Absolute Zero run (No Augs, No Items, No Takedowns) - Deus Ex: Human Revolution смотреть видео бесплатно

Stealthy speed run of Deus Ex: Human Revolution with no augs upgraded, no items or weapons used and no takedowns performed.
1) No augmentation upgrades aka "Factory Zero". Using of the Hacking: Capture Level 1 available by default was allowed.
2) Empty inventory throughout the whole game. No weapons of any kind and no energy or healing items either.
3) No takedowns, lethal or non-lethal (and no exception for Namir). No killing of regular enemies through any other means.
4) "Dirty" ghosting: distractions and brief detection ("alarmed" from humans or bots and "suspicious" from cameras) were allowed as long as no one got hostile and I received Ghost and Smooth Operator bonuses.
5) "Give me Deus Ex" difficulty.

1) Physics glitches were allowed. The clipping glitch was used twice: for Fedorova's fight (mandatory) and Hyron project (unavoidable under "no detection" rule). "Fire extinguisher landing system" (TM) was used several times for fun and giggles.
2) Using physical objects (crates, fire extinguishers, explosive barrels) to deal damage was allowed.
3) For my own personal amusement I tried to lead as many story characters to their demise as I could -- without killing them directly, of course.

1) I missed 1 Ghost bonus because of the bots in the TYM hangar. Avoidable, but would require ~90 minutes of throwing a crate / hiding from a bot for 30 seconds / repeating. Letting the bots see me allowed to do complete this section in about 10 minutes.
2) I had to lower difficulty to "Tell me a story" for the fight with Yelena Fedorova. Technically it *is* possible to defeat her on "Give me Deus Ex" difficulty with the same strategy I used in the video, but that would take 2-3 hours instead of 5 minutes, because her health points are almost doubled on GMDE. And hitting her with a crate does veeeery little damage (like 1/50th of a single hit from a stun gun). I decided that she wasn't worth my time.

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00:00 Prologue + Sarif HQ 1
04:07 Sarif plant
10:18 Sarif HQ 2, LIMB clinic
14:17 Police station
17:17 Adam's apartment
18:55 DRB territory
22:35 FEMA camp
27:40 Lawrence Barrett bossfight
29:15 Sarif HQ 3
31:45 Hengsha, Windmill's Hotel
36:35 The Hive
38:23 Alice Garden Pods
42:15 Tai Yong Medical
51:40 TYM Hangar: Boxguards (~10 minutes in real-time)
57:00 Upper Picus
01:04:10 Lower Picus
01:11:10 Yelena Fedorova bossfight
01:17:20 Detroit, 2nd visit
01:20:07 Convention center
01:23:18 Sandoval's hideout
01:26:45 Leaving Detroit + Sarif HQ 4
01:29:35 Construction site
01:32:15 Harvester's hideout
01:37:27 Old noodle factory (Explosive Mission Pack DLC)
01:43:30 Hengsha, reporting to Tong
01:45:10 Belltower's port
01:47:47 Omega Ranch
01:59:50 Jaron Namir bossfight (23 minutes in real-time)
02:07:03 Panchaea
02:10:05 Hugh Darrow
02:18:30 Taggart's section
02:21:20 Sarif's section
02:25:45 Bridge to the elevator
02:29:00 Hyron Project
02:31:10 Ending
Дата: 2017-03-25 02:53:54

  • prenatual

    LOUIS11233333 There is an exploit in the original version of the game that allows you to instantly knock out Namir with a single takedownDeus Ex HR Namir Boss Fight No Bullets One Punch Hardest DifficultyI wanted to avoid using it even though it makes the fight with him significantly easier and find another way to beat him

  • ABG

    This should be titled quotJensen in a hurryquot


    5200 quotSo let me understand this Our most expensive piece of military hardware was taken out by some jackass throwing a box at it for 10 minutesquot

  • Neuralhub Spaxxor

    This is the best game I have ever played I had asked you about your most favourite stealth game before and quotThiefquot was your answer I haven39t gotten my hands on Thief so I have to say this is my most favourite game thus far Thanks for taking the gameplay onto a whole new level it is really amusing to watch DAre you going to replay this game without any restriction like DTDonly I39d like to see which augmentations you think are necessary and in what sequence you unlock and upgrade them For me I like augmentations which enhance Jensen39s fistfight hacking weightliftingwallbreaking and aiming capabilities I also pump points into inventory expansion to carry more useful items and weapons though tranquilizer rifle and stun gun are more than enough Typhoon for overpowering bosses and Icarus for cushioning falls Noxious gas tolerance enemy radar and EMP resistance are essential upgrades too The rest are all optional

  • TokyoKazama

    Wow this was amazing to watch You literally took 40 hrs of a game and condensed it into two and a half I was glued to the screen

