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►What my parents think/all about it - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qAqkS6XuAMg
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Дата: 2017-07-20 17:41:56

  • Scrub Lord

    I usually don39t like sleeves but this one looks so fucking sick

  • try loar

    ive never been this early for a vid glad i am thought love you and what u do mortem3r dont let people put u down

  • K V N G

    said it once ill say it again aaron is a lucky man

  • Avi Geddes

    She looks stunning even getting a tattoo

  • bethanie leah

    you got that armpit mandala and then went on to get MORE in one session you tough af

  • Rhyan Herron

    As a tattoo apprentice I absolutely loved watching this and watching him work

  • Becca Q

    I want a tattoo so bad but I39m such a chicken My love of tattoos far exceeds my fear of needles though I might just get it in an easier spot for my first one

  • Viktor Banán

    I don39like big tattoes but this one is absolutely awesome

  • Dolly Belladonna

    Looks like LA Ink aka High Voltage

  • Molilata MC

    055 I would do not be able to get tattooed that close to my pits 1 Because I39d sweat like a beast 2 Because Im so god damn ticklish there is just flinch and laugh my ass off the whole time and screw up the ink that is being permanently placed on my skin

  • Christian Swanson

    God this tattoo is so rad It39s inspired me to get something in a similar design

  • Lauren Schissler

    it turned out beautifully Suzy Using the tiny dots to make up bigger designs looks awesome Thank you for sharing

  • Lucas Dennis

    wow suzy this looks so good and now its finally done glad to have followed your whole journey with this beautiful sleeve

  • Elissa Loranger

    Tuff as chick Wow Good for you Bad as sleeve btw Going for my second sleeve in april

  • Diana Robloxian Girl

    Is it Hurt When you Make a tattoo on the Palm i dont want to tast it Good night 3

  • miranybeetle

    such a gorgeous sleeve

  • Sapheyer

    I can just imagine Suzy telling her grandkids about how she got her tattoos and them being like quotWe got the most hardcore Granny everquot

  • Squeak3rz TheSquigglySquid

    I love this so much I wish I could get one 3 Sadly I39m a baby when it comes to pain Lol

  • Zexonyte

    Can we get a vlog about the finished sleeve

  • Parker Lee

    I am OBSESSED with your sleeve are you going to get anymore tattoos like you mentioned in an early vlog

  • Young Saint Laurent

    if only i was man enough to get all those tattoos

  • Reneguitario

    As far as pain goes how painful was the whole process

  • mikie jones

    wow what a beautiful work of artsick girl

  • GhostyGhoul

    The day has finally come The day has finally come THE TATTOO HAS BEEN FINISHED I39m so amazed by the intricate detail and I absolutely love the design

  • Ella Cronk

    i have the sudden urge to become a tatoo artist

  • kimdianajones

    GODDAMN SUZY you took that armpit section like a boss that had to hurt like hell

  • Assassin Aurelia

    You are a champ That looks pretty painful

  • TheBunnyBooties

    Your sleeve is beautiful

  • KEYO

    The sleeve looks so good

  • SewedCodeMode

    I would love to be a tattoo artist It39s hard I hear but dude I love drawing and people

  • Nina Dees

    It39s beautiful Why stippling though is there a significant meaning or was it just less painful of a procedure than linework

  • Kar Pool

    I39m much to woozy to even watch the video but it looks great

  • princesskristan

    Your sleeve is fucking sick Suzy

  • RedGreenBlueGold

    I saw this guy tattooing Kat Von D Very good choice in artist aha

  • Shadogal94

    Ughhh this video makes me want another tattoo SO BADLY

  • Freya Standin

    You are fucking badass My new spirit animal

  • Calista Chan

    ilysm it looks great

  • Bloodanna

    Gorgeous I really love the sleeve design and the pointillism You don39t often see that and it creates a very strong yet delicate look to the whole thing

  • Miss Madeleine

    Suzy Your videos have inspired me so much I39ve started wearing makeup and since you posted your first tattoo video I39ve gotten two

  • Tom The Fish

    The whole design is gorgeous Suzy has an eye for art

  • Ranglix97

    Does Arin have tattoos

  • Becca Waugh

    I love love love it

  • Aliensarereal 666

    What was the second song you played called

  • Justin Vierra

    That close to the armpit had to hurt SO BAD A very small piece of my tatoo was just above my armpit on my shoulder and that was easily the worst part of the whole thing

  • DoctorSib

    That armpit feels just great doesn39t it xD Looks beautiful though

  • Gaarafan96

    Are you gonna do the other side as well

  • Alexis Barrile

    Such an eye catching tattoo absolutely love it

  • Daggeira

    Congratulations for the completion of your badass sleeve I still see the Darkness symbol from LoK in it though not that that39s a bad thing Legacy of Kain is wicked just like your tatt

  • Liza Lindsey

    That so fucking beautiful It looks so good on her

  • Kaity Lee

    Oh man that looks fantastic D

  • Hemaima Proctor

    I like the musicAlso fuuuuck your sleeve looks awesome

  • IrenieWeenie

    Nice Its lookin39 good Stay awesome lt3

  • Brandon Buchanan

    how much did it cost for the whole sleeve

  • Krystal Garland

    what song is this in the background I love it

  • GingaJ

    Thats cool as fuck suzy

  • Jordan Stephens

    Does anyone know what songs she used in her video

  • D BeautyOfGrey

    Ack I want to get mine done now It looks great

  • king potato

    we all know sehe is gonna jack arin off with that arm

  • LilyEliXa

    Suzy your sleeve is so beautiful

  • hcmuffinpants

    Man that looks awesome how long did the whole thing take

  • KaoruKat

    Yay D so happy for you suzy It looks so good D

  • Lily Star

    thank you so much for sharing this cool experience with us i loved it

  • BeauKi

    can you send some pictures of these tattoes

  • Sab Arteaga

    Susy is the biggest badass on the planet

  • Louise Hjerling

    it turned out amazing i love it xx

  • fawn ghoul

    Oh suzy shes even cute when shes in pain i love the designs

  • JustAnotherX

    Suzy you39re the best So compassionate caring and kind Open honest You39re just the best 3

  • Breena Sheppard

    you took that like a boss

  • yasmin mc

    that must have been so painful but u barely showed any reaction holy frick also it looks so fucking cool omg