IGN Reviews - Deus Ex: Missing Link DLC Review смотреть видео бесплатно

IGN gives its game review on The Missing link, the new DLC for Deus Ex: Human Revolution. Does this downloadable content impress as much as the original title?

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Дата: 2017-03-29 04:28:05

  • Markus Barstad

    If you want a good challenge and time try doing the Factory Zero achievement

  • Ak47

    gonna download it ryt now this time ill go gun blazing enough with assaisn creed stealth takedowns

  • J20p00

    230 directors cut steam sale

  • thrilla72

    Spoiler free review would have been nice

  • nylonsteel

    The boat view was the best view imoeverything else in the game visually was forgettable

  • donald beck

    i dont have it on the main menu is this a problem i have the directers cut

  • DarkMasta95

    so when you choose to play missing link its like another game or do the augmentations from your save game pass on to missing link

  • NASTAR01

    Just beat the main game so I39ll be getting this

  • Throkers

    I39d recomend trying this using NO WEAPONS GRENADES OR AUGS for the achievment and an amazing challenge

  • TheHvk

    Just beat it A great add on to an already great game One of the best single player shooters you can buy right now

  • Jahkillian

    Awesome Got this DLC free at piratesbay

  • Monsieur Jeaques

    Are you here to watch a game review or to check out or meet chicksFor the second option I would highly recommend to you to check out dating websites or online pornLike seriously who cares

  • OfficialAirAssault

    I got the Game and ALL the DLC for 461 on Steam

  • Music and Tech

    I got it for 126 Seam sale

  • Antonio

    Awesome This is currently 074 on Steam

  • WayneTheOrge

    And i got it for 104

  • The Supra Ninja

    This DLC is 106 on steam right now

  • eandjproductions2

    Well this DLC is only about 2 hours

  • tiboron74

    Fuck blood dragon man this game is amazing

  • NovaHyperion

    This is 175 on Gamers Gate right now D

  • MrLolmaster101

    250 for a cod worth campaign in time yes please

  • Izaak Schagen

    sale on steam right now

  • Zain844

    No you don39t need to be hot but at least look and sound your gender

  • penalcrack

    Are you kidding me You need to be hot to play videogames now You think girls find all these fat tubs of lards reviewing games is hot You39re fucking stupid

  • OziPlays

    lol nice i got the enitre franchise for 9 bucks

  • Travis Landry

    Just finished Freaking great and a solid 5 hours of dlc 1499 is not that bad considering some 60 dollar games are less than 5 hours and nowhere near as good as this

  • Tato Haro

    i installed the dlc but the downloadable content section dos not apepar on the main menu help

  • Zain844

    there was a sale recently on XBL half off so it was 600 ms points instead of 1200 you could have got it then

  • RamonaFlour

    just shut the fuck up

  • valentino

    Its called an Accent Retard

  • Zain844

    UMAD BROI didn39t know the reviewer was your girlfriend or boyfriend i can39t really tell which one it is

  • Eck

    Exactly Absolutely fuck all Good one proving his point rendering your own argument completely and utterly without basis

  • Brad Hackler

    Yeah and it39s still 15 bucks on LIVE Screw you MSI don39t have to play it I want tobut I don39t have to

  • tim1996

    devs make more dlc for fuck sake the oly game i want it for and cant get it

  • Zain844

    Only ugly people say that

  • Zain844

    At least I39m good looking

  • Zain844

    nothing actually just pointing out that she39s as arnold in predator would put it one ugly mothefucker

  • Aetohatir

    what has her visual appearence todo with her review abilities

  • Wheel Chair Kitty

    it costs friggin 15 bucks on the xbox

  • Tele3champion

    Where are the rest of the DLCs for this gameAny news on the DLCs that will come

  • chrissk08

    Awesome Got this DLC for 15 on PSNXBLA

  • SupaDoopaLazaMan

    deus ex is by far the best game i have ever played great story and beautiful scenery and amazing gameplay

  • wolverine

    im glad i got this game from PsN Store when the Summer Sale was up it cost only 8 and it came with this DLC and some additional preorder features like getting some explosives and double barrel shotgun

  • Zain844

    12 year old girls maybe not women

  • ZakX11

    12 year olds sound like women

  • Cepheus

    got deus ex and all dlcs for 10 euro on psn

  • Megaflubbie

    yesterday i bought it for 250 euro D

  • Tarkus

    Missing Link will be on sale Xbox360 for 600msp 50 off from August 14 20th

  • Tremblay343

    For the main game probably but did you look at the DLC review Did you watch the video where it says her name keza macdonald Did you notice that she sounds absolutely nothing like a man

  • Tremblay343

    lol you can39t be serious

  • ZakX11

    waitThe reviewer is Keza McDonald who is a FEMALE

  • ZakX11

    they let children review games

  • Skull Knight

    How does this sound like a child

  • Matthew Campbell

    Insert IGNhater comment here

  • Edward Luscombe

    who is the child reviewing this game

  • sponpatad

    Awesome Got this DLC for 274 on steam

  • Zain844

    I don39t care her voice is annoying and it makes it really hard for me to take these reviews seriously

  • bitbat9

    She can39t help that her voice sounds like that

  • Herr Schaden

    Besides Colin and Daemon Keza is probably my favorite IGN reviewer

  • Zain844

    and instead of sounding like a 20 year old woman she sounds like a 12 year old boy and looks like one to from her picturewowthat39s attractiveNOT