Ballistic Knife/Taser Weaponised arm Gauntlet Deus Ex: Mankind Divided Style Making of Part 2 смотреть видео бесплатно

Chassis and rockets...tick, so now we add a ballistic knife and taser like the nano blade and tesla from Adam Jensens arm in the game.
Next video its all about playing and feeling like a bad ass.

Check out the game here it's out now so you can play for real whats inspired the build

This video has been commercially supported by Square Enix

Part 1
Part 3

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Дата: 2017-05-26 21:55:04

  • Potato

    Put a laser pointer on there DPlease like so he can see

  • fastcar 61

    lower the fucking music volume or higher your microphone volume for fucks sake

  • PrestonsThings

    Sorry Collin but I really hate the music you play in the working scenes

  • Jake Cooksey

    When he is drilling all of the holes it is so satisfying

  • Snorlium Z

    I would like to see Grant Thompson Colin and Vsauce in one room

  • Emre Can Kılıç

    Big brother set up these inventions in a separate factory and sell them all over the world

  • urico vj madero

    i believe this man someday can build an iron man suit that can fly

  • LittleBubbles

    Why a Taser we all know that a Taser is clearly inferior to a Stun gun we need full completion Of insanity D

  • StaticShotsHD

    Are ballistic knives illegal

  • Seba Beattie

    that isn39t a spark it39s an arc

  • 余泰亨

    l like your invention very much

  • Itsred yt

    colinefurze make spring shoes like jumping shoes


    Hey i Like you I am in india will you help me build xmen claw i dont even have a cutter or welding i am now 15yrs plezz message me

  • Centaur Lord

    I think that39s more stun gun than tazer

  • aviator_89

    Can u make an rocket that can to the edge of space

  • Raed Muhammad

    Who Watches his VideosBut Don39t Actually do what he does

  • Promo Stok

    how are you still wondering how you are doing these things

  • zakary connaway

    this guy has way to much time on his hands

  • ElvisEinstein

    saw you on outrageous acts of science

  • spikesback

    i wouldnt rob his house

  • TheGamerBro 101

    I know who I taking in a zombie apocalypse

  • Kysrevenge X

    Man where does he come up with this shit i can hardly do simple fucking math let alone build and engineer rocket pulse jets 360 swings w paramotor fireworks experiments costing thousands with no real crowd where the fucks his iron man suit personal space rocket running on plasma and the his stash of pills from fucking limitless someone give this man a ct scan and a couple women to procreate the human race to a smarter placeSpeaking of the limitless pills NZT this guy needs AntiNZT to bring him down to sleep at nights while hes thinking of building a base on mars that shoots rainbows at earth

  • komkommmer man

    Why don39t you attach it to a glove so it is a weaponized glove from that game

  • Chet McGovern

    So Tony Stark is Iron Man Colin is Aluminium Man

  • gary gibbs

    Your compound angle roller bearing design is trick

  • GT Art

    Gut39s arm from berserk

  • Conner Mordecai

    i watch all these videos and say i fell bad of anyone who tries to rob his house with a gun


    can you try to make iron man suit with a flame thrower and glowing chest I39m a big fan love the work

  • Jonas

    He probably spent most of his lifetime in his Workshop

  • DezigamerYT

    omg my god love your vids do me a faver dont turn evil lol your awesome and can u sub to my youtube plz it dezigamerYT and tell others who watch your vid plz

  • Cameron Martin


  • Tori Lewis

    who says ALOOMONUM and who says ALOOMINYUM

  • Promo Stok

    how are you sitill wondering how you are doing these things

  • Izzat Afif

    This guy will create real IronMan soon

  • Do not look at my profile

    You gotta be hired at armyReally

  • Jack Harrison

    I39ve started the YouTube channel called Jack Harrison with the symbol that over there with the blue circle with a j in the middle

  • Character Artist

    bubby try building a iron man suitI will be a piece of CAKE for ya

  • Red Eyed Mike

    did any one else see him use the force at 530

  • The Mystery Seekers

    did anybody else jump when the tazer went off

  • Mega Dialga

    You are soooooo illegal and I like it

  • C. Osi

    this guys a MASTER MIND

  • Assassin _Wolf

    Make the ballistic knife in call of duty black ops 2

  • That Flo

    can you make a sonic screwdriver or a tardis

  • Fishy_Dish

    your like the first person the create about anything

  • Alan Huang

    if I was stuck in the zombie Apocalypse I39d definitely go to his workshop and pick out a sick load of stuff to fight with

  • Haden tainment

    you should make an iron Man suit

  • iverson farias

    Can do the resident evil game machine seven 21 game dlc macabre plucking fingers

  • Dala Vickery

    Can you please make a SpiderMan web shooter

  • llagaga

    furze is a german word for fart lol

  • helenadrumz

    what did you use as black insulation for the taser tips

  • elite gaming

    I don39t understand you do YouTube but if we39re to work with a big company then you would be a trillion air

  • Garrett Croslin

    Colin deserves his own show

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    Someone needs to count how many times Colin says the word quotchassisquot on his channel

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    that jump was horrible colin don39t try to act

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    you should submit your gadgets to the army