Thief Vs Parkour смотреть видео бесплатно

  • Daren saephan

    You should naruto run because it increases your speed a 2 second faster

  • Elite_Panther

    How much did the actor get paid


    Hey if this was actually your first video pretty good

  • Mr Sushi DX

    Um he39s very nice to parkour but In battle he sucks

  • Jerome Fuerte

    You would39ve caught him in like 10 seconds if you didn39t through the rocks and picnic table just saying

  • fang uchiha

    for bottles of water really

  • Romez Gaming

    149 quotnerdquot XDDDDD

  • EliteGaming

    was this legit or just setup

  • ShedCodsky XL

    Last word of the vid Noob

  • Ice Trex

    at first I was confused if this was staged or not then I was like yup

  • artie Bee

    is this a actual robbery or is it clickbait

  • Mod Master

    just not in fighting sences the guy ur fighting can39t smile at all

  • Jagger Brady

    Always have to look cool when doing something heroic

  • True One

    u should have just let him run

  • Itz Zaid

    did you get hurt when he hit you

  • Revion

    Before everyone starts getting triggered over the fact the thief just stole a bag with only a water bottle in it I39m sure this video is staged

  • Ted Anag /Star Wars Gaming

    Lol there was only a bottle of water gt3

  • Logan Larsen

    that pussy can39t even punch

  • Farm Saelee

    a little girl stole my bag and run slow she run little fast she 7 im11 i run faster than her haha i grab my bag and hit her soooo hard like fuck u idk i say that go away and cry i said yea go ahead cry

  • XLoksxX Moua

    you beat the sit out of him


    is this planned or did somekne actually take your bag

  • Ben Kalas

    The guy was smiling while fighting

  • GirlyCraft 10

    149 NERDme get rekt

  • CuzImRobin Vids


  • Noa olson

    I really think that was all acting it probably was I39m just to ignorant to notice

  • Sarah Young

    should39ve said have a great day

  • Joshgmg

    my first reaction to this video wasquotWow he can put on a backpack fastquot

  • TheDolphinBros

    This is what inspired me to do parkour

  • Jon Edwards

    No offense guys but I know this was not real still it was amazing GG

  • Bobby O Connell

    He39s a nerd I would have had him knocked out in 5 seconds

  • toklimokik

    I like how he says quotnoquot at the end

  • dominic nielsen

    never steal from a free run er dD

  • Miya West

    you should have of kicked him in the nutsjust for measures

  • Brudli Blyua

    Couldn39t the quotthiefquot stop smiling stupidly during the fight

  • Joel Maldonado

    This is a skit but entertaining lol

  • El diabloTiger500005

    so he just happens to be wearing a gopro

  • 1738 Butter

    He just let him take off with his stuff which isn39t a lot but still come on

  • Maski Malski

    Are they actually throwing hands

  • Jacloch Plays

    the thief looks like a stupid old asian

  • iDrake - Alis

    That stupid actors sucksHes fucking smiling when he was punching u lol

  • Ellison Le

    Who Tf runs with there hands to their face like that

  • The carlson Fab 5

    maybe not be so hard on him maybe he is poor and doesn39t Have much next time say why did you take my bag

  • steven antonopoulos

    Catatafish The Double OG lol

  • Adam Westlund

    Damn the king you areHe stole your bag is OWNED

  • Azerione Jeffries

    teach that guy a lesson

  • Teodoar Chavez

    That what that nerd get for stealing he will be in prison

  • SomethingXBear

    137 Nerd give me my books backSomeone no

  • Zinvox

    Oh no You stole my backpack that had one water bottle in it I like the video but I don39t really understand lol

  • Gio Cruz

    BOI this kid a nerd how can he be a thief he a fridges

  • Xx_savege_ xX

    the guy you were fighting smiled

  • memil grebåh

    the glases are its broke yes or no

  • Kristey Bogdanov

    quotShit he stole my water bottle that is used for bottle flips HE WILL PAY quotquotBut I need it more than you I39m a nerd quot

  • Donovan gambino

    Make more videos please

  • Colonel Crow

    Nice fighting skill xD

  • Headlock boy 123

    The fight was better than the parkour

  • VLOG ChAnnEl

    this video is very cool

  • Chloe Waterfield

    might of had money and phone in ot never know

  • JUNTEX Fan

    my water bottle got stolen me and the thief had a fist fight to death in punch him so hard in 1 time he died

  • nickolas brown

    not bad for fucking up your friend for video

  • Nathaniel Diaz

    he was slowing down on purpose and when he was right behind him he split up and did parkour