Thief Vs Parkour смотреть видео бесплатно

  • Daren saephan

    You should naruto run because it increases your speed a 2 second faster

  • Draconem

    Hey guys just telling We are working on the montage of our next video Stay tuned

  • Manuel Gonzalez

    where did you get your gloves I love them

  • Bailey DX

    He was ready the gloves and shit for a water

  • Ye Ding Chan

    first time met a thief wearing glasses like me

  • InanAKAtheboss

    Why Melvin Why would you leave your nerd cave

  • Mr Sushi DX

    Um he39s very nice to parkour but In battle he sucks

  • Jacob Rake

    You take my backpack I39ll go parkour on your ass

  • Space Catz

    never take an assassin39s bag

  • Amontoast

    Gets hit with 4 unrealistic super easy to avoid hooks

  • Raul Morales

    lo que hacen las drogas

  • kid sans

    is the thieve idubbbz tv

  • OMEGAKiller12345

    he just got dunked on by parkour master

  • hatslikemeturtlegoboom

    they have mma gloves on lol faker then Kim39s ass

  • Premium Robots

    Doesn39t it look like that the thief looks like Sid from toy story

  • Justin Petway

    Why did he hit a guy with glasses XD

  • Glitchy TheHegHog

    he could of died smashing his head on a tree fuck sace

  • Fire Dragon591

    Hey that39s my bag I might as well just beat u up until ur knocked out

  • Tommipickalommi Någonting

    LOL You couls see that quotthiefquot was smiling

  • Joel Poulin

    that thief is an idiot and nice moves

  • Raccoon Sniper

    wowa good video and remember kids don39t steal a water bottle in a bag

  • KLongboards

    y steal baag wth water bottle

  • Jayden Tremblay

    Gets bag back Throws it back at the guy

  • Jamal Sarip

    i hite you thief

  • Lpsfire Away

    man you beat the heck outta him

  • Allan Galo

    yea and i dint expect that there fighting O if a theif steal my back pack i will run as fast as i can then fight him

  • The pro of all Pros

    This is so friking stupid

  • Bob Shark

    Sooo your telling me you just happened to start recording right before he got there And btw that fight was faker than trumps tan

  • MightyHowler 87

    Love the new COD trailer

  • Billee Morgan

    that one slow punch at 128

  • Jeremy Lauw

    Rip He Id Just A Nerd Who Wanted Food Because Dont Have Money I Think Of That Rip Glasses

  • Ryan Sonic

    The fight at the end is still more realistic than wrestling

  • Toastedcupcake

    I39ve been to that place ha funny

  • Karlo Reed

    why steal a backpack if there39s nothing but water in it

  • The GameSMR

    Let me steal his backpack and smile the whole time we fight

  • zlClutchy

    Who runs with there hands in there face


    rhat was a waste of time just run dont jump

  • Kacper Kaminski

    The Thief39s thoughts quotPUNCH PUNCH THATS WHAT MA MAMA TOUGHT MEHquot

  • QsK_S4V4G3 {QsK Member}

    Good job in the skit I Iike it

  • Ali a

    you guys play too much battfield

  • The Gibyrko

    count of many times he says Hey1 2 3 9999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999

  • hdaubfmvnvncncmcmxnn

    is he trying to fight or trying to hit the camera

  • Epic Gamer

    What39s stupid is that he rips the backpack off him and throws it behind him He could have just grabbed it and started running again

  • docta chicken

    that was pretty framed

  • Rabid Watchdog

    I don39t chase them if they steal my bag I shoot them

  • Dylan Bobolz

    staged because A if you were chasing some1 you would take the easiest path Byou wouldn39t fist fight for something unless it has value and C you wouldn39t call that person a nerd afterwards

  • ktms1605

    How to chase a retarded thief taking the most inconvenient route possible

  • Ryan O Flaherty

    I can39t imagine what the sane kids at the bench were thinking

  • Brian Cruz

    where do you get the glove from

  • batuhan kocabas

    Worst fighting sceen i have ever seen

  • Hatath Gaming Videos

    ffs i would rko him 20 times before going away

  • Kyung Oh

    Why do u move your arms up so much

  • Freak Motel

    All that for a bottle of water

  • Creeleken

    Person who is terrifying thirty vs person who jumps unnecessarily

  • Beyin TERK

    Demekki Samanyolu Amerikayada uram vay be

  • Ong Chen Koon

    do you know im 8 and i know parckor

  • Spanger Jordan

    You can tell unrealistic it is

  • Sean Guscott

    It was funny when he knocked off his glasses by the tree