Thief Vs Parkour смотреть видео бесплатно

  • Daren saephan

    You should naruto run because it increases your speed a 2 second faster

  • Draconem

    Hey guys just telling We are working on the montage of our next video Stay tuned

  • Elite_Panther

    How much did the actor get paid

  • Bailey DX

    He was ready the gloves and shit for a water

  • Manuel Gonzalez

    where did you get your gloves I love them

  • Mr Sushi DX

    Um he39s very nice to parkour but In battle he sucks

  • Jerome Fuerte

    You would39ve caught him in like 10 seconds if you didn39t through the rocks and picnic table just saying

  • Ye Ding Chan

    first time met a thief wearing glasses like me

  • - Caveman SpongeBob _

    He39s that type of person to run and jump over things when he literally has a clear patch to run to

  • The Elderworm

    you would hit a guy with glasses that fahked dood

  • Mew Gaming

    You always get robbedwhy

  • Parallax

    pokemon go 2 confirmed

  • fang uchiha

    for bottles of water really

  • ShamefulBunny

    was this legit or just setup

  • artie Bee

    is this a actual robbery or is it clickbait

  • ShedCodsky XL

    Last word of the vid Noob

  • Romez Gaming

    149 quotnerdquot XDDDDD

  • Itz Zaid

    did you get hurt when he hit you


    Hey if this was actually your first video pretty good

  • KevvanYT 1337

    Just a question Is this real

  • Swazzy

    you can steal my house you can steal my keys but if you steal ma water bottle ima be breakin yo neck

  • Michael Smith

    weak find the one where a guy steals a cellphone some great skills are shown by both

  • pencil lead

    wow that table with ppl on it was perfect

  • landon RED

    how much did the actor get paid


    lol the parkour moves slow him down

  • GALTER Che

    totally not stagedmay be sarcasm

  • Scapetrace

    All was good until the really crappy staged fight scene Nice parkour tho

  • Gio Cruz

    BOI this kid a nerd how can he be a thief he a fridges

  • Mark G4ming

    perfectly scripted punching eachother and still laughing

  • cs go pro


  • SR Yakuzo

    The guy stole the bag that only had water

  • LatiasGamingYT

    RIP Bottle 1 like is 1 prayer

  • Noa olson

    I really think that was all acting it probably was I39m just to ignorant to notice

  • JessicaTheWolf Aka GirlyCraft

    149 NERDme get rekt

  • CuzImRobin Vids


  • Homie shark


  • Logan Larsen

    that pussy can39t even punch

  • TheDolphinBros

    This is what inspired me to do parkour

  • Caramel KS 583

    Aww right in the camera

  • Jon Edwards

    No offense guys but I know this was not real still it was amazing GG

  • Sarah Young

    should39ve said have a great day

  • Jacloch Plays

    the thief looks like a stupid old asian

  • Ted Anag /Star Wars Gaming

    Lol there was only a bottle of water gt3

  • Ellison Le

    Who Tf runs with there hands to their face like that

  • Miya West

    you should have of kicked him in the nutsjust for measures

  • Brudli Blyua

    Couldn39t the quotthiefquot stop smiling stupidly during the fight

  • Joel Maldonado

    This is a skit but entertaining lol

  • Chigga's World

    Wat the fuck clickbait

  • Joshgmg

    my first reaction to this video wasquotWow he can put on a backpack fastquot

  • XLoksxX Moua

    you beat the sit out of him

  • dominic nielsen

    never steal from a free run er dD

  • The carlson Fab 5

    maybe not be so hard on him maybe he is poor and doesn39t Have much next time say why did you take my bag

  • steven antonopoulos

    Catatafish The Double OG lol