N G

    said it once ill say it again aaron is a lucky man

  • bethanie leah

    you got that armpit mandala and then went on to get MORE in one session you tough af

  • Rhyan Herron

    As a tattoo apprentice I absolutely loved watching this and watching him work

  • Avi Geddes

    She looks stunning even getting a tattoo

  • Becca Q

    I want a tattoo so bad but I39m such a chicken My love of tattoos far exceeds my fear of needles though I might just get it in an easier spot for my first one

  • Viktor Banán

    I don39like big tattoes but this one is absolutely awesome

  • Christian Swanson

    God this tattoo is so rad It39s inspired me to get something in a similar design

  • Lauren Schissler

    it turned out beautifully Suzy Using the tiny dots to make up bigger designs looks awesome Thank you for sharing

  • Emily Squeak3rs

    I love this so much I wish I could get one 3 Sadly I39m a baby when it comes to pain Lol

  • Diana Robloxian Girl

    Is it Hurt When you Make a tattoo on the Palm i dont want to tast it Good night 3

  • Elissa Loranger

    Tuff as chick Wow Good for you Bad as sleeve btw Going for my second sleeve in april

  • miranybeetle

    such a gorgeous sleeve

  • Sapheyer

    I can just imagine Suzy telling her grandkids about how she got her tattoos and them being like quotWe got the most hardcore Granny everquot

  • Dolly Belladonna

    Looks like LA Ink aka High Voltage

  • Young Saint Laurent

    if only i was man enough to get all those tattoos

  • Zexonyte

    Can we get a vlog about the finished sleeve

  • Reneguitario

    As far as pain goes how painful was the whole process

  • mikie jones

    wow what a beautiful work of artsick girl

  • Parker Lee

    I am OBSESSED with your sleeve are you going to get anymore tattoos like you mentioned in an early vlog

  • Lucas Dennis

    wow suzy this looks so good and now its finally done glad to have followed your whole journey with this beautiful sleeve

  • Ella Cronk

    i have the sudden urge to become a tatoo artist

  • GhostyGhoul

    The day has finally come The day has finally come THE TATTOO HAS BEEN FINISHED I39m so amazed by the intricate detail and I absolutely love the design

  • Assassin Aurelia

    You are a champ That looks pretty painful

  • TheBunnyBooties

    Your sleeve is beautiful

  • Freya Standin

    You are fucking badass My new spirit animal

  • KEYO

    The sleeve looks so good

  • SewedCodeMode

    I would love to be a tattoo artist It39s hard I hear but dude I love drawing and people

  • Kar Pool

    I39m much to woozy to even watch the video but it looks great

  • princesskristan

    Your sleeve is fucking sick Suzy

  • Shadogal94

    Ughhh this video makes me want another tattoo SO BADLY

  • kimdianajones

    GODDAMN SUZY you took that armpit section like a boss that had to hurt like hell

  • Nina Dees

    It39s beautiful Why stippling though is there a significant meaning or was it just less painful of a procedure than linework

  • Calista Chan

    ilysm it looks great

  • Becca Waugh

    I love love love it

  • Bloodanna

    Gorgeous I really love the sleeve design and the pointillism You don39t often see that and it creates a very strong yet delicate look to the whole thing

  • Tom The Fish

    The whole design is gorgeous Suzy has an eye for art

  • Aliensarereal 666

    What was the second song you played called

  • Miss Madeleine

    Suzy Your videos have inspired me so much I39ve started wearing makeup and since you posted your first tattoo video I39ve gotten two

  • Ranglix97

    Does Arin have tattoos

  • Justin Vierra

    That close to the armpit had to hurt SO BAD A very small piece of my tatoo was just above my armpit on my shoulder and that was easily the worst part of the whole thing

  • Daggeira

    Congratulations for the completion of your badass sleeve I still see the Darkness symbol from LoK in it though not that that39s a bad thing Legacy of Kain is wicked just like your tatt

  • DoctorSib

    That armpit feels just great doesn39t it xD Looks beautiful though

  • RedGreenBlueGold

    I saw this guy tattooing Kat Von D Very good choice in artist aha

  • Gaarafan96

    Are you gonna do the other side as well

  • Alexis Barrile

    Such an eye catching tattoo absolutely love it

  • Kaity Lee

    Oh man that looks fantastic D

  • Liza Lindsey

    That so fucking beautiful It looks so good on her

  • Hemaima Proctor

    I like the musicAlso fuuuuck your sleeve looks awesome

  • Brandon Buchanan

    how much did it cost for the whole sleeve

  • IrenieWeenie

    Nice Its lookin39 good Stay awesome lt3

  • Jordan Stephens

    Does anyone know what songs she used in her video

  • D BeautyOfGrey

    Ack I want to get mine done now It looks great

  • Krystal Garland

    what song is this in the background I love it

  • king potato

    we all know sehe is gonna jack arin off with that arm

  • LilyEliXa

    Suzy your sleeve is so beautiful

  • KaoruKat

    Yay D so happy for you suzy It looks so good D

  • Lily Star

    thank you so much for sharing this cool experience with us i loved it

  • GingaJ

    Thats cool as fuck suzy

  • BeauKi

    can you send some pictures of these tattoes

  • Sab Arteaga

    Susy is the biggest badass on the planet

  • sniperwolf646

    can you tell me what song is at 445 love the tat by the way

  • hcmuffinpants

    Man that looks awesome how long did the whole thing take

  • fawn ghoul

    Oh suzy shes even cute when shes in pain i love the designs

  • Breena Sheppard

    you took that like a boss

  • Louise Hjerling

    it turned out amazing i love it xx

  • yasmin mc

    that must have been so painful but u barely showed any reaction holy frick also it looks so fucking cool omg

  • Ezequiel Melian

    I don39t want to hate but I don39t really like tattoos But you do you I guess