Deus Ex Human Revolution E3 2010 Trailer [HD] смотреть видео бесплатно

  • nobulle

    Name me one videogame trailer that can rival this one

  • The SnuggleDuck

    Still one of the best games on last gen

  • spencer

    I love this game I love this game I also love this game

  • Universal Machine

    Almost 7 years old Best trailer Motivational

  • Dylan Palmer

    Lol I39m playing through the whole series in order and I39m so ready to finish this invisible war bullshit and move on to a much better game after seeing this trailer

  • Puglous

    I can39t believe this game is almost six years old


    And there is no more theme of global conspiracy in Mankind Divided only local conflict The surface Children of the future have not to know the truth even from games

  • Reilly Jensen

    quotThey cannot stop us they cannot stop the futurequot

  • Corey Latimer

    Such an amazing game trailer This and the Skyrim trailer always gave me chills

  • WarPigz0

    Still my favorite game trailer

  • TheMSmith

    agreed BEST trailer EVER Still watching it once in a while D

  • Nishanth A

    i never asked for this

  • TheHolyNade

    rewatching the trailer it39s feels amazing to know that the game would be as epic as it39s depicted right here

  • British Blue

    Epic even to this day

  • SavagePavich

    I can39t believe this was almost 5 years ago Where does the time go I didn39t ask for this

  • CosmicTwister

    Played it now because it was in quotgames with goldquot It was really fun

  • The SwampFox

    I never asked for this game But I39m glad I got it

  • Fals3Agent

    still the best game trailer ever made

  • lake79

    Its been six years since this trailer came out and still this gives me goosebumps every damn time i watch this Epic indeed is the word for this

  • gammel Tulling

    The people choose to take agmuntaisons it was their choice

  • bertram Frøshaug

    why is the sky orange anyway

  • Der_Dude

    THIS is definitly the most epic trailer Ive ever seen

  • PossiblyIrregardless

    Honestly the best version of this trailer

  • John Guzzi

    The greatest trailer Ever

  • Batterd Sav

    Does anybodt know what piece of music this isadtune and trailer muaic searches have so far been unhelfpul

  • Crying Dove

    This is honestly the best trailer ot a video game ever I can rewatch this a hundred times and still get goosebumps

  • Sebastian Sastre

    I39ve just finished it and came here to say that this is probably the best game I39ve ever played

  • LessThanZero19

    This trailer feels so much like our world today With protest over beliefs and now an election that decides our future What a golden age to be in

  • Arthur C

    Beautiful So beautiful 39

  • Puglous


  • doxide

    quotCorporations have more power than the governmentquot LOL that39s not in the future It39s already happening today

  • mc_macapaca

    most underated game of our generation

  • Nijo

    quotI never asked for this If you want to make enemies try to delay somethingquot

  • Natan Dolejal

    Login to watch this Really

  • DupeDupeftw

    I never registered for this If you wana fail math tests lose track of sign changes The year is 2014 It39s a time of graphic calculators It39s also a time of spark notes and copying old tests I don39t even know what chapter I39m on I never had a choice of notation to use Study groups have more power than the instructors Everyone39s fighting for extra credit for extended due dates I39ll never stop simplifying

  • Darkstar8473

    much better than the new game NEVER ONE did I say omg when is this going to end unlike MD which is so boring it39s not wroth it at all

  • Flyingfish

    Now to make a sequel that looks as beautiful as this trailer

  • SeSSioN

    I Thought I was watching a Trailer for a movie until the end xD

  • KilluaXIII

    one of the best games everunfortunately the diversity of decisions and possible solutions to tasks is not as rich as in deus ex 1the main character is also really gullible sometimes and the cover system is weird because his head usually sticks out for everyone to see but they don39t

  • Dude Mojo

    Too bad to see Black ops 3 copied the machine gun arm

  • Arty Shat

    ONE OF THE BEST GAME EVER MAIDEDStory 9Gameplay 10Graphic 10Soundtrack 10

  • Titus Mede

    5 years old and still the greatest single trailer for anything I have ever seen

  • Luca The Pauli

    One of the best game ever

  • Blackmist187

    This trailer was perfectly executed

  • Pedrophile

    Probably the best trailer for a video game

  • Frekaju Sakitud

    Am I the only one that noticed that illuminati sybol

  • Christopher K

    was a bit exaggerated still a fun game played it 3 times doing a fourth run

  • Darin Osborne

    I Why have I not played this

  • david ozonov

    Great game BEST then 90 game creating now its be intresting to play it love that game

  • Dimitrios Corvinos

    What I thought we would get I would never stop looking for the illuminati to save the world from themWhat I got I never stopped looking for my shitty ex and saved the world from augmented zombies Yey

  • The OverWatcher

    I39m still watching the trailer because it39s cool to see the things that you39re doin in the game at real graphics

  • journeymanX

    anybody else reminded of blade runnerakira and ghost in the shell whenever they play this its cyber punkand one of the best games ever made

  • Time To Ascend

    Human revolution was one of the best games i39ve ever played ever bit the story mechanics voices and characters When i played it on xbox second hand copy it froze on the final mission I mean seriously The FINAL MISSION But i waited I didn39t tempt myself to watch it on youtube instead I waited maybe a 1 12 until i bought it on my new pc and whoa Too good Just as good as i remembered and this time i had all the dlc So good

  • B D

    quotBreaking news Riots continuequotDamn news on 2027 must be slow

  • Surreal East

    Adam looks like josh duhamel and i think Josh will be good choice for adam39s role

  • The Guy

    God I love this game

  • Midrashim

    Best trailer ever made for a videogame I can39t remember how many times I39ve watched it already And the game itself is fantastic

  • Niall Duffield

    i just finished the gamethis is one of those rare few titles that is actually as epic as its trailer

  • David Andrews

    Only a few more weeks til I get my hands on an Xbox One this is gonna be one of my final currentgen games I need to complete before then Looks awesome

  • Mr.Crane

    Why the game is not so Epci like this trailer why

  • Flandre Scarlet

    Easily one of my favourite trailer that I39d ever watch due to sheer awesomeness

  • Luís Melo

    One of my favourite gamesAmazing and highly recommended

  • Valentin Turcu

    This must be one of the most epic trailers I39ve ever seen

  • Xcyper33

    this reminds me of Baltimore right now

  • Laprisamata

    Still gives me goosebumps