Thief Vs Parkour смотреть видео бесплатно

  • Daren saephan

    You should naruto run because it increases your speed a 2 second faster

  • Draconem

    Hey guys just telling We are working on the montage of our next video Stay tuned

  • Bailey DX

    He was ready the gloves and shit for a water

  • Mr Sushi DX

    Um he39s very nice to parkour but In battle he sucks

  • Manuel Gonzalez

    where did you get your gloves I love them

  • Ye Ding Chan

    first time met a thief wearing glasses like me


    So dramatically expand

  • ShamefulBunny

    was this legit or just setup

  • Lpsfire Away

    man you beat the heck outta him

  • The Gibyrko

    count of many times he says Hey1 2 3 9999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999

  • - Caveman SpongeBob _

    He39s that type of person to run and jump over things when he literally has a clear patch to run to

  • Jerome Fuerte

    You would39ve caught him in like 10 seconds if you didn39t through the rocks and picnic table just saying

  • hdaubfmvnvncncmcmxnn

    is he trying to fight or trying to hit the camera

  • Kacper Kaminski

    The Thief39s thoughts quotPUNCH PUNCH THATS WHAT MA MAMA TOUGHT MEHquot

  • zlClutchy

    Who runs with there hands in there face


    rhat was a waste of time just run dont jump

  • Itz Zaid

    did you get hurt when he hit you

  • docta chicken

    that was pretty framed

  • Ali a

    you guys play too much battfield

  • Epic Gamer

    What39s stupid is that he rips the backpack off him and throws it behind him He could have just grabbed it and started running again

  • Dylan Bobolz

    staged because A if you were chasing some1 you would take the easiest path Byou wouldn39t fist fight for something unless it has value and C you wouldn39t call that person a nerd afterwards

  • Rabid Watchdog

    I don39t chase them if they steal my bag I shoot them

  • ShedCodsky

    Last word of the vid Noob

  • ktms1605

    How to chase a retarded thief taking the most inconvenient route possible

  • Ryan O Flaherty

    I can39t imagine what the sane kids at the bench were thinking

  • Brian Cruz

    where do you get the glove from

  • batuhan kocabas

    Worst fighting sceen i have ever seen

  • Hatath Gaming Videos

    ffs i would rko him 20 times before going away

  • Kyung Oh

    Why do u move your arms up so much

  • Creeleken

    Person who is terrifying thirty vs person who jumps unnecessarily

  • Freak Motel

    All that for a bottle of water

  • Beyin TERK

    Demekki Samanyolu Amerikayada uram vay be

  • Hossam RAJI

    hey he stole my bag with a bottle lets chase him down and have a fist fight

  • Daemon Van Meir

    114 fucking Quick time events

  • Ong Chen Koon

    do you know im 8 and i know parckor

  • Gio Cruz

    BOI this kid a nerd how can he be a thief he a fridges

  • The Abstract


  • Spanger Jordan

    You can tell unrealistic it is

  • Leonardo Chavez

    All he had in that backpack is water

  • M8gic

    did that water bottle have cocaine in itwhere can I buy that water

  • Sean Guscott

    It was funny when he knocked off his glasses by the tree

  • Joshgmg

    my first reaction to this video wasquotWow he can put on a backpack fastquot

  • SCOUT tec

    did anybody notice the thief was had a smile the whole time he was getting beat up

  • TerrenceASAPGaming

    dang when he punched him i felt it

  • Braxton Rocks

    Should you ever punch a guy with glasses yes should you punch a guy with a GoPro no

  • Anas kh Splash

    lol its like call of duty

  • Liam Mears

    that looks panful next time say sorry but he should be kill39d lol

  • Antonio Scott

    it39s his vid chill the fuck out guys

  • PeZetOs

    hah i got same shoes xD

  • Tamara Bacskai

    ummm is this real hapened

  • Stefan Zach

    the bully has a gay face

  • Colin Giles

    when he said nerd i laughed so hard XD

  • RedReaper14 19

    you never know maybe the universe was under the bottle inside the backpackor a porn magazineyou never know

  • Chicken Boy

    everyone knows its fake and its not like that39s a crime but theres no need to point it out and roast them


    Hey he39s stealing my bag with a bottle of water lets chase him across the park and then have a fist fight

  • Who Dunn'it

    why the fyck was he in a school playground that chain link fence is there for a damn reason

  • Carlos Escobedo Maya

    que mierda de vdeo eso que mierda tiene de parkour

  • Techystar

    I thought that for this being you first video you have the potential to hit big with the youtubes so good luck to you on your quest Oh and take my subscription it39s dangerous to go alone maybe invest in audio

  • artie Bee

    is this a actual robbery or is it clickbait

  • Lucien Wood


  • Michael Smith

    weak find the one where a guy steals a cellphone some great skills are shown by both