  • Alex Adamson

    10915 I39m guessing your heart skipped a beat there

  • Locutus Borg

    The real hero of the run Companion Cube

  • ApolloXL5

    A man and his box saved the worldSolid Snake would be proud lol D

  • rezaka116

    Your crates are augumented

  • Francis Pritchard

    very good run lot39s of air ducts

  • MaverickHunterXZA

    You know whats interesting The opening section in the Sarif HQ feels pretty scripted if you first play the game Pretty much like your everyday shooterBut seeing this it kinda baffles me that you can find routes to sneek past these enemy waves and that they are indeed not scriptedNow i feel bad for playing that part guns blazing

  • Cryptid

    This is fucking amazing Batshit crazy Jensen denying his augmentations and unhealthily attached to cardboard boxes saves the world without even touching a weapon or person

  • Click Clack

    quotAugs Items TAKEDOWNS Who needs that crapI39m just going to use my trusty box and some mad skillzquot prenatualpossibly one of the best players in the world at this moment

  • Cache Nich

    4317 quotIf I see you sneaking down those stairs you39re in troublequotimmediately sprints down stairs

  • Spiritual State

    Killing barrett is that easy You just need to throw shit at him Huh

  • Chandler Frantz

    I can39t believe I sat through all of that It was incredible regardless

  • Jake Warren

    Wow I got detected so many times playing this Never realized the AI was so awful

  • Eren Jaegar

    These are dark times Boxes present a clear and immediate danger to everyone look how easily he becomes completely invisible behind one They are our true nemesis39 we think we are the boxes overlords and they are our servants eventually they will rise and destroy us all and pack our innards into their hollow shells of bodies in a sick macabre visage of lifeThis run in a nutshell

  • Dusk Renard

    Just playing this game again today I only just found the Lion Plushie prop just like your avatar Such a miniscule reference

  • Jeremy Jones


  • aperturesciencegames

    whyhowyouHOW U ONLY HAS 175k VIEWS

  • Sperg Ferguson

    This is the best porn ive ever seen

  • Brendan Salucci

    If pritchard got burned he39d be a prick Charred

  • Majime

    how did you have the stun gun at 412

  • lintusama

    Oh my god you are greatI39m playin the game a second time right now dying several times and you Like a ninja Incredible

  • Oriru Bastard

    I didn39t ask for this

  • AterLux

    4250 11th victim you could save him without breaking the rules Just read the code on the pocket secretary open the door and turn the valve

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    This is the greatest walkthrough I39ve ever watched

  • Alex Adamson

    So boss battles don39t affect Foxiest Of The Hounds achievement

  • TheOriginalElkstone

    Mirror Ex Edge Revolution

  • TheHazinater

    you use those crates like they39re companion cubes OO

  • F3EDER

    5849 There is lot of things you can do in this game This particular thing wasn39t one of the things I knew about P

  • Dingus Flotbottom

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  • Solid Snake

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  • henryEZ

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  • ercipollahouse


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    Love you39re content man could watch it for hours if I had the time keep up this awesome work fair play

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    I had such a hard time with parts of this game watching you just run through it is kinda embaressing for me

  • Kyle Gerhart

    Wow It literally took you 45minutes to do get to where I was at in 33 hours Lets just say I39m through

  • Yamakurada

    Watching you playing like this makes me quite amazed for I have tried to do my best to neutralize all the guards I had to kill during the helicopter trap I had to save and reload about 20 times several times I feel like a noob now

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  • Klemes67


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    I thought I was pretty good at this game compared to my friends and others but You39re a god at this game

  • Niko D

    When you think about it jensen does not once go home to sleep sign off for the day or something else that reflects that Jensen is an everyday man All content of the game consist of a linear stream of quests and tasks that you must solve It makes Jensen unfamiliar to me and he ends up being a identityless robot than some cyborg Main point is that it breaks the immersion quite a bit since it makes the world and protagonist feel unnatural and rigid

  • MarcsLab

    Is the Directors Cut better than the original Human Revolution What39s the difference

  • Seiban

    I wonder what David Sarif would say about the things you do in this video ADAM WTF You had a trove of supplies when you got off the helicopter and then you dropped it

  • PhantomPeasant

    This video is amazing My favorite part so far has been your sneaking around Montreal with two crates banging them everywhere while security bats nary an eye I have a nitpicky favor to ask though in the future can you not put the links to skip transitions at the very top When I39m watching full screen and move the mouse to click them the video name appears and blocks them Anyway Thanks again for uploading this and great work

  • FrozenFoxy

    That was absolutely amazing to watch edited or not tons of skill to pull this off

  • MaksDz

    5140 yea I remember when I first played DEHR I was stealthy to this point then after 2 hours of failing this I tried to not upgrade anything but hacking I started using weapons and I used them for the rest of the game I thought that I just suck too much at being stealth to beat this game

  • DManVI

    Number one rule of Deus Ex Human Revolution There is always another wayDont have high enough hacking skills to get past a door Theres probably a ventilation shaft around here somewhere Dont have any items or augs at all Just grab the closest companion cube and youre set for life

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  • TK Jones

    No augs but hacking capture technology is an augmentation but really the game would be impossible without that