Ballistic Knife/Taser Weaponised arm Gauntlet Deus Ex: Mankind Divided Style Making of Part 2 смотреть видео бесплатно

Chassis and rockets...tick, so now we add a ballistic knife and taser like the nano blade and tesla from Adam Jensens arm in the game.
Next video its all about playing and feeling like a bad ass.

Check out the game here it's out now so you can play for real whats inspired the build

This video has been commercially supported by Square Enix

Part 1
Part 3

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This video is only for entertainment purposes. The video is to show engineering and not for the replication of the device. If you rely on the information portrayed in this video, you assume the responsibility for the results. And remember that every project you try is at YOUR OWN RISK.


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Дата: 2017-07-22 11:44:54

  • Raed Muhammad

    Who Watches his VideosBut Don39t Actually do what he does

  • Ez Hyper

    Sorry Collin but I really hate the music you play in the working scenes

  • ArcherGaming

    Anybody know what springs he used for the ballistic

  • bgt 136

    I love how he jumps every time the door bell rings

  • fastcar 61

    lower the fucking music volume or higher your microphone volume for fucks sake

  • Jacob Clarke

    you39re just so amazing at this how do you do it

  • safeer ghous

    hey colin furze do u need government permission to do this

  • Filip Olszewszki

    police should have this gauntlet

  • Jadriel Torres

    How much fun does this guy have everyday

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    I39m still waiting until he either turns into a superhero or gets recruited by the cia

  • Night

    Why do I feel like this guys not a virgin cause of this

  • So mnoy sporit' bespolezno

    I never asked for this

  • Bonjaous BAF

    Is the taser legal It39s classed as a firearm

  • Maxime FROSSARD

    this guy is fascinating it seems like he knows everything he is doing

  • Eric Mesenbrink

    Make a grenade launcher

  • SwinubGoomy333

    Can you make a working atst from star wars Like if you agree

  • Brandon The Builder Cat

    stun gun not a taser A taser shoots stun gun does not

  • moe alash

    how are ya not i jail already

  • Conor Jones

    i love how you taped your tie to your shirt

  • RNC Vlogs

    You should make a video with the hacksmith

  • goon frub lub rigwog

    if you think about it with all the stuff he39s made he could be the most dangerous man in the world

  • Nels Sjostrom

    but why I39m using my headset to comment so sometimes it gets words mixed up but it39s still pretty cool XD

  • BlocksBitsAndStuff

    You should make a busy light so when your busy in the bunker you push a button that turns on a light saying you busy so no one will honk the door bell for your bunker Like so he will see this

  • Stan Greenwell

    This is sooooooooo confusing but AWSOME

  • Mr pan

    oh my god you very genius men i love this guy

  • Claude Faustus: 2nd best

    Colin could destroy Isis

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    Are you flipping insaneYour so crazy But love the wacky and dangerous inventions you make Going to sub

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    I would love to see a bunch of people fighting to the death using all the weapons colinfurze has made it would be sooooo cool

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    sorry for not typing right

  • Williams awesome

    i was always a fan of robots and you love to make videos plz try to make a flying self auidimated drone camera like in the remake of fluber

  • Luke Jones

    Yeah umm colin been rewatching like a ton of your vids and if something tragic happened you could become a real superhero or super villain

  • StaticShotsHD

    Are ballistic knives illegal

  • Emre Can Kılıç

    Big brother set up these inventions in a separate factory and sell them all over the world

  • 余泰亨

    l like your invention very much

  • MobyJohn

    Why a Taser we all know that a Taser is clearly inferior to a Stun gun we need full completion Of insanity D

  • Centaur Lord

    I think that39s more stun gun than tazer

  • aviator_89

    Can u make an rocket that can to the edge of space

  • Itsred yt

    colinefurze make spring shoes like jumping shoes

  • Snorlium Z

    I would like to see Grant Thompson Colin and Vsauce in one room

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    this guy has way to much time on his hands


    Hey i Like you I am in india will you help me build xmen claw i dont even have a cutter or welding i am now 15yrs plezz message me

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