Thief Vs Parkour смотреть видео бесплатно

  • Hope Hagedorn

    Hey he39s stealing my bag with a bottle of water lets chase him across the park and then have a fist fight

  • Elite_Panther

    How much did the actor get paid

  • Jerome Fuerte

    You would39ve caught him in like 10 seconds if you didn39t through the rocks and picnic table just saying

  • Daren saephan

    You should naruto run because it increases your speed a 2 second faster

  • mr magaica

    Um he39s very nice to parkour but In battle he sucks

  • Dominating Jogger

    what39s the brand of his gloves it looks cool

  • EliteGaming

    was this legit or just setup

  • Ice Trex

    at first I was confused if this was staged or not then I was like yup

  • Mod Master

    just not in fighting sences the guy ur fighting can39t smile at all

  • Elementclone DX

    He was ready the gloves and shit for a water

  • Jagger Brady

    Always have to look cool when doing something heroic

  • Revion

    Before everyone starts getting triggered over the fact the thief just stole a bag with only a water bottle in it I39m sure this video is staged

  • CourtingLyric53

    Is it really that hard to punch him like really

  • Thę Gręāt Pāpÿrūš 541

    for some reason this reminds me of maze runner

  • True One

    u should have just let him run

  • Liam Abc

    LOL what the fuck they seriously can39t fight

  • Jodi Dark


  • R.I.P Chumbucket

    Mirrors edge irl confirmed

  • sammy avalos

    Slapknocked the fuck out

  • artie Bee

    is this a actual robbery or is it clickbait

  • louise jones

    I would beat the shit out of that mother fucking pussy if he stole my bag then I would just get his glasses and break them

  • Sunken Thunder 8

    Why did the thief look like Dillon the hacker

  • khalis Islam



    is this planned or did somekne actually take your bag

  • XLoksxX Moua

    you beat the sit out of him

  • Manuel Gonzalez

    where did you get your gloves I love them

  • Teodoar Chavez

    That what that nerd get for stealing he will be in prison

  • Gio Cruz

    BOI this kid a nerd how can he be a thief he a fridges

  • Ted Anag /Star Wars Gaming

    Lol there was only a bottle of water gt3

  • Bobby O Connell

    He39s a nerd I would have had him knocked out in 5 seconds

  • VLOG ChAnnEl

    this video is very cool

  • Headlock boy 123

    The fight was better than the parkour

  • memil grebåh

    the glases are its broke yes or no

  • 1738 Butter

    He just let him take off with his stuff which isn39t a lot but still come on


    Hey if this was actually your first video pretty good

  • Maski Malski

    Are they actually throwing hands

  • Nathaniel Diaz

    he was slowing down on purpose and when he was right behind him he split up and did parkour

  • nickolas brown

    not bad for fucking up your friend for video

  • Lukey Johnson

    Why is a guy stealing a bag only with water inside it

  • Adam Westlund

    Damn the king you areHe stole your bag is OWNED

  • Azerione Jeffries

    teach that guy a lesson

  • Danni Smith

    I would have kept that bottle in my hand threw it a him when they was running

  • battlefeild1 killer

    the guy you were fighting smiled

  • Isaac UE

    He stole my bagLet39s fix it with a controlled shock

  • Xaverix

    why didn t you kick him in the butt

  • soulgamer 1212

    yeah stay down mother fker

  • Sans Gamer

    Lol the nerd at the end

  • Ellison Le

    Who Tf runs with there hands to their face like that

  • Septocon

    How much did the actor get paid to almost get his spine broken and getting 5 bruises on his back

  • Andrei Niculescu

    lol wtf dude what he39s gonna do now with his life

  • Deadbyjd Deadbyjd

    Who touching the backpack

  • Lucas hill

    I subcribe and like this even thow this is a first video it feels like a 25th one it is awsome

  • Jacloch Plays

    the thief looks like a stupid old asian

  • death boy

    the quot theifquot was smiling the whole time

  • Darlene Angel

    some parkour was off dying light

  • Paul Coroban-Rosca

    take that mother fucker down like a boss

  • Damir Steneli Kristensen

    You SAW the tief smiling

  • Impairedsky 912

    Did anyone notice that he slowed down so he could make the video longer

  • Kohl Duncan

    why were they fighting like pussies