Tomb Raider: Official Trailer (E3 2011) смотреть видео бесплатно

  • ChillMusic Orchestra

    Seriously when i played this game two years ago i became a die hard fan And now i39m just sitting here waiting for quotShadow of the Tomb Raiderquot

  • Skyler Takashi

    who39s watching in 2016

  • Mark Jefferson

    who is watching this in 2017


    Thanks to people who makes this video month ChupaKids

  • fearless dryan

    this trailer was 5 years ago best game i have ever played

  • nikolygtx

    this game stomps rise of tomb rider into the ground

  • SelenaStoleMe

    In all honesty uncharted and tomb raider are both incredibly amazing games I don39t know why people can39t appreciate both For me uncharted 4 is my favorite game of all time and I still love tomb raider with my heart

  • Lara Croft

    quotI survived because the fire inside me burned brighter than the fire around mequot Joshua Graham

  • Jeff the Geek

    Her British Accent lt3

  • Willie B.

    Tomb Raider is my all time favorite game series Every since the first one with the explorations the traps and the sense of accomplishment when you advanced

  • Abdul Wahab

    who39s watching in 2017

  • Sam Rei Gamer

    Melhor Jogo do Mundo

  • Mr. ENdER

    2011 What final 2012

  • Shaher Mia

    I just ordered this game I also didn39t play Rise of The Tomb Raider

  • Kooper Gaming

    this trailer from 2013 still looks much better than 2017 games visually

  • Hiitiger

    A representative work of the generation


    So happy the game sold 6 Million Copies

  • ArayaEugoinHD

    One of the best game I39ve ever play in my life 1010

  • Excalibur Studios

    Do you need to play the other tomb raider games to understand the story in this

  • #Mochi#

    This was the best game ever made and it still is

  • Lelanka 👌

    Amazing trailer Good game Just have to yet play RotTR Hope it39s good tho I39m not so sure about it

  • Santiago Vásquez Gómez

    I love how Uncharted fanboys try to throw shit to this game and call Lara a ripoff of Nathan Drake but they simply can39t destroy the magnificence of this game

  • Tadej Lapuh

    2011 and still better graphics than most games right now

  • Saint Boy - King of Randomness

    i literally cried when i finished this game best game ever

  • Game$ World

    I never see this part in the game 200

  • karol sevilla

    mi papa lo esta jugando ahora 0019

  • GrabThePelts

    Am I the only one who likes uncharted more

  • HardMode

    Telling frankly the best game I39ve ever played

  • Aenigma66

    One of the best games I ever played Period

  • Vasiliy Novikov

    As for me this game is highly overrated New Lara Hell no it39s not a fragile girl on her way to tough as was said It39s Wolverine walking around with hole in her belly from the very start It39s Rambo who crushes her enemies with cold blood using machinegun made of deer bones Survival No you just have nothing to do to survive Realistic No even Assassins creed is more realistic than that It39s pure action Good but not enough to be superb

  • Vladislav Barrow

    who39s watching in 2017

  • Zakiya

    OkayI have a questionplease don39t laugh at me or be meanbut what are the PC requirements to play this game And can you play it on a laptop Sorry for the dumb questionsI haven39t ever played a PC game

  • hflgoulart

    And to believe that many people back at 2011 2012 thought that this game was going to be a complete failure To be honest I did In my mind Lara was going trough a lot and I hated to see my childhood heroine suffering so much but after playing the game and see how such an innocent young woman transformed into the badass we know and love gosh I just love this

  • Junior Lourenço

    quotLara Croft you39re my heroquot that part was so ICONIC i cried so hard

  • Yaron Elalouf

    Tomb Raider is the best game ever Like if you agree

  • Girish Jonnakuty

    Best Game I Have Ever Played Y

  • MarvelGeek117

    This game is among the greatest games ever made in the known universe The work they put into this game is fcking amazing The story the graphics the soundtrack were all almost perfection That39s the way a video game SHOULD be made

  • Ignis Mare

    I just replayed the game recently and oh my god i can39t believe i didn39t noticed how painfully BAD the script was the first time i played it when it came out Gameplay is still fun but the script gosh it ruins the game a lot

  • Bison Zubr

    I always hated tomb raideruntil this gamethis is total oposite i put it on my top 10

  • suppeboy saaid

    Is this worth getting And how much play time in hours is it total If anyone could answer I39d appreciate it

  • Britney Spears

    I39ve never been into gaming my bf got me into this one though I would play it when I went to his house Finished it just yesterday and I actually got emotional about it lol

  • وعد 1993

    best game everi love this series

  • Hanny Man

    This is without doubt my favourite game of the generation And that39s amazing considering I39ve played games like Bioshock Dark Souls and Deux EX

  • - Freezanator -

    Is the Game of the Year edition worth the extra cash

  • Renato Judas

    The game has shipped over 7000000 copies in less than two years 39Rise of the Tomb Raider39 will be even better

  • S3X14NG3l

    I love TOMB RAIDER Can39t wait for its RISE

  • Will Murphy

    I never understood why Jonah pulled her out of the porthole and then she doesn39t even acknowledge him and runs off

  • Kidee Doo

    completed about the part where the plane crashes by the thunder and it39s awwwwwsssssooooooommmmm so Far damm

  • 李明鴻


  • Mustafa Al

    Actually Uncharted is a ripoff of Tomb Raider Tomb Raider was created long before Uncharted was created

  • Renato Judas


  • cracked eggs

    wow toom rayder suks lol hahahaha

  • JTHD

    Trailer already hits me Downloading it right now

  • Epic Ichijo

    021 oh waht the hell Girls Got Beats

  • Hanna Muhamad

    am i the one who think ellie in last of us like lara croft so much i mean almost the sameand the two good with the bowjust a thought

  • Aziz Aja

    LOL this trailer really explain about my life I think this is the best game ever exist

  • Jun

    I have been a Tomb raider fan since 1996 and I have to say this is the BEST tomb raider game or the best game

  • Pawel Kołaczyński

    I have never played any game of this series until Tomb Raider I think this is one of the best game in my life so far

  • Chloe Saunders

    I heard the downside is the game is really short Is that true